A Note from My Luv…

Hi guys. This is Kevin. Ali doesn’t even know I’m writing this. I’m not even sure if she’ll want to post it. This might all be for nothing! If she doesn’t want to post it, I’ll start KevinLuvs.com and really teach her a lesson!!

For real though, updating her blog is important to her. If she doesn’t have something to post, she gets a little stressed about it & my job right now is to alleviate her stress. That’s why I decided to give her a day off & write something myself.

I don’t know how closely you’ve followed along with this pregnancy journey but, like the majority of pregnancies, it’s had its ups and downs. The 2nd trimester was probably the happiest I’ve ever seen Ali. She felt strong, happy & beautiful. We were fortunate enough to take a trip to Hawaii during the 2nd trimester and I’m sure I’ll remember it as one of the happiest times of my (pre-baby) life. Even if it’s a short, weekend drive to the next town over, I highly recommend a “babymoon” for any parents-to-be.

The 3rd trimester hasn’t been as cheerful. Ali has a condition known as “uterine irritability,” which basically means she gets Braxton Hicks contractions all day every day. Our doctor even told us that Ali has a pretty gnarly case. She probably didn’t use the word “gnarly,” but it’s intense. Even though there have been a lot of tears and sleepless nights, I have to say, she’s handled this like a champ. I would’ve gone insane a long time ago, and she’s maintained a positive outlook throughout. I’m not just saying this to sound like some great guy, but I’m totally in awe of you women & the things your bodies go through. I always knew where babies came from, but didn’t really understand it until this pregnancy. It is the most incredible thing and I’ve loved watching Ali go through it. Not just the physical transformation, but everything. She’s changed as a person at a very deep level. It’s been amazing to witness and I can’t wait to see how well she wears motherhood!

That brings me to the next chapter of this story… we’re about to be parents!!! I do occasionally have little freak outs, which I imagine is totally normal! Little 30-second panic attacks. I’m sure every new parent goes through this. But lately, as soon as that starts, a different part of my brain quickly puts me at ease. I honestly believe that we are days away from starting the best part of our lives. Everyone loves talking about how hard it is to have a newborn in the house! I’m sure that’s true, but that newborn is gonna be half-Ali & half-me. I’ve never loved anything more and I haven’t even met her yet. I know that the next few years of our lives will be the best years of our lives. I know that we’re about to experience the best thing a person can experience. Yeah it’s gonna be tough at times, but that seems like such a small detail compared to the fact that we created this human from nothing. A year ago we decided that we wanted to start a family, and any day now, we’re gonna meet the world’s newest person. I feel insanely fortunate.

Also, on a different note… I recently realized that in a few weeks, I’m gonna have a baby strapped to my chest when I’m taking all of Ali’s fashion photos. Forgive me if the quality decreases.

And finally, I just want to thank my beautiful fiancΓ© for taking such good care of our little girl! Ali, I’m thankful for everything you do. Every day that you’re “cooking” that little baby, I thank you. All of the books and blogs and apps that you’re constantly reading… thank you! You’re gonna be an incredible Mom.

Alright I’m done here. We occasionally run into folks that read Ali’s blog & they’re always such nice people! Thanks for being cool & thanks for reading.

I suppose I should plug my radio show while I have you! I’m a co-host on Valentine in the Morning on 104.3 MyFM in Los Angeles. It’s a fun show! You can listen via iHeartRadio worldwide. Alright I’m done. Go Cubs. Bye.

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126 thoughts on “A Note from My Luv…

  1. Kevin did an awesome blog today Ali. Y’all are going to be wonderful parents. Can’t wait to see pics of the little angel.

  2. This was so sweet!!! Brought tears to my eyes! You guys are truly adorable and I am so happy for both of you. Good luck at being new parents, you sound like you are going to be great!!

  3. Omg i have bee followin you since….who cares about that nad experience lol
    Im soooo happy for you Ali!! You and Kevin are the perfect couple! I cant wait to meet the baby im sure she will bring moreove snd happines into your lives God Bless!!!!

  4. Crying at my desk right now… This was SO sweet! I listen to Kevin everyday on the iheartradio app, as I’m in Omaha and love his personality! I don’t know either of you personally, but I don’t think there are two people that are better made for each other! So happy you two found each other and I can’t wait for your little baby to get here. After following you guys on Instagram and reading your blog, I feel like a third wheel in your relationship! Is that weird? Yeah, didn’t think so! Congratulations!!

  5. So sweet! Ali you are a strong woman. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. You two together will be great parents!

  6. You guys will be awesome parents! I have been following Ali forever! This was a very sweet post! Best of luck and hopefully the next blog will have a baby!!!

  7. Aww what a sweet, honest and endearing post. I’ve kept up to date with your social media from the UK since you appeared on The Bachelor and I’m so happy you’ve found your perfect partner Ali, you deserve it. Good humour and a fun positive outlook will get you through most life experiences and you & Kevin certainly appear to have that! Wishing you the best of luck for the future as parents xxxx

    P.s. I have recently made a trip to San Francisco featured in The Bachelor all those years ago, thanks for the inspiration ?

  8. Stay blessed and always remember how happy you are now. Strive to keep each other first even though your little girl will demand your attention. Best wishes for health and happiness always! Blessings for a great delivery <3

  9. Wooooo Go Cubs go! What a sweet post πŸ™‚ not only is that so special for Ali, it’ll be so sweet for your daughter to read one day too! Good luck and congratulations, there’s no way to prepare you for the deep and mind blowing new love you’re about to experience! I’m so excited for you guys!

  10. This is awesome Kevin, Ali and the baby are so lucky to have you in their life! And I do listen to your show it’s great!!!

  11. I am
    A Parent Educator. Teaching how to be a Healthy Parent. I am so impressed by your honesty You are at an advantage living in reality. Parenting is the hardest thing you will do but it’s also the best. Best of luck enjoy every minute Bonnie

  12. This was such a great blog entry Kevin! I can’t wait to see the new baby and watch her grow! I hope she comes soon so Ali can get some relief!

  13. AMAZING post Kevin! Your admiration for pregnancy and the gift that a mom takes on is so beautiful to hear from a ( to be ) Dad’s point of view. All the best to you Ali during your delivery and wishing you both and your baby girl a beautiful life together.

  14. Ali you sure are a very lucky gal to have her husband write such a sweet post! You are both going to be great parents. You both are going to be blessed with an adorable little girl and your lives will never be the same. You will have such fun with your new little miracle watching her change everyday. I wish you both the best and I cant wait to see your little girl when she arrives!. I am sure you both are going to be wonderful parents!

  15. I had no idea you took all the photos Kevin, you do a great job and I am guessing that will continue with a strapped on baby and hey sometimes the outfit will call for Ali holding the baby, she will find baby friendly clothes, the same way she found pregnancy friendly clothes.

  16. So so sweet! I appreciate Ali’s open and honest advice and tips and it’s encouraging to hear from Kevin as well! You will be such wonderful parents. No kids for me yet, but I have noted so many things you’ve shared throughout your pregnancy for the future! I know I will be taking parenting notes once you start sharing that new adventure πŸ™‚

  17. I’m looking forward to the behind the scenes pictures of you and the princes strapped to your chest whilst taking a picture of Mama Ali πŸ˜‰ Sunny greets from Curacao πŸ™‚

  18. WOW! That was amazing Kevin!! I’m so excited for the three of you…actually four of you since you have a furbaby too!!! Best of luck on this new chapter you are about to begin, it’s gonna be great!!!

  19. All the moms at Better Bedrest wish you guys luck. Often we forget that it’s a time to celebrate when you are on Bedrest. You need to remember it’s also a happy occasion dispite all the other stuff. Hang in there. Before you know it, your little girl will be here. http://www.betterbedrest.org

  20. My first pregnancy went well but tons of complications during birth so for my second child, 12 years later, I was horrified, scared, panicked, you pick the adjective and I was that
    But as you said, all we can do it handle the pregnancy day by day, think positive and continue to support your partner
    Thank you for taking care of this very cool chick soon to be cool mom that we got to know during her time on the bachelorette and other appearances and blogs
    You guys are going to be amazing parents because you both already have what it takes…lots of love ❀️

  21. Wow! We should all be so lucky to have such an awesome, sweet, caring and funny dude! I hope to find my Kevin one day! You were my fav on the Bachelorette and I have enjoyed watching your career unfold. You wear pregnancy well and know you guys will be amazing parents! Loved this post! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! ?

  22. Congrats to you both on soon becoming parents , your daughter will be your angel for life πŸ™‚ Sending big hugs from Australia !!! X Amber πŸ™‚ X

  23. You’re a cool guy Kevin. Ali, you’re lucky to have him, as I’m sure he’s lucky to have a girl who appreciates him. Good luck to you both with the new baby. It’s not hard.❀️ Continue to love and support one another and you’ll do great!

  24. That was beautiful. Being a new mom myself I have to say that nothing is more comforting than having the love and emotional support from your partner. My husband tried his best but was not really good at the whole emotional support part. Kevin- amazin job! Not all men truly understand this! I’m sure it helps Ali so much on all levels! Completely agree with what you said, everyone told us how horrible it would be with a newborn but it was and has been the most beautiful experience πŸ™‚ You are going to melt once you see her!! Congrats and sending all my positive vibes your way for a smooth labor! xoxo

  25. She’s a VERY luck girl to have you & she is so adorable, so you are lucky as well!!! Being a parent is every emotion, every joy, every ache, every pain, every fight & on & on. Even having 4- 20 somethings I still find my self watching them sleep & feeling so overcome with emotions (LOVE)! The half of you & have of your partner in them is awesome! Get some rest & enjoy your new family!

  26. I was 8 months pregnant when I found out I was pregnant after thinking I had cancer , in a twist I lost 24 kg in 4 months , my daughter Saphyre was 2.5 kg & being a Mum is joy & that bond Ali & you will have is incredible & only as your daughter is born will you then feel the greatest love of all xx

  27. I have never read the blog before but good job Kevin saw on FB you posted something. I thought aww good guy probably said something nice about his cute Ali girl. I just had to read great post today congrats you guys are going to be wonderful parents.

  28. This is the nicest thing ever to read! You definitly need to save or print off these blog posts for your baba to read when shes older, so she can experience the love you have for eachother and for her, before you even meet her!! Thats incredible. Like iv a huge family so i know this is how people feel, but not everyone expresses it like this, so in the moment. x

  29. You did a great job Kevin…Ali I am sure is proud and it’s so nice to hear your perspective. I wish the "3"…oops "4" of you all the best.

  30. Great job….almost at the end Ali. Soon you will have a beautiful baby girl. Best of luck, your delivery will be a breeze

  31. This was so sweet to read. You both will be wonderful parents. Wishing you all the best on your next adventure! Remember to love each other just as much as you love that little blessing. Your connection to each other will help you be the best parents to your daughter. Xo

  32. You are a lucky lady, Ali. Such a sweet, considerate and oh, so cute, fiance Kevin is. Good luck to you both, and pup too. Can’t wait for the big day!

  33. This is so sweet and so meaningful. Pregnancy is such a beautiful but difficult journey and support from your partner is the most important thing! Just get ready, this love you feel now, it keeps growing and growing and growing once that babe comes. Some days it will not seem possible to love that little girl more and you will continue to do so. Becoming parents is like taking off a pair of sunglasses, everything seems bright and new and you see everything in a different light (aside from the postpartum fog, that lifts quickly, promise). IT IS THE BEST! You two will be wonderful parents, sending many blessings to you! These last days are the hardest part, hang in there!

  34. I feel your pain Ali! I suffered intense all day sickness with all three pregnancies and severe uterine irritability with my first. They started when I was 8 weeks pregnant! It was rough, but my delivery was quick and easy, albeit painful! The good news is, I didn’t have as many contractions with my other two pregnancies and therefore I was far more comfortable. Having your first child will be the most magical experience of your lives – Good luck!

  35. What a beautiful message Kevin, perfect couple. Wish there were more guys out there like you Kev. All the best on the birth of your first child guys.

    Lots of love, from the other side of the world here in Australia ?

  36. That was so cute….I must admit I haven’t been following you blogs but I have been watching for your baby girl…I will continue to read them and I hope you continue after your baby girl comes?❀️?

  37. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Ali you’ve found ypur Prince Charming. You will both be such amazing loving parents. I’m so happy you and Kevin found each other..

  38. Kevin, I love you. You are clearly a wonderful man, and I’m so glad y’all are happy together. Thank you for appreciating what women go through when pregnant too!

  39. What a keeper! You two are blessed beyond measure to have each other and soon a new life! My baby turns 40 next month and being his Mom has been the happiest days of my life! Treasure it!

  40. What a really sincere sweet guy! Congratulations to you both on the upcoming birth of your baby girl. Best wishes!!

  41. You guys are in for the biggest blessing of your life! Cannot wait for you to meet your little person! Go Cubs!

  42. Kevin,
    What a nice blog post. It’s been awesome watching all of Ali’s Snapchat and seeing her grow into a mom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to seeing pictures of that’s cute little girl of yours. PS. Go mets!

  43. Kevin, you absolutely ROCK! What a gallant gentleman you are, posting to help lower stress for your Ali. I’ve known you for a very long time and I have to say I continue to be more impressed as the years roll on. You are going to make an awesome Dad, and Ali an amazing Mom! You’re right, being a parent can, at times, be challenging and stressful, but you and Ali will fortress each other up, and your child will know she is loved. It is ALL SO WORTH IT!!!

  44. Awe Ali, I am so amazed by your positive attitude and obvious love for Kevin and your sweet baby. You rock!!!! I am so glad he is helping share your stress, you guys are going to be an amazing team as parents!!! My pregnancies were really hard too, I hated the fetal fiber nectins that I would just wait to hear… were the chronic braxtin hicks going to turn to labor too soon. And then I remember how hard it was when it was time and the contractions kept coming but labor did not! You are doing an amazing job and it sounds like you have a wonderful hubby. I look forward to seeing what an amazing mom you will be to that sweet baby who will be here soon!

  45. Oh my that is so precious that you posted this for her & what you said as well. I love that you both found each other & you make such an awesome couple! I know you both will be amazing parents. Congrats to you both!

  46. How sweet is that, Kevin!!
    You helped maintain Ali’s strength when she felt she didn’t have any…you played a HUGE part in Ali’s pregnancy right along with your little guy?. So THANK YOU for helping Ali feel beautiful amd strong always!! You both will be great parents and I surely cant wait to meet this precious little girl very soon.

  47. How touching! You are so lucky to have found each other. You are going to be wonderful parents. Your daughter is a lucky little girl. Blessings and good wishes for your family.

  48. How special is this. .. soooo happy you have found each other in the crazy world… wishing you both and your soon to be family sooo much love and we’ll wishes. . Xoxo ?

  49. Wowza! You are a keeper Kevin!! I am sure this beautiful blog surprise for Ali brought tears of joy to her eyes! You are very considerate and sweet!! Congrats on the birth of your baby girl…..enjoy every minute of being new parents!! Go Jays!!

  50. You guys are so amazing together. Have loved Ali since day one and am so happy she has found someone as great as Kevin

  51. Kevin! U are a sweetheart!
    Thank you for sharing your perspective abt pregnancy. I hope you will write again frm time to time.
    Ali… Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and feelings. Love you 2!
    Lkg frwd to your baby girl’s arrival.

  52. I could say a million things, but I’ll simply say this – you both are going to be great parents and it warms my heart to read your blogs. Much love, luck, and prayers in the upcoming weeks!! ? ~Eryn

    1. They ARE getting married; he DID propose, ages ago πŸ™‚ They’re just waiting til that little girl is born.

  53. You had me in tears, it was such a beautiful blog from the heart. You guys are just the cutest and are going to be the best parents. Cant wait to read more on Ali’s blog.

    Lots of love from cold South Africa

  54. I just discovered yalls blog and now can’t stop reading and checking daily for a new post! Just adore you Ali, my new favorite blog. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for this amazing new chapter about to begin!!

  55. Yup, I’m pretty sure your right. The years after this little girl gets here will be the best of your life. I have a little girl, that just turned one last month. Being a parent is really the best thing in the entire world! I love Ali’s blog! Your post was very sweet! You guys will be great parents πŸ™‚

  56. That was a beautiful post you wrote about Ali. This shows you truly LOVE her and your new baby girl. Lots of luck and happiness to both of you.?????

  57. Sweet post! Kevin, what did you think of Justin from Blue October when you interviewed him? Do you have a link to share with others? Congrats on impending parenthood and Go ‘Stros ;)!

  58. We are really praying for Ali, Kevin and their baby girl. Hope all is well. Just know that there are a lot of friends/fans that are keeping all in their prayers.

  59. Kevin, that was awesome. You and Ali appear to be a match made in heaven . Congratulations to the two of you and " Owen" .

  60. This was such a sweet gesture! Both of you will be incredible parents.


    P.S. Love hearing Valentine in the morning. You all are so great together.

  61. You’re so lucky to have an amazing man like Kevin. I’ve been so blessed to watch your journey. Best of luck for what lies ahead. And congratulations. You’ll make to most perfect parents x

  62. Great Read Kevin – you are so great for Ali. Wishing you both the very best! The love you two share is wonderful to see and we can’t wait for the joyful news of you little girl arrival!

  63. Kevin, that was really sweet. The newborn days are a blur but very blissful! Enjoy as many moments as you can while you’re delirious and sleep deprived. It races by. Love listening to you, Jill, and Val in the mornings.

  64. As I am sitting here next to my 17 year old daughter and 21 year old son, I can honestly say having kids is the best thing in the world.
    You guys will rock it and also enjoy each second of your little girl, time flies, it goes by soooo fast!
    But even when they’re grown up they become your best friends and allies in this thing called life.

  65. This is so sweet! I got tears in my eyes. I KNOW you two are going to make wonderful parents. I follow both of you on IG and listen daily on 104.3 MyFM. So far you have both taken such good care of your little girl. You don’t have to worry about making any mistakes because you have so many great people surrounding you and available to help whenever you need it. Congratulations! Welcome to the world baby Molly!

  66. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this guy…then he typed ‘Go Cubs.’ I’m in love! πŸ™‚

  67. Congratulations Ali and Kevin! I have three daughters myself. Little girls are wonderful. You guys are in for the best time of your life…and I’m sure you already are feeling that way. xo

  68. that is the sweetest note Congratulations Ali for finding a Great Man and on your New Little Girl What a blessing.

  69. Sweetest most thoughtful note. You both are going to be amazing parents! Congratulations, I can’t wait to keep following your journey. I’ve been a fan of Ali’s for years, now I’m a fan of the whole family… Including Owen!

  70. Way to write and make other woman around the world jealous! You two will be amazing parents. It goes so fast and before you know it, they will be grown themselves. I cannot say it enough, but make time. Time for little things you think are not important. Make time for hugs and kisses. Make time. Time is irreplaceable. Don’t worry about a messy house or the chores waiting to be done. Live in the now. Time is inevitable. That’s one thing you’ll soon find out you want more of. Babies grow too darn fast. Video tape as much as you can. The rest can wait. Seriously. Enjoy that bundle of joy:) Last, don’t forget who you fell in love with. Make time for each other too. Those key elements will have you living in ‘awe.

  71. Ali marry that man yesterday! How sweet. I’m so happy for you and your family! I’m a huge Bachelor fan and you’re one of my favorites. Congratulations to you and your family!

  72. Love you guys, such a great couple. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl she’s perfect. Enjoy parenthood it’s amazing, also I just realized you are THE Kevin Manno I used to listen to on Q101! I live in Hobart pretty close to where you are from in Highland very cool! Great blog too!

  73. What a moving post, you Kevin as Ali always says are 1 in a million! Congrats again and enjoy being a daddy and mommy, it’s the best thing in the world! xo

  74. This is so sweet. Y’all will be great parents. It’s hard. Some days you’ll feel at the absolute end of your sanity, but take it minute by minute and breathe. It does get better. And right about the time you think, "I really am not cut out for this, what was I thinking?!?" They give their first gummy grin or giggle, and it’s all over. All love. Congrats!!! ❀️

  75. Such a sweet post Kevin! Congratulations to you guys! Both of you will be Amazing Parents for sure. I can’t wait to hear more about Molly and her milestones through your show which help me get through morning traffic on my way to work.

  76. How lucky you all are , she has a sweet devoted man she adores and your daughter has two people who now have a miracle of life who will put aside there needs for hers first ?????

  77. I just have to say, you look amazing Ali. On your way home you can’t even tell you had just had no sweet Angel baby girl ❀️? Enjoy every single moment. It doesn’t last long. Record everything you can, snap every picture you can. I would rest up a few day and then dive in with both feet. Because I promise in a year you will look back and wonder where it all went. I would record everything. Enjoy as I know you will. ?❀️??? I had 5 my baby just turned 18 last February. And is now going to college.

  78. Congratulations to all of you. Beautiful post, but needs one little correction. You said your baby was created out of nothing. I think you should of used the word "love", instead of nothing.

  79. Well now I am in tears. You both are blessed to have each other and now beautiful Molly too! Congratulations to you, Ali and your wonderful family!

  80. That was an awesome blog, kudos to you. Ali is a very lucky lady and you will both be great parents. Thanks for sharing with us.

  81. You, miss Ali, are a lucky lady. Kevin sounds like an awesome guy. Congrats to you both on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl.?

  82. What a beautiful blog. Your little girl is so cute. I just started reading your blog but Ali I have always been a big fan. You have such a sweet spirit. Congratulations on your sweet little bundle of joy. Also congratulations on your engagement. I’m so happy for You guys.

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