Staying in (cute) PJs All Day!

Today I’ve decided that I really need to take it easy, so I’m staying in PJs all day long! And I have to say, it feels pretty great! I am SO lucky that I’m working from home right now. Plus it’s fun to wear pajamas when they are as cute as these Olian maternity/nursing PJs. I started realizing about a month or two ago that I was having a hard time sleeping but it wasn’t just because of my big belly. It was because my pajamas were too tight!!! I knew I needed to invest in some maternity ones if I wanted to get any sleep. And it was SO worth is. These PJs  by Olian are not only so comfy and cute, but they are also super functional because they give easy access for nursing after the baby arrives! And let’s face it, for the first 2 weeks I won’t be leaving my house or getting dressed. I’ll live in these PJs!

Oh and I forgot to mention that they come with the CUTEST matching onesie for you baby to wear!!! Isn’t that the best? I might just have to wear these in the hospital so I can have matching mommy and me PJ’s with my little girl 🙂 I don’t know why it says they are a 3 piece set on the website cause it’s definitely a 4 piece set (read description on Nordstrom) – a tank, pants, robe, and a matching onesie for baby 🙂

If you are having a boy, they have the CUTEST PJ’s in blue too. Get them HERE.’

And here are some of my favorite non-maternity pjs…


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9 thoughts on “Staying in (cute) PJs All Day!

    1. I here ya but you get PJ’s, a robe, and a onesie for your baby. So it’s more than just PJs. Plus I was willing to spend a little more since I wanna wear them in the hospital when I deliver 🙂 But I totally get that it’s more than I usually spend/post about.

  1. MY BFF got me a beautiful maternity hospital gown for my baby girls delivery. Homemade in Austin, TX
    Got so many compliments and much better than wearing a used hospital gown.

  2. You are going to make delivering a baby look cute – gah! Love it! Pretty sure my baby met me in his birthday suit and I in mine-ha! Hospital gowns have got to be the least breathable fabric ever!

  3. But what do the pants look like on top? ? Why don’t they show that? It’s the most important part!

  4. Don’t wear your fav PJ’s right after delivery…you risk ruining them. Too much blood/leaking that happens!

  5. Ali,
    You look like the muse of Bonnard: "Perfect Silhouette, she shows her body, her curves. Always inviting to the eye, hiding his eyes … ".
    And your photo on the sofa inspires me this poem of Charles Beaudelaire:
    « Que j’aime voir, chère indolente,
    De ton corps si beau,
    Comme une étoffe vacillante,
    Miroiter la peau !
    Sur ta chevelure profonde
    Aux âcres parfums,
    Mer odorante et vagabonde
    Aux flots bleus et bruns,
    Comme un navire qui s’éveille
    Au vent du matin,
    Mon âme rêveuse appareille
    Pour un ciel lointain…»

    You are Beautiful and Sensual! Enjoy this gift of nature 🙂

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