Our Little Girl’s Dreamland…

We are so excited to finally be able to share our little girl’s nursery with all of you! Isn’t it just perfect?!?! Sometimes I’ll just go in her room and sit in the glider and soak up every inch of it. It feels magical to me! A room fit for a little princess! Our little princess!

I have to give a HUGE thank you to my nursery designer Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby. I was actually introduced to Vanessa’s work by former Bachelorette Ashley Rosenbaum. Vanessa designed her son Ford’s nursery and I absolutely love what she did for them! I knew I wanted her to do our little girl’s nursery! So thank you Vanessa for creating this magical space for our little angel to grow up in. See more of Vanessa’s beautiful work HERE.

Can we start by talking about this flower wall?!?! It is the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen in a room design. When Vanessa suggested it to me, I was thrilled! I knew right away it was going to be amazing. The Flower Wall Company made it and they did an absolutely incredible job! And you can purchase the exact same wall on their website. Well almost the exact same. Every wall has thousands of flowers that are handmade so really each wall is unique in it’s own way.

Next I have to rave over her closet! Lisa Adams the CEO of LA Closet Design did the most incredible job designing every inch of this closet. What I love so much about Lisa, besides her fab personality, is the fact that she sat down with me and went over every detail of the closet before we began building it. She wanted to make sure it was everything I (and baby) ever dreamed of! Lisa is super professional and the REAL DEAL! She has done huge celebrity’s closet’s like Kris Jenner and Guiliana Rancic just to name a couple. Kevin and I felt super lucky to have her design our baby girl’s closet. Kevin keeps joking that I am going to end up taking over the baby’s closet because I love it so much. Did you noticed the rose gold mirror in the back of the closet!? It makes the closet feel so much bigger and so luxurious! And the little bunny knobs are just to die for! So cute! Check out Lisa’s other work HERE.

Photo by Christine Farah Photography
Photo by Christine Farah Photography

And how pretty is my dress above? It’s not maternity (although she has lots of maternity specific dresses) but works perfectly with a baby bump! It’s by Rachel Pally (you can see me wearing some of her other dresses HERE & HERE) and you can get my exact dress HERE.

The crib and dresser are both by Romina and are so stunning in the room. Plus you can just tell that they are SUPER well made because they are so sturdy. I’m sure many of you have noticed the bumper in our crib in some of the photos. Don’t worry! It is JUST for decoration for now and will be taken out as soon as our baby sleeps in the crib. We plan on having her sleep in the Halo Bassinest in our room for the first 6 months although she will nap in the nursery so the bumper will come out after she’s born. The bumper was worth getting for the photos! And this adorable bumper, matching bed-skirt and curtains are all by a company called Carousel Designs. They have super cute stuff and the most darling prints.

Photo by Christine Farah Photography
Photo by Christine Farah Photography

The little play gym on the floor is a combo piece! The play gym itself is from Land of Nod, but the toys on the play gym are made by a small company (support small businesses!) called August Lace Designs. You can get the exact play gym toys for your little one HERE. The play mat underneath the gym is by Nook and so is our baby girl’s mattress. I love the blush color of the play mat and the mattress is amaze! It is designed to allow for better airflow which is super important to us. Keeping our baby safe is our top priority! Oh and the rug in the room was super affordable on Rugs USA.

I picked out the chandelier myself (but of course checked with my designer to make sure it would work perfectly) and I absolutely love everything about it. Not only is it stunning! But it’s a great size for a nursery (doesn’t hang too low) and it was SO affordable! I bought it for $166!!! Amazing right? Get one for your home HERE.

The canvas painting above the changing table/dresser is by Blueberry Glitter and is made with real pieces of recycled glass. You can see all her work HERE. The glider and ottoman are so comfy and I adore the print! We got it from Best Home Furnishings and they have so many fabrics to choose from so you can find what works best in your nursery.

The cute giraffe wall art can be found HERE.

Photo by Christine Farah Photography
Photo by Christine Farah Photography

The flower wall is just incredible but the other walls in the room are equally as special. We have this beautiful wallpaper by Graham and Brown that is slightly textured and has sparkles in it! They are so subtle but so beautiful! When the light hits the room at a certain time of day, everything glimmers! It’s surreal.

The acrylic bookcase is really cool because it gives us a place for her books without added bulk to the room. We really wanted the room to feel light and airy. See the little lamb on the bookcase? It’s by a company called My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and it’s so special because there is a little recording device inside that we used to record our little girl’s heartbeat while at a doctor’s appointment. Now her little heartbeat, from when she was in my belly, will forever be held in this little white lamb. So sweet.

Photo by Christine Farah Photography
Photo by Christine Farah Photography

So… are we naming our baby Mookie? Ha! No. Kevin and I have called our baby Mookie ever since we found out we were pregnant. You see, Kevin’s dad used to joke with him that if they didn’t name him Kevin they were going to name him Mookie. So Mookie, as a nickname, just stuck with us. And once we found out she was a girl, we started calling her Mookette 😉 We also have these hand painted block by Crafted Pine Co with her actual name too! We have known the name for a while now but are waiting to share it until she’s born. Our families don’t even know! Only Kevin, Mookie, Owen, and I know 🙂 Get your own hand made personalized blocks HERE. The blocks are hand painted in Scotland and made from locally sourced/reclaimed pine. And the acrylic side table (to match the bookcase and play gym) is by Lexmod and is great because I am sure I will get all sort of liquids on it (lotion, breast milk, who knows what!) and it easily wipes down! The pink and white blanket in the background of the picture above is by Butterscotch Blankees and it actually has her initials on it, but I hid them for this picture! I wanted to have some personalized things in the room.

Photo by Christine Farah Photography  
Photo by Christine Farah Photography  

And last but certainly not least, I want to talk about the 3 magnetic boards by Petal Lane Home to the left of the closet. All of them are great, but the one in the middle is especially important to me. Some of you might realize that the middle frame is a copy of the tattoo on my wrist. It says Endure. It’s in my grandmothers handwriting and from a quote she always used to say to me. She would say “As we go through life we experience sunshine and rain, the secret is to endure.” This quote isn’t incredibly profound by any means, but it meant a lot to her, therefore, it means a lot to me. I LOVE having it in my little girls room. I plan on telling her all about her great grandmother and how much she meant to me. I know my mom and Kevin’s mom will be that special grandma in her life like my grandmother was in mine. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it all. The great circle of life. Circle of LOVE!

Photo by Christine Farah Photography
Photo by Christine Farah Photography

And I can’t sign off without thanking my incredible partner in life – Kevin! Since I’ve been on a modified bed rest for awhile, I haven’t really been able to help much at all with this nursery. Kevin hung every picture on the walls, put together the crib, installed the chandelier, and even installed the flower wall! All while I sat in my comfy glider watching him – and brought him a cold beverage every once in a while of course 🙂 He never complained once, even though I know it couldn’t have been easy to do it all on his own. In fact, I know he actually really enjoyed it! He has taken such pride in installing things in his little girl’s room. I will always have found memories of us in this room, listening to music, chatting about our hopes and dreams for our little girl, all while he put up the flower wall. It’s a memory I will forever cherish. When it was just the two of us (3 of us with Owen!). In love and looking towards the incredible journey we are about to experience together – parenthood. Thank you Kevin for being my everything while we wait for our little everything to arrive.

Shout out to Christine Farah Photography for these gorgeous images of our room! And thank you again to my designer Vanessa for EVERYTHING! Our little girl is so lucky to call this beautiful space her “home.”

Photo by Christine Farah Photography  
Photo by Christine Farah Photography  

I’d love to hear your favorite feature of our nursery! If you have one, let me know in the comments.

This room is OWEN APPROVED! 😉

55 Thoughts

55 thoughts on “Our Little Girl’s Dreamland…

  1. Gorgeous room! It’s all so beautiful! You are such a sweet soul! Love how much passion you put into what you do! Btw love that nickname, it’s what we call our grandma ha!

  2. So beautiful! I love everything about it. So hard to pick just one. I have an 18 month old boy with another boy on the way. I need some pink in my life. Lol

  3. Love the subtle yet stunning details like the flower wall and glider! Hoping you have a safe and smooth delivery, can’t wait to see what you name your little girl!

  4. Beautiful nursery but it will never look like that again after she is here. Ha! Dont get too sold on those sleeping arrangements you have planned. You will be sleeping in the most random places and awkward positions just to not wake the baby. Best of luck to you 🙂

  5. So beautiful!! I have to do that flower wall if I have a girl! I have the same question as Jennifer about where the giraffe picture is from? Love it!!

  6. Gorgeous! What is the name of the glitter wallpaper? Looks so subtle but the explanation you give sounds like it would be amazing! Also- what is the name of your glider? I love the pattern!

  7. So gorgeous! I would love to have a nursery like that for my little girl (I’m currently in week 29 with my first baby like you are). Unfortunately I have to make compromises, since we are moving by end of the year back to my home country Germany. (I really have to keep myself together – haha.)
    Where is that cute giraffe painting from? Would love to collect some special little things though.
    All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. This has to be one of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen! Just perfect for a little girl. However, I have to say my favorite things are the expressions on Owen’s face in the pictures!! He has no idea what all the excitement is about! Too funny. I had only one child and my son is now 20! I would have also loved some pink, but blue has certainly grown on me these last 20 years. Love it, and I wish you all as a family many happy memories to be made in this beautiful wonderland! Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Beautiful Ali!! Please tie the curtains up … well away and above the reach of a baby or toddler! ?

  10. I actually love the art work – do you have any details on those? the giraffe and abstract painting?

    The room is beautiful. Also, I just want to say thanks. I love coming to read everything you posts. I am due with a little girl in November and love seeing your ideas on things! Best of luck.

  11. i love the wall… i actually thought it was wallpaper… just not sure about all the dust that will get caught in all those flowers though

  12. I love the giraffe painting so much, that I went ahead and tried yo google it – and actually found it by my self already. So ladies, here is the store with some more beautiful nursery art: TheDaisyFields at etsy.com

  13. I am absolutely in love with the flower wall. Did you order the kimye on the website? I am wanting a pale pink blush look. Thanks!!!! Congratulations !!

  14. Hi Ali ?
    I am very excited to hear about the arrival of your little princess! I have followed you for so long and am so happy you have found your "happily ever after"
    I live in the Palm Springs area and couldn’t believe it when you and Kevin had your little getaway here! oMG! I wish I could have ran into you ?
    Anyway, I have a little gift I would love to send to you. Is there an address to send it? I know you probably don’t give out a personal but wasn’t sure if you have a "fan mail" address. Thanks Ali


  15. Beautiful , well done, looks to welcoming to a little girl ! That flower wall is something else! Wow I love it, from a different view (photo ) it looks like wallpaper, but here in these pictures its so real !! Just remember as she gets older and standing up in the crib to move the crib away, or she’ll be pulling on it! Just precious, getting close to the arrival, what is your due date ?

  16. It almost looks to me like her closet can be accessed from the other side….? Does it and if so, does it open to a bathroom or another bedroom….? Just curious, my Husband and I are fixing to begin building our dream home and the double opening closets are on our list to open into the laundry room! 🙂

  17. Can you link the rug? I see the link to rugs USA but the exact rug isn’t tied to it. Beautiful nursery:)

  18. I love this nursery from head to toe. The colors are so gorgeous and bright. You’ re little girl will surely thrive in here. Her closet stood out to me the most. I’ve never seen a closet like that before but I love it so much. The crib is to die for and hopefully she can start sleeping in there before she turns six months, but you never know. Best wishes!

  19. The words of your grandmother on the wall are my favorite part. Beautiful room. I often sit iny daughter’s room with her and look at how girly it is and remember the hours it took me to put it together. She is my miracle baby, my princess. I was 39 weeks pregnant and hanging the last sign on her wall…wanting it perfect for her arrival. I would sit in the glider and just dream if her. It was worth every minute. She is 2 1/2 now and she destroys it on a daily basis!!!! She and I clean it together and sing the "clean up" song!!! Enjoy every minute, every song, every sobery kiss!

  20. LOVE the painting.. I looked her up and am going to custom order something.. your baby room is STUNNING!

  21. Love the nursery Ali! So beautiful! Congrats on your adorable baby girl! I was wondering what size your giraffe picture is. I looked on the site and saw there are different sizes. Is yours the offwhite set?

  22. This nursery is dreamy! Congratulations, Ali! <3
    You mentioned the crib + dresser were by Romina – I can’t find your pieces on their site – do you remember the collection name? Thank you!

  23. So in love with this wall! Just found out we are having a little girl, and was looking at the site and was alittle confused with the sizing do you have any idea how many panels this wall took? And are they attached directly to the wall? 🙂

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