Team Jordan or Team James

Kiss me? No thank you! Jojo and Wells’ kiss might go down as one of the most awkward in Bachelorette history. I mean they just have zero chemistry. Watching them slosh around in that suspended pool and kiss felt like watching a brother and sister kiss. Yuck. I honestly found it hard to watch. And I really like Wells (and I obviously adore Jojo), but sometimes two people just don’t click. I think it’s been pretty obvious from the get-go that Wells is not Jojo’s type. Heck Jordan, Robbie, and Chase are practically clones of each other. I still have a hard time telling them apart. So Jojo definitely has a type and Wells is, well – not it.

During the group date we saw a very interesting side of James Taylor. Honestly it wasn’t a very pretty side. I’ve been team JT all season! Heck, early on I was campaigning for him to be the next Bachelor but I do not see that happening now. He is much too insecure for the position. I honestly can’t even wrap my head around what he was trying to “warn” Jojo about. I mean I get that he doesn’t like Jordan much and feels Jordan is entitled, but the card game example he gave seemed so elementary in my opinion. I can’t even recall exactly what he said but it was something about Jordan thinking his rule in poker was right, and James Taylor’s rule was wrong. Well if arguing that your card game rules are right makes you entitled, then consider me as entitled as they come. Ha! I am ALWAYS arguing that my card game/board game rules are the right ones. Heck, I’ll argue my rules even if I know me and my siblings made up the rules when we were kids! It’s all in good fun, but it hardly makes someone entitled. I guess maybe we had to be there? In the end, I still really like James Taylor. He seems like such a good soul, but he made a mistake by showing that sort of insecurity last night.

Anyway, I don’t think Jojo should have taken what James Taylor said and brought it up to Jordan. I honestly think it may have pushed Jordan away a little bit. Jojo obviously still needs a lot of reassurance from him. She is clearly the most into him and wants him to be super into her too. And I think he is into her, but having to defend himself for a spat over a card game might have pushed him away a little. Even though he “opened up” to her later saying he wants to fall in love with her, I kind of think he just said that because he does care for her and knows it’s what she needs to hear right now. But we have to note that he didn’t say he was falling in love with her (at least he didn’t say it right away), he said he “wants” to fall in love with her. I think he will get there, but he took a step back this week in my mind.

The 2-on-1 date was interesting to me this episode. Normally I say that the 2-on-1 date is usually between two people that the Bachelor/ette isn’t really into – but not in this case. This time, since it’s so late in the season, she had to choose one guy she was really into and one she knew she’d send home. Why? Because at this point in the process it would be a potential waste of a rose. And the roses mean A LOT more now. I think she knew she’d give Chase the rose well before the date started.

What did you guys think of Alex and James getting 2 roses at the end? I was kind of bummed honestly. I thought we were going to see 4 guys go home in one episode! Which would have been great. I’m not trying to be mean by wanting guys to leave. I just want to get to the real romance stuff. We’ve had plenty of drama this season and now I’m ready for the real love story part! And honestly, it was just a waste of 2 roses. There is no way that Alex and James will outlast Luke, Jordan, Robbie, or Chase so they will for sure be gone next episode.

Do you like that Jojo gave out those last two roses? Whose side are you on, Jordan’s or James Taylor’s? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

But before I go, here are some fashion details for all of you dying to get your hands on Jojo’s closet!

Jojo’s red dress and white jacket combo was KILLER! This is the jacket she’s wearing – it’s by Topshop and the red dress is by A.L.C. Both seem to be sold out everywhere. Wah! But her fab shoes are in stock HERE! And from the review every says they are super comfortable! I’m getting a pair!

Photo by Cary Fetman
Photo by Cary Fetman

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jojo’s gray jeans in the picture below. I already bought a pair for myself. They will go with everything. She wore hers with a cute sweater she bought at a boutique in Houston (according to her stylist Cary Fetman) and these gray boots. I feel like we’ve seen her wear these gray boots a few times this season. They’re great!

Photo by Cary Fetman
Photo by Cary Fetman

Jojo’s sexy yet classy dress below is T by Alexander Wang and her Jacket is on sale for $100 HERE.

Photo by Cary Fetman
Photo by Cary Fetman
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66 thoughts on “Team Jordan or Team James

  1. I had already figured she would come back with 2 roses for the drama (not) They were needed for next week’s show, but are both going home next week. I loved all of Jojo outfits and they fit her well. The gorgeous blue gown was to die for.

  2. I’m team Jordan. If I was the bachelorette as a guys wanted to spend our time together talking about the other guys- especially something as silly as poker rules – I would send him home. Who has time for that in the bachelorette setting

  3. Can we talk about that make out session between Jojo and Luke!??? It was almost hard to watch near the end because it was soooo passionate that I felt like I was watching them in the bedroom! Their chemistry is on fire!

  4. Ali, what about the gorgeous red dress Jojo wore on her 2-1 tango date? loved the cutout design on the bottom hem!

  5. I was really irritated with Alex after he got the Rose!! If he felt it was a pity rose and was mad he got it why did he accept it he should of just walked right then. He should of been happy she wanted to get to know him better and took it as he was still in the running not be a whiny B***h about it. He is now my least favorite person on the show. He will defiantly go home next show because he is being a baby and will sabotage himself.

  6. I’m team Jordan i like him with her, they seem to have a lasting vibe not all sex like with Luke that will eventually lighten up and there will be nothing else to keep the relationship going, James should have been sent home.

  7. James came off as a jealous, insecure, desperate creep. Sad because while I never thought she’doesn’t end up with him, I thought he was a great guy.

  8. I’m still a HUGE James Taylor fan. I agree that him bringing up the card game sounded petty, which kind of makes me think that it was egged on by producers. As Jordan told Jojo, he is/was closest with James in the the house and James said he was going to talk to Jordan privately about it later, aka not on camera. However, what really convinced me that this was probably fabricated was at the end of the episode during the rose ceremony, when James got a rose, Jordan patted him on the back and they seemed buddy buddy again. I still would campaign HARD for James to be the next Bachelor. He still seems genuine, he’s got a great personality, and his voice, I mean c’mon 🙂 plus Luke doesn’t smile, Chase is boring, and Robby is playin the game (who says I love you on the first date!).

  9. I was thinking EXACTLY what you were about the whole Jordan and James thing. Bad move to bring it up- just him wanting to have her doubt Jordan. It was like Leah talking about Lauren last season- let’s get rid of the front runner mentality! Never works!

  10. I am totally with you Ali! Team Jordan! I really like James but the insecurity he showed was really frustrating and hard to watch. You know the major reason he brought up all the Jordan stuff is because he knows his relationship isn’t as strong. As soon as any guy/girl starts to do that so late in the game you know that they aren’t going to be around much longer. Their relationship just isn’t there. Hopefully this will help James get the confidence he needs in his next relationship because I honestly think he is the nicest sweet most down to earth guy on the show.

  11. There’s something shady about Luke. He says all the right things and I’ve never seen a "horse trainer" dress like he does. It’s very odd. Jojo definitely has a type and I’m also bummed she kept Alex and James, they will obviously go next. For me, there are no front runners for bachelor, I would have preferred Derek because he actually seems like a nice guy. Her "type" aren’t the nicest of guys lol. She’ll pick Jordan in the end and he’ll break her heart 🙁

  12. I am team James. He is a good, honest and descent guy. He let his insecurities get the best of them but they all have. I don’t think James is JoJo’s type but I don’t think Jordan is either. I wouldnt say Jordan acts entitled but moreso arrogant. I thinkk she will pick Jordan but down the road it will fall apart. I love Luke and Chase. James is the nicest guy that has ever been on this show. He should be the bachelor. Wouldnt it be a change to have someone like him .

  13. I’ve been team James Taylor from the beginning. I do also like Jordan – but I also don’t!! There’s something about him that I don’t trust. I agree that James showed a very insecure (=unattractive) side last night, and that set him back for me, for sure. But when they made it look like he was going home, I felt so heartbroken for him!! The Wells thing – I was cringing the whole time. (I actually thought to myself, "Ali will probably call this the most awkward scene to watch EVER!" hahaha).

    At this point I feel kind of bummed! Usually I fee so strongly (hahah) about who the front runner is, and this season I just don’t!! I few bad for Jojo because I love her, and I hope she finds that true, real love that she’s looking for. But with these guys in not feeling it……. At least not yet.

  14. I absolutely agree. I wish her chemistry with Chase was as intense as it is with Jordan or Luke. I think those 2 will be her final two. I am for Chase being the next bachelor!

  15. Team neither! James is obviously really insecure which is not good in a partner and Jordan is an asshole when he’s mad which is also not good in a partner. He was so inconsiderate of the others in the room when he called out James. He didn’t realize or care that it makes everyone else feel awkward and could have pulled James aside. Team Luke all the way

  16. There is something I don’t like about Jordan, but I don’t think James should have said anything about him. It came back to bite him anyway. Who is your favorite, Ali? I have been rooting for Chase, but he hasn’t been opening up lately. He is HOT though, lol.

  17. Oh, I forgot….I was hoping that James and Alex would go home at the end, but they are going to drag that out.

  18. I LOVE James, but you’re right, insecure is not a good look on him. Although, part of me things the producers had a hand in that…it just didn’t seem like something he would do! Or, maybe I’ve been watching too much UNReal 😉 Good luck these next few weeks!!

  19. I totally agree with you. JT seemed like a school kid last night. He kept comparing himself to the other guys, saying he wasn’t good looking enough. He needs to have more confidence in himself! I still really like him but I don’t think he’s right for JoJo

  20. It is so obvious that JoJo has a "type" Robbie, Jordan, and Luke all look alike. Wells and Alex are CLEARLY not that type. Let’s cut to the chase JoJo likes Luke and Jordan, but I think she LOVES Jordan. My guess is that she picks him.

  21. Thank you Ali for posting after every episode…I love reading your thoughts!! I am totally team Jordan and I think Jo Jo is super into him too…There is something about Luke I just don’t like…I think Jo Jo has a sexual attraction to him but I don’t ever hear them talking or laughing etc. Chase is a stud but pretty sure he won’t be the last man standing…everyone else needs to go…like you said..get rid of them and get to the real good romance stuff!!!

  22. Well I don’t care for Jordan or James. I’m pretty sure James is going home next week. My favorite is Chase, but I think she chooses Jordan. If that happens it’s doubtful this will be a lasting relationship. I don’t think he’s there for the right reasons.

  23. I agree! I have (and still do) liked James Taylor since day one, but I thought it was a mistake for him to bring up Jordan…it seemed petty.

    I also agree that giving out two roses was a surprise-I would have bet Alex would have gone home. I’m beginning to really dislike him. He’s too cocky and isn’t really nice.

    Love your posts!!

  24. I think giving James and Alex the roses was weird. They will never be the final 4. I really liked Chase last night but I felt she never gave Derick a proper chance. Alex should have been on the 2 on 1 and gone home.

    If Chase does not last to the end, I vote for him for Bachelor.

  25. It feels that some boys are telling her things about falling for her etc..because they know that she wants to hear it and make sure they stay. Does anybody think so too?

  26. Does anyone else feel like Chase looks like Chris Bukowski and Derek looks like John Krasinski? Lol

  27. Giving James and Alex the rose was wrong in my opinion. Eventually someone will have to go home, possibly more at one time. She just gave them another week to wonder. It felt like a pity rose. Team Jordan, it was childish for James Taylor to even bring up that disagreement. We’ve had enough drama for one season let’s get on with the romance!

  28. I would love more info on this sweater! I know it’s from a boutique in Houston, but I’m actually going to Houston this weekend! Any chance you know exactly where she got it? Or have a look-alike? It’s my favorite outfit she has worn!


  29. She has the best taste in clothes! I’m bummed that she kept James & Alex around. She’s clearly not into them & you’re right, it’s time for romance, not drama.

  30. I did not see the 2 roses at the end coming! I also though for sure she was sending them both home and was disappointed that she didn’t although I gotta give them credit for keeping me on my toes. TEAM JORDAN!! James did exactly what Leah did last season, he felt threatened so tried to cause trouble for Jordan but I think it made him look like the bad one.

  31. Hello! I honestly am rooting for Luke!! I feel they have the most chemistry!! I think it was childish of James Taylor to whine about Jordan!!It showed his insecurities!!Excited to see what happens next!

  32. I think this is the first season in a long time I just don’t see a true fit for JoJo. None of the men left are perfect for her.

    Several times during last nights episode I actually had to look away when she was kissing the men. Luke and Robby both give me the creeps.

    James is a darling with a wonderful heart but she will never pick him. So he (and Alex) really should have gone home last night.

    As good looking as Jordan is, there is something not quite right there.

    So that leaves Chase…..

    I just hope JoJo is happy with her choice in the end.

  33. Jojo is seriously damaging her relationship with jordan if that’s who she really wants. She keeps questioning him and saying things like I trust James and believe him so did you do that? Totally accusing even if it’s true which I believe it is, I think she is stupid. Then GO for someone else dumb dumb.

    Robby is way overconfident. Did you catch when he said beautiful place and beautiful people? And when she said Robby!! When he was holding the dancer. He’s a playboy and feels swarmy to me. But again she goes for the guys she can’t get to settle down with her in real life. Silly silly girl! I felt bad for her honestly.

    Wells … WOW. You practically beg him to kiss you by your body language and when he finally does then you ask him to tell about his ex girlfriend and he does and then you dump him because you believe the romantic part lasts forever the butterflies and such, wow. The bestfriend and love of your life and flutters still happen but not the crazy butterflies like when your first meeting someone. He’s a realist. She’s out to lunch.

    James. So sweet but so sad to see him continually bring up that he isn’t as good looking as the other guys. We don’t think that until you keep dragging yourself down. Again Jojo not trying to be hard on you but James.. Derek… those are the kinds of guys that would love her but she is all about the chase.. the guys that don’t want her and are above her in looks and I honestly after this episode felt so bad for her poor choices.

    I love that Alex called it what it was a pity rose at the end instead of saying so glad to get a rose like they usually do when last picked.

    Lastly.. chase and Derek..
    SUPER disappointed in her choice. Chase flat out doesn’t like her like she likes him and when she again begs

    or him to tell her what she wants to hear she gets her way and kisses him. But it wasn’t genuine. He was searching for words he paused it koojed so uncomfortable!! And forced!! Common theme with Jojo shes forcing chase and jordan to say things they are not feeling. I believe they like her but I think they think they can do better. Derek actually made chase nevrroua in the dancing sxene cause of his confidence I loved that!! She could have a good thing with Derek and I think he would be good to her (James too) but unfortunately she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and picked a man that doesn’t want her that she just wants in the fantasy suite. Really disappointed this week in her choices.

    I also think she could have a good thing with Luke but she won’t. Shell pick on of the three best looking play boys.

  34. Ali, you’re awesome. I miss seeing you on E! so much!!!!!
    I agree 110% on the James/ Jordan issue. James was too insecure, although I can’t blame him! He was trying too hard to describe Jordan being cocky. Bad example and made him look bad.
    I also agree that JoJo always asking Jordan if his intentions are true and if he really cheated, if he’s really mean, etc. I think she should focus on what a real relationship would be like with him versus fishing so hard for reassurance.
    You hit the nail(s) right on the head again, Ali!!!!

  35. I liked Luke initially but now all I see is the physical part. They don’t talk much. Rooting for him to be the next bachelor though. She will probably pick Jordan n the end.

  36. I didn’t care for James throwing Jordan under the bus. Anyone who watches this show people who throw other’s under the bus usually go home shortly after. I still like James but agree don’t see him long term with JoJo bit then him and Carley from Chris’s season would be cute together and could make beautiful music together. There has been negative stuff about Jordan in the tabloids and social media but really haven’t seen it much on the show. I was shocked when she gave Alex and James a rose. I really thought she was sending them both home. If she really is not falling for them it will be harder for everyone next week because their feelings will be stronger but her’s won’t but not sure would consider a pity rose. My favorite is Chase but not sure is the one she will pick. I liked what he said about he came for her and to leave for her. I would like to see them get away from so much drama and back to the romance. Also think they need some new/better date ideas

  37. This is the very first season of the show, since Trista and Ryan, that I have not been into. I can’t tell one guy from another, do not like Jordan and not into JoJo. Just feel like everyone is there for the adventure. Since Jordan didn’t make it in football he’s really pushing to get a sports announcer position and just trying to get his name out there. And just trying to get his name out there. I just don’t feel any of them except James are really into JoJo.

  38. I agree with you 100%. James showed too much insecurity and it was very unattractive. I can see that he’s real and he won’t last. I am team Jordan all the way. I hope she doesn’t let him go!

  39. I like all of these guys, they have been in my top from the beginning and it will be hard to see them go one by one. Yes, there are times they do something I wish they would not do, but I also have to remember that they are not perfect. Plus, this is not the normal dating scene, they are trying to go through this journey as best they know how.

    Thanks for blogging Ali! I enjoy reading what you have to say after every show!

  40. I couldn’t have said it better myself Ali. I think you are spot on with your comments from this episode!

  41. I love reading your bachelor blogs! Its so sad when they are so short(short to me) because I want keep on reading and reading!!!

  42. I am team Jordan all the way because I feel like he gets a bad reputation. James said that Jordan is only there for fame. I don’t think it would’ve been a problem if Jordan’s last name wasn’t Rodgers and people didn’t have this perspective on him that he’s only there for fame. Yes, he probably has had the most "fame" out of everyone but what has he done to show that he is there only for fame. Jojo only has tough conversations with Jordan with leads me to believe that she is into him the most.
    When James brought up the poker incident it just didn’t make sense to me why he brought it up. Jordan said to jojo that everyone thought he was going to be a certain way and he came in and proved eveyone wrong. Jordan has never talked about anyone in his one-on-one time. I feel like he is a target because he is the front runner. As for Luke, jojo doesn’t really talk to Luke all they have is physical attraction. I definitely agree with you about jojo confronting Jordan. I think she just wants reassurance that he could be the one for her.

  43. I am Team Jordan. I also wish she would have sent both Alex and James home. I think it’s clear that she’s not into them.

  44. Team Jordan…like you mentioned, I like James before all of this, but he made himself look quite silly with his complaints. Jordan even seemed to think him and James were friends prior to this and he threw him under the bus.

    I actually think Jordan and JoJo could work. I think the "bachelor fame" suits them both, i mean that in a good way! I hate the teasers for the final episode though, they make me worry too much and those teasers are always so opposite of what actually happens.

  45. I think JoJo will pick Jordan in the end but Luke is my favorite and I hope that he is the next bachelor if JoJo doesn’t end up with him. Luke is confident, sincere, romantic, and good lookin’!!! I’m team Luke all of the way!! I know you asked if we were team Jordan or James but I’m team Luke. If I had to pick between Jordan and James, I would’ve originally picked James but after this episode, I am team Jordan. James didn’t have enough reasons (or at least the card game example wasn’t enough in my opinion) to call someone out. These guys on this season have been full of more drama than the girls on the bachelor seasons. Hahaha

  46. It’s never a good thing to call out someone on their character. Perhaps James was feeling some vibes from Jordan that he wasn’t sincere in his reason for being on the show but needed some kind of proof to plead his case? Regardless, it doesn’t go over well. I think James is insecure with his looks in competing with these other gentlemen. That’s the sad thing. Since Jojo admitted that she is a very physical person, it doesn’t bode well for James. Should she look beyond the exterior in search for the good heart and soul? That’s hard to say to someone who is very physically oriented. I hesitate to say this but I don’t think any of the remaining gentlemen have the looks and the heart to really make Jojo happy in the end. I think it was way too soon to jump back into the proverbial dating pool after Ben.

  47. Ali,

    My question is, why would this poker game not be caught on camera? Do they not have cameras or producers around them all the time? If this was a fight that Jordan and James had then I would think the producers would want it on camera to show that either a) Jordan is not what Jojo thinks he is or b) James is jealous.

  48. I thought she had the most chemistry with Derek but hes gone?. Wells is a sweet guy but more like friends. I’m not crazy about the rest, James and Alex should be gone, they don’t seem her type.I guess I like Luke but hes very serious and needs to smile more.Robby, Chase and Jordan all want to be the next Bachelor, That’s what my gut is telling me.?

  49. I’m team Luke. I think he just need to show the funny side of him and then will the best for JoJo. They have the feel the chemistry they have everthing, in my opinion they just need a little bit of fun, maybe a adventure date will be amazing

  50. I agree about the James Taylor deal. The second I saw what he was doing, he became 100% less sexy to me. It’s a shame, because I like him a lot!! But I don’t even think I would want to see him be the Bachelor. Confidence is sexy.

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