37 Weeks Pregnant! Reflecting Back on My Pregnancy…

37 week pregnant! I can’t believe it! Our little girl is almost here. I’m giddy at the thought of seeing her for the first time!

As my pregnancy comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on everything that’s happened. I would love to say that the past 37 weeks have flown by and it’s all been easy peasy, but then I’d be a big fat liar. Ha! The truth is, it hasn’t been easy. Except for those few blissful months during my 2nd trimester. At the time, I thought it was “just ok”. Now I realize just how good I had it in the 2nd trimester.

But all in all, this pregnancy has been really hard at times – in the last month especially. I have found that my pregnancy has gone beyond just a physical toll on my body and it’s starting to take an emotional toll. The other day while trying to relax in our pool, I broke down to Kevin about how I’ve been feeling. I just sat there, cried my eyes out, and poured my heart out to him while floating like a beached whale on a floaty. What a site that must have been. Ha! And don’t get me wrong, I am so so SO happy to be pregnant and feel so incredibly lucky to be ABLE to be pregnant and bring a little life into this world. I realize that there are many women out there that would give ANYTHING to be in my position. And my heart aches for those women. I will never know your pain or pretend that what I am going through is anything compared to what you’re going through. But I have to be honest with my feelings right now and lately, I just want my body back. I want to have a drink at the end of a stressful day. I want to be able to tie my own shoes. I want to sleep on my stomach. I want to go to yoga. I want to walk my dog around the block without being in terrible pain. I want to eat runny eggs for breakfast. I want to not be in pain. I want to feel like myself again.

Look, I realize many of these things seem so trivial. Even as I type them out all I can do is think to myself “You shouldn’t be complaining. You should thank your lucky stars to be in this position.” Well, I do thank my lucky stars and I am super grateful, but that doesn’t discredit the aches and pains I am feeling. I bring this all up because I hope that many of you out there can relate. Especially if you also have Uterine Irritability like I do. My doctor told me that I am definitely experiencing way more contractions and pain than the typically pregnancy. I honestly took comfort in her telling me that because sometimes I feel like I am just being a big baby. But no, I’m not a big baby. I’m HAVING a baby and the truth is, it can be hard.

Even after writing all of this, I’ve contemplated deleting everything I just wrote cause I’m worried that I’m being silly by even writing about this. But if I ignored all these feelings then I wouldn’t be honest with myself or be honest with all of you.

I have to talk about the positive aspects of pregnancy too and say that I know I am going to miss being pregnant when it’s over. I know I’ll forget about all the aches and pains and just remember the things I love about it. Like feeling my little one wiggling around inside my belly – it’s the most magical thing. I will never forget the moment I felt her kick for the first time. The past couple weeks, I can actually make out the shape of her foot when it’s pushes against the side of my belly. It’s so surreal. I’ve also really loved my big belly and watching it grow over the months. At times, I’ve never felt more sexy and womanly than I have while pregnant. Not so much these past few weeks, but for sure from week 20 to week 30.

I also realize that tough times are ahead. My doctor just said to me yesterday, “She could come any day and even though you are in a lot of pain, it’s easier to have her in there than to have her out here.” That really made me think and realize that I should try to cherish these last few weeks/days with Kevin. It will never be just the two of us again (3 of us – can’t forget Owen!). I’m also trying to be thankful for the sleep I do get, even though I wake up about 5 times a night at this point to go pee. So I’m already starting to miss a full night of sleep.

All that said, the good and the bad, I am overjoyed at the thought of meeting our little girl so soon! I know the moment I hold her in my arms none of the pains of pregnancy will matter. It will all be more than worth it. Now, I just need to start mentally preparing for labor. But that’s a whole other story and whole other blog post! Next time πŸ˜‰

Can any of you relate? I really beat myself up when I start getting down about this. How did you get through the final weeks of pregnancy? Any tips for me?

Also this dress is so cute so I had to leave fashion credits below πŸ™‚


Does this maxi dress look familiar? That’s probably because I own it in 3 different colors/prints! You can see me wearing a geometric print at around 21 weeks pregnant HERE and see me wearing the navy blue version at 20 weeks HERE. This is not a maternity dress so anyone can wear it! And I honestly think it would be so flattering on all body types. I just adore this dress. Really. It’s starting to get a little tight at 37 weeks pregnant, but that’s to be expected. I just love that I am going to be able to wear it all summer long – with a baby on my arm and flats on my feet! I’m wearing a size medium btw.

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  1. Yes to all of the above! You’re compassionate to be so mindful of and respectful to all the women out there who wish to be in your shoes, but you’re human and entitled to your own true feelings. I’m 38 weeks with my second and mama is READY. I feel a mix of anxiety, excitement, impatience, and guilt for my impatience! I’ve loved carrying this little man just as I did my first, but these final weeks are not easy, especially in this heat! Good luck to you Ali! I’ve loved followed your maternity style while it aligns with my own pregnancy! πŸ™‚

  2. I totally can relate! My baby is almost 4 weeks old and my pregnancy was so hard. Labor is very hard as well, but so rewarding in the long run! Get your rest now, cook and freeze food if you can, stock up on feminine pads and books to read so you don’t have to run out during the first few weeks! She will be here soon! My water broke at 38+2 and it was my first pregnancy!

  3. I can completely relate! I’m 41 weeks and one day and going crazy just waiting and waiting. You are correct in that we are lucky but you get to a point where you want to feel normal again! To do all the things you love like yoga and picking something up without getting out of breath or having Braxton hicks. Keep your head up and thank you for being honest about all the emotions pregnancy can bring-it’s hard! Best of luck! ?

  4. Preach it!!!! You have nothing to be ashamed of. I feel the same exact way! I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and with this heat, I’m about ready to have my baby. I will miss feeling him kick around in my tummy but I’m READY to put a normal pair of jeans on or a shirt. I’m ready to have my body back too. I think almost every pregnant woman can relate to your post.
    I find that going to a chiropractor has helped with the aches and pains A LOT! So if you haven’t don’t that, it’s not too late to try!
    I’m excited to see your little girl when she’s born! Thank you for including us on your journey of pregnancy! You look GREAT!!!!

  5. Dear Ali,
    I love your honesty because that is your reality and your truth. No one can take that away from you. Each person’s road to parenthood is different, and it’s nice to respect that, but know that you are definitely not alone in your feelings these last few weeks/days. My first pregnancy was pretty easy overall. My second was SO hard. I was in so much pain all the time and I felt guilty for not enjoying my pregnancy as much as the first time around. Those last few weeks of pain and sleepless nights really do prepare you for what’s to come though. You will all of a sudden find that you can stay awake much easier than should be humanly possible and those aches and pains will soon fade away. Your body will start to feel more normal in some ways, and even more strange in others as you never stop giving yourself completely to your new biggest little love. It’s pretty incredible. Good luck! Your life is about to be more special than you ever thought imaginable xo

  6. I had an awful pregnancy the entire 9 months so I can relate, and honestly, you do forget about pregnancy pains once your new one arrives. Some women love being pregnant, and some like me, don’t, but that doesn’t mean you will love your child any less. I feel like I love him more.
    Sleep- it is a funny thing with babies. Our little guy is 4 months old and is a champ at sleeping. I get more sleep now than I did when I was pregnant, so my hope for you is you have the same!
    It is such a hard job, but the most rewarding. Don’t overthink it and just be you and the awesome mom (and parents) you were meant to be. You have every right to "complain" right now-growing a human is hard work!!! Enjoy the last few moments, but enjoy the arrival even more. Best wishes in this new chapter of your life and thank you for sharing your journey.

  7. I haven’t been pregnant but this paragraph "Even after writing all of this, I’ve contemplated deleting everything I just wrote cause I’m worried that I’m being silly by even writing about this. But if I ignored all these feelings then I wouldn’t be honest with myself or be honest with all of you." resonated with me.
    I have been working on this "thinking gap" with my therapist. I always feel like what I’m saying or feeling emotionally is silly and I should stop, but the truth is we are allowed to have feelings, it’s part of life! So, don’t beat yourself up over it. I am constantly thinking I shouldn’t be anxious and that I "don’t have anything to be anxious" about, but not being to express those emotions doesn’t help me to cope, so express away girl! You are beautiful!

  8. If we buy these items through your blog is there a discount or a promo code?? I love this dress and you look amazing. Whether you fake it at times or not lol you have really carried with a lot of grace and look beautiful being pregnant!!

  9. Ali, I know as a public figure you need to watch what you say, but there is no need to feel ashamed for feeling emotional or wanting your body back. My heart also goes out to women who have trouble conceiving, however no one should ever shame you for feeling how you feel! No one can negate your feelings, because no one else is you! Pregnancy is HARD! Best wishes!

  10. You are so right! The last few weeks were so hard emotionally and mentally. Not to mention physically! There are so many emotions you’re feeling and you really just don’t feel like yourself. I tried to enjoy the end of pregnancy but I just couldn’t. I hated not knowing what to expect and not knowing WHEN it would happen. Looking back, I wished I would have just relaxed and enjoyed my time alone with my husband and being able to (halfway) sleep. Ha. Next month my baby will be one and it has been the absolute fastest year of my life!!! Cliche- but so true. You may feel like a beached whale now, but it’s so encouraging to see how quickly your body will bounce back! I remember this time last year looking at my friends in their cute swimsuits and outfits and thinking, "ok, I want my baby here and my body back now!"

    You are not alone. Good luck!!!

  11. I love your honesty! It’s not a cake walk. It’s wonderful, but not easy. Neither is caring for a newborn. You will love that baby with all your soul, but there will be times when you are frustrated and exhausted and THAT IS OK!:)

  12. Oh I feel your pain! You’re so sweet but don’t be so hard on yourself! Being pregnant is hard. You are growing a human! If it makes you feel better I’m currently pregnant with my second and hating every minute of it. I’m sick and tired all day and not able to be the mother I want to be to my first. I hated being pregnant the first time around too. It is so worth it l, but I didn’t miss one thing about being pregnant and I’m pretty sure it will be the same this time around. Be kind to yourself and trust your body. Sending happy wishes your way!

  13. I don’t think I have ever commented on a blog in my life but for some reason I feel compelled to respond today. We did struggle to conceive and ultimately had to use ivf as our method of conception. My due date is just 3 days away and I feel like you were speaking for me! The emotional battle of wanting your life back, body back and to have a drink are all things I also have been struggling with. We are so thankful for this amazing little boy who is about to enrich and enhance our lives. I would not change a thing but completely relate!! I will say several of my girlfriends have been honest with me about their similar struggles. Thanks for sharing!

  14. You are so spot on with this post!!! I am only 14 weeks pregnant and have the same feelings. I want a cold beer at the end of a long day, I want to go out with my husband to our favorite sushi resturant, I want to eat a salad with Gorgonzola cheese on it. I want to be able to get off my couch and not have a shooting pain down my back. I also love that I am growing a baby and expanding our family, but it is a sacrifice that unless you have been pregnant you don’t realize. I love reading your posts. Thanks for being so real about your journey.

  15. I am reading this while in the hospital for early labor with twins – 34w5d. I must say I am not a big blog follower but I have read yours often because it hit so close to home.

    I count my blessings being able to bring new life into this world but damn if it isn’t hard sometimes. Especially as an extremely active and independent woman who has been fortunate to have never been very sick, injured or on bed rest before.

    Going from my normal life to suddenly throwing up all day, hating all foods, repulsed by the idea of sexual activity and so tired it’s a work out to get dressed and shower has been rough. I appreciate you not sugar coating it – this is how some women experience pregnancy and it doesn’t mean we are any less grateful or excited to be moms – it just means we are not always feeling "glowing" and that’s ok.

  16. I can definitely relate to your difficult pregnancy! I too had an irritable uterus and placenta previa on top of that! Since it was my first pregnancy, at first I thought the contractions and discomfort were normal. I ended up in the hospital for 25 days before I had my baby. Hang in there and soon you will have your body back to normal, free of aches and pains. Plus your sweet baby girl will be worth it all!! Enjoy your last few weeks with just the two of you!

  17. I had my baby girl 5 weeks ago and was in the same boat as you (plus a horrible stomach bug at week 37). The first couple weeks with new baby are amazing and difficult. I still find myself wanting my body back. I want the little pouch to go away and I want to sleep on my stomach except I still can’t because otherwise breast milk would gush out. Every stage has its joys and difficulties but we seem to only remember the joys which is why we have more than one kiddo! Hang in there! And good luck with your delivery! You’ll be holding your sweet tiny baby girl so soon!

  18. The last three weeks are the hardest. Your body is going through so much change, and after you think you can’t possibly get any bigger, you do. Know you’re not alone. The days to wait are long, and "catching up on sleep" isn’t practical advice. I’d just say to remember to give yourself a break, to let yourself feel all your emotions, and to take time to just be by yourself. She will be here before you know it. Believe me- you’ll be ready for labor after these next few weeks of waiting. Good luck, Ali.

  19. I’m 38 weeks today and have every single feeling you do about being pregnant. I thought every other pregnant person I’ve seen is just as happy as can be, glowing, loving life, feeling good… I thought for sure I was being so negative on how tough pregnancy really is. I cannot wait to work out, get my body back, and have a stiff drink!!

  20. I’m just a few days ahead of you and feel like I could’ve written this myself! I’m so appreciative that I’m able to carry a child, I think not being able to would be one of the worst things ever. This pregnancy has definitely been harder than my first tho. I feel just completely exhausted from doing anything at all, like taking a shower is SO hard. I feel like a horrible mom cuz I can’t get off the couch to play with my daughter and am also really struggling knowing it won’t be just me and her anymore (well yes my husband – but he works lol so it’s just me and my BFF a lot) I’m having a c section a week from tomorrow at 39 weeks and while I can’t wait, I also can. Makes no sense but that’s how I feel haha I feel like I’ve shared this pregnancy with you because we are so close in weeks, so thank you for all the blogs! It’s been fun. Congrats on your sweet girl, can’t wait to see pics!

  21. You’re not being silly for saying what you feel. The last two months of pregnancy is so hard. You really have to dig deep and remember that after all the pain and uncomfortableness you get something great out of it. Trust me , it is totally worth it.

  22. I’m also 37 weeks today with my second baby and I feel exactly like you do. You are not alone and not wrong. I’m ready to have my body back and ready to not be pregnant. I want to run across the yard with my son and not get winded and I just want to not feel like a beached whale anymore. I’m super grateful that my body has carried our little girl to 37 weeks so far and I’m super grateful that my body carried and gave birth to our son already but I feel ya! The good news is the end is in sight. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi!
    I can soooo relate to this post. I had early contractions (BH) and they were so painful. I couldn’t even take the dog more then 2 blocks without losing my breath. Like knife stabbing pain. I am an athlete and this was so hard for me. I missed all those things too. I ended up with a c section and it was nothing compared to the pain I was in for my 3rd trimester. Oh, and he was 8 days late.
    Like you I am thankful that we were able to get pregnant and have a healthy and happy little dude. I am actually thinking of having another one (I am crazy right? The pain was worth it-us women are seriously tough.

    Oh also, I had those phantom kicks for a few months after he was born, they were so real that I thought I was pregnant again. lol

  24. Hi there Ali, thanks for being honest with your readers! I will say my biggest regret was not enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy AND the downtime I had to relax, watch TV, read a book, etc., because now with a 19 month old who works FT that time is few & far between! Also, don’t feel defeated if she doesn’t come early. I was told my entire pregnancy by my Dr’s & random people that I was going to go early & as my due date neared & he wasn’t coming I got frustrated & upset. I ended up getting induced a day after my due date…that all worked out luckily but he was not early! So my tip/advice to you is relish these last few weeks, enjoy the downtime even tho I know it’s not comfortable & set yourself up to think she’ll be here around the due date & if she comes early…great but at least you weren’t banking on it. She’ll let you know when she’s ready…;) Enjoy, best of luck & thanks for sharing! You guys will make great parents!!

  25. I definitely can relate. I remember crying my eyes out to my husband because I was in so much pain AND scared. Not gonna lie – it’s an adjustment. But you’ll get through it. πŸ™‚

  26. Thank you for being so honest! I was made to feel horrible that I felt so miserable when I was pregnant all 3 times. I have severe morning sickness all 9 months of pregnancy. I had such severe back and hip pain that it was hard to sit, stand, lay down and walk in the later months. All I ever hear is how wonderful pregnancy is so I felt like a failure because I didn’t enjoy most of it. The only thing that I liked was feeling them move inside me. Take the last few weeks just to enjoy yourself and hubby. Stability balls we a good resource for me at the end. Walk in a pool or swim because it takes the pressure off your muscles.

  27. I am 22, have never been pregnant, but I would like to be one day when I am married. I love how honest you have been about this and love to read about your experience. Life is so precious and I think it is absolutely amazing that our bodies are made to create lives. With that said, hang in there! You’re almost there! Best of luck to you guys and I look forward to reading more of your posts once your little one arrives!

  28. Loved the post, and your honesty. Thats why we read and love your blog. Although my daughter is grown now I do remember the aches and pains. I had high BP in the last few weeks, and was 2 weeks late on top of that. I had a really easy labor and I wish that for you!! Cant wait to see pics, and hear how Owen does with the transition into being a big brother! Meghan M ~ I can relater to everything you wrote too. I have anxiety and often say to myself the same things you wrote. Know you’re not alone in this!!

  29. Thank you for posting this! I am almost 24 weeks along and feeling pretty good for the most part but am scared for the 3rd trimester. I miss sleeping on my stomach and eating deli meat! I just want a giant turkey sub with a glass of wine! haha. We just booked my baby shower and I will be 36 weeks and am scared that I will be too uncomfortable or in pain to enjoy it. I hope that is not the case. I wish you the best of luck and you’re almost there mama!

  30. You’re not alone. The last month is so challenging both physically and emotionally. Hang in there! Try to get that thought of "any day now" out of your head because if you do go full term (40weeks) or longer … It will make those last weeks even more excruciating!

  31. I can totally relate and I’m only 24 weeks pregnant! I can only imagine how challenging it’s going to get towards the end of my pregnancy. I’m very glad you wrote this because I feel like I’m the only woman in the world going through these emotions and now I know there are more women out there with the same feelings.

    Thank you!

  32. I’ve never commented before, but felt the need to now. THANK YOU for writing this. I will be 34 weeks pregnant (first baby – it’s a boy!) tomorrow and I’ve been freight this way too. Just last night I cried because no matter what I did, I just could NOT get comfortable in bed. It sounds so trivial, but those who aren’t pregnant just don’t realize what a toll the little things like that take on you over time. I too just cannot wait to begin getting my body back to feeling like mine again – and I’d also like a drink at the end of a long day (or you know, at the middle of it). Love you Ali! Can’t wait to see pictures of your little one!

  33. Thank you for sharing your journey! I just had a baby 7 – almost 8 weeks ago! Time has flown by already even though she’s still just so little.
    The last few weeks of pregnancy are definitely difficult. However it goes by so fast and you’ll feel like you never were pregnant – eventually lol. Time goes by so fast and we often want what’s next and don’t fully enjoy where we’re at right now. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things I think and like you said so special to go through it if you can. A true miracle. Once baby is here more challenges will come and the first few weeks are a whirlwind and so hard especially with the major lack of sleep but you’ll experience the greatest love there is! You’ll cry just at the pure happiness you feel everytime you look at your sweet baby girl. All the best to you and your new family!

  34. Ali,
    I can totally relate. I just had twin girls April 18th. I made it to 37 weeks and 2 days with them. I am only 5ft, there was no room for one baby let alone 2 ;). I had the easiest pregnancy and delivery of 2 healthy girls. Even though I had it easy, there were moments that I did not want to be pregnant bc like you I wanted MY BODY back, to sleep on my stomach, have a beer, and just be my normal easy going self. You can get through these last few weeks, just know it will all come to an end and you will have a beautiful baby at the end. It can be hard but be easy on yourself, rest as much as you can now bc there will be many sleepless nights ahead. You look beautiful and healthy pregnant. I will almost bet you that your body will get back to pre-pregnancy weight after just a month. My body is almost 100% back to normal after only 9 weeks. Good luck to, you are going to be an AMAZING MOM!

  35. Girl you are not alone!!! Take comfort in that! It’s ok to be raw and honest! Don’t beat yourself up over having feelings and discomfort. Growing a human isn’t easy work so complain and whine a little, you at least get that! I went ten days over my due date in the middle of July. I was dying. I would just lay in the pool all day long just to get some relief from the 9 lb baby I was lugging around in Florida in the dead of summer. You better believe I moaned and groaned but look at me now, I can’t wait to be pregnant again! Please please please don’t beat yourself up. You are doing an amazing job housing that sweet girl and you are almost there! Meeting her will change your life forever.

  36. I can certainly relate. I am 28 weeks pregnant and have 2 dislocated ribs (since 16 weeks). Other than that, major thing, I’ve had it pretty easy! I love it, but its hard not to dwell on the negatives when they’re literally a pain in my side ALLL day long. that pain goes away when I feel the wiggles, and its all worth it, but that doesn’t stop the pain, and it certainly doesn’t stop me from complaining about it.
    you’ve had a beautiful pregnancy and I’ve enjoyed seeing it and relating along the way πŸ™‚

  37. You’re definitely not alone in feeling this way! Towards the end of my pregnancy I just ate a lot of milkshakes and tried to embrace the bigness. I think the milkshakes resulted in my baby being 10 lbs 7 oz though haha. Mainly I just swam a lot and took it easy. You can do it! Hang in there.

  38. Thank you for your honest blog post! I think most pregnant women can relate with the feeling of "I just want this baby out." I remember literally seconds after I had my son thinking "Yay, I can breathe again." Then for the next few weeks I was amazed at how long I could go without having to pee. The end of pregnancy is miserable and you are so not whining. I can’t wait to hear your honest take on labor and about your first weeks of early motherhood. I disagree with your doctor. I don’t think it is necessarily easier to have her on the inside. This little girl is going to change your entire world (in a good way). I know for me it felt like life really began after I had my son. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second child, a little girl. The second trimester has been so easy but I know tough days are coming in just a few weeks.

  39. I’ve got a 4 year old boy and a 6 month old.
    Pregnancy is hard.
    I work in healthcare (OT in stroke rehab and always on my feet) and worked up until 38.5 weeks with my first and with my second I pushed myself a bit too hard and ended up being induced at 38 weeks for high blood pressure (I was planning to work until 39 weeks lol)
    It’s always better to listen to your body.
    I did find I enjoyed my second pregnancy more because I knew what I was in for once baby came haha that may sound bad, but it’s true!!! Even though you’re horribly uncomfortable just TRY to enjoy these moments of sitting and relaxing and doing as little as you have to. Before you know it, this will all be a distant memory. Good luck with everything!!

  40. It is amazing what our bodies can go through! Ali having your first baby is the most wonderful and also the scariest thing! Just believe in the process and know that it is all temporary and pretty soon all your going through right now will be a memory. You are also completely normal by feeling this way! Hang in there chica!

  41. Hi Ali, I’m 38 weeks with #2 & can completely relate! All of your emotions are real and most importantly, NORMAL! This 3rd trimester is rough, and not to be be bearer of bad news, but it’s even harder the 2nd time around while caring for a toddler. No me time like the first round. But I can say, this IS the easy part (while they are still in your belly)! There’s no turning back once they are out! However, being a mom is the most rewarding and overwhelming feeling of love that exists! All us pregnant mamas are in this together! Hang in there, put your feet up & enjoy the peace & quiet πŸ™‚

  42. I can relate to this blog post so very much!! I was told "any day now" and I ended up needing to be induced so I would recommend forgetting the "any day now" because it will make your last week(s)/day(s) very very long. Spend as much time with your SO because like you said it will never be just the two of you again…but trust me, it is worth every single minute!! My SO and I went on several dates before I had our little one…we relaxed a ton because Lordy knows you can’t relax for a while after the new little one gets here. Lol congrats and good luck!!

  43. I know its so much easier said than done, but truly try to enjoy these last few weeks. For me they seemed to CREEP by. I was 4 days overdue and I remember how difficult and slow those last few weeks were for me. I could not wait to meet my little girl and not be pregnant anymore! I wish that i would have relaxed a little and enjoyed those moments to myself and with my husband more, because its so true that the first several months with a newborn are extremely challenging and exhausting! I will say this though, right now Im on my second pregnancy (30 weeks with baby boy, yay!), and for me, I enjoy having my little ones outside of me way more than inside of me. haha Having your body back and being able to take a little me time when needed is so nice! Also, just seeing their precious, beautiful little face looking back at you, makes it all worth it. You’re SO close Ali! I wish you the very best with your delivery and raising your little one! XO

  44. Hit the nail on the head! Exactly how I felt in the third trimester. Very relatable! Best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

  45. I had uteran irritability too but starting at 30 weeks. I was on bed rest until we couldn’t calm down the contractions any more and our little guy suddenly graced us with his presence at 34 weeks! He was little at 4lb15oz, but healthy ? Uteran irritability is no joke! It’s uncomfortable and never ending! Hang in there girl, your doing great and everything your feeling is justified and I’m thankful for your honesty! Although I never made it as far as you have in my pregnancy, the last weeks of pregnancy are tough and your doing great mama. Can’t wait to see pics of your beautiful little lady when she decides she can’t wait any longer to meet you!

  46. You’re not alone. I can totally relate to everything you said. I have 5 kids and I remember feeling like I just couldn’t wait to get my body back. Don’t feel guilty for feeling that way. All women feel that way when they’re pregnant. Some of my pregnancies weren’t easy either and I was thankful to be pregnant, but I can’t say that I truly enjoyed the whole experience. I loved feeling the babies move but that’s about the only thing I enjoyed. I hated all the sickness and pain. The weeks/months during the pregnancy felt like they were going by so slow. Then before you know it, it’s labor time! You’re going to forget all about the pain and everything about your pregnancy once your daughter comes. I know your doctor says, "you’ll have her any day now". They always say that and I hate to say this but some women go past 40 weeks. It’s hard waiting for the baby to come and it feels like they’re NEVER coming out. They come when they’re ready. Try to be patient. I know it’s hard! The funny thing is once you have her, you’ll miss being pregnant. And take lots and lots of pictures because they grow up so fast. My oldest is 10 and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by! You’re almost there! Just a few more weeks Ali! You can’t do it!

  47. It’s crazy how fast you forget what being pregnant is like after you have your baby!! As tolling as it can be, hang in there and soak up every minute of it these last couple of weeks. Nothing compares to holding your babe in your arms, but feeling those kicks and having that giant belly is pretty remarkable too. You will look back fondly at this time.. aches and pains and all!!

  48. Hi Ali! You wrote about the feelings perfectly! I was very similar when pregnant with my first also a girl πŸ™‚ I loved about week 20-30 too but other than that I was counting down the days until my due date. Reminding yourself you are growing a human helped me through the end. It isn’t an easy job and to be 100% honest it won’t get easy for awhile. It took me about 3 months after Emily to feel like myself again 6 months to feel really good. All that being said my cousin told me that to remember our moms and grandmas didn’t know what they were doing with their first child. You can read and mentally prepare as much as you want but it really will just take time to get into and love motherhood πŸ™‚ hope this comment helps you out! Xoxo Suzanne

  49. It took me 5 years to get pregnant. 1 miscarriage, 1 ectopic, countless inseminationsites and finally IVF.I was so gratefull to finally be pregnant and stay pregnant. That said, pregnancy was hard as hell and so was nursing and I felt all that guilt you are feeling about not loving every second of it.

    Let’s stop beating ourselves up and be real… yes, it will be hard when baby arrives too, but you’ll survive but don’t beat yourself up for not loving every second of motherhood either… Hug!!!

  50. You have every right to complain. It is good to get it out. And after the baby comes make sure you keep telling it like it is. I had 2 really hard pregnancies, 1 planned C section (breach huge baby) and I emergency C (Huge boy that would not come out after 21 hrs of trying). Both times I struggled with breast feeding. Nothing came easy. My midwife and doula laughed that I see myself as a natural birthing breast feeding momma but that just isn’t the reality:) Take things as they come and don’t beat yourself up. Try to remember that you are important and so are your feelings. It was so hard for me to give my first formula. I supplemented at 6 weeks and realized I had a "fussy" baby for the first 6 weeks because he was starving! After supplementing he was so happy. I lasted 7 months with breast feeding. With my second I lasted 6 weeks. It was so hard and I decided that I wasn’t going to miss out on time with both boys because I had to pump after every feed to try and get my supply up. This is a long way of saying that you need to do your best and try your hardest but at the end of the day cut yourself a break. Choose your favourite beer to have after baby comes and make sure you take time to celebrate not only the baby but the 9 months it took you to grow her. You seem like an amazing mom and you will be great. Now cry your eyes out as long as you need to:)

  51. Ali, thanks for sharing your experience honestly! I also had a breakdown when I was around 36 weeks pregnant (only 12 weeks ago!)…I was so over my pregnant body, aches and pains, lack of energy, lack of sleep, giving up running, my favorite foods and wine, my favorite shoes and clothes, and I really missed my social life. It was wonderful to open up to my husband who was realizing for the first time all that I had to sacrifice. This really helped us grow as a couple right before baby came and I think we are an even stronger team today as a result. We are so in love with our baby boy and sometimes look back and can’t believe how fast time flies and the rough days of pregnancy are finally over. You are almost at the finish line and we are rooting for you! Can’t wait to see pictures of your growing family when baby girl arrives :).

  52. Love this and beautifully said. Every women has a right to vent their own frustrations, every pregnancy is different. On that note, I couldn’t agree with you more! I am 37 weeks pregnant as well and unfortunately got stretch marks that do not stop itching : (. I can’t wait to get my pre-pregnancy body back, feel light again, have a glass of wine to relax! I’ve been blessed with a great pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything, but these last few weeks have been tough. Emotionally and physically. Can’t wait t meet my little boy! Good luck with your delivery, maybe we’ll go into labor the same day ; P

  53. I knew I was pregnant each time when I started throwing up. And I continued to do that for 11 months until my hormones evened out. Turns out my body is allergic to hormones causing hypermemisis and blood clots. Thank you for reminding me of the little things and times that were good….feeling the kicks, movements,and the days leading up to delivery were all wonderful. I was told every pregnancy is different and each was hang in there.

  54. Share you heart girl! You must be able to just speak how you feel without judgement! I can’t relate at all having never been pregnant but you have handled it will grace and have liked stunning along the way:)

  55. Hi Ali,
    I’m only 25 weeks pregnant with my first, and even though I haven’t experienced the pain and discomfort of the third trimester yet, I can totally relate to what you’re feeling, yet feeling like I’m being ridiculous at the same time. 40 weeks is a long time! Most of the time I enjoy being pregnant, but i definitely have moments where I feel like I have lost myself. My social life has changed, Im scared that my body will never be the same again, and the lack of energy and stamina makes me feel lazy. I can totally relate to everything you said, and want you to know that your feelings are valid. I hope your next few weeks go quickly!!

  56. I have loved following your blog. I’m a week behind you in pregnancy (will be 36 weeks tomorrow). This is also my first, and am having a girl. It’s so incredible how different everyone’s pregnancies are. I have been so fortunate with mine to have had no sickness or complications. These past couple weeks have been rough though. My feet have turned into elephant feet, and any day that I am active around the house and not just sitting at work I have such bad lower back/butt pain that I can barely walk! I’m also up peeing at least 4 times per night, and getting comfortable while laying down is so challenging!

    It’s all worth it though, and I can’t wait for our little peanut to arrive <3.

  57. You and I are one day apart in this journey (I hit 37 weeks yesterday) and I feel like I completely relate! I have been so incredibly lucky, experiencing very little symptoms to-date and really just having an overall easy pregnancy, but the past few weeks have really left me feeling lackluster, uncomfortable and looking forward to moving on from this part of the process. I’m definitely not feeling ready for our little guy to make his debut just yet but I am absolutely ready for regular clothes, a nice (big) glass of wine and to feel like I’m myself again… I’ve also had a hard time conceptualizing that this baby is real. I feel his movements and know his milestones but it still hasn’t completely hit me that we’re going to be parents, responsible for another life, in just 3 short weeks. It has been so much fun following you through your pregnancy and thank you for being so honest! You’re right – we are so so so lucky to have made it this far but I honestly think it’s completely OK to be ready to move past this stage and into the next one where we get to watch these babies grow and develop with our love and support every single day.

  58. Hang in there mama. Your doctor really is right, it’s easier to have your baby in there than out here! And she will be here before you know it (and you might even have a moment when you wish she was back in your tummy so you can have peace…but maybe that was just me!) Take time to pamper yourself…get your hair done, get a pedicure, laze in the sun…all things/time I took for granted. Also, don’t feel guilty for your feelings…almost everyone who has been through that can relate and hormones are all over the place and about to be even more. I wish you the best of luck with your delivery.

  59. Ali thank you for sharing. I found myself nodding along to the whole thing. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and like you had a really hard first trimester (threw up every single day for 8 weeks). I’ve felt ‘pretty’ good in the second trimester but already am having around a dozen braxton hicks a day and knowing what happened to you it makes me nervous for what’s to come in the last 14(ish) weeks. I’m already struggling with sleep and miss having ‘my body’ back but fear ever saying these things out loud as I know how incredibly blessed I am that my husband and I got pregnant so easily and our little girl is so far proving to be perfectly healthy. I think it’s totally okay (more than okay!) to acknowledge how hard pregnancy can be. You’re (and all of us!) are doing great πŸ™‚

  60. Oh girl. This was exactly how I felt. My baby boy is almost a month old now and I swear it’s easier being a mom then last tremester. I always felt guilty too when I complained because of all the ones out there who would do anything to be in the same place but it takes such a toll. It will all be worth it after the fact. You’ll learn a whole new appreciation for your body as well. Hang in there ali.

  61. Thank you for being honest. It’s hard with the harsh critics trolling online. It’s also so hard to be honest because everyone ties pregnancy with such positive vibes. I too had a hard time during my pregnancy with my lil guy. It seemed un-natural to have negative & sad feelings because babies are suppose to make everything happy.
    Thanks again for sharing… makes us all feel human. πŸ™‚

  62. I can totally relate to you. Just had my second one, my first is 20 months. I found out I was pregnant with the second 2 weeks after stopping breastfeeding so I feel like I haven’t had my body for almost 3 years – and will not have it for the foreseeable future. I strongly disliked being pregnant and even looking back I don’t miss it at all. But the baby is soooo worthy πŸ™‚
    The worst part for me was the expectation that pregnancy would be this wonderful time… And it wasn’t so on top of all it was a huge disappointment. But, on the other hand, the baby was way easier than what I have prepared for.
    Good luck to you, stay strong, it is almost over now. All the best for your little girl.

  63. The last part of pregnancy is hard. And I think women in general are hard on themselves. But not sleeping and having "fake" contractions isn’t fun. And especially with your condition. And you start to want you back bc the hormones aren’t a joke either. Trust me you’ll miss it and it’s a lot easier with her in your belly. But the joy of no sleep with a baby in your arms is way better. Don’t be hard on yourself and I bet you felt better laying it all out there to Kevin. I can’t wait to read and watch your journey. You are ready and will be such a great mom. Thanks for being honest and sharing.

  64. I am cuddling with my 8 week old daughter right now and, like you, I had a lot of aches and pains during my pregnancy. While it is easier before your little girl arrives, that doesn’t mean it’s better! Those first few weeks were some of the most challenging physically and emotionally, but as you heal and as she learns and grows, things get easier. My husband and I struggled for almost 3 years to get pregnant and even with that challenge, I will still openly say to anyone that I did not enjoy being pregnant. I can’t get enough of my daughter, and you’re right that the pains are worth it, but I didn’t enjoy pregnancy for the most part. So it’s OK to say those things, many women think that no matter how easy or hard it was to get pregnant! You’re doing great, can’t wait for you to experience this next chapter, it’s pretty wonderful!

  65. I think most, if not all of us have vented and broken down, at least once, during pregnancy. I’ll be completely honest and say that I broke down more than once. My pregnancy was not bad in comparison to others, but I suffered from bad acid reflux almost all the time, constipatuon during the whole pregnancy, pains in my legs at night so I had to sleep on the couch from the 2nd trimester onward and also had to deal with shooting back pain for, thank goodness, only a wk to the point where I could barely walk. That said, my daughter is now 3mths old, and I also miss the pregnancy and feeling all her kicks and movements. As much as I vented to my friends and husband about my aches and pains, I would do it again without hesitation. It is all worth it in the end


  66. I can totally relate to you, too! I am 32 weeks pregnant and sometimes feel like I just need to break down. Pregnancy is hard! I also feel guilty about making any complaints. I didn’t get pregnant naturally, but instead through IVF. I have such guilt when complaining since I longed to be pregnant so long, but as many of my friends have reminded me, it’s not easy! I also wish I could do yoga, barre, or even just go on a long walk without feeling miserable. Remind yourself- We are being superheroes by carrying and caring for a precious life. Although it doesn’t take the pain away, I hope you can try to pat yourself on the back for being a tough mama!
    So excited for you to meet your little girl. I can’t wait to be in your position in a few weeks! Thank you for blogging your experience and sharing your outfits! I am excited to wear one dress you shared to my shower on Sunday!
    Xoxo hang in there

  67. Hi Ali, I am 70 3/4 yrs old and not pregnant and have only been pregnant twice in my life , being blessed with 2 – normal, healthy children. That being said, I clearly remember thinking that the pregnancy/delivery system , surely must have been one of "God’s Goofs " ! I took a prenatal class, read books, and never was contraction and pain mentioned the same sentence. For all my preparation – I had no clue when I was in labor. Many were the days that I thought my first baby was chiseling her way out ! My resolve was the only "easier" way to produce a baby – is to adopt ! Less wear and tear on the ole bod ! I know very beautiful women whose body has never been pushed out of shape with pregnancy, and your right they long for the experience of the miracle of childbirth.I used to say all of the interrupted sleep was God’s way of training me for the days, weeks and months ahead. So many respondents have identified with you, so dear heart- you are not alone ! So while your hormones are having a field day with your emotions, and you are living your pregnancy the best you know how, preparing to be the best Mother and parent , take time to breathe, pray and don’t feel guilty about taking a nap when your baby does !

  68. You are not alone in those feelings. As a mother of a 4 year old, I can tell you the bipolar feelings that come with motherhood do not go away. You will doubt yourself, you will feel not good enough, or like you wish you could go back. It’s all normal. Take comfort in knowing this was planned – by you and Kevin. You knew you were ready, and you ARE ready. The newborn months will feel crazy, but they will be the easiest. Once they can talk back, it’s all over! πŸ˜‰ Labor will be surreal. And it will be fuzzy, and then eventually you’ll remember most of it…and like me, nearly 5 years later, you’ll probably stress just as hard over having a second.

    Congrats, Aly! You’ve GOT this!

  69. Ali,
    I have never been a big follower of blogs and I can honestly say your post on your 37 weeks of pregnancy has been the only one I have fully read. The reason is because of your honesty to express your true feelings. Just like you, the thing I missed the most after my daughter was born was feeling her kick. It is the most amazing, but yet surreal feeling that is so hard to explain. My second most favorite thing was when she used to get the hiccups, which at first I had no idea what it was but it was the cutest thing ever! Once your little on is born you will feel a huge sense ofor relief physically, however emotionally it will probably be the opposite. After having a baby our bodies begin to try to deal with the many hormone changes, so you will laugh, cry, maybe scream all at once. However please know that allowing yourself to feel all of there things is okay and normal, just make sure you deal with it. The joys of a new baby bring families, friends, and even strangers to want to celebrate this happy occasion, however please take time to be with your little one to form that bond you will need alone with her! Even though you adore this child now, you will not know true love until you hold her in your hands and you realize she is part of you!
    Also as important is to know that if you choose to breastfeeding, it can be extremely painful. You will feel like a milk making machine and that may be your only job for a while. Just know that if your body does not allow you to breastfeed, IS COMPLETELY OKAY AND HEALTHY FOR YOUR BABY NOT TO. I was pushed to breastfeed when my body could not handle it and it really made me feel like I was failing as a mother because of it.
    Your life and your husbands will never be the same and neither of you is going to want to change that because of the love for your baby. Childbirth is extremely painful is more ways than one, your body may never be the way it was before , in more ways than one. However the most important thing for you to do is take care of yourself as much as you will take care of your baby, because a happy and healthy mom, both physically and mentally, is also a healthy and happy baby.
    Lastly, let other people help you! I thought I was a wonder woman and tried doing everything myself for many years, my daughter is now 10, and that was one of the biggest things I wish I could change.
    I wish you a healthy and un eventful delivery and I cannot wait to see pictures of your beautiful girl! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  70. Ali, first of all, I think you are a gorgeous pregnant woman, and having worked in labor and delivery for many years, I sure have seen a lot of pregnant people! I know the final weeks of the pregnancy are so difficult and the last month feels like an eternity! But here is my advice, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, that can help with uterine irritableness. Take over the bed (don’t feel bad for Kevin) ha! and use however many pillows you need to try to get comfortable for those couple hours in between potty breaks, one under your back, in between your legs, and under your belly. Take the time to pamper yourself, go get a pedicure, a pregnancy massage and try to enjoy the last few weeks. You are going to be a fantastic momma!

  71. I am exactly 37 weeks pregnant also and have loved following you week to week because I can completely relate to EVERYTHING you are
    going through at the same time. It’s comforting knowing that I’m not crazy or the only one feeling like this. We are almost there! I’m having a girl also πŸ™‚ eye on the prize is all I can think about..helps me get through each day!!

  72. I can relate to you Ali! I’m 30 weeks this Friday and already I want my body back. I want to sleep on my tummy, be able
    To walk the block or even our stairs without being exhausted and out of breath, I also so badly want some runny eggs πŸ™ and a drink hell yah! My basement just flooded with sewer water and i wanted a drink for the stress but instead I cried. My husband was being grumpy and I was in pain and tired and then adding the flood stress didn’t help.

    You feel so bad like you’re being a whiner or me I keep it in and don’t tell my husband what I’m feeling because I just feel he won’t understand and he’ll
    Think I need to "suck it up".

    I’m trying to take in the next 10 weeks and enjoy it all, especially feeling my baby move around like a little ninja. But some days are hard and my feet are sore and legs are tired. Siting in my chair at work, ugh I’m so over it. I just want to be off to stay home and rest.

    Like you I feel bad to complained because I am so grateful that we are able to have a baby and that the baby is healthy. We have many friends who
    Can’t have kids or have to try the long and expensive way. So I am truly blessed and don’t take any of this for granted.

    Hang in there and keep sharing because it’s nice to hear other women are facing the same challenges.


  73. Sweetheart you are doing great. Can I just say how much your spirit lifts me up! I’ve adored you since the first time I saw you on the bachelor. And now look at you! Embarking on motherhood! You need not feel guilty for the feelings your experiencing, both physical and emotional. Those feelings and experiences are REAL. You are creating a living human being, a precious baby girl in that beautiful belly. Your body is not yours right now and if you plan to breast feed which I highly recommend it will not be yours for a while to come. But oh boy it’s for an amazing purpose. My youngest is 18 but if I can give you any advice right now it would be this ..pick out a few movies you want to see and watch them (it will be quite a while before you get to see a movie from beginning to end), spend some quality time with Papa bear. Go to a nice dinner or two. Throw any and all your guilt out the window!! Pregnancy is hard stuff mama bear!!!! Stretch Meditate and Breathe…and after you push that sweet precious girl into the world and you think it’s all over….honey it’s just beginning !!! God Bless your family!

  74. Oh girl, you are so lucky to make it to 37 weeks! I am currently 33.3 weeks pregnant with twins. I have a complete placenta previa and have suffered a big bleed requiring hospitalization. I am now contracting every few minutes and takin nifedipine for the contractions. I have been to triage at least 6 times now for pains, contractions and bleeding. I am so ready to get my body back. I am truly thankful to be pregnant as I never thought it would be possible for me to even get pregnant. Has just been a rocky road! Each day I stay pregnant is a blessing and I know it helps my babies but it is so hard!!! Good luck to you and the rest of your pregnancy!

  75. I have been following you since the Bachelor days, and I am so excited for you! I am certain that you will be an excellent mama. You have your head on straight, are down to earth, and are honest with yourself and others – traits I know you will pass on to your daughter. Cherish these last few weeks with baby girl in your belly, and soon enough you will meet her!!! Best wishes and lots of love!

  76. Ali:
    It’s been fun to see you experience all that pregnancy can bring, congratulations to you and Kevin. I can guarantee you, your lives will never be the same again…for the better. Her arrival will bring new feelings of joy, love, bliss…and worry. Nothing will be more important now than her safety and well being. As a parent, you worry about your child always. I have an 11 year old son, and I was blessed that my pregnancy was pretty easy. Except I gained 50 lbs and when he delivered he weighed 5 lbs 13 oz…and I said that’s not possible, weight him again! ? He was challenged to latch, lost weight and ultimately was hospitalized for a week before thanksgiving. As a first time parent, it was definately an extremely emotional and tough first week. And please do not ignore post pardum depression. It is real and if you are experiencing the feelings you are now, you will probably get some form of this after. For as beautiful and the true miracle pregnancy is, you are right…IT IS HARD. My experience was it was way harder after. So just giving you my experience – ask for help, share your feelings, because I didn’t and it was a mistake. Breast feeding didnt work for me, it’s made out to seem easy and for a lot of normal everyday people it’s not. You will be so sleep deprived, you will worry so much about your newborn. You are blessed to have an amazing partner in Kevin, great family support….I have no doubt you will do amazing….just if you experience difficulty don’t think you failed…because you haven’t. Just stay strong and know it’s part of Gods journey for you. Can’t wait to see her and I wish you and Kevin all the love this baby girl will bring. Best wishes. Heidi

  77. Your doctor is so right about "it’s easier having her in there in out".

    My son is 7 months old and I’m still trying to adjust to everything. And he’s a fabulous baby.

    The first month he was born, I found 10times hard then the whole pregnancy. I cried all the time. The hormone change, the lack of sleep, the worrying if he’s okay, breastfeeding, really takes a toll.

    But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    We are deeply and madly in love with our little Gibby ❀️

    Enjoy being a mom


  78. I’m pregnant with my second, at 25 weeks. You are soooo not alone in your thoughts of wanting your body back! It is truly a miracle that we are the vessel in which babies are grown and born but it is HARD as a … Well I won’t say what I want to say ha! But to answer how to get through the last few weeks of pregnancy do everything that you like to do alone. Pedicures, walks, 3 hr trips to target or the mall, the movies, get your hair done. Have a girls night too! These are the things that will become sweet fond memories. Even when you get to do them as a mom it’s never the same. I don’t mean that in a cynical way but it’s true. Once that baby is born it becomes a part of you. I hope you are encouraged by all these comments that people are leaving because again you are most certainly not alone. Hang in there!

  79. You are not alone in the way you feel! I don’t usually do this, but I felt feel so compelled to respond and tell you that it is TOTALLY NORMAL to feel this way. The last few weeks are so hard. It is completely okay to want your body back. I had a really hard pregnancy with morning sickness and a hard delivery as well. I wasn’t sure I would want to even try and get pregnant again after such a long road of pregnancy, but I can say 7 months later that I miss being pregnant, your little one will make all those feelings of pain and discomfort worth it, and motherhood is way easier than pregnancy! At least for me that is, because you get to have hard days and end them with your daughter in your arms. I am so excited for you and I think all Moms and pregnant women are grateful that you are willing to be so open and honest with the struggles. Keep holding on, keep opening up to Kevin, and pretty soon you will look into your daughter’s eyes and all of it will be forgotten and your heart will be unbelievably full! It seemed weird to me when I was pregnant before I had my daughter, but you really never knew you could love something so much! You are almost to the finish line!!! I will say, be prepared for a time period where your body still feels foreign, but be patience with yourself, be nice to yourself, and it will all work out! Good Luck Ali!

  80. Ali, you hit the nail on the head! I am right with you, 37 weeks with my first and while I don’t think I’ve had it as bad as you with the uterine irritability, I am in constant pain from some part of my body and I am just ready to meet our little guy. It is difficult because you don’t ever want people – especially women who would give anything to experience pregnancy – to think that you are taking it for granted or not appreciating it, because that is not the case. It’s just like anything else and it’s all relative and being 37 weeks pregnant, especially with a difficult pregnancy, is HARD! Good luck with these last few days/weeks!

  81. I’m GLAD you’re telling the truth about how you feel, and how you’ve BEEN feeling. I’m sorry you have to apologize for it a bit, but I know if you didn’t, you’d get people coming down on you which is a shame. I have a good life but sometimes I complain and sometimes I’m looked at like – how dare you??!! But we ALL have things we deal with and it’s nobody’s right to say anything to you when things upset you. So that’s my two cents worth! I can’t wait till you can see her and hold her!!

  82. I felt exactly the same during my pregnancy. I’ll tell you though, I don’t think anyone adequately warns you about how life will change once the baby arrives. I’m currently rocking a 7 week old baby, so I’m right in the middle of it! Labor is challenging, but the hard part comes during the post op recovery period when you have trauma down below, have a hard time peeing without pain, and sitting becomes a chore. And with all of that happening you still have to take care of a baby who’s fully dependent on you. Days are cycles of feeding every 3 hours, followed by burping, changing diapers, changing outfits soaked in spit up, and helping them fall asleep. This of course continues into the night when you’re exhausted and need sleep, but sleep, even during those 2 hours baby is asleep, turns into checking on her, wiping spit up, putting the binky back in, checking if she’s still breathing (seriously), etc. Also, brace yourself for the process of working with baby to breastfeed. This can be an emotional undertaking on its own! My husband is very hands on and he’s been a huge help as I’m sure yours will be, but by default this will mainly fall on you. You’ll have the motherly instincts, know how to soothe her best, and not to mention you are the food source ( I’m assuming here you’re breastfeeding. If not that’s totally fine too! Do what’s best for you). Having said that I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I’m in love with my little one and he is worth it all; but these are the things I wish someone would have told me so I could have prepared! It’s not all goo goo gaa gaas πŸ™‚ Undoubtedly you will find yourself wondering, "When will life feel normal again?!" Just hang in there…. they say it gets better!

  83. All of your feelings about pregnancy.. ditto! I LOATHED pregnancy. The end result was absolutely worth it though, even though she’s a sassy 2 year old. The last few weeks all I could do was cry each and every day. Not to mention, I was scared I’d have to deliver my baby in a snow storm because in South Louisiana, our roads aren’t equipped for snow. Good luck to you and your hubs! You’re going to be a wonderful mom and I just know she’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

  84. Don’t feel bad or guilty about those feelings. I felt the same way. I had a wonderful pregnancy then the last 3 weeks I started vomiting all day long. The doctors said my stomach was too squished and it didn’t want to take any food in. No one likes vomiting, but vomiting with a 9 month belly is the worst ever. I thought I was dying some days. But even that passed and was all worth it when I got to meet my pixie. Now I had a horrible delivery but that’s another story as well. Just enjoy these last few weeks with your husband and puppy alone. And if you need to cry about your pains, do it. You’ve earned it. You’re growing a human and you can cry unselfishly any time you want. Good luck!

  85. Just turned 37 weeks today too and couldn’t agree more. It is a blessing I don’t want to take for granted but it does a number on your body (and continues for awhile once baby is born, especially if breastfeeding- an amazing but often frustrating experience itself). Good luck in the home stretch

  86. Having been through pregnancy and delivery twice, I can say that I HATED being pregnant and having the baby out is SO MUCH BETTER! I say all the time if I could just skip pregnancy and wake up one morning with a three month old (because yes the first few months are tough between recovery after you deliver, sleep deprivation, and the overall adjustment to having a new baby), I would have ten kids! First babies truly are the hardest, but it really does get easier. My second delivery was easy, recovery was quick, and the new mommy anxiety disappears! Enjoy the next couple weeks of freedom, try to get out as much as you comfortably can, and most of all just relax and put your swollen feet up!

  87. I have really loved following your journey, Ali. I am also 37 weeks pregnant & have wondered if our due date is the same!! I have been in early labor for 2.5 weeks, I am also having a girl, and she’s also my husband & I’s first baby. We also have a dog that we adore so much. I relate 210%. I have been so emotional lately. I have been trying to really soak up these last few days/weeks with my husband and pooch as well. It’s super bittersweet, but I so cannot wait to finally lay eyes on our baby. My uterus is also super irritable and I pee at least 5 times a night, amongst other fun bodily functions going on lol. I’m not sure if your pregnancy was planned, ours was not.. She was a big surprise. I felt super sexy and confident in my second trimester.. I tell my friends all the time it’s all fun & games until you hit the third trimester!! Seems the same for you too. I’ve been trying to really prepare my mind for labor, but I am also so nervous. My faith helps a lot & especially worship music. I just feel at peace when I play my delivery playlist. We can so do this!! I am so uncomfortable it’s unbearable sometimes…. These last few weeks have been so hard physically and emotionally! It’s crazy how much our bodies change during pregnancy too, but you look absolutely beautiful! I am swollen everywhere & have many a stretch mark, which has been really hard for me to personally see. (Like you I feel guilty for saying those things when other women would love to see a stretch mark from pregnancy, but I’m just being honest).. Doesn’t this whole process just make you feel crazy sometimes? Lord have mercy! It’s a beautiful ride though. Good luck! I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby girl. I wonder if we will deliver the same day!!!!

  88. I’ve never written you and I almost feel silly now but…I understand. I did not enjoy being pregnant either. It didn’t feel natural or normal to me and I just wanted my body back. My little guy came 3 weeks early and I’m honestly OK with that, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through another day. With that said, go ahead and brace yourself for many more tears ahead. I cried more the first two weeks postpartum then ever before in my life. There was just a lot of change and it was extremely overwhelming. I had an emergency c section..so healing was fun, plus trying to breastfeed (so many tears here), plus just learning how to be a mom and getting to know the stranger that now lived in my house was a lot to take in at once. Thankfully my husband and family were an amazing support system and I really believe in the phrase, "it takes a village." In hindsight those first few very long days turned into short weeks and it wasn’t long before I was feeling more like my old self. I’m the momma to a very happy and healthy 7 month old and wouldn’t trade my new normal for anything!

    My advice would be to take all the (reasonable) help anyone offers. And continue to say your feelings out loud to Kevin no matter how silly they seem. That really helped me. Thankfully my husband knew and was understanding that I was a raging ball of hormones and that the words coming out of my mouth weren’t necessarily true or real…but I just needed to say them. (This makes it sound like I was mean to him..lol..not the case at all but I had some really wicked, vivid, and uncharacteristically unpleasant thoughts those first few weeks. It was nice to be able to say my fears out loud and not have my husband think I was nut job)

    Time moves quicker than ever before now and it won’t be long until your pregnancy is just a memory!

    Good luck!

  89. Thank you so much for sharing! I am only 11 weeks into my first pregnancy, but always appreciate women being honest about their experience. This is so much crazier than I could ever have expected and feeling like you’re not the only one is SO helpful. I spent the last few days with cramps that bend me half and sent me to the ER and it turns out my whole pregnancy could be like this, so I totally relate to wanting to be past the nonstop discomfort (and I’m not even showing yet…I’m scared of what’s ahead), feeling super emotional, and wanting that glass of wine at the end of the day. Good luck with your last few weeks and thank you for sharing your true experience with us.

  90. Ali,

    I can most definitely relate. While I love being a Mom- I felt horrible through my pregnancies. From having severe nausea for 5-6 months, sciatica, hemorrhoids (yes, I did just say that ), to weekly visits and ultrasounds at the high risk clinic, to the carpal tunnel pain, etc. I felt like every possible, non life threatening, symptom I got during my pregnancies. My second pregnancy ended with me being on long term disability.

    I hated being pregnant. I, too just wanted to feel a semblance of normalcy. I loved watching my little men and feel their movements in my belly. I also loved looking at my pregnant body but everything else was utterry exhausting.

    Not every women enjoys pregnancy- and that is okay. Don’t ever feel like you need to apologize for you feelings. They are yours. Pregnancy is a blessing and hating being pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t feel blessed.

    Stay strong.

    The fun is just beginning….

    PS Caring for a newborn also can be quite daunting so just let yourself feel, hate, love, and every emotion in between. This is your journey ( and Kevin’s).

  91. Ali,
    I can certainly relate. I have a beautiful little 8 week old girl and reading your post reminded me of just a few months ago. I missed those little things too but once you meet your sweet girl it will all fade away.
    Cherish these last few weeks. They go by so fast and you are right, your world will never be the same. It will be amazing!! Every day is a new adventure as a mom but it is by far the best adventure ever!!
    Thank you for sharing your honesty. Enjoy every moment!!
    Best wishes on a healthy and safe delivery πŸ™‚

  92. I am 35 weeks pregnant and feel exactly the same (right down to the random emotional breakdowns!). I’m currently laid up in bed because I tried to wash some baby clothes and my back started having spasms. Seriously? Laundry sent me to bed rest. This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced, but I know it will be well worth it in the end! All this pain will go away as soon as my little one is here. Thank you for your honesty. You’re almost there!

  93. Just keep telling yourself it’s all worth it! My bundle of joy arrived 3 weeks ago and I am so in love. The body is magical how it transforms to carry and build this precious life. Now mine is transforming back … And that takes time too! Good luck

  94. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great maternity recommendations! Thanks to you I just order whatever you recommend lol. I will be 6 months pregnant next week. Do you have any recommendations for lingerie? My bottom is starting to get fat and I need more coverage lmao ?

    I hope you have a fast and safe labor!!! Fingers crossed for you
    P.S. I am having a girl too ?

  95. I have an 8 week old son and had an awful pregnancy with him. I completely disagree with your doctor: having him outside is a million times easier than being pregnant was! I sleep way more, have much more energy, and am so much less stressed now. Take heart that the end is coming! Congratulations!

  96. Thank you so much for writing this! I am 36 weeks pregnant and just yesterday I was complaining about all my discomfort and then I started crying because I felt super ungrateful when I know I have so much to appreciate. we have very close people who are struggling to conceive and I just keep thinking about them everytime I complain.
    As I was reading your blog my husband walked in to find me in tears. I was so happy to see that I am not the only person that feels this way. As my husband read your blog he said it sounded like I had written it. I don’t hate my pregnancy I just must have been very naive bc I knew pregnancy is hard but I guess I didn’t expect so much discomfort. I am so scared/excited about the new few weeks but like you said we need to enjoy the little time our lives will be like this…thank youu

  97. Ali thanks for sharing your feelings on your blog. Sometimes it helps to express concerns. You will do great!?

  98. Ali buy an oxygen monitor………comes in handy when any colds show up. Always use it on one of her toes rather than a finger because it’s more accurate. Also the monitors won’t pick up a reading if she has nail polish on them. Sooo much fun to paint those tiny piggies especially to match Mommy. I’m excited for you !

  99. Oh, honey. I feel for you. It’s been 19 years since I gave birth to my son. You are not a baby. The hormones have you tied up in knots. The day after my son was born, I sat on that hospital bed and cried like someone had died. I was weepy for the last few weeks of pregnancy but that cry in the hospital made me wonder for my sanity. You are going through huge changes in your body and your life. Nothing will be the way you know it to be now. That is bound to shake anyone’s nerves. Just remember that whatever you go through is normal, someone else went through it too. I went three days before I felt a bond with my son. Others would hold him and I didn’t feel possessive or like he was mine. He was tongue tied so he wasn’t able to nurse, which probably was the whole issue. I remember when it was over, I became "mother bear" and it’s a glorious feeling. I heard other stories after of other mothers who had delayed bonding too. I tell you that, not to bring up any negative, but to let you know that no matter what the issue, you aren’t alone. Ride the wave of these last few weeks, let her "cook" as long as she will, try to enjoy what you can and keep your eyes on the prize!

  100. Early congratulations! I remember being very uncomfortable those last couple weeks. You will miss her being inside your belly. My baby girl just turned one today so here are my thoughts on your last days of pregnancy….

    -go on as many dates as you can these last few days. As long as you’re comfortable. Whether it be a fancy dinner out or a quiet lunch on a patio. Dating is way different once the baby comes.
    – go to the movies (if comfortable). Maybe go to the ones with reclining seats. When we get date nights now, we don’t want to waste two hours being in a movie, we’d rather be out and about somewhere.
    – if you haven’t already, start a journal for your daughter. Before she was born I would write letters of my feelings, thoughts, fears, expectations, everything. After she is born, you can writeones or any funny stories.

  101. totally feel you! I’m due in 3 months but have had a few issues that has mad my journey just a rough. Hemorrhage, low lying placenta, 6 months of pelvic rest and the pains that came from those issues. I totally understand. I am going to miss being pregannt as well but there are many days I just want to be normal again. And not have to think about what I eat, how to sit down carefully.. And be able to like you said- walk and not feel pain or sleep and not wake up to pain, totally feel you girl!

  102. I feel your pain. I have three boys 6 ,5and a almost 2 yr old . First 2 pregnancies were good third was the hardest. Getting out of the baby stages finally then in 9 mths the baby was gonna be here.
    My fiance was amazing this was his first . He took on so much responsibility . I was depressed; sad. The pain was too much for me ,not sleeping and having 2 others along side was overwhelming.
    But almost 2 yrs later and I’m thinking of another . Thinking .
    But you look amazing and once you have her all the pain and some emotional moments do drift away.
    Good luck:)

  103. You are probably one of the most real people on social media. Thanks for sharing how you are really feeling and being so honest. Don’t ever feel guilty for expressing your true feelings. It is so much easier carrying that sweet baby around with you than having to carry a car load of supplies just to visit grandma!!!! My husband and I still laugh about those days and I am sure you and Kevin will too. It is almost over and you will forget about the bad days very quickly. Don’t expect perfection when caring for this new little girl. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed the first days home from the hospital and cried just thinking about bottles and sanitation, etc. I just knew I would never survive motherhood! Well, I did and so did my son. I wish you some restful nights and a great delivery. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts with us.

  104. I had a very tough pregnancy. My baby is now 9 months old.l, and I’m pregnant again. Dreading the aches, stabbing pains, bed rest (again), peeing all night, not sleeping on my stomach, not having a glass of wine with friends, etc… But it will be so much fun to meet this new little bundle. Just want to let you know I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  105. We seem to have gone through the same pregnancy emotionally. My little girl is now 7 months old. Everyone told me she was going to be small and I was going to have her early. The week leading up to the due date was especially hard on me emotionally when she didn’t come because we were all so convinced she’d be early. Once I got past the due date I made peace with it and decided she’ll come when she comes and I’ll just keep enjoying the time with my husband. She was born 6 days after the due date at 8lb 3oz! Hang in there. Everything is about to change…like diapers…

    P.S. I had an incredible labor experienced, we laughed and joked through the entire thing, no screaming, just laughter (thanks epidural), so don’t get too worried!

  106. I’m 32 weeks with my first baby, conceived after 2 painful years of infertility and the miracle of IVF. I’m not going to lie, when I was going through the infertility I would get so upset when I would see people complaining about those last weeks of pregnancy. Now that my sleepless nights, back pain, and shortness of breath have kicked in, I can see now why there’s a need to get those feelings out there! I complain to my husband nightly and we always joke "oh boy! What did we sign up for?!" but we all know that we’re extremely grateful and wouldn’t change it for a thing. Anyway, I hope the rest of your pregnancy remains smooth and she comes without much issue πŸ™‚

  107. Pregnancy IS hard! I feel as tho people leave that part out! I have 3 beautiful babies and I am so grateful for each experience but it was sooo hard! Not knowing your body anymore is a hard adjustment and 40 weeks is a lifetime when you are that big! You are almost there and labour isn’t as bad as I thought lol so I hope the same for you! You will be amazed at how quickly you forget it all. I am so excited for you both to experience your first child….you think you know how life changing it will be…but there is no preparing for the love you are going to experience…..it makes me giddy for you! I can’t wait to read your blog about how overflowing your heart is xoxo good luck !!

  108. Thank you for this post! My due date is just 4 days after yours and I couldn’t relate more. Some days are good, and some days (especially these most recent ones) are just plain tough. It is so nice to have someone to relate to. I can’t wait to see pics of your precious baby girl. Best of luck in these last few weeks πŸ™‚

  109. Pregnancy is hard, but it’s a miracle as well πŸ™‚ we had my son when I was 21, then had my daughter at 28… It took us so many years to get pregnant, we tried for 3 years… My doctor told me that I could try losing weight to get pregnant, so I did(i lost 81 pds) and a year after the doctor told me that I got pregnant.. It was a great pregnancy, I lived every minute of it. On December 12, my water broke at 1:23am… I drove myself to the hospital in a snow storm, my husband was out lobster fishing and my mother can’t drive in the snow lol I had my baby girl at 11:28pm that day. On December 14, I felt like my world came tumbling down… My little girl was sick with bacterial meningitis πŸ™ all because the doctors didn’t know I was group B strep positive… We got air lifted to another hospital, started her medicine and waited.. They told us she had a scar on her brain.. She started doing better so they sent us back to our home town hospital so we could be with family for Christmas πŸ™‚ during our stay at the hospital we found out she also had a metabolic condition called MCAD.. But all in all, she’s perfect πŸ™‚ 2 1/2 years old, the scar on her brain caused nothing :)) she’s healthy and strong and smart!:) so I get what your doctor is saying about keeping your daughter in the womb, its a lot easier while they are snuggled right inside of you πŸ™‚ good luck with everything, your daughter is lucky to have you as get momma ❀

  110. 100% spot on. Nothing else to add. I’m currently only 27 weeks with my 2nd and I’m already at the point you are physically/emotionally so if anything you have one up on me.

  111. I have been reading your blog posts since you started writing about the bachelor/bachelorette. However, I have appreciate your posts about your pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since September, and we found out a couple weeks ago that I am finally pregnant! All of your honesty and transparency helps me more than you can imagine. So thank you!! And the fashion tips give me hope that I don’t have to look fat or lazy all the time! Though, I still dig the lazy look from time to time!
    Good luck during your labor! Prayers are being sent your way! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  112. This is exactly how I felt with my recent (second) pregnancy. My first pregnancy was so easy and I think I got in my head that I just rocked at this and all my pregnancies would be like that. With my second I had scary complications that put me on bed rest for two months and the whole thing was so much more uncomfortable, painful, and emotional. It took us about 3 1/2 to conceive our first so I have just a small taste of what infertility is like, and I’m so so thankful that I’ve been able to bring both my daughters into the world, but that doesn’t mean pregnancy is always a cake walk. I tried really hard to enjoy the last few weeks because who knows what God has in store for me, and if I’ll get that experience again? It’s hard though when you’re in pain and so anxious to meet your baby!

    I don’t feel like I get my body completely back until after I stop nursing (another experience I wouldn’t give up for anything!).

    Obviously getting your baby here safely is the goal here so don’t be too hard on yourself that you feel done with being pregnant! So excited for you!

  113. I totally understand! I also had a very difficult pregnancy and was so happy to just be done with it! There were definitely special moments of being pregnant, but overall it was a lot of pain, discomfort, and anxiety due to a history of losing a baby. Hang in there – you are almost there! I will warn you though, that you may not totally feel like "yourself" again once she comes out. If you plan on breastfeeding, that often feels like an extension of pregnancy. For myself and many of my friends, we often felt like it was at least a year before we felt completely like ourselves again. My baby girl is just over 2 months and I’ve only had a few moments where I truly felt like myself (one of them was while out on a run which felt like total bliss!!!). Can’t wait to see pics of your baby girl.
    PS – why aren’t you eating runny eggs???? Go ahead and have them!

  114. Oh Ali! You are so beautiful, inside and out. You are totes allowed to complain a little, it’s hard giving your entire body over to another person. The last few weeks are definitely hard emotionally too. All you can do is get thru one day at a time. once you get thru the birth (whether a Caesar or natural birth) you will forever be focussed on the baby. Don’t be hard on yourself for wishing she was here already.

    Once she’s here, you will never be the old you again- as a mother we give all of ourselves, physically and emotionally for the years to come.. As we try to understand and do our best thru each stage of development.

    You will be a WONDERFUL mother. Trust in that. Eat the runny eggs and have a glass of wine, you are nearly there!

    So much love to you. I have loved watching your belly grow – I am newly pregnant with my 3rd baby (I thought I was done at two!) so I’m back on the roller coaster – and hope to look half as good as you have!! ??

  115. I had an IVF baby and was soooo grateful to be pregnant but felt the exact same way!! I hated being pregnant.. Had the worst sciatic pain, little man was breech so my reflux was awful.. Everything kept telling me once you have the baby you forget about all the misery. And you know what, they were right. πŸ™‚ you really do forget it instantly once you hold that precious miracle in your arms!

  116. Oh my gosh. I felt the exact same way. I was dick my entire pregnancy, and was an emotional mess. I even vowed to my husband that this would be our one and only child. And here we are 2 years later , trying for baby number 2. The end result is so worth the 9 months of pain, and agony you go through. Once you hold that sweet little girl in your arms, you’ll forget all about it.

  117. I can completely relate and I would feel such guilt for not enjoy being pregnant with my children.
    Both times were rather ruff for me. With my first I had horrible morning sickness my whole 1st trimester then I had a small reprieve during my second trimester. Durning my 3rd trimester I had so much heartburn and acid reflex that it would make me vomit. And I had a rash that developed over my enormous pregnant belly. But when my little girl was born I held her in my arms and never would have changed a thing if it is what had to happen to bring her to me and her daddy.
    With my secon it was very different I barely had any morning sickness and very little heart burn. And it was fairly easy but my girls are only 15 months apart so I was so so tired all of the time cause I had a little baby under one outside my body that still needed me. At the end of my second pregnancy I couldn’t sleep for the 3 months of it. My little girl would turn and flip and contort into the worst positions that would cause me such pain it made me wish for labor pains. You are doing great and I can’t wait to see pictures of your little girl!

  118. Ali,
    I am so sorry that you are having a harder pregnancy than other women. While I did not have as much pain as you did I had gestational diabetes where I had to give myself shots and I had Pre-Eclamsia so I had my own problems. But all of the pain goes away when you get to hold your baby for the first time and you can’t understand how you ever lived life without this little person. They make a lasting impression on you in a very short amount of time. Enjoy every second of every stage of pregnancy and the their life. It goes so very fast especially their first year of life. You will never get that back and they are just so amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Labor and delivery will be praying for you.

  119. The minute you see your baby girl is the minute you’ll forget about all the discomforts of your pregnancy.

  120. I cried a lot in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. So many overwhelming emotions! But all completely… normal πŸ™‚

  121. You are gorgeous!
    Do apprehension and exicitation to give birth for the first time are higher than when you were about to make love for the first time? Remember the delight after doing it… πŸ™‚

  122. Ali,
    I have been through the fertility problems to come out holding my baby at the end. While the fertility issues were no picnic and waiting each month to find out that what we were trying this month did not work. When it did work, we were not expecting it, surprise to our doctor and us too. The month of pregnancy were crazy. I was so incredibly sick the whole time. So sick that at time I had to take pill for nausea. Do not get me wrong, I loved being pregnant and the feeling of the baby moving inside me was awesome. The bond that my baby and I shared during those precious 9 months. But by the end, I was so hoping for it to be over and to hold my precious bundle. But when they baby is born, is a great joy. You get to spend the next year enjoying every moment with them. My baby is now 18 and graduating, but we have enjoyed so many moments. Enjoy your baby times with them are precious.

  123. Sweet Ali,
    Bless your heart, Honey! No pregnancy is ever "easy peasy"…at least mine weren’t. Holding your baby at the end makes it all worth it though…Hang in there, Girl. She’ll be here before you know it and if you thought life had changed just being pregnant, you ain’t seen nothing yet! πŸ˜€

  124. I can soooo relate. When I was pregnant with my boy (6 weeks ago) all I could think of is having a drink ha! My back was super sore & I couldn’t walk for long which was tough for me as I’m long distance runner.

    Now that my babe have arrived I ‘almost’ wished I was still pregnant as its soooo hard to deal with the newborn & being sleep deprived. Zombie momma right here.

    Hang in there. Soon enough it’ll be over πŸ™‚

  125. Yes! This! Thank you for posting. I just had our first little one 3 weeks ago yesterday(a boy!). I delivered via c-section at 38 weeks due to complications I started to develop. As I was reading this I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement. I appreciate your honesty as I too always struggled with feeling like people would feel I was ungrateful if I ever "complained" about my pregnancy. I once wondered if I would ever be so lucky to experience pregnancy and I’ve also experienced a miscarriage as well. It’s all relative. The emotions, the joy, the stress, the fears… Everything. Women shouldn’t feel they have to sugarcoat or hide things because they’re worried about what the next person is going to think. Women need honesty and support… No matter the situation. It was so nice to see that behind all the super cute pregnancy IG pics that you too are human and had your own issues with pregnancy as well. I just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty. Thank you! And hang in there!! It’ll be here before you know it. My little one just came home from NICU yesterday. The challenges I’ve faced have been UNREAL but like they all say… Well worth it in the end. Now I’m off to get my nap in while little peanut sleeps! πŸ™‚ Congrats Ali! I hope these last few days go by quickly for you and you have that sweet baby girl in your arms very soon! It’s an amazing feeling!

  126. Ali
    You are growing a human! You are allowed to feel all those feelings and more! And you do not need to apologize. Pregnancy IS hard. Period.
    Both of my pregnancies were easy In comparison to other women, but I still had hard times. The emotional exhaustion is not something we talk about enough. But it is real and it is hard. It is also part of what will make you more ready for delivery. You’ll get there and you’ll do great!

  127. It’s nice of you to comment on those who are unable to become pregnant, but certainly not necessary if not for this overly offended society we live in. Trust me, those same women would be probably having very similar feelings if it were them.

  128. Ali, I’m so glad you didn’t decide to hit "delete" on your blog post. It was a great post….an honest post. You didn’t sugarcoat anything about your pregnancy, but you also came across very thankful, despite the challenges/pains/emotions. I appreciate your honesty. With that said, I’m one of those women who suffer with infertility. I was never able to become pregnant and ultimately had a hysterectomy 6 years ago. However, I was fortunate enough to adopt a newborn (boy) 7 years ago. He’s my one and only. My heart. My world. I always dreamed of what it must feel like to carry a baby and feel him/her move. While I never got to experience that, I also know that I didn’t have to experience labor and delivery and I’m quite fine with that. haha (Sorry)

    I wish you and Kevin an amazing life together with your bundle of joy (to be). Sleep now (as much as possible)!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of your little girl! She’ll be gorgeous, no doubt.

  129. You look adorable! Enjoy the last few weeks because youre right- yiu will miss it! I’m 12 weeks into mommyhood and it’s amazing! Your dress is adorable and I want it only wearing cute dresses isn’t practical when nursing πŸ™

  130. Ah yes! I am 34 weeks pregnant and feel many of the same feelings you describe in your blog, along with the guilt for feeling as I do. I am entirely appreciative of your honesty, and for letting me feel like less of an island. We could not be more exstatic for our little girl to arrive, I dream of the moment when our eyes first lock. But…I am also so over the many discomforts and bodily sacrifices from these past many months. I have never before been so appreciative of what our bodies are capable of, but gosh I miss being able to work out and simply walk a few blocks like I used to! Why do I only seem to hear stories about moms who are in a cycling class the day before their water breaks? That has not been my story. I miss my flexibility and crave a glass of wine. I also am incredibly emotional – at least in these last couple of weeks. I watched a birthing video in a class my husband and I recently took, and lost it when the woman in the video finally had her baby. Was I crying for her, for the feeling of relief she likely had in that moment, for her happiness, for my own anxiety? Who knows – I’m growing soft. And don’t get me started on commercials featuring moms and their newborns. What. A. Ride. How incredibly polarizing to be so inundated with love before even setting eyes on this little creature, but at the same time feeling as if that day is so darn far away, and wondering – will my body ever be the same again??? Will I ever feel sexy in a bikini again? Hell, will I ever wear a bikini again? Even now I judge myself for having these thoughts, but as you say, it is how I feel. In short, thank you for your honesty, and for simply letting me know that I am not alone.

    Woman are my heros.

  131. I know exactly how you are feeling. I’m also 37 weeks and ready to deliver any day now, 80% effaced and dialating/contracting too. The third trimester has been rough!! So much pressure and discomfort, and sleeping has been a thing of the past…I’ve resorted to sleeping on the couch this last month. Lol. I miss bending over without intense pressure and especially miss my pre-pregnancy boobs, which I know will most likely never return. Lol. But I will miss feeling my little man kick and move…you are right, it’s magical! I’m not going to lie, labor and delivery terrifies me. He is expected to be 8lbs already. Ouch! I’m a single mom so knowing the first several weeks adjusting to being a new mom and doing it solo will be the biggest challenge of my life. Our lives are about to change in the most rewarding yet exhausting ways! Best wishes as your pregnancy finishes and during birth! You will be a terrific mom. πŸ™‚

  132. You’re definitely not alone. I felt the same way in my pregnancies. Totally emotional. It’s not easy for sure. You got this! You’ll be an amazing mama!

  133. Ahhhh thank you so much for sharing this! As bad as this sounds, I’m only 10 weeks pregnant and Im already a hormonal, emotional wreck and I’m not even showing yet or physically uncomfortable. I will definitely be a hot mess in a few months! But it’s refreshing to read a blog with real feelings, regardless if they’re "ideal" or not. We can’t control how we feel, especially now that our hormones are all out of whack! Stay strong pretty mama!

    By the way…you’re literally the cutuest pregnant girl I’ve ever seen. I show your pics to my hubby all the time and tell him how I hope I’m half as cute as you are in a few months! ??

  134. Ali, I appreciate your honesty so much! I am not even pregnant yet but already have so much anxiety over whether or not I can handle to the pain of pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone talks about the great time they have and how blessed they are but I think you are right to talk about both the joy and discomfort. It is so very real and we can’t always get that from other moms who just put on a happy face! I am so happy for you to see the life you have created since we all met you on the Bachelor.

  135. I’m 25 weeks pregnant with my second, and am 100% feeling the way you are right now! I feel like I did the last month of my first pregnancy already, and it’s really tough. I couldn’t be more grateful for this sweet little baby, but you’re right, it’s HARD! We’ve got this tho. I wish you the best of luck with your labor and delivery! You are about to experience a love you didn’t even know was possible, and it’ll only grow every single day! P.S. I slept way more with a newborn than I did my last trimester, if that makes you feel any better!

  136. Ali, all these feelings and changes are so normal, but all yours. Each pregnancy is different from the one before and each is special in its own way. The last thing my Dr told me was the best advice I ever received." Your body knows what to do, as does your baby. Let the process happen and allow it to happen. With each ache and pain breath in the pain instead of tensing against it." It was the only thing I remembered during labor, to breathe in the pain and visualize the baby doing her "job." I had 2 babies no epidural, no pain meds or nothing. I’ll have to say I was a champ!! I also remember those last few weeks, I started bawling at a very nice restaurant cause all I wanted was to eat soup like a normal person!! I was hell bent on bringing the bowl up to me, oh heck no!! I could not literally bend at the waist!! I wish you many blessings and a beautiful life with your new little girl!! Your so lucky to have a great partner to help you and love you through it all. God bless you and your family…

  137. I feel like you wrote the words right out of my mouth. I’m due any day, tons of contractions, and I too want my body back! I do appreciate my new found D cups (formally an A) I started my pregnancy at 120 and I’m up to 157. The pool seems to be my only back relief, but some times I tell myself I just need to walk her right out she is so low.

    The best advice I have is you are already doing the best thing by sharing with your fiancΓ© exactly how you feel. Many women expect their significant other to read minds. From what I have read via Instagram/ magazines Kevin does a wonderful job giving you letters and support. Also just remember the gift of life, and how wonderful it will all be when the pain is over.

    I tell myself for the next few weeks, I’m young (mid 20’s), married, successfully happy, and thankfully my drive to be the best mom to my daughter will motivate me to find my "shape." (As I sit here responding to your blog I have had my jelly bean shaped Braxton hicks about 3 times.) I wish you Kevin, and Owen all the best. Soon your little lady will be hugging you tightly.

  138. I know that I’m not a Women that is putting a comment Right now over here and I can not realy relate with you Ali organisatie with the other womens, but I Just want to say to you, keep up the last few weeks it will be all worth it. You will be an Amazing mother!. Greatings from the Netherlands.

  139. Your feelings are totally normal and I could 100% relate! My first daughter was born at 35 weeks (with no issues… Which we are very lucky for!). So, with my second pregnancy, once I hit 35 weeks, I was done…and ready to meet my baby!! With each additional week I was pregnant, it got harder and harder emotionally on me!! I was DONE! Like you said, I wanted my body back! I peed 100 times a day, it was difficult to put socks on, I was up 5-6 times to pee at night… I was just so uncomfortable! I only gained about 15 lbs, but felt like I gained 80!! I ended up having my baby at 39 weeks 1 day, so I was pregnant 4 weeks longer with Baby 2 than I was with Baby 1!! It was so hard… And j had many nights as well that I would sit and cry to my husband that I just couldn’t do this anymore! I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore and I just wanted to meet our baby already!!!

    I share my story with you because you commented about how you know there are people out there that aren’t lucky enough to be pregnant and that you felt like you should be more grateful to be pregnant…. Well… Baby 1 was a Honeymoon baby…. But Baby 2 took us 2.5 years and 2 fertility treatments to conceive!! So, I’ve experienced both…. And even though I went thru so much heartache to get pregnant, j still had all the feelings you are having… And my journey was a tough one! I always said… I know I should be so grateful that I’m pregnant since we had such a hard time getting pregnant, but that didn’t matter! Your feelings are normal!! I LOVED being pregnant the first time… But the second time was not enjoyable for me! I of course loved feeling my baby move and kick… But that’s nothing compared to being able to hold that baby in your arms!! Like you mentioned – people always said you will forget about all the pregnancy crap once you hold that baby and will want to do it all over again…. Well true, but not true! My second baby is 5.5 weeks old now… And I’m just now getting used to the idea of having a 3rd (we’ve always wanted 3)….but the idea of being pregnant again is NOT something I am up for doing yet!!

    Sounds like you have some labor fears…. I did with both of my kids…and both deliveries were a breeze!!! So, try not to stress too much about it! It will all work out!!

    Don’t worry about the lack of sleep when baby is here! You will adjust πŸ™‚ Just nap as much as you can! I never nap with Baby 2 cause I have another kid, but you adjust!! Getting up to pee – ton in the middle of the night sucks when you’re pregnant, but getting up to feed your sweet baby in the middle of the night… There’s nothing better!!

    Hang in there Momma!!

  140. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and enjoy reading all of your posts! Thank you for being so honest. People ask me all the time, how’s the pregnancy going??? When they ask me this, I wonder if they want to hear just about the good parts, and usually decide to dismiss the thought of complaining about all the stuff I’ve been going thro that comes along with it. I can’t wait to see pics of your beautiful baby girl! All the best with it! And you look amazing in that dress!

  141. This sounds like my own words, I can definitely relate Ail, you’re not alone. You’re nearly there and the end result will be worth it.

  142. Ali!!!! I am 36+5days, having a baby girl as well but based in the UK and can totally relate to some of your points especially the looking like a whale part plus my nipples cracking already!!!! Not sure why?

    About labour, I bought a hypnobirthing pack which is a really positive read! We can do this with Gods help so I’ll be praying for you too

    Love xx

  143. Hi Ali-
    I haven’t commented before, but wanted you to know that first of all, you look great. Seriously, you are glowing and gorgeous! I have 2 girls, the youngest being 8 months, and I can tell you that pregnancy is definitely easier than raising kids πŸ™‚ That said though, there is NOTHING better than holding your newborn baby in your arms. The days my girls were born were the best days of my life, and that’s something that you never forget! Hang in there – the last few weeks of pregnancy can be brutal, but there’s nothing like the anticipation too. You’re going to be a great mom. πŸ™‚

  144. You will forget all these feelings. I think it’s a mixture of the impending birth, the unknown and also your hormones can heavily affect your mood and emotional state. Your body will bounce back so do not worry about that because you were fit before conceiving. In the grand scheme of things 9 months isn’t very long but it is when we think about our pregnancies for every single minute of every single day that it kind of consumes us. I also think that by this point we are kind of over it and just want the baby to be here. It is a gift having a child. I had an easy pregnancy and birth with my daughter but we are currently having trouble trying to have another. Everybody has their own struggles, I promise you. Kevin will no doubt be your rock this entire time which is awesome! My doctor recently said to me that pregnancy is a complex thing and she was absolutely right. I know that it’s easier said than done but try to relax and enjoy the end. I went for walks (I know you can’t walk that much due to the pain) but I just tried to relax and let things happen. I found watching comedies helped keep me upbeat. Also, a nice milky cup of tea if I woke restless during the night used to send me back to the world of Zzz. You are doing brilliantly woman!! Big love from Scotland xxx

  145. Omg I forgot to say…ha ha…my fiancΓ© used to ask "where has all the toilet roll gone??!" Ha ha ha ha. Oh the joys!! Xxx

  146. I can totally relate. Your post really spoke me to! I’m grateful to be pregnant with TWINS, but it’s been a hard road of multiple appointments a week. Being that their identical, they are high risk so the constant monitoring has been necessary. I am 33 weeks and have 3 weeks left too…since they will only allow me to go 36 weeks with them. You’re doing amazing and it’s HEALTHY to cry it out, girl. Yay for pregnant sisterhood! πŸ˜‰

  147. Yes we’ve all been there! Pregnancy is definitely not all sunshine and roses! It’s hard! I think it’s preparing you for motherhood, which is equally hard! Who’s big idea was all this?? Ha! You guys will figure it out and be great…maybe with a few tears in there still…and your body n everything else will bounce back in a new and improved form! Health and happiness.

  148. Both of my pregnancies were horrible. My mental and physical state were a mess to say the least. Like you I loved certain aspects of being pregnant like hearing the heartbeat for the first time, looking at the sonograms, feeling my babies kick/move all wonderful elements. But it wasn’t easy both times. So I feel you and hear you. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not alone. Not all pregnancies are smooth sailing as I can attest to. My sister-in-law was pregnant the same as me when I was pregnant with my second daughter and she was having the BEST pregnancy ever and I was so jealous because I was in pain all the time and she was fine. So just wanted to let you know its not just you. Feel proud of yourself for creating this beautiful life inside of you! It’s really true that it is worth it in the end. I love my babies and would go through it all again to have them. They are precious gifts and I’m sure you’ll feel the same when you meet your little girl. Best to you and yours!

  149. Love this article! You are free to fell anyway you want! This is your journey! I felt the same way at some points…hell, if a person hasn’t….they’re probably lying! Haaa! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear the news!!! Best Wishes!

  150. I had a rough pregnancy where I was sick a lot and in so much pain. It was so mentally and physically tolling. After I gave birth to my daughter, I felt like I could do ANYTHING. You just feel like Super Woman! I mean you grew a baby inside you for 9 months. You gave up your body and turned it over to this miracle. You can do anything now.

  151. Girl, don’t feel guilty about being honest. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and I’m already over it haha! I want my little body back and I want a whole bottle of wine to myself πŸ˜‰ And my attorney husband works late and the other 3 kids make me even more exhausted… Trust me I could go on and on! Pregnancy really Is amazing though and there is an end in sight (even though towards the end you feel like you might be the first person to be pregnant forever). My first pregnancy I didn’t exercise at all and with the following ones I was at the gym 4 days a week (doing the same workout routine I’ve always done with a few tiny changes of course) and I swear that makes all the difference in feeling good those last 10 weeks. Staying active helps so much with pregnancy blues and feeling uncomfortable for me! Anyway, hope she comes very soon for you and good luck during the delivery! If you want to follow along with my pregnancy my IG name is @hforeste πŸ˜‰

  152. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m only 8 weeks pregnant and have been struggling since week 6 with really bad with nausea, vomitting and fatigue. Almost every girlfriend of mine seems to of had easy breezy pregnancies and never even got the first tri-Mester morning sickness. Its nice to relate to someone who also had a difficult first tri-mester and read about what to potentially expect down the road. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  153. Im 20 weeks and have hard it hard as hell since day one. Nausea, vomiting and I never got my liking for food back. Still can’t stand eating but starving all the time. I have to wake up 3-4 times a night to eat because Im so hungry. Then 5 days ago I had such sever insomnia (never had it pre pregnancy) that it induced a fill blown panic attack (my first one) and insane anxiety (also never happened pre pregnancy). I have officially left my job as of a few days ago because it has been so hard to be pregnant. I really feel for you. I think the media has a way of not really talking about how fucking hard pregnancy really is. Your hormones, your body, your identity is all so freaking different. I wish you all the best and I hope you get to meet your little girl soon.

  154. Hello Ali, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and struggling a bit. I have been dealing with horrible hemorrhoids this past week and it’s awful! I know it may be TMI but omg they are awful and I know some pregnant women deal with it too. I also don’t want to complain because my husband and I went through 4 IVF cycles to get this miracle! I am eternally grateful to be pregnant but it has been rough, I mean we are growing a human! Well I totally feel you and don’t feel bad! Also, love the bachelorette blog posts!!

  155. Hi, Ali! Thanks for posting! That was very brave, as a lot of women just. don’t. get it. I was sick my entire pregnancy… all 41 weeks of it. It was miserable. But it was so worth it. I know you feel the same way, but it doesn’t discount the aches, pains, and other things you’re feeling. Keep your chin up! Your baby will be here soon, and guess what? She’ll be worth all the misery, and I bet you do it all over again in a heartbeat. πŸ™‚

  156. Hi Ali, let me start by saying you look sooooo beautiful. Please don’t feel bad that you have mixed feeling about this pregnancy. It’s your prerogative. You will enjoy the bundle of joy in your tummy real soon.

  157. omg yes, I can definitely relate! You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m only 28 weeks right now, so the worst has yet to come, but I can definitely sympathize. I miss sleeping on my stomach (through the night without getting up 10 times to pee), runny eggs and a giant cup of coffee… and deli sandwiches!! Hang in there, you’re almost there. And congratulations!!!

  158. Hi Ali,
    I can’t tell you how much I connected with Just about every feeling you expressed in this blog. I have a beautiful 3-month old son and as much as I love him to pieces, the challenges of my pregnancy still feel like yesterday.

    I, too, had a rough pregnancy from the get go. My nausea and vomiting was so terrible in the first trimester that I was hospitalized for dehydration. As much of a workaholic I was, I had to take a leave for the entire 1st trimester. During this time (and throughout the pregnancy) I felt so guilty for complaining, expressing my pains, and near the end wanting my body back because of all the women who couldn’t have children and even some who I knew were trying and having difficulties. My sister had a tragic still birth a few years ago and my guilt also surfaced thinking of her. But as much as we consider the women who are challenged with conceiving, I realized more and more as I went through my own pain that I was entitled to my feelings… They are real honest feelings too and as hard as it is to not be able to conceive for some, it can be very hard on us to also carry life. My doctor told me very few women actually "love" being pregnant.

    Just like you, my 2nd trimester was just ok but definitely my great and by the time the 3rd trimester came around I should have known how good the 2nd was. I was measuring big and was constantly asked if I was having twins (I am 5’4" and normally 120 lbs, and had gained 55lbs by the end of my pregnancy). Everyone was sure I would have the little guy early… But to everyone’s surprise – especially mine – I was 10 days late, which added to my blues to a long pregnancy.

    I was also told that it was easier that the baby was inside, but I don’t find that entirely true. It’s a different struggle when they arrive. There is sleep deprivation and all the learning curves that come with first time parenthood, but you get your body back to an extent because you are more mobile again and in less pain. I had all the aches, pains, and sleepless nights at the end as well. If anything, it somewhat prepares you for your little one, but again, it’s different.

    One thing is for sure, and you already know this, but it truly is all worth it. I love seeing your excitement and love for your little girl and you are going to be at lost for words when you have her in your arms and feel the love. It’s overwhelming – your heart is bursting.

    At 42 weeks, I gave birth to a beautiful 11 lb baby boy!! No wonder I was huge and feeling u comfortable!

    Sorry for the long note, but like many of the comments on here say, it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling. So many have been where you are and it doesn’t make you less sensitive. You and Kevin are going give this little girl all the love in the world!

  159. Ali, you are not alone in your feelings. I was the same way! I honestly found that i slept better once my daughter was here rather than at end of my pregnancy as when i did sleep while not for long i was comfortable and it definitely made it easier. All the best over the next few weeks!

  160. Tell it, sister. I distinctly remember when I went from people saying "you look adorable!" to "whoa, that can’t be comfortable." And they were right!

    Three tips: 1) due dates can set you up for crazy disappointment. Book reservations for a fancy restaurant you love or always wanted to try. That way if you’re late, you’re not totally pissed. If you’re early, cancel.

    2) prenatal massage! Pamper the hell out of yourself if you can.

    3) birth is unpredictable and impossible to really prepare for. Have your ideas and plans as an outline, but remember that there is nothing to prove — the goal is a healthy baby. Good luck!

  161. Ali, I am 36 weeks pregnant, a few days shy from 37. I’m feeling the exact same way – guilty for complaining, yet I can’t ignore my true feelings. We’ve had a roller coaster experience with scares of Downs Syndrome to our baby "lagging growth." On top of all of those anxieties, dealing with my aching and swelling body has really taken a toll. I’m ready to wear my wedding rings again, sleep on my stomach, and have a mimosa with brunch! So many things I miss about my pre-pregnancy self! I’m nervous for labor and delivery, how my four-legged friend (Howard) is going to react to baby, and just adjusting to life in general! Hang in there, we aren’t alone, and keep the honest posts coming! They make me feel more normal πŸ™‚

  162. Both my pregnancies were rough. I had hypermesis gravidium with both, such severe morning sickness I missed months of work. Followed by diagnosis of gestational diabetes with both so instead of really enjoying it, my days were filled with pricking my fingers four times a day, monitoring my diet and of course the fear that my babies weren’t going to be healthy. Luckily, both my kiddos are healthy and gestational diabetes went away after both deliveries. On top of that, the last few weeks were torture, I was so uncomfortable and worked till the end with both. Good luck to you Ali during these last couple of weeks. Baby girl will be here before you know it!

  163. I’m infertile for 10 years, by the Grace of God I’ve been blessed with two pregnancies. They were both horrible! Don’t feel bad!

  164. I have a daughter who passed away and had three miscarriages…finally I had a "care-free" pregnancy and had my second girl in January. Having a baby is a BLESSING! That said…pregnancy can be so hard on the body. At the end, putting on my shoes exhausted me! Walking was a monumental effort. If I dropped something…it was going to stay there. Being a mom of an infant is physically and emotionally demanding – but once the pain of labor goes away, you’ll be able to bend over, tie your shoes, enjoy life without backaches and heartburn. πŸ™‚ Hang in there!

  165. preach–you literally took the thoughts out of my head and put them on paper. I’m 37 weeks today and am so cranky and uncomfortable. I am so excited to meet my daughter, but good lord, these last few weeks are just as mentally exhausting as they are physically. Thank you for your honesty and making me feel better about my own emotions!! We are finally at the end–we can do this!! πŸ™‚

  166. Ali – Thank you for being forthcoming and posting your thoughts! I am 34 weeks pregnant and needed to read this…I feel helpless most days. It’s nice to know there are women feeling the same way I do. My husband and I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant. After many infertility treatments and a surgery, we decided to give up. I was at such a low place, knowing I may never have the gift of a family. I would see pregnant women and boy did they make it look glamorous! I used to feel jealous of them and would hate when they complained. 10 days after we gave up, we conceived a little girl:) It has been wonderful building this life, but after 34 weeks of hard work, I want a vacation, I want a medium-rare steak, I want a turkey sandwich, I want a glass of wine after a hard day, I want to run again! I haven’t been able to walk without pain for 3 weeks now. Those expectant women I once did not understand, I understand completely now. We have to be so selfless throughout our pregnancies that by the end, we become deprived. Some people may say I am selfish for wanting the above things, but our bodies have been in sacrifice mode for quite some time; we deserve some indulgence too.

    Again, thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ You look beautiful!

  167. I have just entered my 2nd trimester and I have to say a massive thank you for this post. I was so excited to be pregnant, but since the initial high, i’ve struggled with the aches and pains, nausea, lack of sleep and general exhaustion. I feel awful even suggesting to people that I’m not loving this whole pregnancy thing, like it’s a taboo to even utter a negative word about being pregnant, as if by talking about it we are somehow seeming disrespectful to those who struggle or cannot get pregnant (which of course we are not)!
    I have read a lot of posts and books about pregnancy and I have to say that yours is the most honest and real account of the difficulties of a normal pregnancy and it is, at least for me, very refreshing.
    Thank you xxx

  168. Your too considerate and sweet to worry what might offend others. You should be honest. I’m 22weeks pregnant and it’s amazing but not always easy. It’s healthy to speak your feelings good and bad. Being pregnant can be empowering and make you feel so vulnerable at the same time. I have so much more respect and consideration for mom’s now…I thought I always did but not like this. I feel bonded to other mom’s and love hearing your highs and lows. It really unites women..only we can understand what it’s like physically and emotionally to go through this experience.
    x Karen

  169. Hi, just read your post. I am 35 weeks pregnant and feel the same as you. Im actually a hospital social worker in maternity and feel guilty for complaining about anything pregnancy related given that both me and my baby are very healthy. But lately just like you said, i want to have a drink, not feel out of breath from walking slightly faster, sleep on my stomsch and just have my old body back! My baby also kicks super hard sometimes and as much as I love him, sometimes I get annoyed and dont want to have stomach pain and bladder squeezing :/ I feel guilty writing that im annoyed! Anyway, looking forward to your post on labour and delivery and btw you look amazing!!

  170. there’s a lot of us, I think. I just entered into my 2nd trimester and it’s a big adjustment. I could use a drink at the end of the day. I’m tired of rolling over in the middle of the night only to be awakened by my inability to sleep on my stomach. My hands always fall asleep in the middle of the night and my belly aches as it stretches to accomodate my growing baby girl. I’m an emotional mess; I can’t cough or sneeze without peeing in my pants and what I would give right now to go for a run.
    I can’t talk about it with many people since I’m surrounded by IVF-attempters and have my own challenging medical history. But people say that when I hold her in my arms, all will be worth it. And I’m sure. I’m just glad to know that other women are struggling as I am. Thanks for giving us all an outlet.

  171. If we buy these items through your blog is there a discount or a promo code?? I love this dress and you look amazing. Whether you fake it at times or not lol you have really carried with a lot of grace and look beautiful being pregnant!!

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