I think Jojo DID go back to her ex Chad after The Bachelor…and that’s OK!

Did you guys think last nights episode was as good as I did? I thought Chad leaving would hurt the show but I honestly thought his departure made it better!

Let’s talk about Chad quickly. Him coming back to the house was definitely produced. You aren’t allowed to go back to the house unless a producer let’s you. Of course they are going to have Chad go back. It gave us another good 10 minutes of drama on the show! And the Chad drama was nuts! I’ve never been so uncomfortable watching TV as I have been watching Chad. I’m so afraid he is going to hurt someone. I guess he’s been announced as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise. I really don’t like this and would be scared to go on the show if I were any of the other Bachelor contestants – especially the guys. Did I read that Evan is going to Bachelor in Paradise too? Oh goodness. It’s going to be interesting.

Let’s move on. Her date with Jordan left me feeling puzzled. I like Jordan a lot and he seems like a great fit for Jojo, but he worries me! Only because I feel this strong need to protect Jojo. Do I think he’s lying? No, I don’t. I think that was an ex of his that he wasn’t super into and now she’s talking about him publicly. Was he shitty to her? Sounds like it. And he even admitted he wasn’t the best boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t be good to Jojo. I think he was acting weird during their convo because he was caught off guard and was obviously upset that his ex was talking to Jojo about him.

Some ofyou asked how Jojo would have talked to Jordan’s ex BEFORE the show. Well Jojo already admitted that she knew Jordan was a contestant from the internet before they started filming. So it’s not weird that she happened to talk to his ex. Heck, it sounds like his ex wants Jojo to know how she feels about Jordan, so I’m sure his ex reached out to Jojo! I am choosing to believe Jordan is a good guy! We shall see…

I felt so bad for Jojo when the article about her ex was brought to her attention. I could feel her pain. And it was also obvious to me that she still loves her ex, and that’s normal. Don’t we all have an ex that the mere mention of his/her name will raise the hair on our skin? I know I do! Do I still love that ex? Well hell no. It’s been A LONG time since we broke up. But I certainly did when I was on the show. A pain like that, a love for someone who treats you horribly takes a long time to go away and you take a long time to heal. Jojo still needs time. But that doesn’t mean she can’t attempt to move on, and in my opinion, finding a new man is the best way to do that! Also, who cares if she went back to her ex after the Bachelor? Heck, I went back to my ex between the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. The day after I was “off” the show (The Bachelor), I ran right back into his arms. And what did he do? He continued to treat me like crap so I did the only thing I could think of in order to give me a chance to move on and find true love – I went on to do the Bachelorette. And thank goodness I did! All my ex had to say was “Don’t do it, I want to be with you” and I would have stayed with him. I never would have gone on the show. But thankfully he didn’t say that (one of the only decent things he ever did for me) and as I laid next to him in bed with my arms around him like a lovesick puppy, he flat out told me to go do the show. I remember feeling so crushed and defeated. I crawled out of bed sobbing and called a producer of the show and told him I was “in” – I’d be their Bachelorette. That, my friends, is real life. I’ll never forget how I felt in the moment. How worthless I felt. So Jojo, even though I’ve never met this ex of yours, I KNOW him. I know just what he is like and the pain he has caused you. And I’m so happy you have found the strength to take the steps to move on. So many of us have been in your shoes and we feel for ya girl! BTW – I NEVER went back to that ex. I did the Bachelorette and never looked back! Woot woot!

Can you relate to what Jojo is feeling? Can you relate to what I went through? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Now it’s fashion time! I am so obsessed with Jojo’s clothes and last night’s episode had some fab outfits!

Photo from Cary Fetman's Instagram
Photo from Cary Fetman’s Instagram

Jojo’s first rose ceremony dress was by Jay Godfrey and the exact dress is no longer available. But my favorite part about the dress was the sparkly pattern on it and I found the EXACT same pattern in two other options (HERE and HERE) that are cocktail dresses (how often so we wear gowns anyway, right?)

Photo from Cary Fetman's Instagram
Photo from Cary Fetman’s Instagram

When Jojo wore the above jumpsuit by Blue Life of her date with Robby I thought it was a dress, but I was so psyched to see it was a jumpsuit! I absolutely LOVE jumpsuits and this one is so hot!

Photo from Cary Fetman's Instagram
Photo from Cary Fetman’s Instagram

And let’s not forget about this white hot number! It’s by Alice and Olivia and is on sale but it’s still pricey. Click on any of the images a below to buy at a few different stores

But if you want a more affordable option, I found these more casual but similar options for $30 and under! See them HERE and HERE. Yay for budget shopping!

And I can’t get over how FAB Jojo’s finale dress is! I know, I know the screenshot above is terrible. But we got a sneak peak of it in the tease at the end of the show and I fell in love with it! The only thing is, it’s over $1000!!!! Eek! Not happening for me. But, don’t worry loves! You can wear this dress to your next big event for just around $100! You can rent it HERE. Amazing right? Why would you buy it anyway? It’s not like you’d want to wear it all the time anyway. Renting it totally makes sense! The reason I was able to find the dress so fast is because I actually rented this dress for my baby shower and was going to wear it, but it didn’t work with my bump. How funny would that have been?

Let me know if you have any her fashion questions!

42 Thoughts

42 thoughts on “I think Jojo DID go back to her ex Chad after The Bachelor…and that’s OK!

  1. I have a question, but it’s not about fashion or Jojo. I was wondering, what do you think of Jake after all this time? Also, are you "friends/friendly" with Vienna?

    1. I haven’t talk to either of them, but I wish them both the best! No hard feelings! It was so long ago 🙂

  2. You HAVE to tell us where JoJo got her jewelry! I am obsessed with the (what looks like) Rose Gold ring she wore on her date with Jordan.

    1. Check out Cary Fetman’s instagram (I linked it below her pics above). He lists all the jewelry credits!

  3. Yassssss. Oh my gosh. Yes. I was thinking all of these things last night after watching and I am so glad someone had the guts to say it!!! She probably did go back to her ex after Ben! Who cares?! We all go back to the exes we have deep attachments to. It’s only when we can put ourselves out there again, that we really have a shot at moving on. So Bravo, Jo Jo. And Bravo, Ali for having the balls to be honest. Woo!

  4. I have date a guy like JoJo’s ex. I always felt like the lows were justified because the highs were so amazing. I went back after being mistreated, lied to, and cheated on because I thought that was my chance at love. I thought that’s what love was… This roller coaster of emotions. It took the real love of an amazing and consistent man to help me to realize that I deserved better. Love is both people caring enough to treat the other person with respect, kindness, and passion. I will say that I’m a better wife and parter because of my past experiences. I hope Jojo chooses a man who makes her feel loved everyday! By the way… Jordan has me a tad bit concerned. He reminds me of someone I knew and I am not sure if he loves to compete or is falling in love with Jojo.

  5. I’m in that relationship right now. Feeling stuck, run over, emotionally beaten, and a little helpless. Never in my worst nightmares would i imagin i would be here feeling broken and defeated. I just love him soooo much. So i get it and thank you for sharing because you’ve sparked a flame in me now that i almost lost.

    1. Sending you love and strength Marie! Light that fire inside of you and try to find the courage to leave him!!! You are worth it my friend!

    2. Girl, reading this breaks my heart. I know exactly how you feel. I was stuck in the same exact relationship for over a year and it was so miserable and I felt so helpless. I felt so stuck, manipulated, emotionally abused, disrespected…I never thought that I would be that girl. But it happened and you’re not alone! I still think about him a lot, but whenever I notice those thoughts popping in my head, I have to remind myself of all the times he treated me poorly…cheating on me, lying to me, making negative comments about my body. I’m so much better off without him now! Looking back, I am thankful for that relationship because I learned SO much. But in the midst of it I was so ashamed and broken. I felt so alone and like my life was a secret because I didn’t want anybody to know that I kept going back to him time after time. Know that you are not alone. I know it feels lonely at times but there are so many women who can relate, so many who are commenting on this post! I know telling you that you deserve better doesn’t help anything, because it didn’t for me. But it is true, you DO deserve better and there are men out there who would love to treat you like the princess you are. <3

  6. I think when you’ve truly loved someone, there is always going to be a place in your heart for them. Even when things don’t end so great, because you’ve still learned from the relationship – what you want and deserve, what you don’t want, what you won’t put up with, etc. We hope they’ll respect what we had, and not go blabbing, but that’s not always the case (which just makes you see more of their true colors). And in cases like this, where you ladies are in the spotlight, you’re always going to get that person seeking attention/their 15min of fame. What they don’t realize is that they do more harm to their own reputation. What girl would want to date someone knowing that the guy had no problem airing dirty laundry from a previous relationship?

  7. I would love to know what lipstick(s) she wears. The color is always so pretty and not too bright or dark.

  8. I am surprised you didn’t say anything about the way the guys were treating Derek. I was a little sad about that. I guess he is a little quiet and reserved so that can seem like an insecurity-which maybe it is?? I just felt like they would all bond together a little bit after Chad left and immediately Alex had to move onto the next person to target. I didn’t really like Alex from the start, though. Jordan is too smooth. Something is up with that. I don’t necessarily think he was lying about cheating because he did say that he would flirt and give attention to girls he shouldn’t have. If I’m being honest, most people have been there and done something like that. I’m not trying to give a reason to excuse it, and definitely think Jojo should keep getting to know him.

  9. I don’t know what I would do without your blog! I am also curious about Jojo’s jewelry from last night – she had a gorgeous gold bracelet (a large one) on at one point! Thank you so much for finding all this fashion for us – I’ve purchased soo many things you have blogged about!

  10. I know exactly how she feels. Just because a relationship is over doesn’t mean the love instantly goes away, even if they treated you horribly. I finally am at the point where I don’t care anymore and he is in my past. I’m glad you are open about this because not many people are. I felt so pathetic for still having feelings for someone that treated me like crap and had already moved on. So thank you Ali!

    Shannon 🙂

  11. Last night when I was watching all I could think about was how I couldn’t wait for your blog post so I could find out where here dresses were from. Thank you Ali!! I agree with all your points about Jojo going back to her ex, and how YES it is okay. It was so interesting to read about your similar situation. Thank you for your perspective!

  12. I don’t know why you didn’t mention how Alex was trying to bully Derek. Alex seems a nice guy but it looks like it got on his head already that Jojo likes him and he was going to stay and move forward ahead of other guys (who are to me look so much alike in terms of looks/physique, etc.).

  13. I do not agree with the Chad comments. Yes, I think Chad needed to handle things in a nonviolent manner but I can also see Chad was always pushed, and it drove him over the edge. I can see things from his side because if I had girls always picking on me and being mean, I might lose it too and do things I may not normally do. (bullying sucks) I do not feel Chad was the guy for JoJo however I don’t think he is awful, and I look forward to Bachelor in Paradise. I have a major problem with the Mini Marine! I believe he is just as bad if not worse than Chad. Evan wasn’t much better either, and I thought it was ridiculous that Evan asked Chad if he had his wallet and asked for a new shirt. Evan did indeed push Chad, so he needs to suck it up and get over losing his shirt. Don’t push people and you won’t get your shirt ripped.( And Chad is the violent one? – (who pushed who) I think what ruined Chad was threatening to find Jordan and beat him. I did not like that, but again I get it because he was pushed against the wall. We all sometimes say things we regret later. Moving on….

    I am very disappointed in the casting of the men. I think Jojo was/is so great and how do you go from Ben to these guys? I don’t think any of them compare nor do I see The next Bachelor. As for Jojo’s ex, I can totally relate because I had a man that cheated and Lied to me. I found out he had a wife (but was told he was never married), and he had another girlfriend at the same time, and he was telling me and her and the wife that I/we were the women of his dreams! Looking back now I see all the red flags, but back then I was blind to it all! I have always been told I am too nice! I learned a lot from that bad relationship and now have the perfect guy for me and I am getting married this year.

    Ali, you were always my favorite, and I love you and Kevin together. When you and Roberto were together wow I just loved you guys, but you could see you were not a good fit for each other. But ooh Roberto was/is so Freaking HOT!
    You seem to have the perfect fit now and congratulations! Kevin is a real Cutie!

    Roberto, Ari, or Josh would make great Bachelors! I see some similarities between Roberto and Josh. Andi and Josh remind me of you and Roberto both good people but not a good fit for each other. I think she would have been better off with Nick. Oh, Nick would make a great Bachelor too. I think he is another guy that got picked on too much. Nick seems to have a very nice family too. I do not like everything Nick did, but then again no one is perfect!

    Anyway, I will look forward to next week…

  14. I agree with the chad comments, he did get picked on and you can definitely see if not that he left, because it has moved onto other men. It’s surprising to see how much drama men can create. They always say girls are full of drama. I like Jordan and Jo Jo together but he does make me nervous I worry he will hurt her in the future. I like Luke, chase and Robert. James is a sweetheart I just don’t see there lives fitting together well. 🙁 I’m sure she still has feeling for her ex but most women I agree Alli have that one guy that sticks for a while even when they don’t deserve it!! She can for sure move on and meet her husband in the show no question about that! I really hope she does! Can we talk about the finale!!! Who does she love and has to say good bye too, my guess is Derek any opinions???

  15. Ali, i agree with you in every sense however wouldn’t that make whichever guy she picks a rebound …. I mean I feel like, how can she love someone else if her heart is not over her ex bf? And that then would make it unfair to all the guys on the show !!!

  16. I am obsessed with JoJo wardrobe. So pretty her clothes. Everything just to die for.
    Ex are ex for a reason!

  17. Being a single, stay at home mom with a baby with eating issues, these clothes are definitely not an option. But I absolutely love ALL her clothes. Does she provide the clothes herself or does the show provide them for her? Can she keep them?

  18. It’s nice to hear everyone goes through the "addicting ex" frustration. I found someone who became my best friend. We ended up dating, and even though I kept believing, or should I say, forced myself to believe, we were perfect together and he treated me perfectly, in reality he treated me like shit. But I couldn’t get past him. He was my best guy friend. He kept coming back to me and keeping me in his life. It wasn’t until he found a new girl (and still tried to keep me in the picture) that I finally was able to walk away.

  19. PREACH IT ALI!!!! That addicting ex debacle is a vicious cycle that is beyond hard to get out of. I’ve been in the cycle for over a year now and I’m waiting for myself to finally get that push to get me out of it. I hold on to the image and feeling that was real and passionate in the beginning, but the post break up phase is the one that I need to focus on. THAT version of the man I fell in love with isn’t the man I actually fell in love with. There’s a good chance that THAT man doesn’t really exist and I need to come to terms with it. I go through phases where it hits me and I break away, but something always brings me back. I even came to the casting call for Ben’s season of the Bachelor. Watching him on the Bachelorette I knew that if he ended up being the Bachelor, that I had to try out because he was portrayed as the man that could finally break me away from my "addiction". Unfortunately I wasn’t put through the next round, but that was a good break for me and gave me the confidence that I could break away.

    Who knows, maybe this season I’ll feel the same way. So far Luke, Derek, and Chase are my top 3 (for myself) to be the Bachelor.

    To be honest, I was actually going to call the ex today after work and see if he wanted to get dinner but after reading your post it makes me realize I absolutely do not need that! So I’ll be going home, making dinner for myself, and watching Netflix. So thanks for your words of encouragement! You’re blog is the best and I love reading it! Also can’t wait for your baby girl to arrive 🙂

  20. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. I love your insight! I totally don’t agree about Jordan though, I think he is a complete phony and so not there for love. I think she is going to get hurt by him big time!!

  21. Thanks Ali !

    Do you know where her sweater was from that she wore when she went to talk to the boys about the article ? It looked so comfy and cute.

  22. I am not sure why but feel this season is off for some reason. I am surprised at some of the guys. I think Evan was a weasel, Alex is close to being a bully and some of the others didn’t seem to have much personality. My favorite so far is Chase. One of the previews suggested an issue with Robbie’s ex-girlfriend. Did anybody see Chad on Jimmy Kimmell. He eluded to him and Robbie’s ex-girlfriend hanging out. I would like to see the show get back to the way it used to be. There has always been drama but it seems to be to the extreme and too scripted now. I cant remember the name of the show that is a spoof of The Bachelor/Bachelorette but it does make you wonder about all the drama. Love James but agree long term there will a friendship but not a love connection. My hope is he will gain the confidence to see what a really great guy he is and find love after the show.

    1. Elaine, I totally agree. I feel like the last few seasons have not been totally about the contestants. ABC must realize that loyal Bachelor Nation is NOT interested in this foolery, produced drama. The real pickings for a love interest has gotten slim.

  23. So happy for you and Kevin – I can tell
    You are in a great relationship with a confident man by the fact that you can talk so openly about past relationships without worrying that he’ll be mad/jealous!

  24. I love to read your take on things! So interesting coming from a past bachelorette! Glad you found your happily ever after! Enjoy Molly!

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