Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Everyone! This father’s day is especially important to Kevin and I since we have a little one on the way. She’ll be here in less than a month! It’s so surreal.

First, I want to thank my own father for doing everything he could to make sure I had everything I needed growing up. To this day, I see my dad doing everything he can to make me happy and I can feel his concern and love for each one of his children. So thank you dad. You did good 😉 I think I turned out ok.

And Kevin, the father of my child, my partner in life, my best friend. You are the type of man that fathers dream their little girls end up with. I know my dad is so grateful we met. You are already the best daddy to our little girl that I could have ever wished for and she isn’t even here yet. By taking care of me, you take care of her. Even though I am starting to despise your daily green smoothies, I secretly love that you make them for me everyday knowing how important it is to you that our baby get the proper nutrition while in my belly. I’m so proud to call you my fiancé. I can’t wait to call you my husband. Our little girl is lucky to call you daddy. I love you.

Below is a photo of a mug a gave Kevin for Father’s Day. It’s came with a matching “Mommy” mug for me too! Kevin and I love to collect mugs. We have dozens with our names on them and with things on them that commemorate certain times in our lives. So I thought these mugs (which could also be used to make a great birth announcement photo) would be a perfect way to commemorate him becoming a Daddy soon! (You can get the mugs HERE) 24 days until our due date! So soon!

What are you doing for Father’s Day today? What makes a a man a great dad? Share your stories in the comments below! I know has the years go by, I will be sharing many stories about Kevin as a Daddy 🙂

FYI (for those who want to know) the silk peonies in the background are something I’ve had for years and I love them for decoration in my house! I have TWO! Get them HERE.


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  1. Hi Ali!
    I’m due in November and love reading your blogs!! What do you put in your green smoothies?
    ~ Meghan

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