Happy Friday! Pass me a (virgin) drink!

Happy Friday guys! I don’t know about you but it’s been a looooong week for me! Lots of stress from some business deals I’m working on (yes, I work! A lot actually) and even more stress from all the Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been getting. Add in cramping and I almost thought I was in early labor yesterday! Thankfully I wasn’t. Well it’s almost time to kick off the the weekend and I definitely need a little relaxation! So pass me a (virgin) drink while I hang by the pool!

My dress is this photo has the most beautiful colors. I love it so much. It’s non-maternity but fits over my bump so well (This pic was taken 3 weeks ago BTW when I was 32 weeks pregnant). It’s really a great vacation dress. I am wearing a size large but honesty I should have gotten a medium. I thought I would need the large because of my 30 lb weight gain and big belly but I totally could have gotten my normal size (a medium). I should have just exchanged it for the right size, but I got lazy and just wanted to wear it cause it’s so cute! Ha!

The dress is more expensive than what I usually wear but I loved it so I just went with it. But my accessories are not! They’re are super affordable! Like $12 affordable! Yup, My sunnies are only $12. You guys, if you don’t have these GET THEM! In fact, I love them so much that I just but a second pair in the exact same color (rose gold) just in case I ever loose these and I bought them in the other colors too.

My love knot cuff (see close up below) is also only $12 and a great layering bracelet! It goes with everything! My turquoise stone cuff isn’t available in this color anymore, but there is still one color option left! And this cuff is also only $12! Another great layering piece.

So you guys know what I’m doing this weekend! What are you doing?


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2 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Pass me a (virgin) drink!

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