The Bachelorette – Episode 4

This blog is going to be short. My apologies, but I was trying to watch the Bachelorette last night and keep up with all the Super Tuesday coverage so I didn’t take the best notes while watching the show. But here is what I took away from last nights episode.

First, I was pretty shocked when Chad got a rose at the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode. I guess I shouldn’t have been considering the show I’m watching. But I really thought it would be in the best interest of everyone involved in the show (Jojo, the guys, and the producers) if he left just since he poses such a risk.

Luke is definitely being set up as the next Bachelor. Jojo is into him for sure, but not in the same way she’s into Jordan. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and Jojo will end up with Luke, but my gut tells me otherwise. Every single sweet thing he says is in the show for us to hear. Sweet music is in the background whenever he talks. The show wants us to love Luke and I have to say, it’s working! What a sweetheart!

The football date was not a good look for Evan. That’s pretty much all I took away from the group date.

And Chad…I don’t even know what to say about him at this point. He honestly, really, truly needs therapy. And I’m not saying that to be mean. He recently lost his mother and I can only imagine what that would do to a person. And he obviously has a lot of issues. I hope he seeks help. Most people aren’t bad people, but good people can do bad things. Maybe the fact that I’m about to become a mother is making me a huge softy, but after watching the episode (and totally poking fun at Chad in social media) I sat down to write this blog and couldn’t hep but feel sorry for him.

But even though I feel sorry for him because he is obviously a damage human being, that does NOT excuse his behavior. He should be ashamed of himself and I really hope that he apologizes for his behavior at the Men Tell All. Although, I have a very hard time believing he will do that.

Also, no wonder the editors of the show aren’t ending the show with the rose ceremonies now. It allows them to have Chad in the next episode and will make sure people tune in for the Chad drama! I really hope nobody gets hurts and he just gets his bags and leaves. But somehow I have a hard time believing that’ll be the case.

Some other quick things I took away form last night’s episode. She is most into Jordan – so obvious right? I’ve thought this all along, but it was super clear last night when she told him how she needed to hear him express his feelings. She wants that from him so badly because he’s the guy she wants to fall in love with her. I think at this point Jojo might be a little more into Jordan than Jordan is into Jojo. Which is totally ok. He will for sure fall for her! I have no doubt about that. She’s awesome, how could he not fall for her? Robbie also made a huge impression on Jojo. I didn’t really notice him as a front-runner until now, but she sure does love to make out with him. And Luke is the other clear front-runner in my opinion. But I think she likes the idea of him more than she is actually falling for him. Like he is the “good on paper” guy that she knows would make a great husband. But maybe they aren’t quite a match for each other.

Btw, I finally realized last night who Jordan and his rogue hair remind me of…


Ok that’s all I’ve got for now. Tell me what you guys think in the comment below! Do you fel sorry for Chad? Or not at all? Who is the front runner in your mind?

xoxo Ali

Leaving you all with some fashion deets! A lot of you asked about Jojo’s blue bikini from her date with Luke. You can get it HERE.

Jojo SUPER cute fringe top that she wore over her bikini to the pool party is by my girls at Show Me Your Mumu! You can get it HERE.

On the night portion of the group date she wore a super cute sequin mini skirt by Alice and Olivia with a purple sleeveless turtleneck by Elizabeth and James and a leather jacket by Trouve and it’s 35% off right now.

Photo from Cary Fetman's Instagram
Photo from Cary Fetman’s Instagram

Shout out to Jojo’s stylist Cary Fetman who posts many of her looks to his instagram! You can follow him HERE

36 Thoughts

36 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Episode 4

  1. I laughed out loud at the beauty and the beast hair pic. Jordan is so handsome and when his hair is styled, totally cute, but if it’s not perfectly in place..not so cute!

  2. My vote for Jordan! But I also want to add how disappointed I am that the producers of the show would put ratings and drama above safety! It really put a bad taste in my mouth. Like Chad said, if somebody doesn’t listen to him he resorts to verbal and physical abuse… That’s no one to have on the show… Not even for the ratings! I thought they vetted these people?

    1. Lin you are correct. ABC thinks the drama that Chad has caused is TV worthy. Not in my eyes, it actually turned me off in disgust. It seems the producers have forgotten why most people tune in and that is to witness the love story that develops.

    2. I think the profucers hired Chad to play the role of a bully bad dude. That’s why they weren’t concerned about the other guys safety. They didnt put ratings before safety because it is all a performance for ratings.

  3. I don’t feel sorry for Chad at all. I mean, I know his mother died six months ago and that was hard because his mother was a big influence for him but his behavior is ridiculous and he should NOT have gone back to the house and threaten others when he got eliminated. He needs to go home and that’s that. He has threatened Jordan especially and that is not okay. I think Luke is definitely a front runner but I also see James T. as a front runner as well as Alex too.

  4. Chad may be waving too many red flags, but Evan is sneaky and definitely pushes his buttons. They should both be equally be gone and done with ASAP

  5. Glad to see Chad go home. He’s a ticking time bomb. JoJo would have been setting herself up for spousal abuse, big time.

    1. I agree with you Mary. I could imagine him being abusive to her. Big red flag! Glad Chad has been sent home. Now we can get more familiar with the remaining guys.

  6. I do not feel bad for Chad. What he has done in the house, particularly with his threats to Jordan, it is actually illegal, against the law, and a felony level offense in some states. If he did some of the things outside of the realm of reality TV, he could be arrested. Front Runner is Jordan, I think that Luke is pretty tight second. I adore James Taylor!!!!

  7. I felt sorry for Jojo. She clearly was trying to see his better side because of what he recently went through with his mom. But I was hurt FOR her when he said the only reason she didn’t like him was because she was an actress or a bitch. That’s just an awful thing to say about some who has just been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. I felt like her guys were doing their best at not trash talking him, but told her the truth when confronted by her.

    I think that he is the main source of drama in the house and that is why the producers let him go back after he was eliminated. They were trying to milk it for everything that it is worth because from here on out it will be pretty drama free. I think the same goes for keeping him on another week before they left, they talked her into it somehow. He should have known better than to threatened Jordan!

    Also, James Taylor’s head wrapped in bandages on the football date…. I almost peed myself. And when Jojo called Evan "the smaller one" to Big Ben… #dead.

  8. I feel sorry for Chad because even when he does try to be on the up and up the guys still won’t give him a break. Does he have anger issues? Definitely! Does he need help? Absolutely! But Evan and Alex need to be schooled on the saying "Don’t poke a sleeping bear". Also, I feel that Chase is a front runner! That yoga date was hot! And it seems like the first few weeks of a new season they don’t show the one that is chosen that much, when the guys were all cheering and drinking that Chad’s bag was taken away, they didn’t show Chase being unruly and cheering and drinking. Just my opinion. ?

  9. I feel bad for Chad in the sense that his mom recently died & it’s obvious that he needs some sort of help or therapy….however, that’s as far as my sympathy goes. He’s responsible for his behavior on the show & he clearly needs to learn a better approach to dealing with his issues. Glad to see him gone! (Side note, did anyone notice the clip on Monday night when he was sitting there talking to one of the guys & then just started eating a handful of lettuce?! Who just eats plain handfuls of lettuce?! lol!) Jordan is by far my favorite & I think he’s definitely JoJo’s fave as well. I like Luke as well, but I feel like there’s something missing with him that hasn’t made him a favorite yet….I think maybe I’m just waiting to see more of his personality come out? I like the sweet, soft side of him, but want to see a fun side of him too!

    Ali, you were & have always been my favorite bachelorette! So happy you have this blog where we can follow along with your thoughts of the show!

  10. I’m sorry Chad recently lost his mom. But I definitely don’t feel sorry for him. His actions are atrocious and simply not acceptable.

    As far as Luke goes…. He seems like a really nice guy but please please please don’t say he’ll be the next bachelor because I don’t think I’d be able to watch him. He comes across as too monotone and I’d never last the season trying to watch him.

    So far the front runners for me are Jordan and Chase (who really surprised me).

  11. People lose parents every day…that doesn’t excuse rude and narcissistic behaviour. Someone like Chad will always point blame at someone else and excuse his behaviour or try to justify it. Bottom line is it’s just wrong. Unfortunately, I’m afraid therapy won’t help him.

    Evan’s comments during the first group date at the Comedy venue appeared pretty dead on, including the comment about rage due to steroids. Although when confronted with steroid use, Chad said there was no way he could have brought any with him, he also didn’t deny using them. That anger is possibly fuelled by steroid use/withdrawals.

    Either way, Chad comes across as dangerous to others. It’s unfortunate. He is handsome. However, his personality makes him very unattractive, making those good looks mean nothing.

  12. I feel sorry for anyone who loses someone they love. However, Chad clearly has some other issues and needs to get some help with them. I can’t imagine that anyone would want their daughter, sister, cousin, anyone they care about around someone who obviously has violent tendencies. Just my opinion.

  13. I totally agree with the fact that losing a parent is extremely hard to adjust to, but that does not excuse his behavior. His comments to the other gentlemen in the house is so inappropriate, especially threatening to hunt them down after the show. My other issue is that the producers let it go on with all the physical violence and threats. A security guard was ok, but they should have just sent him home. It’s not always about the ratings, safety should be a primary concern also.

  14. So what about Chad ?? Well, my condolences go out to him for the loss of his Mother, I know it is very difficult losing a parent, However….. this is no rhyme nor reason or excuse for his behavior and actions which are absolutely horrible !! I wonder if his Mom were still alive to see this would she approve of his behavior ?? I would hope not! He has bullied, threatened everyone of the guys who bats an eyelash at him!! He truly needs to get himself into some psychotherapy to deal with whatever is bringing the anger and violent behavior out. Is this his norm or baseline behavior as they say in clinical terms or is it due to the loss of his mother, Watching last week and last nights episodes I am scared for the other guys in the house, I would have called the state police not the show’s security ! As for the other guys, I really like a lot of them, I do like Alex and Jordan, and of course I love JoJo she is awesome !

  15. Chad is a jerk, but I feel sorry for him. All the men in the house kept pushing him and picking on him non stop! They obsessed over it! I was upset with all of them last night, even Luke for asking stupid questions just to make him mad. She may have had a connection with Chad if they would have left him alone and minded their own business. They all let heir jealousy get in the way of what they are truly there for.

  16. Chad is totally involved with himself, his body, his workout, and his eating which is off the charts. Makes me believe that he is on steriods which can really mess with the mind. He’s obsessed. His thinking is really crazed. He can be dangerous. Then, I think, how much of this is for the show and for the ratings. I agree with you, Ali. Evan had to take some of the blame for that fiasco. He goaded him and making fun of someone is not a good look. If you look at Evan’s reactions to Chad’s outbursts, he looks really scared like a child caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Oh, well, I’m not so crazy about this season and the bachelors. I think Jojo deserves better. I like James T. a lot but there definitely is some physical chemistry missing. Too bad! He will make someone an excellent partner. I hope that he finds that. I also hope that Jojo finds happiness as well but I don’t think it will be with any of these bachelors long term.

  17. I agree, I feel bad for Chad but his actions are still not acceptable. Also, I like her and Jordan together a lot. They seem to be so giddy around each other! Do you know where her black swimsuit was from that she wore at the pool party??

  18. I have absolutely no sympathy for Chad he is not a nice person just a cocky guy who loves himself. Jojo said she saw a warm dude I never have. Wasn’t Chase a great date??

  19. I had Chad pegged on night ONE!!! Sorry, but he needed to go…he’s got too many issues that he’s NOT dealing with.

  20. I feel the Director of this Bachelorette is spending way too much air time on Chads bad behavior , just to boost the ratings/ I am very disappointed so far into this season!

  21. I would love to know what happens behind the scenes sometimes. For instance, before she gave the rose to Alex, did the producers tell her to just rub it in Chad’s face by being all happy-kissy? And after she and Alex left, did the producers tell Chad he was on his own to get back to the house or did they drive him back, make him walk around the house so they could get their shots of him, then tell him to be super creepy at the front door? I find it hard to believe he was really that big of a threat of he was still around for 6 episodes. Guys have been sent home for less that what he’s done.

  22. My 4 picks are Luke, Rob, Jordan (not a fan of him for her) and James T. I think Chase is s better choose than Jordan.
    As for Chad, I feel like he is auditioning for a part in a movie. Its his chance to show how well he can play a tough bad guy. And to show off his body.
    Good luck Chad. I hope you got enough air time. And that the show paid you well. Make it a really good exit scene.
    Btw maybe they can use you on UnReal.

  23. I have a great deal of empathy for Chad. Sure he acted completely out of line, but the bullying, poking and provoking by some other men was practically non stop and cringeworthy.

    Imagine being locked up in the hotel with a bunch of people who antagonize you for days. Everything you do from how you exercise to what you eat is dissected and critiqued. The show does not allow to have books, TV, Internet, not even a phone call to a friend or family for emotional support. At the same time your every move is being recorded, every word. Later on from those 100s of hours of footage an image is being pieced together… We some creative editing from the show anyone can end up looking like a douche.

    Producers also like to pit contestants against each other and mastermind fake drama to pump the ratings. Men like Evan are especially desperate for air time and vulnerable to producers manipulation, because he can’t compete with other contestants in the looks department he needs to stand out in other ways so he can last another week on this show and later be invited on Bachelor in Paradise and continue getting paid.

    Chad was taking care of his dying mother for several years, so clearly he is not as self-centered person as he was painted out to be. Also he was United States Marine, which deserves mad respect. All of this does not excuse his conduct while on the show, but it does add another dimension to his personality. In contrast some of Jo Jo’s "frontrunners" had already been outed by their exes on social media as cheaters and liars…Things are not black and white, good and evil. Take everything you see on this show with a grain of salt and remember those are not actors but real people with feelings and they deserve our compassion.

  24. I think Chad is hired by the show to have someone that we won’t like. My pick for JoJo is James Taylor.

  25. I definitely think Luke is the front runner and that she’s more into him than she is Jordan. But, I don’t know, maybe I’m more into Luke than anyone here 😉 He’s such a babe and I felt like he handled himself well on that date. Very polite, honest, and vocal about his past with loosing his friend and how is time serving abroad shaped him into who he is today. For some reason, I feel like she Jordan really is too good to be true and that he’s not that into her. I think they have a super hot physical attraction for each other and that’s totally obvious, but I don’t know if it goes any deeper than that. I am definitely cheering for Luke. Also, I do love Chase and Derek. xo

  26. I love your details on your blog Ali. The suit is adorable! As for the boys… Well, it is hard to say. I do agree with your comments. Chad does have issues, but I believe they are true coming from a man that has no respect for women. It feels deeper the a Mom passing away withdrawal. I am not trying to sound mean. I just feel like he is on steroids and wants a woman to know the truth- he is not trying to win anyone over. I do not think he understand women or the process of the show. I honestly and truthfully believe he was not right for JoJo.
    Believe me, I have lost a number of people. I do understand death, this feels like more.. Very deep.

    I hope the shows executive staff chooses not to ask Chad to Paradise. He is too dangerous to the other contestants. I love drama. This is the wrong kind and not I the shoes best interest to continue.

    Ali we love watching you and your journey. This is the happiest I have seen you. Thank you for your honesty, love and blogs are so fun.

  27. When they go on 2 on one dates doesn’t a limo driver usually come to get their luggage. Don’t understand how Chad is back at the house!

  28. I love reading all your thoughts on the bachelorette and the honesty. We all have that EX but….so over it, right?!?! Goodness Luke, Yes and Yes! Jojo and Luke sitting in a tree….

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