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Well I can still see my feet if I hold my phone way out tot he side to take a picture. Ha! I ran some errands today and wore this super comfy dress. I’ve shared this dress before and I am again because I love it so much. I’m wearing a size 3 (U.S. size 6) and it fits perfectly. But the great thing about maternity clothes is they are STRETCHY! So you can’t really go wrong with size. I could have sized down or up and I still think it would fit. You can get the dress in two place: HERE and HERE – just so you know 😉 If you’re not pregnant, you can get a similar look with this striped dress.

My sunnies are too cute and super affordable at only $10! My watch is only $20 and I wear it all the time. My sole society bag will go with so many of my looks this summer! Plus I love that it’s big – it might double as a diaper bag after baby comes 😉 And one of the BEST parts about this dress is that I can wear it with white chucks and still look cute!

Kevin and I actually went to a Infant Care class today so I wanted to be extra comfortable. It was a good class, but then again I’ve read SO MUCH about babies the past 8 plus months that I didn’t really feel like I learned a ton of new things. But I guess that’s good. We’re pretty prepared! But I did learn some things like using the football hold to easily wash the baby’s hair and cupping her ears when washing hair to avoid getting soapy water in her ears. One thing that is confusing me is the contradicting info I’ve read and learned in class about swaddling. In class they said to swaddle at night, but I’ve read that you shouldn’t swaddle at night. Which is it?! Does anyone know? I’d love to hear from some moms out there! Tell me in the comment below!

In the end I feel like anything we don’t know at this point we’ll have to learn by experiencing it. I’m guessing I could read 100 books and take a dozen classes and never be fully prepared for the real thing. Regardless, we can’t wait for her to get here!


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  1. Hey ali!! We swaddled our son from day 1 even at night. He slept the best and it kept him comfy on his back. Not every baby likes to be swaddled but if your little girl does and it works go for it! It worked wonders for us! Good luck!!!

  2. I know a lot of moms swaddle at night so the baby sleeps better. My son hated being swaddled so we never did but I’ve never heard anything bad about swaddling. Do what works for you!

  3. I always swaddled at night! It was the most "familiar" to our baby. After the first 3 months I started using the swaddle "gowns" that weren’t as tight, but wouldn’t fall off him. But swaddling helped our baby boy sleep at night! Keeps them warm and gives the feeling of security!

  4. Personally Ali we swaddled our sons for the first 6 months and he loved it. Slept like a baby the entire night. If you are a bit on the fence, try the Halo Sleep sack (Target, buy buy Baby, Babies r us carries them) it’s like a swaddle blanket but it has arm openings for when the baby is older but you still want her to be warm at night. Google it and see what you guys think.

  5. I swaddled during nap time, but used a HALO SLEEP SACK for nighttime sleep. They have sizes for every stage all the way up to toddler. They are great!!
    -Danielle Hall

  6. You can swaddle until baby gets close to rolling over, then if you use a sleep sack, swaddle with the arms out

  7. Swaddled all 3 of my babes at night. I’ve never heard not to? Then my 4th wasn’t a fan & he slept better with no swaddle. Best to try & see what works for your little one & you. 🙂

  8. We swaddled for both daytime and night, so it established a "sleep routine" from the very beginning! It’s also great for helping with the startle reflex. But you never know, your babe could hate being swaddled! Its whatever works best for you!

  9. My 3 babies all broke out of their swaddle at night. The 1st two didn’t seem to need it that bad. But the 3rd did and we couldn’t seem to keep her in. I discovered the woombie. It was absolutely a life saver!!! I don’t know if it’s "right" to swaddle or not, but I do know that every baby is different and they will let you know if they want it or not. 🙂

  10. We swaddle at night, my baby is funny as he likes to keep one arm out. As of right now we don’t swaddle at nap time because he naps in a rock n play. We’ve tried letting him sleep in the crib or pack and play without being swaddled but right now he startles himself awake and won’t stay down for long. I think every baby is different so just expierement and see what works best for you. Good luck!

  11. I swaddled my first born (now 8) until he was about 18 months. It was the only way I could get him to sleep. He had to swaddled tight!! My second born (now 4) I swaddled until she started to roll over in her sleep. She was a tummy baby and slept on her stomach some of the time. my third born (now 2) didn’t care too much for swaddling so I don’t remember swaddling for her for very long.

  12. Swaddle (until the baby can roll)! It makes them feel more secure and decreases the likelihood they will wake themselves with their very active reflexes. I love the Halo brand swaddles and sleep sacks! My one year old still sleeps better in a sleep sack than without.

  13. SWADDLE! Now some babies naturally will not like it and that’s just their temperament. Our little girl is 4 months old and we swaddled her in a halo sleep sack swaddle until she was 3 months. At 3 months she was beginning to break her arms free and we switched her to just a sleep sack (arms out). When we were swaddling it got to the point where we would put the swaddle on her and she would instantly calm down. Swaddling goes back to biblical times! I say, don’t mess with tradition!

  14. Okay so I had three children now 23, 22 and 17. I am 42, so not old but old enough to remember what I did and didn’t do with my children. I think there is too much focus on trying all these new techniques and new ways to wrap a baby and swaddling clothing, bottles with less air bubbles etc…the absolute best advice I give and will give my daughter is your Mommy instinct. Listen to it. Your child will behave and act or react to their environment and the closet thing they had for 40 weeks their mommy. I am not a fan of restricting a infants movements after birth. My niece was swaddled until 3 months ago and she is 2. She never was on a schedule, couldn’t put herself to sleep until almost 2 and stayed video monitored until a month ago. Every move and sound woke my brother and his now ex wife up and my poor niece was so uncomfortable in those outfits that she would try to sleep sitting up Good Ole fashion Mommy instincts is all you need:)

  15. Hi Ali! I have a one month old, and we’ve found that swaddling really helps her havw more restful sleep, especially because she is very squirmy! At night we put her in a Swaddleme and then use a muslin swaddle over that, so she’s actually double swaddled! At one month, she typically gives us a good 5 hour stretch of sleep! Congratulations to you and your growing family!

  16. Ali! I’m a maternity nurse, we recommend not swaddling at night (babies can break their swaddle and suffocate ?) but swaddle sacks provide babies comfort and the feel of being swaddled while they sleep without the worry of extra loose blankets!
    ❤️ Nicole

  17. I swaddled my twins when they were really small but my son didn’t like it much and wanted his hands out! Try it, if it works, great, if not, oh well. No baby is the same!

  18. I am an infant teacher with a child development associates certificate and I would tell you to NOT swaddle the baby. It can lead to SIDS. We never swaddle at the facility where I work. I would recommend a sleep sack by halo. Safe, comfy, and warm!

    1. This is exactly what I read! I think the nurse at my class confused me today because she said to swaddle at night but didn’t say only in a sleep sack. Thank you so much for clearing this up for me!

  19. My 6 month old LOVED being swaddled …..for 3 weeks. Just like that, she HATED it! Just do what feels right and baby will let you know what she likes!

  20. We swaddled with a swaddle blanket during the day. At night we discovered the Halo swaddle or sleep bags. We kept my sons arms inside the swaddle until he was a couple months old but still put him in the sleep bag. It seemed to help him and he slept through the night from week 2 on!

  21. My daughter swaddled her daughter at night and she slept in a rock and play sleeper…slept all night long.

  22. Hey Ali- I am 2 weeks behind you with our second baby- a girl 🙂 Our first born is a boy and he LOVED being swaddled during nap time AND night time. Made him feel secure. With parenting there is ALWAYS contradiciting stories, opinions, advice, etc., out there, but youll learn fast when your baby girl gets here that you will do what you feel is best! 🙂 good luck! We are almost there but yet it feels so far away!!! LOL..cant wait to hold my baby girl in my arms!!!!!

  23. I have a 10 month old and never swaddled. I tried but he hated it. Just go with what what she likes, you’ll know. Mine hated being restricted so swaddling just wasn’t an option. Go with your mommy gut.

  24. My son is 3 months and we’ve swaddled since the beginning. The one reason they say not to is bc of their hips. That’s why you need to leave it looser around the legs. Get the miracle blanket! It’s a lifesaver! It’s a dummy proof swaddle that allows for room around their legs and hips, while still wrapping up their arms. My son tried to fight the swaddle for a little bc he wanted to free his hands, but it was the only way he would sleep without waking himself up.

  25. I’ve never heard not to swaddle….

    Our first was obsessed! I swore I’d be teaching her college roommate how to swaddle her each night. Haha. Sure enough, as her ped said, she started fighting it and we switched to a wearable blankie.

    2 was anti swaddle but had a crazy startle reflex so we tried Baby Merlins Magic Sleep Suit and it was a dream come true!! Just got her into a wearable blankie at 10 months.

    All babes are different. You will be hyper aware of them and their safety 24/7 so do what makes them comfy and gets everyone some sleep.

  26. I am the Mommy to a 3yr old girl who became an amazing sleeper. She hated the swaddle when she was 5min old, but we didnt give up and tried the mermaid swaddle. She evolved into a sleeper that was so good my g-friends hated on me. Adapt to what your child does well with. My E didn’t like arms pinned down but slept well with the "hug" of a swaddle. She started sleeping thru the night at 7wks, sleeping 10-12hrs by 10-12wks, and has been sleeping 11-12hrs ever since. She slept swaddled till 12mo.

  27. My baby is 6 weeks old and we have swaddled him every night since the day we brought him home from the hospital, it’s the only way he stays asleep!

  28. Halo Sleepsacks are awesome! You get the benefits of swaddling without the fear of them breaking out of it. I always put a long or short-sleeved onesie underneath depending on the weather. Also, they have the "Bassinest" which is amazing if you haven’t seen it…it swivels over the bed so super safe for baby to sleep and convenient for mom!

  29. Swaddle! Just make sure to keep her on her back. Some believe swaddling will lead to SIDS if they break out of their swaddle and get caught up in the loose blankets. Check out the Ollie swaddle.. It’s amazing and a must! Good luck 🙂

  30. We’ve swaddled with all 3 of our babies. We did all the sleeping times for the first 4-6 weeks, then just at night for another few weeks and then started doing the swaddle more and more loosely at night until they were just sleeping with the swaddle blanket loosely around their torso and legs. My babies all slept through the night (more than 6 hours straight consistently) by 8 weeks. I did so much research and reading about sleep that I felt like when we weighed all the info it’s what we both felt best about and worked for us.

  31. My husband and I just went to a infant care class this week too. We were told to only Swaddle the baby to calm them. For example if they continue to cry she said try swaddling. She said they don’t recommend swaddling as much because it is linked to SIDS. Everyone has told something different.

  32. My oldest love to be swaddled. He wouldn’t go to sleep unless it was tightly around him. Now my youngest was the opposite and actually had to be on his tummy. You will learn what works for your baby!

  33. I have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old and a miracle blanket is how we survived the newborn period with both. I know that some people now say swaddling with loose blankets might be a sids risk now but frankly I don’t know how babies could sleep flat on their backs with nothing to keep them cozy! Also our son was born at 35 weeks and had to be double swaddled in order to keep his body temp up. But I also have friends whose babies hated swaddles and never used them. So be prepared for anything.

    Also, if you are going to nurse I would LOVE some posts on nursing styles. I just got a couple cute nursing sundresses – I had no idea there was a market for that kind of stuff. It’s pretty hard to find fashionable things that are easy to nurse in, or that give you access for pumping at work (forget over the head dresses) so any advice on that would be appreciated and followed!

  34. It is okay to swaddle at night until they can break their arms free or roll over, whichever comes first! My daughter hated her arms being swaddled so we left her arms out…she looked like she was wear a tube dress 😉

  35. my daughter didn’t want to be swaddled at the hospital so we did not force it… your baby is a clean slate they do not know what is right and wrong. Do what u feel is best and ur baby will let you know, you will figure it out as you go. I would not have swaddled my baby one way or another ill I have done since she was born to this day is take a receiving blanket and lay it over her weather she is on her or back or her belly… Think of it like this a little, would u want to be swaddled that tight? Or would u prefer just a blanket to cover you up? trusy me u will never take your eyes off of your baby once she is born! Good Luck!

  36. What an exciting time! Enjoy every minute of it, because it really go by so fast. We never swaddled at night… It actually made me really nervous because our little babe would move and wiggle so much that the blanket would come loose and I was worried about it covering her nose. I would recommend using a dockatot for sleeping though! Just remember… Every baby is different. What works for some people may not work for you and that’s totally okay! Don’t stress! Trust your instincts… You are the mom for a reason and in the end whatever decisions you make will be what’s best for your babe!

  37. Swaddling is no longer recommended. They get too comfortable, which allows them to get onto a deep deep sleep. That being said, is great for mom and dad, however, it drops them into deap breathing and makes it harder for the natural twitching, therefore making it harder to wake them and could lead to permanent stuff. If you are going to swaddle don’t confine their arms. Use a sack that they can move in and keep their arms free. And ONLY until they can roll. Once rolling no more swaddling.

      1. This coming from a home daycare provider whom has taken classes every year on this for 8 years and as well as a mother of 4. They are just thinking that the deeper sleep can lead towards sids( now SUIDS for sudden unexplained infant death syndrome)

  38. "Happiest Baby on the Block" saved us!! Best book ever! Apparently now you can just get the DVD too… It teaches you the 5 S’s, and one is swaddle.

    Our newborn would NOT sleep through the night until we swaddled her and added the sound machine (suggested by the book). She stayed swaddled for almost 8 months, and used the sound machine for years.

    You will figure out what works for you. Take all the advice you receive and use what feels right for your family.

    1. So far you are the 3rd person on this blog to recommend this DVD. And I have it!!! Can’t wait to watch it 🙂

  39. Try the Best of both worlds….. A swaddle sack! Both my boys loved it! (They can move their legs and get their arms out if they want.)
    Nicole Nastally

  40. So excited for you! Every baby is different and there is no right or wrong answer! My son was a wiggle worm and hated being swaddled at any point! He was happiest with no blanket. He’s almost 3 and is still the same. You’ll know what’s right whe. She is in your arms. Just wait and feel it out 🙂

  41. Hi Ali!
    First off – congratulations on your soon to arrive bundle of joy! You look gorgeous- absolutely glowing ?
    Re: swaddling at night —
    We live by swaddling at night. Our little guy is 2 months old and we’ve swaddled him since day 1. I trialled him out of his swaddle and his constant wiggling would cause him to wake himself up. And since he hated to be cold, the swaddle also kept him cozy and warm.

    There’s a video i highly recommend, called The Happiest Baby on the Block, ft. Pediatrician Harvey Kemp. It’s not too long and has been an amazing source of helpful info to not just us but a few of our good friends as well. It covers ways to calm a baby, including swaddling. The video appears to be from the 80s, but it was released in 2002 (just in case you were worried about outdated information).
    I highly recommend it ?
    Enjoy your baby girl!!

  42. My 6 month old has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks (we’re totally spoiled!), And she had been swaddled, used sleep sacks, and lots of diff things were tried in the beginning. The thing that finally worked was watching and following a video called happiest baby on the block. It is older, but still good stuff! Also, we swaddled but kept her arms out even though that isn’t recommended until 3-4 months. Not saying this works for every baby, but sure helped my little one (and my sanity!)

  43. The nurses always swaddled my babies and put them on their backs while I was in the hospital. I think it’s comforting for the baby especially in the first couple of days out of the womb. My older son liked it for longer but my younger son was much more wiggly and didn’t like feeling confined so we didn’t really swaddle him once we got home.

    I have had no bad experiences with it when the baby has been swaddled and held or laid on a flat surface (like a crib mattress). But not all babies like it! So, you’ll have to see. 🙂

    And once babies are more mobile, it won’t really be something you’ll need to do anyway so you don’t need to worry about them wiggling out and getting the blanket over their face or anything. With all of that said, do what makes YOU feel comfortable and what your baby seems to like.

  44. Hey Girl! I’m expecting my second daughter end of August amd my Quinny is 2. I swaddled Quinn floor about the first 8 weeks, then she hated it. I think she got too hot at that point, it was August after all. I plan to do the same with this one, but you’ll just have to see what your little one likes and doesn’t like. Best of luck, you’re a doll! ?

  45. My girl is 10 weeks and she sleeps best when she’s swaddled. Get the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, it’s from the 80s but a complete lifesaver to soothe your baby. Trust me be best $15 on Amazon and 45 minutes you will spend in prep for your baby! I bought a copy and am passing it around to all my girlfriends who are getting pregnant, it’s that helpful of information, it has worked like a charm for my baby. All babies like to be swaddled because they were just soo tight and cozy in your belly so it’s natural, he talks about it in the dvd. Sometimes when you are swaddling they cry and fight it but typically calm down right after you’re done so follow through and don’t give up! I use the Halo swaddle sacks. I think they recommend not swaddling with blankets and especially the Aden and anis (although I love them for everything else) swaddles because once they are about a month they wiggle out of them and can def become a choking hazard. Good luck mama!

    1. So happy to hear it’s a great DVD because I JUST bought it last week! We plan to watch it this week 🙂

  46. Definitely try the swaddle blanket! If she wiggles around, you won’t have the risk of a lose blanket in the crib. My daughter didn’t like her arms in the swaddle so we were able to leave them out but still have a "blanket" to keep her warm.

    1. I think that’s what was confusing me -but now is more clear! Thanks to all of you! Swaddle at night – but only with a sleep sack so the "blanket" can’t get loose and suffocate her.

  47. We swaddled both of our boys at night for quite a while. I just made sure it was snug and tucked the end in so they couldn’t get it on their faces. They also slept in a bassinet next to me. Just do what you feel comfortable with.

  48. The only way my son would sleep was swaddled right in his favorite blankie! With the monitor in their room hi won’t miss a beat the first year if they cough cry or wighke!!!

  49. I was just reading all of these comments and I think that you can swaddle during the day time when she is with you and your are watching her or something and then do a sleep sack at night…? I really have no clue because I am not a mom.

  50. Definitely swaddle. It gives the baby a sense of security just like they were in the womb. You can do so many different things depending how they sleep and they’re good at letting you know when they’re done. My son kicked out of it and we knew he was done. At that point we moved to a sleep sac so he was still warm. Good luck!

  51. My boys are only ages 5 and 3 and in those short years the rules of swaddling have changed. My oldest hated it, but it was the only way my youngest would sleep. However, now It is generally not recommended. A sleep sack is awesome and it seems most babies love it. It keeps their arms free while the rest of them is snuggled up in the little sack. Congratulations, and enjoy!!!

  52. Every baby is different!! Some babies love being swaddled as they find it comforting to be all snug and warm. My baby loved it for the first week and then there was no chance he was going to be swaddled again! You will figure it out with time! I was always so worried that I wouldn’t know what my baby needed (and some days that’s still the case) but with time and patience, you will figure it out!! Cograts!

  53. Congratulations! Mom of two here (4 years and 9 months). Yes to swaddling! Yes, yes, yes. The only thing you need to make sure is when baby is around 4/5 months and starts rolling, it’s time to drop the swaddle. But at that point baby will prob be ready to drop it. Good luck to you!! Xx

  54. Hi! We swaddled our son up until he was about three months old. Swaddling helped him sleep longer and eventually throughout the night by six weeks. Babies have a startle reflex that wakes them up throughout the night so swaddling helped with that. I swear by the Swaddle Me swaddles that I’ve found at target and babies r us. They are Velcro so it’s impossible for the baby to break out of them during the night and possibly have the blanket cover their face like a regular blanket or swaddle could (although I did use those in the very beginning). You are right in that once your little girl is here she will have her own preferences and you will know what works best for her!

  55. We swaddled with an amazing thing called a Woombie. It is considered safe for any baby that can’t roll over yet, but I was hyper paranoid and paired it with a device called a Snuza to monitor the baby’s movements. It’s actually relatively inexpensive and gave us such peace of mind. Fair warning, we did get two false warnings in the whole 9 months that she wore it from her wiggling it off. They were terrifying, but easily resolved by running to her room and there were only 2 of them. Most moms are more laid back than me, but it always gave me peace of mind.

  56. I’ve heard some of the same conflicting things – one thing a nurse said was to not swaddle cause of overheating, the all the other nurses swaddled the baby! I swaddled my son in blanket then moved into a swaddler with Velcro after a month or so. He used in the swaddler until he was 6 months old and grew out of it. It’s one of those things that there’s conflicting professional opinions on and you ultimately do what you are most comfortable with.

  57. Do whatever works for you. It’s perfectly ok to swaddle as long as baby cannot roll over. The hospital will tell you to swaddle with arms out, but IMO that defeats the purpose. We swaddles our baby girl every time she slept until she was about 4.5 months old. Then she let us know that she didn’t need it anymore. But until that point, swaddling is the only way she would sleep. Congratulations!!

  58. We swaddle. My baby is 2 1/2 months. We use a swaddle sack type thing that velcros around him so it cant get loose. I also love that I know he will stay warm because theres no way for him to kick out of it! He sleeps in a bassinet right next to my side of the bed.
    They come in a ton of different colors/patterns! Heres a link just so you can see what im talking about!

  59. Our doctor told us we could swaddle our little one until they could roll from their back to their tummy. We swaddle him at night because if his arms are free he wakes himself up! It is safe to swaddle until they can roll (they could get stuck face down and not be able to breathe) however, do what is best for you and your baby girl! Some babies love being swaddled because it is like being in utero and I am sure some hate it! Find what works for you and go with it 🙂 Your mommy instincts will kick in as soon as your little peanut enters the world, you got this!! 🙂

    1. Also, halo sleep sacks will be your best friend if you choose to swaddle! We got one from the hospital but bought a few as well! The fleece ones are easiest to swaddle but we also have some cotton ones that are great for hotter weather too! Babies are like little ninjas when it comes to getting their arms out of a swaddle-stinkers!

  60. Trust your instincts and follow your baby’s lead! My little guy is a thumb sucker and never wanted his hands swaddled down, so we started with just swaddling his legs and quickly switched to a sleep sack because he would wiggle his way out of the swaddle.

  61. I swaddled all four of my children using the Miracle Blanket. For my last two (which are twins), I swaddled them and they slept in the Rock n’ Play Sleeper for the first few months. I felt more comfortable knowing they were at a slight incline and sleeping within arm’s reach. It worked out really well. Best of luck!

  62. let your baby take the lead on the swaddling. both my boys hated it they scream the roof off if you swaddle them till this day my 5 year old does not like being closed up tightly. i also read an article where they said that swaddling my also be a leading factor in SIDS. Good luck with the last part of your journey you are almost there 😉

  63. I have 5 kids and I can tell you, none of them are the same. I personally didn’t swaddle any of them. I was never comfortable with the whole swaddling thing and when my first some was born 30+ years ago, they didn’t swaddle. I also let all my babies sleep in my bed with me, which they say is a major No No. I think the best advise I can give you is this…do what you feel comfortable with. You will know what your baby likes and dislikes. It’s all trial and error, for both you and your precious baby. And be prepared to feel love like you have never known the second you see your baby. It’s the most amazing feeling ever and it only gets stronger with each day.

  64. We swaddled with all 3 of ours. They eventually started to not like it because they liked to sleep with their arms raised above their heads! The swaddling seems to help comfort them and gives them the tightness they experience in the womb. You will know if your baby girl likes it or not based on her reactions to it. Do what she likes and what you are comfortable with. I agree with others that I liked the Swaddle Me ones with the velcro. Much easier than using a blanket. 🙂

  65. Swaddle. Definitely swaddle. We loved the Halo sleep sacks with the velcro wings, and used them everynight with a onesie underneath. They allow the legs to be free which is better for the babies hips. Also, as long as you only place them on their backs to sleep and stop swaddling once they can roll over, it is perfectly safe.

  66. Your mommy instinct will kick in when your little one arrives. My son hated to to swaddled! Hated it! He would even figure out a way to sneak a foot out his footed onsies. You can read a million books, but he will still have his own way of doing it. Follow your heart and instinct…it will not lead you astray.

  67. Hey Ali!

    I’m not a mother but I do work in a preschool, DHS is really strick on what is in our babies cribs and blankets they use. We use the Aden + Anais Muslin blankets and they are super soft, and breathable for infants that do swaddle. They are the best blankets. I do agree with other women’s comments below, when they are done they will let you know. I’m so excited to see you as a mother!

  68. My first didn’t like swaddling. My daughter couldn’t sleep unless she was swaddled. Look into the halo sleep sack. It’s amazing.

  69. We swaddled. It helps your little one adjust to being outside the womb, especially in the beginning. Some like it more than others. You will just have to read your baby girl. My daughter only needed to be swaddled for a few weeks, but my son startled himself too much when we didn’t swaddle him. We had to take one arm out at a time. Like some of the other comments from people, once they can roll, they will have a harder time rolling back, so it would be best to ease off the swaddle by then. Good luck!

  70. Miracle blanket is absolutely amazing! We loved the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets as well and used them for everything but preferred the miracle blanket for swaddling.

  71. You can read a trillion books and at the end of the day every baby is different and you just kind of "figure it out!" Your mommy instincts will kick in. I would definitely recommend swaddling. We did for the first few weeks and then I stopped because I thought he hated it! He was grunting and moving all around and I thought "He’s trying to break free he hates it." Come to find out that’s just normal newborn behavior. I wish we had kept swaddling because it probably would have saved us many sleepless nights due to him waking up from his falling reflex ( can’t remember what it’s called.) Try a few different methods and see what works best for your babe but swaddling is definitely safe at night! All the luck! Xo

  72. Hi Ali! I’m a momma to a 7 month beautiful girl and when we brought her home we did swaddle for bedtime and naps. She absolutely hates her arms being tied down in that blanket tho, so we left out her arms and just swaddled up under her arms so her body was still cozy and warm. (She was born in November so I was overly paranoid about her being cold) It does sound cliche but you’ll know your baby and what she likes and doesn’t prefer too much. It’s try and then try and then try again till u figure out their preferences. I also liked the blanket under her arms for my piece of mind that it was away from her face. Mom instinct does kick in and you’ll just know. Don’t fret too much, you got this momma!

  73. We swaddled til our son was able to roll over. The Miracle Blanket and Swaddle Me wraps were the best for us. In the end do what you feel is best for you and your baby.

  74. Yes, swaddling is bad if not done correctly. A safe option is buying the zip up swaddlers. Check out or similar products. My daughter loved hers for the first couple of weeks. Then she didn’t like being constricted.

    As a mom you are going to read so much and learn so much it becomes overwhelming. But it also makes you a well rounded mom. Just remember that people will criticize you for little things, don’t let it get to you and don’t worry about doing it all perfectly. Truly enjoy your daughter when she arrives, the days just aren’t long enough. Trust me, you’ll figure everything out as you go and you will find contradicting information everywhere. Remember all babies are different and all parents approach parenting differently. There really is no one answer. They tell you not to co-sleep but I did for 6 months. I also let my daughter sleep on her belly any chance I could let her where she was fully supervised. Why? Because she slept better that way. Till this day we both enjoy and afternoon nap together and she loves to sleep on her belly. Other babies are not like that. People gave me a hard time about breastfeeding and how I go about it, and what people don’t know is there is no right way to do that either. My friend produced so much milk she could nurse a village. Pumping 10 oz at a shot. I was lucky if I could pump 4 at a shot. You will figure it out as you go.

    One thing I do recommend is learning infant CPR and being comfortable with it.

    A couple things to check out: snuggle me organic and secure beginnings mattress. And I wish I invested in glasses that had a little recorder attached to it so I could crop and save some awesome videos of my daughter.

    Good luck, she will be here before you know it!

  75. My son is 18 months and loved the halo sacks but only he would not have his arms in they had to be out. He loves his Aden and Anais blankets and will not go anywhere without them. You will figure out what is best for your little one:

  76. Hi Ali! My name is lauren, I am a neonatal ICU nurse and teach parents this stuff all the time! So usually I recommend that you swaddle your baby with arms out (either in a blanket or a "SwaddleMe" wrap) up to 6 months while sleeping. Always "back to sleep" with a crib free of any additional blankets, stuffed animals, etc. However, some babies sleep very comfortably unswaddled. The key is to not have anything else in the crib except for a mattress, the baby, and a tight swaddle. Anything else in the crib can put the baby at risk for SIDS. Hope that helps a little 🙂 your postpartum nurses will also be a wealth of knowledge. And remember no question is "stupid", parenting is scary stuff! But you will both do great!

  77. First time mommy to a 5 month old and swaddling saved our life at first! She loved it and was much happier…also-baby wearing! We did both of these all the time for the first 3 months and it helped her feel safe and cozy. But one day out of the blue I just "felt" like the swaddling days were over. It’s true what everyone says…let your instinct kick in!

  78. The best advise anyone can give is to just do what you feel is right and what you are comfortable with. Every baby is an individual and your Mommy instinct will kick in right away. As for me, I have 3 girls and they all loved to be swaddled, but each had their own unique way; my oldest liked her arms swaddled, but not her legs, middle liked her arms out, but swaddled from armpits down, and my third liked to be swaddled all over. I used the Swaddle Me brand which worked great for all 3 of them and as others have said, once the baby starts rolling over, then stop swaddling. Good luck to you!!

  79. I’m a childbirth educator & teach Baby Care classes. What you probably read was a result of a recent & very vague study. It created such controversy. The info in the study discusses increased danger to babies that are swaddled while placed on their bellies or side. It also discussed babies swaddled while there were other items in the crib. AND not to continue swaddling once baby can roll over. All of these were things previously recommended to avoid SIDS. However, swaddling babies while placed on their back in an empty crib & not overheated/overdressed within the first 3mos of life is perfectly fine. 🙂
    Of course, discuss with your pediatrician after baby arrives. Hope that helps!!!

  80. Ali

    You were adorable before you were pregnant and now you are just even more adorable! I love your style. As far as swaddling, my son loved to sleep in a swaddle. He would sometimes startle awake because for some reason newborns arms fly up and wake them up when they are sleeping…? Anyways, he started sleeping so much better in a swaddle. He was too little to roll over and I kept him in a rock n play so he wasn’t laying flat. I feel like you can read all you want but ultimately whatever makes you sleep better at night and feel like is best for your child
    You should do! So many people will give advice and honestly it stresses me out. I just started doing what I felt was right and what was best for our family.

  81. We swaddled my 6 month old for the first 3 months. I had mixed feelings regarding it because I don’t feel like she loved it. As an infant she definitely liked being a burrito but as she got bigger she would often kick out of it, no matter how tight it was. If she isn’t rolling, there is no reason not to swaddle. My girl also preferred her arms being out — yet doesn’t really love the sleep sacks.

    After 3 months, we actually put her in the Merlin Magic Suit. It is PURE MAGIC. She has slept through the night ever since day one (and she’s a breast fed baby). Definitely look into it if you want a full nights sleep or better naps. She still uses it now! Added bonus? She looks hysterical in it.

    Best of luck!

  82. Hi ali!
    I’m a postpartum nurse working with new babies and new mommies every day! Such a rewarding job! We all swaddle all the babies in the hospital! Babies tend to really love a good swaddle and really calms them down! It’s not safe anymore if the baby can wiggle out of your swaddle and get the covers over their mouth- that’s when you can use sleep sacks! Good luck with everything I have loved following your journey from the Bachelor all the way to this!
    Courtney 🙂

  83. Swaddle at night helps baby feel comfy and secure. They can’t move arms and startle themselves awake. My two girls loved being swaddled. They recommend stopping the swaddle once baby can roll over so around 4-6months old because then they can suffocate because they might not be able to roll backnover, then you can switch to the sleep sacks, where their hands are free but feet are still cozy inside the sack.

  84. Swaddling is good to show them its sleep time. All my boys were swaddled and were great sleepers. I stopped once they began showing signs of rolling and transtioned them into a sleeping bag now thats their que its bedtime 🙂

  85. Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle! Both of my babies would jump themselves awake with their arms free. My daughter(who just turned 5) would fuss in the evenings until we swaddled her! My son was more hot natured and didn’t enjoy for as long. I am now pregnant with our third and will swaddle again. And for the record, the halo swaddle wearable blankets are a GOD SEND!!! So much easier to deal with when you re-swaddle in the middle of the night!

  86. Love you Ali! You will be a great Mom. Try not to worry. Swaddling is amazing!!! You must Kangaroo that is first.. Skin to skin on your chest.. Baby will bond big time. Only you and Dad do this.. Yes, swaddling is the best.. As long as you can., you will know when the baby no longer needs it. Could be a week or 2 months..

  87. Our paediatrician showed us how to swaddle in the hospital. We continued to do it until we sleep trained at 4 months, at that point she was in a sleep sack and needed her arms free so she could soothe herself by sucking her thumb and holding her ear. That being said, some babies don’t take well to be in swaddled so like you said, you’ll have to go through the experience. It’s amazing how quickly you learn what they love and don’t love. ?

  88. Swaddling is amazing!! My daughter is now 4 months and she would love her hands by her face when she was 2-3 months, which with the Halo sleep sacks you can swaddle and kept their little hands out by their face! We transitioned her out of the swaddle and just started her in the Merlin magic sleep suit and it is amazing!!

  89. Swaddling is amazing! Naps and at night. After awhile you transition the with one arm out then the other and then finally transition to a sleep sack. There are some babies who hate being swaddle too. My friends baby was like that. Hopefully you get an amazing sleeper!

  90. Swaddling at night is a must. They are used to being in a small space and can be overwhelmed with too much space. My two babies always untucked their arms but as long as they comfy and safe it’s all good. But it’s a lifesaver in the beginning when they’re fussing at night.

  91. One thing I learned when I had my son is you can plan all you want but they decide what they like and you kinda go with it. At the hospital they will swaddle your baby but once home it may not work. Be ready to try but not discouraged if it doesn’t. I’ve heard great things about a sleep suit you can get on Amazon I didn’t need to use it but parents that have where happy with the results. My son at 2 months sleeps from 9pm-6am and I have no clue how it happened not swaddling or any advice he just did it! Again don’t drive your self crazy they decide everything once they are here! I’ve spent half my maternity leave returning things to babies r us since I didn’t need to use it! Good luck!

  92. My son is now 10 weeks old and has never been swaddled and sleeps great!! We tried to swaddle him, had the easy Velcro swaddlers and everything. He hated it!!! He is always moving his arms around and couldn’t stand not to be able to.

  93. Hi Ali, we swaddled both of our babies and they slept great. Our daughter loved it so much that we swaddled her all the way until she started rolling over. As long as the swaddle is loose fitting around the legs, it should be good. I was so worried about SIDS and thought swaddling would increase the risk, but it does not. I absolutely recommend it!

  94. Some babies love to be swaddled, some don’t. I tried with all 3 of mine, only 1 liked it. The swaddles with the Velcro are much easier to use. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with. The best advice I was given (and continue to remind myself this at least once a week) – babies are born with a blank slate, whatever we "allow" them to learn, is what they learn. Good luck with everything.

  95. I think it’s super dependent on your baby. Some love it some hate it. We swaddled in muslin blankets until our daughter rolled over in her sleep (like…3 months max?) then we tried just the sleep sacks but her reflexes kept waking her up and it was a long few nights for all of us. Recently we switched to the halo sleep sack with the swaddle.. it gives her the swaddled feeling (we swaddle arms out) but the downside is she still gets a bit of the reflexes.. however.. it’s much safer for her to be able to have her arms out. I would reccommend both the muslin blanket swaddling and the halo sleep sacks with swaddle but it’s going to be all up to your girl whether she digs that or not.

  96. Hi, Ali! My baby girl, Addison (Addy) Drew, is 3 weeks old. Others are absolutely right when they say every baby is different. And I can definitely relate to the confusion of conflicting advice – it seems like EVERY part of motherhood has so many options and reasons why each option is "best"…but what I’ve found so far is it’s best to follow your baby’s lead and your mama instincts. I tried to "plan," but when it came down to it, my 7.5 lb daughter is calling the shots for now! If your little girl doesn’t like to be swaddled (or like the particular swaddle you’re using…or just doesn’t like it at that moment), she’ll let you know! 🙂
    My advice for swaddles would be that which I received about bottles: get several different types because there’s no knowing what baby will prefer (and it might differ depending on the day!). I would recommend Summer SwaddleMe pods, as well as the same brand’s velcro swaddler. Additionally, Addy LOVES her Halo Sleepsack, which allows her to move her feet and can be left with arms unswaddled, if you choose. And you can’t go wrong with a traditional swaddle with a gauzy muslin blanket…although they’re tough to keep secure until you master the swaddle! One thing my midwife did suggest was securing the arms across baby’s chest, as opposed to down by her sides, as it’s a more natural position for her.
    All the best. 🙂 Looking forward to your "baby’s here" announcement!

  97. Much of what I think about swaddling is similar to the other comments but I think it wouldn’t hurt to have reassurance of a particular opinion. I swaddled both my babies and they loved it, especially my most recent boy–he would startle himself awake if he wasn’t swaddled and when he started getting out of the swaddle we put him in Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit which you could find on Amazon! It was amazing and it just kept him feeling secure like a swaddle but it wasn’t one.

    I just recently heard an article about it now being better to not swaddle but as I read the article more thoroughly I realized they were more saying that swaddling and placing a baby on their tummy is a no no which hopefully all know already that no baby should be on heir tummy sleeping until they turn over to sleep on their own.

    You’ll be amazing with your sweet girl because you 3 will be learning together and that is the best! Good luck with everything!

  98. I swaddled my son at nap and bedtime with a Halo sleepsack swaddle. (This is also what the hospital used where I delivered.) I swaddled with arms in until he was able to roll then switched to the Halo sleepsack without the swaddle. I plan to do the same with my second babe due in August.

  99. Ali! I’m a new mommy myself, my sweet pea will be turning 5 months soon. When it comes to swaddling (much like everything else) I think you have to do what feels right for you and your babe. i wanted to swaddled Mila to help her sleep better, we tried many different ones and she always managed to get herself out of them and quickly learnt to sleep without one. My nephew could not live without it and was swaddled until he was 8 months old. Once your bundle comes, you’ll figure out what works for you! ?

  100. Hi Ali, I’m writing this as I am rocking my 11-week old son in his Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. I see other moms have recommended this and I would as well. These are the positives: 1) As he is reaching 3-months old, I am slowly transitioning him out of the swaddle because he is starting to turn over and also he has been trying to suck on his hand to self-soothe. So, this great sleep sack swaddle allows me to start with one arm out and one arm swaddled. 2) Like another mom said, this swaddle also allows your little one to kick their legs around like in a sleeping bag – this worked for me because our babe is a big strong kicker and a big squirmer! (Also, when I say BIG, it’s also because he was born 11 pounds!! So he is strong!!) 3) BEST positive – If they poop while sleeping, you can change their diaper while they are still swaddled because it zips from top to bottom, so all you have to do is unzip at the bottom.

    The only one negative is how loud the Velcro is if you’re adjusting it while sleeping. But the Velcro is also one of the best things about it because it keeps them nice and snug.

    I hope this helps!


  101. We swaddle at night time…and sometimes for naps if she seems fussy and won’t fall asleep, a light swaddle usually does the trick. You just have to play around with which swaddled they like best. Halo sleep sack swaddle is nice but ours hated her arms down. So we got this one called love to dream swaddle and it allows for arms to be up by face, plus it’s just a zipper- no velcro is nice! Swaddling helps a baby feel secure, being out of the womb is a scary thing at first! Our babe is 8 wks now and is sleeping 6 hrs at a time swaddled up 🙂

  102. I swaddled my son from day one until he was able to roll over! My sister and friends have all done the same,but in the end you need to do what you feel most comfortable with. A lot of people use sleep sacks at bedtime. Whatever choice you make, you will be a wonderful mom!

  103. Swaddling is great, night or day. I had one child that didn’t like to be swaddled tightly, so I kept the swaddle loose. I had another child that lived to be swaddled. You will find what your baby likes / dislikes!!

  104. Swaddling saved me with both my kids and they have continued to have great sleep gappits at 5 and 2 years old now. I continued the swaddle after leaving the hospital and continued with both until around a year old. Every child is different so you will get to know yours and discover if they resist (at first) but it eventually cals them or if the swaddle isn’t for you. Baby sleep is one of the most difficult tasks to manage so try not to be too hard on yourself! It takes practice/trial and error! I highly recommend Babywise method.

  105. 3 kids. Swaddled with a good old fashioned blanket until they started breaking the swaddle themselves. My 3rd took the longest to break it and my pediatrician said that she has never seen a kid that doesn’t start breaking the swaddle on their own. My first two always wanted their arms out so after I swaddled them up, if they got their arms free I left it be. You’ll figure it out. It’s amazing how mother’s intuition kicks in!!!

  106. You will have to see what works for your little girl. We tried swaddling when our daughter first came and she always tried to get her hands by her face. I know other babies love that tight, warm feeling and need it to fall asleep. Can’t wait to see your little lady! ?

  107. We swaddled our baby boy for the first few months until he gained strength to get out of it! ? And it seemed to really relax him so he would fall asleep so I absolutely reccomend it from my experience! And the class I took before we had our baby boy really encouraged the swaddling!

  108. We used a Halo sleepsack for both of our boys from birth to about 6 months. They are both tummy sleepers now but never once were able to flip over in their swaddled halo sack. I really liked these as you can wrap their arms in or out of the wrap. If the arms are out, then they are more likely close to not needing the swaddle at all. Definitely recommend as it helps with sleep training.

  109. I have two girls (4 and 6) and they were so different as babies. One loved being swaddled and slept that way for almost 6 months. The other only liked it for a few weeks. Some babies really need that "restriction" to feel comfortable and safe, and some can’t stand it! My one big piece of advice is, you can never spoil a newborn too much! With my first I had read SO much information (probably too much) that I was constantly worrying about feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, etc. With my second I had learned to just let her lead more as a newborn, and hold and cuddle her as much as possible.
    You will be an amazing mom!!

  110. I would say.. Do what works for YOU! If your baby ends up liking being swaddled and sleeps good that way, then swaddle her!!!! Some babies like to be swaddled and some are sprawlers. My son loved being swaddled! He slept in a swaddle until about 4 months old when he started rolling over. At that point we started weaning him from the swaddle. We would swaddle with one arm out for a few days and then we let the other arm out and then eventually took it off. We also had a zipadee zip that’s a great transitional swaddle sack. Wishing you a healthy and safe delivery for you and baby!

  111. There is no way our little girl would sleep longer than an hour without being swaddled..we swaddle her all the time. She loves it and is so soothed by it. We are doing 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night at 7 weeks and there is no way that would happen without the swaddle because she’d startle herself awake to often.

  112. Swaddling is a must for the newborns but after the first few weeks do what works for your baby. My first two babies loved to be swaddled, but my third slept great without which was actually very nice! One less thing for me to do to insure a good night rest. But if swaddling gets you more sleep do it!!!

  113. I swaddled at night until she could start to escape. Newborns like the bundled feeling. She’s a great sleeper now because we swaddled!

  114. Hi Ali,
    I never swaddled my kids. I recently read an article that swaddling might contribute to SIDS. Don’t know how true that is but why take a chance.? Make sure the baby’s room or your room if baby is in your room, is cool but not cold but not to warm. Always put baby to sleep on its back. Good luck and God bless!!
    Missy Cohen.

  115. Oh girl you will be so thankful you did swaddle at night! Babies startle themselves awake, especially newborns, multiple times while sleeping. Keeping them swaddled will make them feel safe and secure and will ensure you a peaceful sleep!! I did it with my two kiddos and they are perfectly fine!!

  116. I’ve had 4 kids. My first loved to be swaddled and that is how we put her to bed every night. None of the other 3 liked it, so I actually made one of those crochet cocoon things that I put the baby to bed in. They stayed warm, but there was no blanket to fuss with. Honestly, you and Kevin will try different things and learn what works best for you and your little princess. Good luck!! ?

  117. We swaddled our son and he loved it! He woke himself often throughout the night when he would twitch or move his arms. Once we swaddled him he was able to relax and his sleep improved! We loved the ‘Swaddle Me’ blankets. You both will figure out what is best for your little one? Follow your mommy instincts and trust yourself. You both will do great im sure?

  118. Once baby can roll over, you should not swaddle her to sleep that’s how swaddling can contribute to SIDS. They roll over and then are stuck on their stomachs unable to roll on their back. Some babies love to be all swaddled up. Others like their arms free. And others just hate it all together. ENJOY this time before baby comes because once she is here, you are a parent FOREVER!!!!!!

    Oh!! And you will hear/get conflicting advice about EVERYTHING. You just need to figure out who to listen to and, most importantly, find your tribe.

  119. Swaddle at night using a Halo sleep sack. Keeps baby’s arms from startling them without confining their hips. The sleep sack is amazing!

  120. I’m a pediatric nurse. Swaddle until they can roll. But they feel very comfortable and safe when swaddled especially when sleeping. Every baby is different so you’ll see once baby is here and you try. But swaddling even for sleep is definitely the way to go. You’ll be a great mama! Good luck ❤️

  121. Dear beautiful Ali,

    I send you a very cool post message about a way that Kevin can experience the baby kick, I wish back in my days things like this could be share.
    My only advice is breastfeeding, we all know is the healthiest way to go but TRUST me it hurts a lot in the beginning just keep in mind that it gets better after 2 weeks or so. I remember feeling betrayed by all the pictures of moms breastfeeding because I thought I was going to die. Buy the cream medela!! It will be your best friend.

  122. We used the Halo swaddle sleep sack and our girl was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks! With not swaddling her, she would wake up multiple times. Halo is approved by our pediatrician so we go with it!

  123. I have a 5 month old and she didn’t like to be swaddled at all, so swaddling only lasted a week for us. There are companies that make swaddles that you simply Velcro or zip your child into, woombie and halo are two companies that I like for those. My daughter slept in her Rock N Play for the first 3 months, which gave the security of swaddling without the blanket confines. What ever you and Kevin decide about swaddling will be the best choice for your little girl. Trust your instinct, you got this momma 🙂

  124. Hi Ali! I have a 5 month old daughter and we swaddled her from the very beginning. We used the Aiden and Anais swaddle blankets and the Velcro ones (super easy to use). we followed Moms on Call which is a schedule and advice from 2 pediatric nurses out of Atlanta. It’s been super helpful so check it out. We swaddled her palms down by her side SUPER tight until around 12 weeks. I think it helps them feel secure. There’s so much information- don’t get overwhelmed! The most helpful thing for me has been doing like you have and asking other moms. 🙂

  125. Swaddle is best for us!! She sleeps like a champ but only if she’s swaddled. She’s 5 months and we still swaddle. I’m dreading the day we have to stop. The summer me Velcro swaddles are the best! It really depends on your babies startle reflex. My little one fought the swaddle at first but definitely needed it.

  126. Highly recommend the book and video "Happiest Baby on the Block." I will advise fopr swaddling or not it 100% depends on the temperament of your baby, and even if they love it you probably only really need it for the first 2-3 months while they are still transitioning to the world from the womb. You will probably want to try it, as anything that might potentially get you even 10 more minutes of sleep you’ll want to try, lol. My son busted out of his swaddles by 3 weeks old not matter what we did, how tight, velcros, whatever. My daughter did great, but we found she did better if we left one of her arms out for her to put by her ear. With most things, you’ll just want to try it and see what works best for your family. We went to tons of baby classes and read tons of books as well and Happiest Baby on the Block, for us, had more useful info than everything else we did to prepare altogether.

  127. Hi Ali! Well, I have a 2mth old and am continuing to learn everyday. ? When it comes to swaddling, it really depends on the baby. They swaddled our daughter from the beginning in the hospital; however, she would always kick her way out of it no matter how secure and tightly they put her in there. It then becomes a safely concern if she’s able to get out of it and it lays over her face…no loose blankets at all in a crib/bassinet with a newborn. So, from the start, we put her in sleep sacks with her arms free. It allows her to move her arms and legs inside the sack but with the feeling that she is still secure and snuggled inside. Hope this helps. PS, I wouldn’t place her on her tummy at night due to the risk of SIDS. We do, however, allow her on her tummy during the day when I can watch her to practice lifting her head.

  128. Hi Ali! What a lot of information you’ve received allready. I whatched a video on YouTube: Dunstan Baby Language. The woman in the video will tell you about 5 cries every baby makes. You will soon understand and hear what your little girl needs. It takes you only a couple of minutes to watch 🙂 It gave me such a great feeling to be able to help them and it saved a lot of tears 😉 When you get to know your baby you will see if she needs to be swaddled. My son liked it, but I never needed to swaddle my daughter.
    Enjoy en good luck!

  129. I swaddled both of my boys from the moment they came home from the hospital until they were approximately 8 weeks old, when they would no longer tolerate the swaddle. They both slept like champs. It makes the baby feel like they are still in the womb, so I’d definitely do it!

  130. I decided that I needed to do things how I felt comfortable. I had lots of people tell me that a blanket over the baby in a crib isn’t safe, bumper pads are not safe, putting my kid rear facing in the next stage carseat wasn’t safe, I took the railing off apparently too soon.. it’s amazing how others thing they can parent your child better than you.. But I didn’t go according to anyone but what I felt was comfortable. My mom had bumper pads when we were babies. We all tured out fine. I did with my daughter as well. She is now a year and 3 months. When it comes to swaddling, that was one of my favorite things and my daughter slept WAY better. She never wiggled her way out of it a’s long as her arms were not in the swaddle. I say, learn as you go because you will always have people telling you that one way is better than the other or you should do it a different way. Play it by ear once your babe is here. Some babies don’t even like to he swaddled. Whatever decision you make will be the perfect decision. 🙂

  131. Hi Ali! We swaddled our baby at night for about 4-5 months and I would definitely recommend it. She would sometimes fight it initially but then would sleep well. So I’d give it a shot even if you think she doesn’t want to be swaddled! We used the summer i fant swaddle me and the halo sleepsack swaddle. Both are good.
    I hope you get a good sleeper! At 7 months, nighttime sleep is going well for Lia (about 10-11 hours straight) but naptime is a constant battle.

  132. I used swaddle/sleep sacks versus swaddle blankets!! that zip and have arm hikes so you don’t risk it getting up on the little one’s face. they are amazing! as a physical therapist, I have read a lot in swaddling and there is some research to back that babies have hip problems later as they were able to move their legs due to the swaddle. with these sleep sacks they are still able to kick and move with the benefit of being swaddled!! definitely recommend.

  133. Hi Ali!
    I have a 2 and a half year old and a 3 month old. I swaddled my 2 and a half year old every night until he was 6 months old (which is when he could roll from back to front). My 3 month old is still being swaddled at night and she loves it too! Due to the Moro reflex they can startle easy so the swaddle helps prevent that. We used the hospital blanket to swaddle them when they’re really small but eventually moved to the Halo sleep sack which has a zipper and Velcro.
    Both of our children are amazing sleepers and I think it’s because we established good sleeping patterns early on
    Good luck!

  134. You do what works for your baby. My 4 year old was swaddled and needed it for a long time. My 2 year old was never swaddled because the startle reflex didn’t really wake him.

  135. We were told to swaddle, so we did… My first always wiggled her arms out. We eventually stopped fighting it and she slept so much better without her arms swaddled down. The halo sleep sacks still have the extra cozy wrap but where the arms can be free. My advice would be to not commit to either, and do what your peanut likes!
    Also a tip we learned with our second (that I wish we knew with our first!)… They love their baths but seem to not like getting their hair/head washed. Our postpartum nurse told and then showed us how to bathe her body and then wrap her up… Then take her hat off and do her head then. Such a different experience! Enjoy!

  136. Swaddle! I didn’t swaddle my daughter (didn’t know how important it was) and I wish I had. She was the worst sleeper for the first 10 months it was awful! Get a sound machine those help. Also watch for signs of heartburn and elevate the crib with a wedge if she has acid reflux.

  137. My baby wouldn’t sleep without being swaddled. Newborns and infants have very strong startle reflexes which often wakes them up without a swaddle. I swaddled until about 3.5 months at night then he went on his back. (Napping on the belly was a life saver for us!) Swaddling is the closest thing to being in the womb and feeling safe and secure. Do the swaddle at night for sure!!

  138. We swaddled my son pretty tightly until he could roll over which for him was really early. 10 weeks. He’s huge and strong! He was constantly waking himself up though with his arms and swaddling made all the difference. At 10 weeks we got a Zipadeezip which is also a lifesaver. He is now 17 months old and still sleeps in it. He loves it!!!! Check them out. Ultimately, every baby has their own likes and dislikes so it’s trial and error.

  139. Swaddle until they can roll over from back to belly-then it’s not safe anymore because they can’t use their arms to roll back over. Look into at that point for zip-a-zip sleep sacks…they transition them from swaddling to sleeping on their own, but leaves their arms available to roll back over.

  140. Hi!! I’m an infant and children’s sleep consultant and I definitely say swaddle swaddle swaddle…Especially in the beginning! Newborns have what’s called the Moro reflex; also called startle reflex! The startle can last up to 4 months old! Once baby is like 2.5/3 months old I highly recommend the magic Merlin sleep suit! Once strong enough to roll over I would put an end to swaddling and the suit! At 4 months old if baby is still not sleeping through the night and relying on "crutches" to sleep; that’s where I can help! Email me at for more info! 🙂

  141. Swaddle !!! At least until they learn to role over or once they start getting loose from it 🙂 my daughter was a Houdini at a few months old and would get out of it every time , haha! Swaddling was truly a life saver in the beginning !

  142. Hi Ali! We didn’t swaddle at night only because our son hated it. We did a gown and then one of those zipper swaddle sacks. Gowns are amazing for tiny babies when you have a lot of diaper changes to make. Gerber makes them. Good luck!

  143. Ali, honestly it will end up being what your baby likes at night. We swaddled (snug as a bug) our first baby hands and all for months. She liked the secure feeling like she was back in the womb and I think it soothed her. Our second didn’t really care to be swaddled with her hands in. The reason we even swaddled at all is for warmth. Its kinda like a blanket and they can’t have one in the bed with them. I don’t think there are any dangers in it so you can decide when your little one gets here.

  144. I have five kids and swaddled the last two. As opposed to my first three my two I swaddled would put themselves to sleep and loved being in the beds, the three I didn’t swaddle did not like their beds and didn’t put themselves to sleep easily.

  145. Swaddling (apparently) reduces the risk of sids… All my kids (4 of them) were swaddled, because they liked it and would sleep best that way. My SIL’s baby doesn’t like to be swaddled. Rest assured baby will tell you what she wants! ?
    IF you do swaddle we LOVED The Woombie and for swaddle transition when baby starts to roll we discovered the Zipadee Zip ( with the 3rd baby and he LOVED his Zippy! ??

    Good luck! Enjoy!!

  146. Swaddle for sure! For newborns: SwaddlePods from Summer Infant are a life saver and you dont have to worry about swaddle blankets coming undone and loose.

  147. I am a first time Mom also and it can be pretty confusing! From what my Pediatrician told me swaddling all of the time is good for the baby. They like to feel warm and cuddled like they were in the womb. I have heard reports that you should not swaddle the baby at night. However, that was in reference to parents that place their baby on their stomach to sleep. Swaddling is not safe when babies are on theit stomach, but I am sure you already knew that. My guy loves to be swaddled and will not fall asleep most of the time unless he is swaddled.

  148. We swaddled 😉 our Doctor encouraged it especially since we were having issues with her sleeping. The swaddle reminds them of what it was like in the womb. We stopped swaddling when she started to roll over. They have the breathable swaddles, as well as the Velcro swaddles which are literally fool proof and so much easier especially at 3am 😉

  149. I didn’t swaddle either of my babes, they just preferred to sleep in the Halo sleep swaddles but with their arms out. My second is 6 weeks and she’s just sleeping in the Halo sleep sack now.

    You just need to see what your baby likes. What are the concerns you have/are hearing?

  150. Congrats to you and Kevin! My husband and I are first time parents and my little man is about to turn 1! Crazy how fast it goes by. We swaddled our little guy until he learned to roll over. Our Pediatrician recommend it. It makes them feel like they are in the womb. The first night we took our baby home he cried so hard. We changed his diaper and I just nursed him and he wouldn’t stop so we called the doctor. She gave us a couple of things to try and it came to us not swaddling him tight enough. LOL we laughed so hard and it was the beginning our our amazing chapter of taking care and loving something we created. Still to this day I pinch myself wondering how I got so lucky. So many Mamas out there for support for one another. I wish you and Kevin all the best!

  151. Hi Ali! I have 4 kids and I have swaddled all of them at night. When you swaddle your baby, it helps them to feel like they are back in the womb. You will see that when your baby is not swaddled their hands flail. They are not used to the limitless of space for them to move. Plus, most babies sleep better swaddled. So if you want sleep then I would totally swaddle. I hope this helps. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and on your labor and delivery.

  152. Hi mama! You’re totally making me miss my bump. My baby is now almost 2! I was like you – read everything, went to all the classes and felt pretty prepared. But honestly, once your baby girl is here, it all goes out the window. There is no wrong or right. I kept searching for the answers (googling in the wee hours of the night), but then I realized that I was the expert on my baby. You will know what to do. You will just figure it out 🙂


  153. Hey Mama! Looking good! I highly recommend velcro swaddle blankets for night time! Both my babies were great sleepers and I swear by these blankets! They are hard to break out of since they are velcro (I personally found it difficult to swaddle with just a blanket without the babies tearing out of it).
    I love the Summer Infant Swaddle Me:

  154. Hi there gorgeous mama! So our babe (6 months now) LOVED being swaddled. We started with Swaddle Designs Ultimate Swaddle at first (1 1/2 months or so) and then switched to the Miracle Blanket once he started breaking out of it. Both worked great for us! We then transitioned to the Merlin Sleepsuit at 4 months and are still using it!) Like others have said, once your sweet girl arrives, you will know EXACTLY what is best for her when. Wishing you a happy, heathy delivery in the upcoming weeks!!

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