A Maternity Outfit – that doesn’t look like a maternity outfit

Lately I’ve realized that I’ve been living in dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my dresses and my maternity dresses but I wanted to feel more like me today. And normally I’m a tank, jeans and Chucks kind of girl. So today I decided that I wanted to feel more like me! These maternity jeans were the ONLY way I could do that. My regular jeans wouldn’t even fit over one leg at this point. Ha! I love these maternity jeans because of the dark wash and the length. The dark wash is most flattering and they are really long which makes them great for taller women (or with heels)! When I’m not wearing heels, I can cuff them like I am in this picture. I went up a size from my normal size, just cause I can tell from looking at my legs that they are bigger than they were pre-pregnancy. I love the look of a dark jean that is cuffed at the bottom and worn with Chucks. I wear my white chucks all the time. I really feel like every girl should have them in her closet.

My tank isn’t maternity, but TOTALLY fits over my HUGE belly. And I know my belly doesn’t look huge in this pic (the camera angle is straight on – you’d think it was big if I was standing sideways), but trust me I’m big. My doctor told me today that I’m measuring 36 weeks even though I’m only 34 weeks tomorrow. I have a big baby on my hands! Big baby = Big belly. This tank top totally works for pregnant and non-pregnant women and is so cute and colorful for summer. Did I mention it’s only $10. Amaze!

My rose gold sunnies are $12 and my rose gold watch is $20. And my necklace it only $8! Hope you guys enjoy these bargains as much as I do!

I have to say that one things I am excited to wear after I have this baby are some of my favorite summer shorts! Maternity shorts look silly on me right now. If you’re pregnant (or if you’ve ever been pregnant), what are you most excited to wear after having your baby? Tell me in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “A Maternity Outfit – that doesn’t look like a maternity outfit

  1. I’m still wearing mat clothes. My little one is 3 months. Seems like I’ve been wearing mat clothes for over 2 years haha. (21 months difference between my son and daughter). Can’t wait to wear a normal pair of jeans and cute top. I’m only 5 lbs away from my pre-baby weight but it’s the belly and hips that are a bit different this time around.

  2. My little sweetpea just turned 7 weeks. And let me tell you, I went to pull my summer clothes bin out…just to be depressed…don’t do it! Unless you’re some miracle worker, my summer clothes aren’t fitting this summer. I had to go and buy a couple pairs of bigger jeans and flowy shirts and a swimsuit to cover the belly, cuz things just ain’t what they used to be! And I was sick of maternity clothes. Best of luck to you in your final countdown! (And just a side note I continued my "normal" workout regimen up until 37.5 weeks, and just got back after 6…I don’t feel like it’s done any good cuz I still can’t fit into stuff. ..but it takes 9 mos to put on and yet we want it gone in weeks…)

  3. I have Jessica Simpson brand maternity shorts that I LOVE! I bought them at Macy’s. I get compliments on them all the time and people are always shocked that they are maternity shorts! I was so excited to find cute shorts that weren’t some baggy "mom" shorts!!

  4. Ali you look gorgeous!! Can you talk at all on a future blog post about what, if anything, you do to stay in shape during pregnancy? You look amazing! So excited to see pictures of your little girl when she arrives!

  5. I agree with these ladies about bodies changing. Lost all of my pregnancy weight in less than a month but my body is just different now, especially my hips and belly. My baby is now 7 months and I am 20 lbs below pregnancy starting weight (it was my second) but some clothes (particularly fitted clothes) I feel will never look right again. I was/am petite and fit so it is very weird putting on old clothes that no longer work. I also found (based on your other ideas about non maternity clothes) that non mat clothes get stretched out during pregnancy or do not fit after. I tried to buy non mat clothes in one size larger (usually a medium with before preg a small) and after pregnancy those close are too big so I had to put them in my maternity box anyway. Everyone is different though. Best of luck to you!

  6. Ali-
    Will you blog about fitness and tell us what you have done to stay so fit and in shape during your pregnancy:)

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