Why I Kind of Agree with Chad…

So this episode started out with a limo blowing up and catching on fire. I’m assuming the bachelor producers told the guys that Jojo wasn’t in there right away. Although we do hear one of the guys say “she’s not in there right?” I wish we knew who said that so Jojo could send him home RIGHT AWAY! Those guys should have been RUNNING to save her! I’ll just assume the producers told them off camera that she was safe.

Is it just me, or does it seem a little unfair that the fireman got to go on the fire fighting date? Of course he is going to win! Oh well.

I’m proud of our girl Jojo because it’s seems like she took my advice and put the two guys she likes the most (Luke and Jordan) on the back burner this week. Of course she wanted to give Luke the group date rose – did you see that kiss? But she is trying to give other guys a chance and I’m glad she is. That’s the reason Jordan didn’t get the first 1-on-1 date. She knows he’s staying around. It will be interesting to see if he gets one next week. I think he will. It will be too hard for her to wait any longer! And while she should put the guys she likes the most on the back burner at the very beginning, she can’t ignore them for too long! Heck, she only has a few months to get to know and possibly get engaged to one of them!

The 1-on-1 date with Derek was so boring to watch right? Jojo was super sweet to him and I like that he opened up. He seems like a super sweet guy, but there was zero chemistry between them. I’ve already forgotten the date. Snooze fest. Sorry Derek! You’re a good guy but it’s just not there between you two.

Let’s discuss the “exciting” part of the episode – Chad. Chad is terrifying. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as him. But I have to say that he does have a point about these dates being over the top in terms of people professing their love to a girl they don’t even know. Don’t get me wrong, Jojo is FAB! She is the sweetest and let’s face it, the girl has a BANGIN body. But Chad is right that nobody knows her yet, so it’s weird they are all already SO crazy about her. It doesn’t seem real. I remember when I was the Bachelorette, one of my biggest fears was that the guys would trick themselves into thinking they liked me just because I was the Bachelorette. And it feels like a lot of these guys are doing just that. I’m sure it would be easy to fall in love with someone like her – I think I have a little, ha! – but they don’t know her!!! Chad definitely has some good points, but he is going about expressing them in all the wrong ways.

I was honestly super surprised when she kissed Chad at the end of the group date, but then when I thought about it more, I realized that Jojo likes bad boys. And Chad is for sure a bad boy. She’ll eventually see that he’s being an ass and send him home, but right now she’s digging his bad boy attitude.

And can I start campaigning for James Taylor to be the next Bachelor now? The note he wrote to Jojo was SO SWEET! Not forced or fake, but just totally raw and honest. I don’t think he will end up with Jojo, which is why I’m already suggesting him for The Bachelor. He would be so great. I adore him!

Now, let’s talk fashion…

Jojo’s white sweater with the fringe is from Rag and Bone but I can’t find the exact one online anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s sold out. But you can get a SUPER similar white two piece look HERE. Same with her hot little white two piece that she wore on the first group date. It’s Jonathan Simkhai but I can’t find the exact one online. But there are so many cute white dresses online that you can check out HERE. The black sparkly dress that she wore on the nigh portion of the date with Derek is by Dress the Population and you can get it HERE.

Her white lace top with the black collar only has one size left! It’s by a brand called Self Portrait and you have to check out their clothes! They are pricey but oh so fab!!! I’m obsessed with everything they make. She wears the cute lace top with these killer over the knee black boots.

Her gorgeous burgundy sequin gown that she wore to the rose ceremony is by Mac Duggal and you can get the exact dress in a slightly different color HERE. This week it was hard to find her clothes! The problem is that the season was filmed months ago so a lot of the clothes are gone by the time we see them on the show. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next week!

Until next week…

xoxo Ali

21 Thoughts

21 thoughts on “Why I Kind of Agree with Chad…

  1. I agree with you about Chad. He did have some good points. He’s really trying to take this seriously. But I think he does need to loosen up a bit and think before he speaks sometimes.

  2. I agree about Chad. I didn’t think he was being an ass at all. Just real and honest. I loved how he said he’s not gonna suck up to her just because she’s the bachelorette. Plus how he doesn’t have to get along with everybody and be best friends with them. It’s the truth. He’s there to meet and get to know JoJo. REAL feelings come after. The one thing I don’t get about this show is why everybody in the house is always SO sensitive and suspicious about the one person who tries to keep it real. Yeah, I get some in the past really were "the villain" of the house and not the best person, BUT just because somebody speaks their mind doesn’t make them a bad person. You know? Love your blog!!

  3. I’m sorry but Chad scared the crap out of me, watching him. Maybe he’s right with his comment about the guys not knowing her, but if he can get in the face of another man and threaten his being, who says he wouldn’t do that to JoJo. He’s a loose cannon and wouldn’t want him any where near my daughter. I also hate how he’s basically narrating the whole show. Why do they do that, let one person do all the talking? They did that with Olivia last season. Next weeks show’s previews made me uncomfortable to watch. The violence is insane this season. Can’t wait for baby Ali!! Best of luck.

  4. Chad made some good points, particularly about how it isn’t realistic to be so in love with someone you barely know. But those good points were made poorly. I hear some commending Chad on his honesty, but it is a thin line between being honest and being a jerk. And Chad could not walk that line if his life depended on it. If he is correct, it is in the same vein that a broken clock can be right at times.

  5. Well they were supposed to be having a good time and of course, everyone realizes this is new and the guys don’t really know her yet, but it was all in good fun! That’s what bothered me about Chad being so mean about it to the other guys, it was the first date for them so duh, yeah they don’t know her, but that’s the point of the dates! 🙂 He needs to lighten up and quit being such a jerk to everyone! Except drunk Daniel…..lol

  6. I have to say I love your recaps on Tuesday. It was painful to watch the guys interact with Chad. Hopefully she sees it sooner than later.

  7. I did think Chad did have a point about not professing your love to some one you really don’t know…BUT, one can say, " I don’t know yet what I love about you, but I am attracted to you beauty, your laughter, your sense of humor…."
    Being honest is a wonderful thing, but for me, NOT when it’s at the expense of some else. He negative, has no tolerance for other’s point of view or style…for me, the definition of a bully. I took note of when he said if she didn’t give him a rose, then she was the one with a problem…RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!!! Words of an abuser…blame the other people if they disagree with you!
    RUN JoJo Run!

  8. Chad says one thing, then does another. He was saying how the other guys are so lovey dovey with here, and then he himself was pissed when he didn’t get the group rose! Then he waits for her outside the house, then he interrupts guys with her 3 times……..now if that isn’t calling the kettle black (didn’t HE say, haven’t you all seen a beautiful girl before?). He is one weird and mentally unstable guy! And I am sure he will use the excuse of his mother’s recent passing for his actions……but I don’t buy it!!!

  9. Chad is already on my last nerve. I don’t see any chemistry with him and Jojo. So far he is narrating the show. I know ABC thinks he’s good for TV, but not for me. I can already imagine him on The Men Tell All. It’s going to be a riot.

  10. Chad is just a douche. The comment he made about JoJo nagging, really dude. I understand about not telling her he loves her at this point, but most of these guys have watched her on Ben’s season and has apretty good idea of personality and values. Man can he put away some food. He is too full of himself and disrespectful of everyone.

  11. Also agree about James Taylor. He is a sweetheart but most women will pass him by. The woman smart enough to fall in love with him will be treasured. Also agree the fireman had an unfair advantage, why not let him go on the 2nd group date.

  12. Chad may have technically had some good points about professing your love and "proposing" to a girl you just met, but his attitude and delivery were all sorts of wrong. Not only that, but he missed the whole point – it was supposed to be lighthearted and silly. No one was actually saying they were in love with her or actually proposing marriage. They were just going with the flow and having fun. If you can’t let lose and have fun, life turns into even more of a battle than it already is, and being on this show doesn’t work! He’s taking himself way too seriously and being a complete jerk, but it makes him look so insecure. I can’t believe she’s actually liking that right now… I’ve never understood the fascination with the bad boy.

  13. The way people (mostly women) are supporting and "agreeing with" Chad’s disgusting behavior is interesting. Saying it’s okay to act like that towards anyone is wrong. Cmon, ladies! We don’t have to take that kind of abuse in order to have a man. The naggy comment was mean, and the way he talks about the other dudes in the house is unbelievable. The dude is an assh*le. Period.

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