The Unofficial Start of Summer!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It’s the unofficial start of summer and I am celebrating this weekend by hanging by my pool and soaking up the sun! It’s so funny how different my life is now that I’m expecting a baby. When Kevin asked what I wanted to do this weekend, I said “Let’s celebrate! I’m thinking we should get some chips and guac to eat while hanging at the pool and make it a fun weekend!” Like eating chips and guacamole makes for a wild and crazy weekend! Ha! I used to say things like “Let’s invite a bunch of people over, buy a few cases of beer, stock up on margaritas, and play darts!” Oh how things are changing. I know we will eventually be able to hang like we used to with friends (well almost like we used to) or at least have big BBQ’s, but for now, sitting at home by the pool for the weekend and eating chips and guac is as cray as it gets 😉

My bikini top in this picture is less than $10 – looooove that! And I wanted to dress up my big bump so I put on some body jewelry today (that’s less than $30). It made me feel pretty 🙂 My bump is the best thing about me right now so I wanted to dress it up 🙂

I’m wearing super cute gold sandals that you can’t see in this pic. But they are my favs and less than $40!

My necklace is %40 off right now and only $20. Such a steal! I love this necklace and wear it all the time. You can also get it HERE (in case it sells out on the other site),


3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “The Unofficial Start of Summer!

  1. Your letter-genesis and unofficial start of summer ignite me.
    I wonder if I should paint you, in a figurative way, should I paint you nude? Obviously, I would not remove the body chain to better embrace your belly so pretty.

  2. The eyes of women always ask the same question: Am I desirable? I will answer: especially when you are pregnant.

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