Jojo as the New Bachelorette!!!

I was always a big fan Jojo last season, so naturally I am pumped that she’s the new Bachelorette! Us former Bachelorette’s are kind of like a little sisterhood and I know I speak for all us girls when I say that we are so happy to welcome Jojo to the family!

Given my love for our girl Jojo, when the producers asked if I would be interested in coming on the show to give her some advice, I was thrilled! I know a bunch of people are going to say “why have Ali on the show to give advice – she’s from a failed relationship on the show! What does she know?” Yeah yeah yeah – I get it. My happily ever after didn’t come from the show (though now I’m so grateful it didn’t!), but in my opinion that makes me a GREAT person to give advice. Don’t we learn just as much from our failures in life as we do from our successes? And again, it seems weird to even call my time on the show a “failure” because I actually think it was a success! The right guy for me, the one I’m supposed to marry (Kevin duh!) wasn’t on my season and I had the courage to walk away from a relationship I knew wasn’t right. That, my friends, is a success in my eyes!

Get Jojo's red sequined dress HERE
Get Jojo’s red sequined dress HERE

Real quick – I have to mention how HOT Jojo looks in her red sequined dress above. You can get the exact dress HERE!

Ok back to the show – when chatting with her, I basically told her to avoid the mistakes I made, to trust her gut and to enjoy every minute. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I certainly didn’t enjoy my time as the Bachelorette like I wish I had. I was so uptight about taking the process seriously that I didn’t sit back and enjoy all the cool things we got to do. I hope Jojo is able to soak up every minute of this crazy, awesome, surreal, once in a lifetime experience. Laugh when things get tough and cry when you need to. But no matter what advice we gave her, she is a smart girl and she knows how to handle herself.

Ok, let’s talk about these guys!!! In my opinion, there are 2 clear standouts in Jojo’s eye so far. Jordan and Luke.

Jordan – Not only did he get the first impression rose (which I feel is usually an indicator of whether or not someone will make it to the top 3), but the chemistry between them was insane! Honestly, it seems so obvious that it’s going to be Jordan in the end, that I almost think there is no way it can be! The producers always like to “hide” the front runner from us in the first couple episodes and Jordan was front and center this episode. Maybe the chemistry between them was so red hot that they couldn’t possibly hide it? Who knows! He’ll be around until the very end for sure. And I am pretty sure most of you will agree with me.

Luke – Luke seems to be trying to play the “cool guy” but I’m not sure he means for it to come off as “cool guy” if that makes any sense. Maybe he’s just nervous or something. But Jojo said he was hot right after she met him and let’s face it, these first impressions are 90% about physical chemistry. You can’t really get to know someone in the 10 minutes you get to talk to them on night one. Jojo thinks Luke is hot and that makes him one of her top guys – so far.

Hopefully Jojo will take my advice and ignore these 2 guys for the next week. Ha! She really should since she knows they will be around for awhile. That way, she can use the next week to try and get to know the guys that she might send home early. Maybe one of them would make a good match.

I have to talk about Jake showing up too! I totally poked fun at him when I saw he was coming on the show and now I feel kind of bad about it because he was only there to give her advice. I had NO idea that Jojo was friends with him. When the show tricked us into believing he was there for “love,” I definitely thought “Ummm – no way buddy! Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bachelor Pad and now this?!” But after seeing that he was there to give some brotherly advice, I feel bad. He was sweet and was totally just looking out for her. I’m sure the producers asked him to come on the show and of course he did. Why not! It’s fun to make a quick appearance on the show. I did it too!

Ok now that we discussed the men, let’s talk fashion (again – cause this is copy and pasted from my earlier blog post to make it easy) :)! First we need to talk abut Jojo’s hot romper! It’s by Blue Life and you can get it HERE. In case that one sells out, you can get almost the EXACT same one by Blue Life HERE. Plus this one is on sale for 50% off and available in every size (for now – it will sell out FAST!) Jojo has great fashion sense and I can’t wait to see all her looks this season!

Oh and if you want her romper look for for a FRACTION of the price, I found 3 look-a-likes HERE , HERE and HERE – all for under $30.

Look-a-like rompers…

My navy maxi dress is non-maternity (I think I was only 20 weeks pregnant when we filmed this) but works great for maternity too! I love it! You can see me wearing it HERE too! There are limited sizes left in this color. But more sizes in cobalt blue – which is such a pretty color. I know Kaitlyn’s jeans are Banana Republic and thank you Anne for telling me where to find her tank top – you guys can get it HERE. And Desiree’s dress is from Asos and is 60% off! Get it HERE!


I want to end this by saying that it is a particularly exciting season of the Bachelorette for me. Why you ask? Ok, no one asked but I’m going to tell you. I’m going to welcome my own little Bachelorette to the world mid way through this season! It feels so surreal to say that – to know that! In the end, I know who is getting my final rose – my little girl 🙂 Oh and I am fully aware that I will finally be able to drink a glass of wine once the finale comes around – which I normally do while watching the show! I’m seriously looking forward to that day. Ha!

In the meantime, I can’t wait to watch Jojo’s love story unfold. Until next week…

xoxo Ali

21 Thoughts

21 thoughts on “Jojo as the New Bachelorette!!!

  1. You look great! I dont think JoJo took your advice about not racing for the hottest one- she was hot for Jordan and couldnt stop herself once and obviously telling him 3 times how awesome he looked! She is done and hopefully it doesnt backfire on her- you warned her! Good advice, oh well.

  2. I agree with your advice about talking and getting to know someone. I distinctly remember yelling at the tv for you to stop making out with Roberto (although I didn’t blame you one bit-he’s hot!!) I could tell it was purely physical for you and that kind of passion fades. You need a strong foundation first! I hope JoJo gets her happily ever after but I’m skeptical given what I’ve read?

  3. I think you are exactly right, Ali, and I usually pick ’em correctly. But I agree, JoJo has to pull back, not only to get to know others, but to not be too obvious. What I have learned – men DO need the chase…I think, to feel, like men..! As for the third guy that the previews showed for upcoming episodes (the one who appears to be violent), I’m already not liking him – I forget his name. But to be fair to him, I think that wasn’t fair they showed that, because I didn’t feel that way before then! And honestly, why he picked the Canadian guy is beyond me. All I can think of is, the producers asked her to!

  4. Ali,
    Good advice for JoJo! I have followed you since your season & you & Roberto were my favorites! Probably always will be 🙂 U believe u did have success on your season bc you did find love with Roberto & I know the relationship didn’t work out… but to us the viewers,whatever type of "love" you had made us believe in romance & relationships!
    You both are better off without one another & have moved on BUT it was a wonderful, innocent love you had & made others have hope! Thank you for that! ? Good luck with your baby girl & your marriage! Always a fan!!!

  5. Check your spelling errors ? We love your blog, but doing a once over will make it even better! Pregnancy brain???

  6. Had I been JoJo, I would have taken Chris Harrison aside and said, "Okay, lots of guys applied to be on the show, right? How about we push the re-set button and get a different group in here." Some would say Jordan is a match. I don’t think so, but that’s just me. And call me super-conservative, but these guys had just met her and the hands going up and down her back, other touchy-feely moves, blah……too soon.

  7. Great blog Ali, so happy ABC asked YOU to make an appearance and give advice to Jojo, love seeing you. I was shocked to see Jake showing up and yes, the producers fooled us all, I thought O no Jake is joining the guys !! Thank goodness he’s not, I truly hope that Jojo finds, has found someone special who’s into her and seeking a healthy relationship, she deserves it she’s a great person, til next week !

  8. Hey Ali, I love you to pieces and am so happy you found your happily ever after and have a baby bundle on the way! But maybe you need a helping hand? Wanna hire me to be your proof reader for your blog? Girl, there are so many errors and typos that a good once over proof could catch them and correct them before posting. Just offering help, not criticism, as I’m sure your life is on fast forward. I would love to help you out!

    1. I just fixed them. Sorry. I wrote this at 4am and had to rush to a shoot! So it’s totally my bad! I shouldn’t have tried to rush to get it out.

  9. Loved seeing you on the show! Can’t wait to watch the full season of The Bachelorette and hear your take on everything as it unfolds!

  10. I still don’t understand how you could have given up Roberto for Kevin. Roberto seemed perfect, you said it yourself several times during the show, he was perfect.

  11. Sandy, as a fan I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s still a rude remark to make. Roberto might have seemed perfect at the time. During her advice session with JoJo, she even stated she was totally into his looks rather than really getting to know him so maybe that’s what made him so "perfect." She admitted she wished she would’ve gotten to know him more which is part of the reason why the relationship failed. I’m sure she learned looks aren’t everything (even though Kevin is handsome!)

  12. I was so happy to see you last night and I think your advice was PERFECT. We kept repeating "now, ignore him and move on!" They will chase her if they want her. Getting to know everyone past the initial attraction is very important.
    Oh Canada HAS to go! I can not for the life of me see why she gave him a chance. I understand letting the alcohol rule sometimes but GEEZ what are these guys thinking? Haven’t they seen The Bachelor and Bachelorette before? I wouldn’t want my son showing himself in that light on national tv. As for Jake, when he walked in I scream "OMG! Jake is TOO old for her!" I was really surprised they were friends too. Glad he didn’t stay….I think they should have made him a "plant" and had him scope things from the inside for her since they are friends. That would have ruffled some feathers. As for the typos….let them fly! Girl that FBS (Fetal Brain Syndrome) is REAL! It will last about 18 years too. Congrats to you and Kevin for finding the love you so deserve!

  13. I am a bit skeptical about Jordan. I think he may be in this to get more exposure. He’s a former pro football player and his brother is very famous. I just get a vibe from him that he may have his sites set on becoming "famous". JMO.

    Also, does anyone think that maybe Kaitlyn looked a little under weight? I say this in the most thoughtful of ways – but I kept looking at her and thinking she looked a little boney and maybe a bit unhealthy. Again – just my observations.

  14. Ali, I love your comment about welcoming your own little Bachelorette to the world…I will always be able to remember my little girl was born on a Tuesday because I went into labor on a Monday night last year while watching The Bachelorette! Kaitlin’s season will always hold a special place in my heart, ha! Good luck with everything! You’re going to be a great mom!

  15. Ali, could you let us know what make up your use? Maybe a make up tutorial? Your make up always looks great!

  16. Love seeing the three of you on the premiere!! Glad to find your blog, you are always fun to read.

  17. JoJo is hooked on Jordan! So obvious that he will be the front runner for sure! But now his ex is using social media to call him a cheater! I am sure she is doing so to maybe break them up, or make him not the next Bachelor! Either way, if he is a cheater…….

  18. I truly look forward to reading your blogs! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to entertain us! Grammar shrammar. lol

  19. Does anyone know what brand Jojo’s blue polka dot dress is that she wore for her date with James where we learned swing dancing?! I LOVE it!!

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