$22 Summer Dress!

I wanted to share this dress with you guys since it’s only $22 and such a steal! It’s not a maternity dress and honestly wouldn’t recommend it for a baby bump unless you are willing to pay $10 to bring it to a tailor and get it altered (like I did – I had to adjust the waist slightly because it isn’t meant to fit around a big belly!). But I HAD to share because it’s a great dress for those of you who aren’t pregnant or if you are early in pregnancy and have a small bump. Or it’s totally worth getting adjusted! Up to you! It’s only $22 so it’s not a big deal to spend a little cash to get it taken out for your bump! Plus I kind of think this dress would look cute for a maternity shoot 🙂

After I have the baby this summer, I feel like this is going to be such a perfect dress to lounge around my pool in and with easy access for breastfeeding! Ha!

Sticking to the SUPER affordable – my watch is only $20 and my ring is only $12! I wear this ring ALL THE TIME. Really, almost with every outfit. It just goes with everything.


2 Thoughts

2 thoughts on “$22 Summer Dress!

  1. You are absolutely beautiful, before and during pregnancy. Your style of clothing is adorable. I wish I could have come across similar blogs like this when I was pregnant, I could have used the fashion tips.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with the world. You keep it honest, raw, and real.

    I hope that once your little girl comes you end up do matching outfits with her. Something I would love to do but can’t find affordable outfits.

    Enjoy your last trimester! Baby will be here before you know it.

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