Pregnant and Feeling Cute & Sexy!

Before I got pregnant, I NEVER thought I would feel cute and sexy in a cute little dress while 20 lbs heavier than I normally am. Even as I type this, I can’t believe I’m 20 POUNDS larger than my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s shocking to think about. Obviously it’s super healthy to gain weight and I am loving every single extra pound I’ve put on. So much so, that I still feel cute while rocking a short skirt/dress! I’m going to enjoy to feeling for as long as it lasts! Cause I might not be feeling so cute at 39 weeks pregnant! Ha!

When I bought this dress I never thought I would be able to wear it while pregnant. I bought it because I fell in love with the colors and wanted to be able to wear it after my baby arrives. But today something inside me just felt like putting it on and rocking it! And I”m so glad I did! I LOVE this dress! SO much! I feel like I don’t even look pregnant until I turn to the side (see last pic below to see my big belly). Did I mention this dress is under $100? Yay! Oh, and it wont be as short on non-pregnant ladies. My belly made it shorter than normal 😉 I’m wearing a size medium.

My purse is so cute and only $20! When I saw it online, I had to have it! If you buy it, don’t be alarmed when the strap arrives separate from the bag. You have to tie the chain to the metal loops at the top of the bag. See the last pic below which is a close up of the bag and you can see how I did it. Super easy and looks great!

My rose gold cuff is awesome because it’s 2 bracelets in one! I use it for layering a lot. I paired it with my $20 rose gold watch.

I really love this entire outfit because it’s not only really pretty but affordable too! What do you guys think Would you wear this? Tell me in the comments below!



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5 thoughts on “Pregnant and Feeling Cute & Sexy!

  1. You are so cute!!! I will say I just starting following your blog a couple months ago and you are making me want to be cute. I’m totally a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal but you are inspiring me to be a lil more girly. I have twin daughters and they are more fashionable than me. Love following your blog!!!

  2. I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to a wedding that won’t look ridiculous with my growing bump! Thanks!

  3. I absolutely love all of the super feminine dresses you’ve been wearing lately. You make pregnancy look so beautiful. And, I love that they aren’t necessarily maternity dresses. Your glow is amazing as well!

  4. You look so beautiful and comfortable in all your pics. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and enjoy your comments. I miss you on Enews. I love that you share on your blog, I bought a few things you have shared. I even have your white comforter, it’s beautiful. I love it.

  5. I’m a couple weeks behind you – and I know this post is a couple weeks old – but I’m almost at 20 pounds too and have been in shock because I don’t feel like I’ve gained that much nor do I feel like I LOOK like I’ve gained that much. So…to hear you’ve gained that too makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER because you look adorable and not at all like you’ve gained 20 pounds. I’ve been eating pretty healthy and exercising 5 days a week and feeling a bit discouraged because of the rapid gain the past few weeks, but this post makes me feel good again. I love how honest you are 🙂

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