Still on the Hunt for My Baby Shower Dress

Hi friends! So I am still trying to find the perfect dress for my baby shower and it’s THIS weekend!!! I recently bought this dress and think it might do the trick! I got it in a size medium, but I’m almost thinking I should have gotten large because of my growing tummy. It’s not a maternity dress so I have to size up to make it fit! What do you guys think?

The dress is under $70, which you know I love. And it’s perfect for springtime. I actually wore this dress and took these pics on Easter.

I’m really in love with these earrings lately. You can see me wearing them HERE and HERE as well. First, I’m a former Bachelorette, how could I not love rose/flower earrings 😉 Plus, I get so many compliments when I wear them.

What do you guys think of this look for my baby shower?


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11 thoughts on “Still on the Hunt for My Baby Shower Dress

  1. Hey Ali!

    You obviously look fabulous in anything and that dress is no exception – You look beautiful! However, I did browse through because online is my favorite thing to do and these are some of the ones I liked. I know black isn’t the typical baby shower dress but I thought you might need more options! Good luck!! 🙂

  2. Hi Ali!

    I’m 13 weeks along and looking for a good bra to transition to. Like you, I love flowy dresses and am SO looking forward to wearing nothing but this summer. Did you find a strapless bra to wear with all of yours? Thank you!

  3. This is definitely a pretty dress! Can I ask why you are so against wearing maternity clothes? It’s emphasized in almost all of your posts. Not hating – just asking! Maternity wear is soooo comfortable, especially for a growing body! A lot more flattering than squeezing into non-maternity wear. But you definitely should do what makes you feel best.

  4. Hey girl – that dress is cute, but it doesn’t say "special" to me. Not that you asked for suggestions, but I am giving you one anyway 😉 Check out this dress from Lord & Taylor! I think it’s totally You and would show off your bump in a very flattering way! Plus would look great with an awesome statement necklace!

  5. Being that you have recently embraced the color pink, I’d love to see a more pink or light rose based dress, for your little girl’s baby shower!

  6. This is so beautiful on you! You are just the most beautiful, glowing mummy to me. Have the most amazing time this weekend! X

  7. The dress is cute, but make sure that you’ll be comfortable sitting in it for long periods of time and having your picture taken while you’re sitting in it. I wore a dress with a similar hemline (although not wrap / faux wrap like yours is) for my baby shower, and while I was further along than you were, and therefore much bigger, I felt like the way that I had to sit at that point made all of my pictures look like I was thisclose to flashing everyone, and I hated them all. Just something to think about 🙂

  8. I tried this dress on at Nordstrom and almost bought for family pictures. It did take me a good 5 minutes to figure out how to put it on, ha! I passed because I would have needed adjustments made in the straps and didn’t have time for that. It’s SO pretty, though! Good pick 🙂

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