Feeling Girly Today – I Wonder Why ;)

I woke up this morning and just felt like putting on a peachy/pink dress and being girly! After announcing the sex of our baby (yes, it’s a girl!), I just feel like I want to wear girly clothes and embrace the girlishness in me and my little one! This adorable peachy/pink dress has great detail around the neck. I actually think this dress is a great option for women not trying to draw attention to their mid sections by pulling the gaze of the eye upward along your neckline. Plus the a-line cut of the dress makes it super comfortable and hides anything you may not want on display underneath! I feel like this is the perfect brunch dress. Stuff your belly and don’t let it show! Ha!l I’m wearing a size medium btw. 

These light colored shoes work great with this dress. If they matched my skin tone I think it wouldn’t look as cute. I like that they are a few shades lighter. Goes nicely with the “light” feeling this look has overall. Plus these shoes are pretty dang comfortable for being heels.

Everything in this look is under $100 (The shoes re on sale!). The dress is under $60! Jewelry details below (FYI my earrings cost less than my coffee this morning)…


8 Thoughts

8 thoughts on “Feeling Girly Today – I Wonder Why ;)

  1. You look fabulous Ali. Love the dress and shoes. Not sure how you can still wear heels. lol Maybe that dress could work for the Baby shower.

    1. I actually have a few other option for my shower that I’m excited about. Can’t wait to show you guys!!! And the heels don’t last on my feet long ?

  2. What size did you order since it isn’t maternity and a juniors dress?

    P.s. You look great! I am 22 weeks with a really long torso so I am having bump envy. I can’t wait for my bump to pop

  3. Love this look! Should I buy my same size or one size up since it’s not maternity? (I am 19 weeks pregnant and following your blog like crazy right now!)

  4. Hi Ali! Love your blog! Where did you get your purse? The Michael Kors purse link looks different from the one you’re wearing. Thanks!

  5. I loved this outfit so much that I ordered the shoes and the dress!! I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!!

  6. Hi Ali! LOVE your blog and the non-maternity options your showing off! I am 20 weeks and haven’t found any maternity clothes that I actually want to wear! I wanted to get the dress you are wearing above but with my luck it was already sold out! Randomly I stumbled upon this dress that is super similar-just wanted to pass it along to anyone who may be looking for another option!


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