Pregnant, Half Naked, and Loving It!

Yup that’s right! I’m (almost) 24 weeks pregnant and LOVE being in a bikini (The bikini pictures in this post were taken at 22 weeks pregnant, FYI). Honestly I never thought I would be able to say that about myself. I have never felt 100% confident in a bikini. Not pre-pregnancy – that’s for sure. But now I love that I can just let everything hang out. I feel beautifully curvy and womanly! I feel like this is how my body is supposed to look! And who do I have to thank for this new found love for myself – my child. My beautiful, precious baby. This baby has given me so much already and I only hope I can give it back – plus more! (I’m totally crying as I type this btw)


It’s so funny because before I got pregnant, I dreaded how I would feel once my body started changing (Plus I had a rough first trimester that you can read about HERE). I heard all the horror stories form other moms and it just wasn’t something I was excited about. Look, I say all this full on knowing that I am about to get A LOT bigger! Yes, I have a round belly now, but I’m only 24 weeks. This baby has a lot of growing to do and so do I! But right now, all I know is what I’ve experienced this far – and so far, I feel BEAUTIFUL. And that’s not a word I use when describing myself. Is it vain to use it now? Maybe. But I don’t care cause it’s how I feel. And I want to hold on to this feeling for as long as I can.


To be honest with all of you I rarely look in the mirror and think I am pretty. I know that sounds so stupid to say out loud. To quote Elle Woods in Legally blonde, I know I’m not “completely unfortunate looking” but I usually pick myself apart when I look in the mirror most days. I hate even admitting that, but it’s the truth. That said, I don’t let that feeling control my life. I know I have so much more to offer than how I look. I truly believe I am intelligent (even thought I am TERRIBLE at grammar – ha!), I know I’m a loyal and good friend, and I think I can be pretty witty when I’m on top of my game. Those are the things that I truly like and value about myself. I want to make that clear because I don’t want young women reading this to think that we all need to look in the mirror think we are beautiful. I do however, look in the mirror and choose to love myself regardless of the fact that I wish my nose was cuter, my eyelashes were longer, and my forehead wrinkles were gone. Anyway, I’m getting off track here. My point is I feel beautiful pregnant!!! And I truly feel blessed to feel this way.


Sometimes I think the pregnancy fairies are giving me a break because the first trimester was so terrible for me. It’s like all the fairies got together and said “well we made this women feel like absolute hell for 3 months in the first trimester so let’s make her second trimester really easy, Oh! And let’s make her feel really pretty too!” HA! Thank you pregnancy fairies! I appreciate it πŸ˜‰

So there you have it. I am 10 lbs heavier than I normally am, my jeans don’t fit, and I waddle when I walk, but man do I feel beautiful. And THAT my friends, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Let’s all discuss this in the comments below. Did you feel beautiful when you were pregnant? What do you see when you look in the mirror – pregnant or not pregnant.

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31 thoughts on “Pregnant, Half Naked, and Loving It!

  1. Well written Ali! I’m 17 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I feel the exact the same way each time. Enjoy your pregnancy!

  2. I felt like the best version of myself when I was pregnant. I’ve never been a size 4 (always closer to 8-10) but I felt confident and beautiful during my pregnancy. You’re definitely in the sweet spot of pregnancy but I loved it up until the very last minute! Enjoy, it’s such a special time in life.

  3. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I also feel better naked than I do in clothes sometimes. Granted the cellulite could go away, but I’m 30 and that’s life. I have a maternity suite I bought for our babymoon but I also plan on wearing some bikinis too. It’s a moment in our lives we are free to embrace these changes without having to do a sit up or five.

  4. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy updates! I’m 14 weeks & still in the blah stage so it’s great to hear things will continue getting better & better! If your have any recommendations for baby registry must have items – can you please share??! Thanks!

  5. I think it is because you don’t expect your body to look "perfect" when you are pregnant and it lets you breath for a moment. I wish we could all feel like that all of the time.

  6. The second trimester really is the blissful one. Enjoy it, love it and remember it because that beauty won’t fade and has always been there. Much love xo

  7. I felt my most beautiful while I was pregnant. Not so much afterwards, but I hope you experience the pure joy of being okay with not looking perfect, but having a perfect baby ❀️

  8. Wow! THANK YOU for posting this. I have never been pregnant, but I have major anxiety and absolutely dread the things that will happen to my body during pregnancy! My husband and I talk about it all the time and its a major factor in why we haven’t had children yet. I am just so scared! It’s not about the physical appearance so much as all the creepy stuff that I fear will make me feel like I am horrid, no matter how I actually look. Thank you for giving me hope that I can be pregnant and still feel beautiful! I can’t wait to share this posting with all my little pregga-roos, I know they will appreciate it even more than I will! For the record, I really adore your nose. It makes your face uniquely beautiful. The nose is a really defining facial feature, if everyone had a that button nose we all want, it would be really hard to tell us all apart! Celebrate your nose’s individuality! Your face rocks it incredibly well. Ali, you’re beautiful! Just face it πŸ˜‰

  9. I can say that I’ve definitely felt the best about myself while pregnant, so I get it. You look great so you have every right to say out loud that you feel beautiful!

  10. I loved being pregnant. My first trimester was not so kind, but I know it could have been worse. I have never felt great in a swim suit, but I remember going to Turks and Caicos at 26 weeks and rocking a bikini. My thighs were larger, but I didn’t care. It’s also the best feeling to not have to worry about sucking your stomach in when you wear clothes or a swim suit. It’s okay to be super bloated at all times. You look so gorgeous all the time, but I can tell you feel beautiful right now. Best wishes. Xo

  11. I felt my best when I was pregnant. I loved knowing this little person was growing inside me, and going everywhere and doing everything with me. I never felt alone, and I loved that! I remember when I was a week away from being induced, I was sitting on the toilet, just tinkling of course( sorry if this is gross) but as I sat there, my sweet baby had the hiccups, and I literally cupped my hand around my lower belly where her head was and it was the most precious moment…..I could actually feel her. Enjoy every second, I miss it so much but will always have my sweet memories!!! Love you!!??

  12. That was the best time of my life!!! I am 56 now & a Grandma! I loved being pregnant! Took us a year the first pregnancy but after that we had 2 more❀️ I was soooo sick my first 4 months & then fell down a flight of stairs with our first…only to be nauseous & sick & in a cast for another 8 weeks, BUT pregnancy was such a gift & I loved being pregnant! 3 healthy, happy children later & I loved being pregnant!!! Enjoy this gift, Ali! (Hugs)

  13. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and have loved/continue to love every second of this journey. We had a rough time getting pregnant, so I was ready for anything and everything. I didn’t care how bad it would get because all I wanted was a healthy baby, even if that meant I’d gain 40+ lbs and be sick for 9 months. Well, the pregnancy fairies have been VERY kind to me from day one. So far, knock on wood, I have had no issues: no nausea, no exhaustion, no real aches and pains, no stretch marks; nothing! I know I have a few weeks to go and if it all hits at once, that’s fine with me. I feel beautiful (and sexy) every day! I love my bump more than anything in the world. And feeling our little boy move is the most precious thing I have ever experienced in my life. And he moves around a lot! I’m so madly in love with him already, I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I actually hold him in my arms. Ali – keep doing what you’re doing and keep feeling beautiful, inside and out, forever and always. Good luck to you!

  14. I am right there with you, I’m 26 weeks and due the end of June! I never feel as proud of my body as I do when I’m pregnant because I know that my growing bump is a beautiful reminder of the miracle I’m lucky enough to be a part of. Congratulations, you are looking gorgeous.

  15. Felt the exact same way with both my babies, I loved be pregnant both times! It’s a miracle what your body is capable of, growing this beautiful little person. You’re in the sweet spot of pregnancy – cherish each kick and movement, it’s the most special time.

  16. I think it was right about the same time that you’re at with your pregnancy that I had the same moment in the mirror thinking you know I am really beautiful, and that little baby inside me made that happen. The bigger I got, the more weeks that passed, all I wanted to do was lay by the pool with my big ol belly out. I dreaded bikini’s pre-pregnancy. (I do no too, post pregnancy, 20 months later) Ha!!

  17. Thanks for posting this, Ali! I am on the same pregnancy timeline as you-I’ll be 24 weeks on Thursday with our first baby-and to be honest, I’m struggling a bit with all of the changes going on with my body. But reading your post makes me realize that I need to embrace my curves and different appearance and truly embrace this phase in my life. I have followed you from the beginning and been a fan all along and when I saw you were pregnant and that we were due probably within days of each other, I wanted to reach out. And this post gave me that opportunity so thank you! I wish you the best on the rest of your journey!

  18. Ali you are positively glowing. You are right you do looK beautiful and its okay to say it out loud! Always been a big fan of yours and it’s great to see you get the "happily ever after" you deserve!! Love your blogs!!

  19. I’m so jealous! You look AMAZING!! I’m 17 weeks w baby #2 and my body is not agreeing with pregnancy this time around. I love me bump but man do I feel blah :/ Much love! Xx

  20. I’ve always struggled with being happy with the way I look but when I was pregnant with my first child, I remember feeling extra beautiful. I breastfed for just over a year which changed my boobs a lot, but to me it’s a reminder of that amazing bond I shared with my son. It helps to have a partner that loves and supports you just as much, if not more than pre-baby. I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #2 and your picture makes me so excited to go through all of that again. Thank you for this post, I appreciate how ‘real’ you are!

  21. Loved being pregnant. Best I ever felt. 2 boys caused no problems. My 3rd, a girl, I was nauseous the first 5 months, then felt great. Wonderful that you only gained 10lbs. By 24 weeks I think I gained 40, ugg. Best wishes

  22. To be honest I hated being pregnant…I had hyperemesis and was sick until the day I gave birth. My little girl was super strong too and gave me a hard time as she got bigger! But what I did love was my bump…like you I felt I looked beautiful with a bump and it gave me a confidence I didn’t have about my body before. I would hardly even walk around naked in front of my fiance before getting pregnant.
    I’ve been a long time follower of yours from little old new Zealand…loving following this stage of your life πŸ™‚

  23. I feel so similar to what you did … from never ever feeling 100% comfortable in my body to adoring being pregnant. I think it’s something to do with how clever you feel to be growing a person too. For me at least, I was all "I’m totally wonder woman" πŸ™‚ You look gorgeous. Good luck with the next 16 or so weeks! x

  24. Hi Ali, I also feel like you. I’m 27 weeks pregnant with our first baby (a girl!!) and I feel so great, I didn’t know what to expect but was ready for anything because we had trouble conceiving. She is our little miracle, and I already love her! I’ve gained 12.5 lbs and I LOVE to see my body change, and love getting on the scale each week, and gaining 1-2 lbs because that means my baby girl is growing!! Best feeling EVER!!! Good luck to you, have a wonderful pregnancy!

  25. I loved the feeling of being pregnant…words cant begin to express that amazing feeling! So happy for you! And btw…i have always thought you were drop dead gorgeous and not just outward beauty but you have an inner joy that is contagious! πŸ™‚

  26. I love this post! I’m a little over 21 weeks and know exactly what you mean. This little miracle has made me feel so good about myself. Feeling beautiful, and it not just being because I had my hair and makeup done, is quite an awesome feeling.
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to goes smoothly πŸ™‚

  27. You Rock Ali!!!! I think
    You are beautiful all the time pregnant or not. But man you sure are
    Glowing !!!! I am 18 weeks and loving being pregnant as well! I love following your funny snaps and adorable
    Family!!;) especially your dog;)
    I love how truthful you are all the time! It makes you so real;)
    Your Canadian friend

  28. I have to admit I felt the same way and while talking to a girlfriend who hasn’t been pregnant she was like you have to blog about this your being hilarious (which I have a blog and have been totally slacking because omg I am TIRED and I NEVER take naps but could nap for days). I also had a ROUGH first trimester and felt bad / guilty even saying it because everyone I talked too was telling me how glowing and blissful they were. I felt like a total selfish person… not good in my own body, sick and sick and tired of hearing other women that had babes 5 years ago tell me how each day was AMAZ.
    Well I have to say I think / knock on wood / pray that I have rounded that amazing corner and I have hit 18 weeks. So thanks for being so real girlfriend!!! It has made me believe that those of us out there will get to that "honeymoon" pregnancy phase. Keep the cute clothes preggo clothes and real feelings coming!
    XOXO Katie

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