Congrats to Ben & Lauren Plus My Advice for Jojo…

It was very hard for me to watch last night knowing that Lauren was the one he chose in the end. I knew because I watched on the west coast and I had seen all the tweets from the east coast peeps. So when I was watching, I felt so sorry for Lauren knowing that she was watching and it was so obvious to me that Ben’s mom felt he had a better connection with Jojo. But Ben’s mom did her absolute best not to steer Ben in either direction and support him no matter who he chose. But when she said it felt “different today” with Jojo, I think that was her way of saying that she saw her son with Jojo.

That said, every moment Ben had with Lauren during the finale was so sweet and lovely. It’s been clear that they are meant for each other since the beginning! But the really exciting part of the finale, in my opinion, was his conversation with Jojo in the bathroom. How real and raw was that? Btw, Jojo’s final rose ceremony dress is by Mac Duggal and below are some of my favorite looks of Jojo’s from last night…

Well in the end we have our happy couple! Huge congrats to Ben and Lauren! Their proposal was so romantic and sweet. It totally had me in tears! They seem very much in love and I am very excited to see what is in store for the both of them. In fact, Ben has told me that he reads my blog (Thanks Ben!) and that he would be happy to let me sit down and interview him and Lauren! Yay! So stayed tuned for that interview coming soon on 🙂 I’ve met Ben and adore him and I can’t wait to meet Lauren. She seems like a doll! Also, I have to add that she wore some beautiful halter maxi dresses on the finale. One black one on her very last date with Ben and the gorgeous cobalt blue one for the proposal. Girl looks good in halter maxi dresses! Her blue dress is Badgley Mischka and you can rent it HERE. Get all her maxi halter dress looks below…

And I end with my biggest congratulations to Jojo!!!! I was so happy to see that ABC chose Jojo as their new Bachelorette. Mostly because I just think she’s awesome – I’ve been saying that all season. But also because it BROKE my heart to see her devastated after Ben let her go. At that moment I thought – “this girl HAS to be the new Bachelorette! The poor thing!” Plus, didn’t you guys love how she would ask Ben direct questions on their last date? I feel like she speaks up when she feels like she should, and for that reason she’ll make for a very exciting Bachelorette!

Get Jojo's Dress HERE
Get Jojo’s Dress HERE

I’ll end this with some words of advice for Jojo – Be open to finding love, but be prepared to not find it. Wear water proof mascara (lots of tears coming your way girl). Try to forget about the guys you like the first night, and even first week, so you can really focus on the ones you don’t know how you feel about yet. And finally, live in the moment and enjoy every second! I truly wish I let myself enjoy the experience more and didn’t take it so seriously. So have fun, kiss a lot and follow your heart. So happy for you Jojo! Enjoy every minute during your time as the Bachelorette! Oh and make sure you share all your fab outfits with me 😉 Btw, get Jojo’sHOT After the Final Rose dress HERE!

Until next season…


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17 thoughts on “Congrats to Ben & Lauren Plus My Advice for Jojo…

  1. Hey Ali! I was hoping you might know the details of Lauren’s beautiful white dress from After the Final Rose! Total fashion envy — I want that dress! Please share if you have any info! xoxo, Ali B

  2. Absolutely loved this blog… well at least the parts about JoJo… And don’t mention the pic with her and her family! Embrace it girl! xx

  3. I agree, I think Jojo showed more realness into it than Lauren. Jojo is super cool and I think too good for Ben. They just don’t match. Great season of The Bachelorette coming! Also, I think Lauren seems filtered. I mean, they’re cute together. But will it work? Maybe a few months. I think Ben needs to be more adventurous and fun. He seems like a genuine nice guy BUT very boring. Every woman wants a little spice and a little attitude at times. He’s just too plain.

  4. Jojo would be great as bachelorette!!! No doubt! And probably be 100% more cautious in saying I love you in her season just because of how she got hurt and blindsided. Be interesting to watch her handle things.

  5. I wish Ben and Lauren much luck and love. I am always a little skeptical about this show and wonder what it real and how can a person find true love in such a short period of time but I watch it anyway because, bottom line, I’m a romantic and still believe in love at first sight which I think is the basic premise of this show. Jojo should make a great Bachelorette.

  6. First off, Congrats to Ben and Lauren, but I thought he would pick Jojo as well. After seeing him and Lauren it was clear that they are each others person. Want to wish them well and can’t wait to see them married.

    Secondly, Congrats to Jojo on being the new bachelorette. Can’t wait to see your season and I know Mr. Right is out there for you.

  7. Do you know where Lauren B got the little white dress she wore to the After the Final Rose? LOVE IT!! Super cute dress she wore to Jimmy Kimmel Live too!!

    Ali, How do the girls know how many outfits/clothes they will need. DO they have help?

  8. Ben is an ass
    He knew from the beginning he was in love with Lauren, everybody knew!! She is soooo boring and just Blah, and that’s what he needs to feel better about himself, I think Jo Jo was to much for him, she is fun, outgoing, gorgeous, she is gonna make an awesome Bachelorette.
    He shouldn’t have told Jo Jo he loved her, he did it for the production and the show, that’s why I think he is a horrible person. I hate when The Bachelor or Bachelorette are like: ohhh this was solo hard, I’m heart broken, this is so difficult and then CRY…..OMG, it’s not difficult to you AT ALL, you are gonna end up asking somebody to marry you and with SOMEBODY, the other person is the one leaving alone and heart broken, that’s just so selfish.

  9. Congrats to Ben and Lauren! My heart broke for Jo Jo so happy she is the next Bachelorette. As for ben being a ass, I don’t he was at all. He was in love with two women and was trying to figure out what to do and who to be with. When you are in love in two people it is so very hard to figure it out. His heart and head were telling him two different things. Dealing with that is extremely hard. I highly doubt that he told jo jo he loved her because the show wanted him to. I think he did because he actually did but was torn because he loved Lauren too. No matter how you say good bye to someone their will be heart break no matter what. Yes I believe it was it was wrong to tell 2 people you love them. But I’m sure most of us know that will you love someone or are falling in love them you want to tell them asap. And sometimes our feelings for people just come out even when you don’t want them to.

  10. I AM JUST SO HAPPY IT’S JOJO! I think Lauren and Ben are perfect for each other, and Jojo will be one of the best bachelorettes ever. Seriously can’t wait to watch her season!

  11. I think Ben and Lauren will be together for a few months. He is extremely physically attracted to her and acts almost like a giddy school boy around her. But in terms of a mental connection..they don’t seem to talk about much. She isn’t really witty..opinionated or interesting like Jojo. Jojo and kaitlyn are very similar..both girls Ben had a great connection with. I think its gonna get boring pretty quickly with Lauren. They are cute i hope i am wrong!

  12. Ali I’m curious as to ur opinion on the news that originally ABC picked Caila to be bachelorette and even shot in her hometown a little but ultimately said they felt Jojos story was more compelling.

  13. why would Ben tell JoJo that his relationship with her is the deepest thing he’s ever felt? Makes no sense if he loved Lauren more

  14. Hey Ali! I just started reading your blog last season and I LOVE it!! You have been one of my favorites since you were on the bachelor and I’m so happy to see that your happily engaged and expecting a baby!! Motherhood is absolutely amazing and you will make an excellent mother!! I love how open and honest you are about the show and how you feel about the bachelors and bachelorettes but at the same time you are very fair and loyal to the show, producers, and the entire process. Since you are very honest and you know things first hand would u write a blog regarding what you think about Caila originally being cast as bachelorette and filming scenes in her hometown to days before the announcement it was changed to Jojo? I love both and am not upset that its Jojo, she will do a great job, but I also really liked Caila and think she also would have done a good job. I follow her on Instagram and she even posted something about traveling that I really believe was a hint towards her becoming the next bachelorette and although I love Jojo as well it breaks my heart that they would do that to Caila…..or anyone for that matter. I have been a fan of the show since season 1 of the bachelorette with Trista and have watched both the bachelor and bachelorette ever since but what happened with Caila truly bothers me, I know that sounds silly but it does. I would just love it if you would give us your thoughts/reasoning behind what the producers did. Thanks Ali!!! 🙂

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