The Women Tell All

The Women Tell All just wasn’t super exciting last night, huh? With Lace and Olivia there, I thought we were in for a wild show! But I guess it’s a good thing that is wasn’t all that crazy. Both of those girls seemed to have learned a lot about themselves, which is great.

Let’s start with Lace. The last time a guy got a tattoo on this show is when a contestant on my season, Kacey, got a “Guard and Protect Your Heart” tattoo for me. I think watching that guy show Lace his tattoo gave me post traumatic stress. Why get a tattoo? Why? Lace was as shocked as I was and really didn’t know what to say. I expected her to lift up her shirt to show a restraining order tattoo.

Jubilee really impressed me last night. I felt she was extremely sincere in everything she was saying and I think she learned a lot. It’s funny because my feelings about Jubilee went back and forth while watching the season. I really like her one moment, and then not at all the next. Now, I LOVE her and would totally be on board with her as the next Bachelorette. And that’s because she owned up to her faults on the show and also explained to us that she sometimes feels misunderstood. I thin a good balance of explaining yourself and admitting you’re wrong is exactly what I need from Jubilee. She totally won me over. Jubilee’s blush dress was gorgeous. I couldn’t find the exact dress but found a bunch of similar ones at different price points below.

I also feel Olivia did a great job admitting her wrongs last night. I’ve said this all season and I truly believe it – she’s young and still learning about herself. When I was 23 I was so selfish. Honestly, when I think back to my time on the Bachelor I think that I got a CRAZY GOOD edit. I could have been edited so bad based on some of the things I said. I was young and stupid and thought the entire world revolved around me. I think Olivia acted very poorly and she learned a big lesson. When she was talking about social media and the hurtful things said to her, it broke my heart. I also really love that she admitted that she used to watch the show and judge people, and that no one can understand what it feels like being on the other side of the judgment unless you’ve been through it. Well I’ve been thorough it (not quite as harsh as she has), and I want to take this opportunity to give Olivia some love! Hang in there girl!

Was it just me or did Caila look a little different last night? (Sorry for the cut off picture above – It’s the only one I could find) Less makeup I think. And the lack of makeup really makes me believe that she will be the next Bachelorette. Well that- and all the rumors swirling around the internet. So why does the lack of makeup matter? Every year when the Bachelorette is announced, or when she’s at the women tell all, the future Bachelorette’s all show up with less makeup on. Remember Britt last season? She showed up with almost NO makeup at all and sure enough she was one of the Bachelorettes (along with Kaitlyn). Why less makeup? It make us girls look more innocent and likable to other women. At least that’s what my guess is. SO I think the show was testing out Caila as a Bachelorette – wanting to see how the public would react to her on the Women Tell All. What did you think of her? I personally adore her and think she’s the sweetest thing ever. I’d love to see her as the Bachelorette. Plus, how cute was she is her strapless black jumpsuit? Get her look below.

And I just have to say that Amanda is seriously the SWEETEST! How could anyone not love her? I also wouldn’t be surprised if they asked her to be the Bachelorette. Her hot little red number she wore last night was also a favorite of mine. You can get the top HERE and the skirt HERE (I thought it was a dress too).

Speaking of great outfits, Becca’s romper was also hot hot hot! It’s by Parker and you can get it HERE. In case it sells out, I found a similar dress here.

Ben handled everything thrown at him like a trooper! Seriously! I can’t get over how well spoken he is. It was so cute when he said that he would get married tomorrow. Sounds like he is super into Lauren – uh I mean, the girl he chooses. But really – it’s totally Lauren, right? I guess how soon they get married will be up to how into him she is. I talked to Ben recently and he said he would be up for doing an interview with his gal (whomever that may be 😉 ) for my blog! So keep checking back for that! Can’t wait to interview him and his new love!

So that leaves Jojo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jojo. And I think she would make a great Bachelorette. I know I know, I’ve said that abut two other girls. Well, I like all 3 of them. They are 3 VERY different choices and I think they would all be great. Who do YOU want to see as the new Bachelorette? Do you think Ben is with Lauren or Jojo? And do you forgive Olivia for her behavior? Let’s discuss all of this in the comments below!

Until next week…

xoxo Ali

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51 thoughts on “The Women Tell All

  1. I am team JOJO all the way for the next bachelorette! Caila’s a little too naive and immature to be the next bachelorette IMO. and ben is totally engaged to Lauren!!!

  2. I LOVE Jojo. I hope she is the next Bachelorette! Ben is totally with Lauren B. The way he lights up and tries to hold a smile back when her name is spoken is a giveaway! Not mad about it though, it is adorable.

  3. I got the impression that Ben isn’t engaged to either Lauren or JoJo from just watching the sneak peek for next week. I may be wrong, but don’t think so in this case. Guess we will see

  4. I do love Caila but I don’t think she would make the best choice for bachelorette… I think either JoJo or Amanda would be an awesome choice. Another girl I love that never seems to have rumors about bachelorette is Becca!! I love BECCA and want so badly to see her fall in love and have it reciprocated.

  5. JoJo’s weird family…the poor men that would have to meet them if she was the next Bachelorette! I still believe Olivia is oblivious to her own behaviour, but yes feel sorry for her to be attacked on social media. I like Amanda for the next Bachelorette.

  6. I would MUCH prefer JoJo as the next Bachelorette. Ben has been my favorite, true-to-his-heart, honest Bachelor, while I generally end up disliking someone as soon as they become the Bachelor/Bachelorette (except you and Ben!). I think JoJo would very much remain true to herself and get the most she can out of the process. And she’s fun to watch, as well as relatable. 🙂
    Caila, while sweet, is a bit of a snore to me, and her Disney Princess demeanor has gotten a little old to me (however, I adored her in the beginning of the season!). Amanda is incredibly sweet, but I don’t love her the way I do JoJo.

  7. I figured Caila was wearing less makeup because she didn’t want to have to worry about crying it off… but she did a great job holding her composure. She is so cute. 🙂

  8. Caila, while pretty and bubbly and sweet, seems way too young and naive to be ready for a serious relationship. I love love love JoJo, but I think the rumors are probably true and Ben and Lauren are together, which is adorable too. And is this the last of Becca??? I had such high hopes for her…

  9. Amanda is so sweet, however, I think she would be a repeat of Emily Maynard. They are both soft spoken southern belles. Caila is a great girl, but I think she is too immature to be the next bachelorette. I wouldn’t be able to sit through her pauses. after. every. word. She reminds me of Britt in the way that she is dramatic. I think Jo Jo is cool as hell. In fact, I want to be her friend, but she wouldn’t be my first choice for the role. My first choice, believe it or not, would be Becca. She is a veteran bachelor/ette franchiser and would handle the role really well. I think we’d all like to see her find her true love.

  10. JOJO! I just can’t get behind Caila as the Bachelorette, I had a hard enough time getting through her dates on this season!

  11. Well I am a confirmed Bachelor & Bachelorette guy and loved this season. I do love the fact that Jubilee and Olivia were forthright with their answers and seemed genuine but I couldn’t help wondering if they said it just cause they were confronted by the women. I do believe though that they should have been forgiven cause it’s tough to hold onto grudges, ie the twins I felt still had it out for Olivia. The fact that she also apologized to Amanda for her bad remark was genuine I felt. As for Ben, yes he’s one of the best Bachelor’s to be on but I am a strong supporter for Lauren and would love to see Becca as the next Bachelorette. To me she really exudes warmth and is real and she deserves to be happy. I was actually rooting for her to be one of the last three if not two Bachelorettes.

  12. I thought Olivia was great last night – I really felt for her! Being 23 and surrounded by a ton of other women that are all judgy has got to be super difficult!

    Ben handled all of the questions so well! I was kind of hoping for a Nick Viall repeat by Caila asking Ben why he slept with her if he knew he didn’t love her and loved Jojo and Lauren. But alas, Caila was too classy.

    I hope Ben picks Lauren and Jojo is the next Bachelorette. Caila is sweet but I just don’t see her as THE Bachelorette. I would kill for it to be Becca though. I LOVE her.

  13. Hello! I definitely think that Ben is engaged to Lauren, I love JOJO but seeing how vulnerable Ben is with Lauren it seems undeniable. I have to say that I really dislike Emily and Haley, if anything they are the bully’s. Leah even called her out on it last night saying ” You bullied her too” in reference to Olivia and Emily responded with ” That’s besides the point ” … um no its not besides the point! Olivia may of had some downfalls but ultimately I think she did a great job at explaining herself last night. I feel that Emily was may more focused on Olivia and getting involved in the high school girl drama than actually with her relationship with Ben. In my opinion that sort of attitude is way worst than Olivia. Ultimately the girls are there to find love not 28 best friends, although I think how you act with others says alot about you, this is a unique situation that likely no one can prepare you for. I would LOVE to see JOJO as the Bachelorette, girl has got it going on and just seems really real, no BS. Amanda is great also and would make a great bachelorette as well – she’s the sweetest. I agree that Caila is super sweet, but its almost too much it comes off a little fake at times I feel that the bachelorette needs to have a bit of an edge to handle it. Team JOJO!

  14. I’m hoping it’s Jojo.. Caila is too blah for me! Amanda I don’t feel will commit with her girls back at home and one starting school. I still have strong feelings against Olivia, she made a fool of herself plenty of time and never cared to say sorry to the girls during the actually show.
    P.s. Did you not love the twins backing eachother up? They are my fav duo…

  15. I’m reading all of these comments and everyone believes Ben picks Lauren. And she is adorable, and they have great chemistry together. However I am still holding hope that this will be the most shocking bachelor in history and that he will pick Jojo! If he doesn’t pick her, then she should definitely be the next bachelorette! Her brothers would definitely need to chillax a little bit if that’s the case…(I still laugh when I think of her mom drinking the wine straight from the bottle as the brothers were laying into Ben, haha)

  16. I definitely think he ends up with Lauren. It’s the way he looks at her and also the way he responded to the blooper with her in it. I want to see becca as the New bachelorette. She’s So awesome! Also, I think Olivia acted well and I’m glad she apologized.

  17. I love Caila, I think she is awesome. As for last night I thought she looked a little different too. Maybe the long eyelashes were missing but maybe (definitely not a shot at her, just my opinion) her face was a little let’s say…wider. I would like to see her as the next bachelorette but I’m not sure if she can carry a season. I think Ben picks Lauren. The way he gets emotional when he talks about her is different. After Ben met Jojo’s family how can he pick her, not to mention the ex boyfriend thing. After all that time they spent on Jubilee last night why not just make her the first black bachelor/bachelorette, its long overdue…

  18. First, I’ve always been a big fan of yours and love your blog! I think he is with Lauren. I think they are perfect together! For the next Bachelorette, I can’t handle a season with a Disney Princess/Pantene commercial. I think she is very sweet and composed, but just feel she has more growing up to do first. I am 100% team Becca! No drama, nurturing, gorgeous!

  19. I definitely think he ends up with Lauren. I like how he said he’d marry "her" tomorrow (whoever "her" is!). 🙂 That was really sweet. I kind of hope they choose an outsider for the new Bachelorette. I definitely wouldn’t watch if it were Amanda but could handle it if it were JoJo or Caila. There is just something about Amanda that I can’t stand! Maybe it’s the fact that she seemed all innocent but left her two VERY young daughters to be on a dating show. It breaks my heart for them because you know they were wondering where their mommy was and wanting her to be with them. I’m sure she got to Facetime them but that’s just not the same as holding your babies when their upset. There are other ways to meet people besides leaving your kids behind in sheer hope of maybe finding someone to fall in love with. I just couldn’t ever imagine doing that. I think that alone says a lot about her. If she were asked to the next bachelorette, I’d hope she’d turn it down and stay home with her children.

  20. I really loved Becca until I saw a blooper from last night’s episode. The clip where she was talking with Caila and said "Chris" instead of Ben . . . and then goes "Oops, wrong season". It made me feel like she just came back for the fame/recognition as opposed to genuinely wanting a relationship with Ben. Why else would you say the name of the guy you dated last season? Maybe that was just me – but it came across that way in my opinion. I also think that JoJo would make the best Bachelorette (if she doesn’t win). I just can’t get on-board the Caila train!

  21. I think JoJo or Amanda for Bachelorette! I have a feeling they already chose Caila though. I like her a lot but she’s not my first choice!

  22. So if he does pick Lauren….what is so dramatic about this seasons finale? I’m hoping it really is dramatic and calls Becca!!!
    OK I know, a girl can dream! She is absolutely my favorite and I hope she is the next Bachlorette!

  23. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Jojo!!! I hope for her the be the next Bachelorette because I think Ben is going to pick Lauren ? Jojo is beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and vibrant. She’d be perfect for carrying on a fun filled season with heart. Team Jojo here

  24. I think Oliva learned her lesson she made a mistake everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect she showed that she was truly sorry on the show… I honestly don’t think Ben is going to choose Jojo or Lauren I think it maybe someone else but we could be wrong… if I did have to choose between the too I would have to say Lauren

  25. I think Ben chooses Lauren, and I have for a while now! Plus, he seemed really defensive when he was talking to Leah last night. I love Caila, and I think she would be a good Bachelorette. I, too, think she looked different last night, I wasn’t sure if it was the way her hair was parted or what, but still pretty. I really think Becca would be an amazing Bachelorette- beautiful and always entertaining.

  26. I thought Olivia handled herself very well last night. Her apology seemed sincere and she also backed herself up. I feel like the only bullies around were the twins. I was never a big fan of them but after last night I am hoping they do not get cast for BIP. Looking back at the season they said more mean things about Olivia then she said about anyone.

    I agree I think Ben will pick Lauren! They have the strongest connection and it’s been obvious from the start of the season. I am totally team JoJo though! She is the most relatable girl that’s ever been on the show. There is NO other choice for bachelorette! She would easily carry a season and guys would go crazy over her! She’s beautiful, funny, down to earth, intelligent, can carry a conversation, and seems super outgoing and confident! I think Caila is sweet but I cannot see her being the bachelorette. I think the rumors are probably true but I will definitely be disappointed if Caila is the lead.


  27. I am not okay with Caila being the next Bachelorette. I have thought this entire season she seemed really fake. Over the top smiley. Even when being broken up with the girl smiled. I just think she’s immature and fake. And last night it seemed like she was playing the part. She seemed to be acting sad, not sincerely sad…like she had been coached. I have watched every single season, and if Caila’s the Bachelorette, I may have to skip my first season ever. I just can’t handle her.

  28. I like Caila, she would be great as a Bachelorette, but I think that the show would get better ratings if they go with Jojo or Amanda. I don’t feel like Jubilee would be strong enough emotionally or mentally as the Bachelorette. The turn off with me for her was her attitude she would get throughout this season. And if it were actually up to me, I’d want Becca to be the Bachelorette (I can’t get enough of her! Woman crushing hard core).

  29. I admire you. I always have, but as we get older and you continue to evolve into new chapters in you life, you continue to grow that much more lovely. The way you speak about women or life in general is inspiring, raw, and with the intention in mind to build people up.

    It’s funny, you know how sometimes you follow someone on social media for years you kind of forget that you don’t know them? Lol. I was just thinking, "Oh yeah, Ali and I are totally friends!" "Oh… wait, nvm. Jk….?" (#nerdalert). K. bye for now pretty mamma!


  30. Okay so I adore Caila. Really. But if Ben truly is with lauren, and JoJo had had enough time to heal, SHE SHOULD BE BACHELORETTE! ON ANOTHER NOTE, AMANDA! I mean can we all just agree that she is the classiest, sweetest woman EVER?! Such maturity! I would LOVE to see a mom be the Bachelorette!

  31. I don’t think I’d like watching Caila being the Bachelorette. I don’t think she is very comfortable with herself yet and she always seems so well put together, articulated – a bit staged and i think that is why Ben had a difficult time falling in love with her. I don’t think she is at a point to show her vulnerability, her true authentic self which really attracts an audience and allows them to empathize and live vicariously through that person’s experiences. She needs to remove the shell and be human. Jojo all the way!!!

  32. In my humble opinion, I think Becca should be the next Bachelorette. Even though she’s had two tries at love, third time’s the charm. Right?

  33. And if Becca isn’t chosen as the next Bachelorette, I would love to date her! How does someone go about doing that?

  34. Just a thought, but what if they had the twins as the next Bachelorettes? And not just for the first episode but for the entire season! I know, they’re young and maybe a bit immature, but how fun would it be to increase the competition! After all, they are hilarious and gorgeous and very entertaining!

  35. I would love to see Jojo is the next Bachelorette but I’m hoping she is the final girl that Ben pics but if not her Amanda

  36. I love all 4 of the girls (Lauren, JoJo, Amanda and Caila) those girls are beautiful inside and out from what I’ve been able to see! I think Lauren is the one for Ben and Caila the next bachelorette and my girl JoJo should go on bachelor in paradise and be one of the next lovely couples that come off of that show! Amanda is just so sweet and I really would love her to continue on one of the spin off shows as well!

  37. Ali do you know if JoJo’s brother Ben was in a dating show a few years ago? I cant remember the name but Eva Lingoria was a producer. I am pretty sure it was him.

  38. I think that he will pick Lauren however i am team JoJo so i would be ALL FOR her being the next bacheloette!!

  39. You’re right. Three very different girls. Caila def looked different last night. I’d like to see Amanda as the next Bachelorette. I also felt badly when Olivia was crying about her sister having to take over her social media accounts because it was a bad place for her. I don’t fully believe that she’s changed that much. She still seems so immature and full of herself. Ben is SO well spoken! I thought that all season. So so impressive how well he can think on his feet and always manage to be polite. Class act.

    It’s the first time I’ve checked out your blog. Love. From one blogger to another.

    Congrats on the baby to be 🙂

  40. Hey Ali,
    I just wanted to let you know I just stated reading your blog and I love it!! It has quickly become one of my favorite blogs and I’m sending good thoughts your way during your pregnancy. 🙂 Now for the bachelor, I (like everyone else) definitely think Lauren and Ben are together! They are so precious together and I really think and hope that they will be one of the couples who make it from this show! I also love Lauren and think she is such a sweetheart and perfect for Ben. As far as the next bachelorette goes, I really do like all the girls from this season so I would be ok with pretty much anyone. Although if I have to pick a favorite I would pick Jojo because I think she would keep it real and fun.

  41. I think Amanda or JoJo would be great bachelorette! Jojo would be more or a Kaitlyn / Ali bachelorette style– more spunky. And Amanda would before of an Emily / Des — sweet and soft spoken. I think caila is a pretty girl, but think she was too confusing on Ben’s season to handle being bachelorette!

    And, also, watching Olivia made me feel bad for her- even though she wasn’t innocent! I think the worst thing you can do as a person is insult someone’s appearance. In my opinion (and I am sure others won’t agree), but calling someone out for being rude or nasty or irritating is one thing– because you can change that, but you cannot change the way you look! And quite frankly Olivia was one of the more stunning girls on the show so comments like her cankles or bad breath probably came from a place of jealousy, or because simply calling her a brat wasn’t satisfying enough for some girls! Anyway, shame on those girls for attacking her on that aspect. But she still was rude to other girls, so she did put a target on her back! At least she apologized though, so overall I gained a little respect!

  42. Yes it’s Lauren….still not decided on forgiving Olivia yet…I like all your picks for the next Bachelorette…BUT I LOVE BECCA

  43. I thought Caila looked different as well. Like her face was more squared. We all agreed that she may have gained a little itty bitty weight.

  44. First off, I love reading your posts about the show! I didn’t start watching The Bachelor until Chris’s season so I’m sad I didn’t get to see your season because I’m pretty sure I would have loved you! So much personality shows through your blog posts and as a fellow blogger, @cozylittlenook, I have to say you are one of my favorite blogs to shop and read! Congrats on the new baby as well! I’m sitting over here waiting to pop out my second little any day now! Kids are the best and I can’t wait to see your future posts with your little! Anyways, I think JoJo would be such a perfect fit as a bachelorette, although I seriously adore Caila!! Maybe they will have 2 again and let the men decide!

  45. JoJo is by far my favorite to be the Bachelorete! Though they never seem to choose one of the final two, I really hope they do this time. They have time to wait to films little bit with Bachelor in Paradise anyways right? Caila can be on Bachelor in Paradise, but I don’t think she is interesting enough as the Bachelorette. Though I adore Amanda, I really hope she doesn’t leave her little ones again, too much upheaval for them.

  46. Hi Ali! I would love to see JoJo as the bachelorette! I think she would be more interesting to watch. I love her personality and just really everything about her. I am so sad seeing the rumor flying around that Caila is filming….ugh I hope it’s not for the Bachelorette! I feel like she is very sweet and nice, but very boring. Also, I feel like she doesn’t really know who she is. One thing that really rubbed me the wrong way this season is that she was crying and upset when she was talking about how she’s embarrassed about how she doesn’t truly have a hometown to take Ben home to. She made a comment like, "I hope he can see past it." Obviously Ben doesn’t care about that, he’s looking for wife. I just felt like she was always trying to be what she thought Ben wanted in a partner. Anyway, just my opinion. I also agree the WTA was boring! There were a lot of ladies not there too, which may have cut down on the interruptions and differing opinions and personalities. I get what you’re saying about Jubilee, and I really like her and think she is an amazing woman, but I felt a little differently than you. She said she would never say anything about being 100% Black, and she said that several times before the commercial break. Then, after several women said they were there and heard it, she backed up and changed her story and said, well yeah, that’s something I would say, and sorry if I offended you. She wasn’t going to own up to it until they said several times, hey, yes you did say that.

    Have a great day, can’t wait for next week!

  47. I would love Jojo as the bachelorette! Especially if she gets heartbroken by Ben. If he doesn’t pick her she will be blindsided. I think she deserves a chance on the Bachelorette. Plus I love how authentic she is.
    Caila is sweet but everything she says makes me think she wants to be the Bachelorette. Something about her makes her sound rehearsed/putting on a show. I think she’s a nice girl with good intentions but I’d rather see Jojo as the bachelorette. (I really think he’ll pick Lauren)

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