My Pregnancy “Mumu”

Have you guys ever heard of Show Me Your Mumu – well if you haven’t I am about to open you closet to a whole new world of boho chic clothing! This brand is my absolute FAV! Not only because the clothes are so freaken cute but also because I know the owners (Cammy and Cologne) and they are two of the nicest and coolest chicks I know. I love seeing good people succeed and succeed they have! Show Me Your Mumu is a HUGE brand now and keeps growing!

This Show Me Your Mumu dress is just too cute and is definitely something will wear throughout my pregnancy. The best part – it’s NOT maternity! So I can wear this dress long after my little one arrives. The last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of money of maternity clothes only to never wear them again (ok maybe one more time – we do want two kids after all).

I love mixing and matching patterns so I paired the dress with this embellished clutch by STEVEN (Steve Madden’s purse brand). This clutch goes with so many cute summer outfits. Wear it with solids but don’t be afraid to carry it with prints like I did here.

My heels are really great to wear with all kind of looks this summer. Really you need a pair of nuetral heels. And these heels are surprisingly comfortable.

See my jewelry details below!

So now are you totally sold on wearing a mumu? Tell me in the comments below!


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One thought on “My Pregnancy “Mumu”

  1. I am obsessed Show Me Your MuMu! I loved seeing Jojo and Becca wear it on the Bachelor this season! I haven’t actually purchased anything off of this site because it would be more of an investment for me (lol), but do you ever feel like it’s too short in the back? Or is it comfortable to wear? I feel like my butt would show in all of their clothes! Their rompers are seriously adorable!

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