I Love You! Oh and You Too… THE BACHELOR

They shouldn’t call it the fantasy suite because that’s not really an accurate description of what happens there. It’s really just “off camera time” with a person you have been dying to talk to without a camera, audio engineer, and producer ten feet away. So I’m glad each girl took that time to be with Ben.

When I watched his date with Caila I had already read on twitter that she was sent home. I’m in Hawaii on my Babymoon so I got to it late here. Watching her date knowing that she was about to be let go was heartbreaking. She tells him she loves him and kisses him goodbye the morning of their overnight feeling like she was on cloud nine. Want to know how I left the fantasy suite of the guy that I didn’t pic

k in the end? (I only had 2 overnight dates) I had a producer call the room in the morning (EARLY -like 5am) and say that I had to leave to shoot stuff for the show. We set this up the night before. I remember laying in bed waiting for that call because I felt so uncomfortable spending the night with another guy even if we were just hanging out all night (at this point I already knew who I was choosing in the end). So I can’t imagine what Caila must have felt, getting let go after that incredible night and morning with Ben. Poor thing. We love you Caila and guys will be line up at your door (or in limos – he he) wanting to date you.

BTW Caila’s bathing-suits are both by Billabong. Can I look as good as Caila in a swimsuit please? Oh wait, that’s definitely not happening because I’m almost 6 months pregnant.  Oh and Caila black lace bib and skirt are from Topshop 🙂

I have no doubt in my mind now that Lauren and Ben end up together. Ben says he thinks she’s too good for him and she says the same about him. I honestly think that is a good way to feel in a relationship. I feel so grateful everyday that Kevin chooses to spend his life with me. I feel lucky. We used to tell each other that all the time back when we were first dating. I’ll have to tell him again today and keep telling him for the rest of our lives – I feel lucky you picked me out of all the people you could have chosen. And I have to say while we are talking about Ben and Lauren, my jaw hit the floor when he told her that he loved her. I think he was just in a moment and wanted to express how he felt right then. Every Bachelor and Bachelorette is told NOT to say I love you because so much can change between fantasy suites and the final rose. I actually dig that he told Lauren he loved her in that moment. It felt so real! So raw! But he really shouldn’t have said it to Jojo too.

Speaking of Jojo – I really feel like she is about to get her heart broken and that breaks my heart. I seriously adore this girl. That said, I don’t feel like she and Ben are a good match. Look, it’s really not my opinion of them as a couple that matters, but this is my blog and you’re reading it so I can say whatever I want. Ha! Kidding, well kind of kidding. But really, she is feisty and strong and really just all around kick ass. Ben needs a woman with a softer side – like Lauren. Don’t get me wrong, both types of women are great – one is just better suited for Ben in my opinion. He’s a sensitive guy and I think he needs a sensitive girl by his side.

And I just have to say that Jojo’s rose ceremony dress last night was HOT HOT HOT! It’s by Bebe and looked incredible on her. CLICK HERE for the exact same dress, just a different print. And her long maxi at dinner is by Urban Outfitters.

Let me say this about Ben before I end this blog, cause I know many of you are really upset with him for saying I love you to two girls. And know, I feel super strongly about what I’m about to say even after only chatting with him a few times. Ben is one of the most genuine, loving, sincere men I have ever met. Telling two women he loves them truly came from a sincere place. I think he’s a romantic. He loves love! Most men who tell two people they love them do it because they are playboys. Not Ben though. He couldn’t be further from that. I think his fear of being unlovable has made him open up to loving more than one person. Should he have told both of them? No, I don’t think he should have. He should have done what all us other Bachelors and Bachelorettes did and kept his cute little mouth shut until the final rose. And I get it, I’ve been there! It’s hard not to tell someone how you feel when you’re in the moment. In the end, Ben followed his heart and he is being as open and vulnerable as he can be with all of us watching him and judging him. I for one am going to give him a pass for being that vulnerable with us. You’re the best Ben!

Ok that’s all I’ve got. I can’t wait to see what happens next week! I’m 100% convinced at this point that he ends up with Lauren but that phone call he makes has me so curious!


P.S. Sorry I don’t have exact dresses and more outfit details, but hey, I’m on vacation! I had to wake up before the sun just to write this blog so I don’t miss any pool time! Poor me right? Ha! TOTALLY kidding! Have a great day friends!


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15 thoughts on “I Love You! Oh and You Too… THE BACHELOR

  1. Who do u think will be the perfect Bachelorette? I am so happy that you found love your going to be a Great Mother.

  2. Ali, you are my favorite Bachelorette ever!! Your personality makes you so loveable. Don’t ever change that!! I love your opinions, blogs and how you think. Keep doing what your doing and I am so happy for you and Kevin. Congratulations!! Hugs!!

  3. Ali – the phone call at the end has me curious as well. I think he calls his ex-girlfriend because he’s still in love with her and doesn’t propose to Jojo or Lauren. Just a thought….

  4. I think the phone call at the end is him calling the parents to "ask permission" before proposing :).

  5. Watching Caila get her heart broken was really tough to watch. She’s been one of my faves since the first night she jumped in Bens arms. So cute and bubbly and always smiling and her hair is pretty awesome too. She’s the next bachelorette, right???

  6. I noticed Ben said to Lauren I’ve known I’m "in love" with you for a while now. He only said I love you to JoJo. Loving someone and being in love with them are two different things. I think he’s engaged to Lauren, no spoilers needed to see that connection. I feel so bad for Caila. I’d like to see her as the next bachelorette.

  7. Hope you are right…I also think he truly is in love with Lauren, so I was shocked when he told Jojo he loved her too……didn’t see that coming at all!! I feel he is himself around Lauren, while he says he is most himself around Jojo! I can’t see that! I feel Jojo really isn’t in love with him either…maybe he is her rebound from her ex Chad??

  8. I couldn’t agree more! There’s a side of Jojo that I don’t care for and I don’t see the lasting power with them as I do with Lauren and Ben. I love them together! There’s a rumor going around that he chooses Jojo…I would be shocked!! Diana makes a great point…when Ben said "I’ve known I’m in love with you.." that was telling. When he said I love you to Jojo, it didn’t feel as deep. Can’t wait for the finale.

  9. When he told JoJo he loved her, I rewatched it a few times and just don’t feel it was genuine in the same way as Lauren. He may love her but not IN love with her, and I really think that for show purposes, the producers ‘strongly suggested’ he say it to JoJo also so as not to blow the ending and to keep people guessing. I’m sure he regretted going along with it because it was deceitful to someone he genuinely cares about (JoJo) and would have lead her to believe she was the one he’d choosed, thereby also possibly changing the events in the fantasy suite. It was a crappy move all around but I do really believe the producers put him up to it in order to do damage control for him spontaneously telling Lauren he loved her. With JoJo it seemed scripted and quick and not heart-connecting. Very different than the other one where you could see it in his eyes.

  10. My favorite part of that episode was the rose ceremony. When the girls came out of the limo one by one and each told Chris that Ben said ‘I love you’. Chris’s face was priceless. I think he was just as shocked as all of us.

  11. Hi Ali,

    Love your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Any idea where Caila’s black high-waisted drawstring skirt is from? She was wearing when she went home.. I’ve been trying to hunt it down but no luck

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