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I am soooo excited because Kevin and I leave for Hawaii on Friday. Babymoon time!!! Neither of us have been to Hawaii so that makes this trip even more special. Plus, it’s our last trip as a family of 2 before the baby comes. Of course we are already a family of 3 (Owen – duh! He’s my fur baby) but he doesn’t go on planes with us, so we always travel as a family of 2. Not after this July though!

Packing today was so fun! I love summer/beach clothes! While I was packing some of my favorite things I, of course, thought that I had to share with all of you. First, I think it’s so essential to have multiple bathing suits. I like to go with at least one one-piece and a few bikinis! This bikini top is amazing. I love that it actually covers my boobs! Ha! But really, my boobs have gotten A LOT bigger since I became pregnant and it’s hard to find bikini tops that hold the girls in, and are still stylish.

This one-piece is great because it’s gorgeous and flattering. It has a lot of ruching along the sides that helps hide imperfections along you waist line. In my case, that extra fabric allows room for my growing baby bump! But I didn’t want a maternity swimsuit (this one isn’t) because I wanted something that I can also wear after the baby is born!

A colorful tote is a MUST to put all your belonging in when you head to the pool or beach. I love this one because it’s huge – it holds so much stuff, including my big floppy hat! How fun is this hat? You’ve got to protect yourself from the sun! And look cute while doing it 😉

These Steve Madden sandals are great for a vacation trip because they go with EVERYTHING! The neutral color and slim design make them so versatile. They are really the only shoe you’ll need to pack for your trip. Neutral sunnies to go with everything are also a great thing to pack! These sunnies are only $12.

And finally, I ALWAYS pack a portable cell-phone charger on my trips. When I’m laying by the pool I love to listen to music or scan Us Weekly, or Eonline’s website’s to catch up on my latest celebrity gossip 😉 The problem with this is my phone battery dies! Who wants to go inside to charge their phone while laying by a beautiful pool in Hawaii? No one! So this SUPER adorable flower portable charger is a MUST on my packing list.

Can’t wait to share my Hawaii adventure with all of you and show you the rest of what i packed! I’m OBSESSED with my vacation outfits!

Where would you travel if you could take off today? Maybe for a Babymoon, Spring Break, or just a good old vacation! Tell me in the comments below!



3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Vacation Essentials

  1. Enjoy!!! Hawaii is on my bucket list…my hubby and I have never been and this is somewhere we have always talked about visiting! What island are you staying at? I think that’s going to be our hardest choice to make when the time comes..:-)

  2. Oooooh!!! Love what you are packing!! We have been to Maui once over Christmas, and 3 times to Oahu! All I have to say is Lanakai Beach in Oahu! Rental a house on Lanakai Beach 2 years ago!! Loved it!! We plan for Maui again this Christmas vacation too! Hope you Snapchat all your beautiful outfits, and your scenery too!!

  3. How comfortable are you in the one piece swim suit? I am 19 weeks currently and needing a swim suit for our babymoon at the end of March. I haven’t liked any of the "maternity" swim suits I have seen. Would love your thoughts.

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