Of Course Ben Isn’t Ready for Kids…

You guys, I think this is the first season I’ve watched (and I’ve watched a lot of seasons) where I absolutely love the 4 remaining girls! Well, 3 remaining after last nights episode, but I have to group Amanda into that statement because she is just such a sweetheart. And her kids! They’re the cutest! Ben was so good with them. He’ll really will make an incredible father one day.

Some of you think Ben wasn’t ready for kids and that’s why he let Amanda go. I’m not so sure about that. In fact, I don’t think anyone without kids (myself included) can be 100% ready for kids when you’ve never had them yourself. You just learn as you go. At least that’s how I feel right now, being 20 weeks pregnant. Am I 100% ready? Of course not. I have 1,000 questions, I have no idea how to breastfeed or how to soothe a newborn. How do you know if a cry is a hungry, tired or wet diaper cry? It’s a mystery to me at this point! Sure I’ll take classes, but I won’t be 100% ready when our little baby decides to join the world in July. But I’ll do my best. Just like Ben would if he had decided to be with Amanda. I bet if I told a mom that I was 100% ready for my baby to arrive, she would chuckle to herself and think “this girl has no idea what she’s in for.” Ha! In the end, I just think Ben had a stronger relationship with the 3 other girls and that’s ultimately why Amanda went home. But in the end, Amanda is one hell of a catch. Any guy would be so lucky to have her and that man will love her children just as much as he loves her.


At this point, I feel like all I have to say is Ben and Lauren forever! Ha! But no really, it has to be her in the end right? I feel like it’s so obvious at this point. Ben breaking down in tears to Lauren’s sister spoke volumes. They are perfectly adorable together and I truly feel that he has been set on her since night one. She was the first girl he laid eyes on (first one out of the limos) and it was game-over for him right from the start. OK ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. There are still two other girls left. But I just feel super strongly that it will be Lauren and Ben in the end.

Lauren B’s style is super cute and casual. I feel like she wears the clothes I like to wear. I LOVED her flannel last night – I actually own one that’s SUPER similar. Pairing it with a cute leather jacket was the perfect choice.

I’ve talked about my love for Caila a few times throughout this season and I STILL adore her. She is just a doll! I really think she is a real life Disney Princess – sweet, beautiful, kind, great hair, and a rich/powerful dad – ha! But even though she is incredible, I just don’t think she is the one for Ben in the end. Why? Because when Ben met with Caila’s mom he kept saying “if I were to fall for somebody at the end of this” instead of “if I fall for Caila.”  I feel like if he was talking to Lauren B’s mom, he would have said “If I fall for Lauren” It’s almost like he didn’t want to say Caila’s name one of respect to Lauren B. Just my random opinion and I could be wrong.

Caila’s fashion sense it so on point! She always looks perfectly put together! Her Anthropologie sweater could not have been cuter on her and pairing it with a J Crew vest gave her an adorable snow bunny look! (Big thanks to Caila for sending me her outfit details!). BTW – you can get the J Crew vest majorly on sale right now! $99 plus an ADDITIONAL %40 OFF! She finished off her hometown look with cute (and affordable) H&M pants and Tory Burch boots – also on sale!

Jojo is my girl – at least I pretend she is in my head. Ha! There is something so real and unscripted about everything she does and says and I just respect her for putting it all out there. This may not be a popular opinion but I also think her brothers are awesome. Yes, I felt very bad for Ben because he’s such a sweetheart and that was a lot for him to handle, but I thought he did a great job dealing with it. That said, Jojo’s brothers were being totally and completely REAL – just like Jojo! And I think it was awesome to see how much love they have for their sister. I do think they were a bit harsh, but sometimes when people you love are involved in a scary situation you get a bit intense. I get it. Although I will say I’m SO glad my family didn’t do that to me when I brought The Bachelor home. Ha! Poor Jojo – so stressful for her. It’s great to have a protective family, but still.

Jojo has great style too! I know her boots are by Kristen Cavallari (because she told me! Thank girlie!!!) and her black lace-up tank is front a boutique in LA. But I found a similar one at a great price HERE. Her cover-up is from Zara and I couldn’t find it on the website but HERE is a similar one as well.

You guys probably noticed this episode that the girls had a really hard time telling Ben “I love you.” They just couldn’t get the words out. The reason these girls can’t tell him “I love you” is because they aren’t really in love yet. Can I be 100% certain they aren’t in love? Well no, of course not. But I can say that EVERY person I’ve ever talked to on the show has told me that they weren’t really in love on the show, they just thought they were in the moment. They were in lust! Heck, even the married couples from the show say that. Ask Jason and Molly or Ashley and JP. I bet they would say that they didn’t really know the person on the show, and they truly fell in love AFTER the show. I really feel that these girls can’t find a way to say “I love you” just yet because they aren’t ready to say it. Will they say it in the next episode? Yeah totally, but that still doesn’t mean they are ready. They’ll say it, but it will feel awkward. After the show is over they will even say they loved him, but ask them 6 months from now and the answer is always the same with every contestant – they’ll say they weren’t REALLY in love. Not yet at least. And this isn’t meant as a dig at the show. The show is amazing and the feelings they express at the time are real! I’m just saying, when on the show you tend to believe your feelings are stronger than they actually are because of the circumstance you are in. Which is totally ok. Jojo’s brother put it perfectly – they’ve only been in two 1-on-1 dates at this point – can you really know someone at that point? And I believe in “lust-love” at first site but I STRONGLY believe that to KNOW someone is to love someone.

Here are my final thoughts. Ben was asked how he felt about each girl by their families. He said he “cares” for Jojo to her family, told Caila’s family he could fall for “someone” and flat out broke down in tears to Lauren B’s family. I think it’s pretty obvious who he’s falling for. Man I hope I am right or I am going to owe Ben and his new finance a big apology after this. Ha! Do you agree with me that Lauren will be the one with the final rose in the end? Sound off in the comments below!

Until net week loves…

xoxo Ali

P.S. Lauren B’s rose ceremony dress was simple but sexy and you can get the look for under $20 HERE. LUV! Jojo’s little red dress was HOT HOT HOT and you have get the look HERE or get one in orange (perfect for summer) HERE. Caila’s rose ceremony dress was French Connection – seen HERE. Amanda’s dress is by Love & Lemons (Thanks Mary for the info!) – you can get it HERE

P.P.S. While you are here you HAVE to watch Trista Sutter’s Tedx Vail talk! Trista is the orgina Bachelorette, a dear friend of mine, and such an inspiring woman!!!

17 Thoughts

17 thoughts on “Of Course Ben Isn’t Ready for Kids…

  1. Great blog Ali, I always LOVE reading your input! I totally agree, it’s pretty obvious at this point it’s Lauren B – the crying said it all. I know he cares for the others but definitely wasn’t convinced at all when he was talking to Jojo or Caila’s family (I have a feeling Jojo’s brothers picked up on that and that’s one reason they were grilling him so hard). And boy, did Jojo look hot in that red dress!!! I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season…and read your blog every week!

  2. Jojo in that red dress, total smoke show! The description of Caila as a Disney princess, love it! I don’t think she will win but I would definitely pick Caila. As for Lauren she’s kinda just there, doesn’t really do much for me.

  3. Great blog as usual. I get the same feeling about Ben and Lauren. It is just so natural with them from the beginning. He has to choose her.

  4. Did you just drop that Ben has a fiance? Last I heard him say, he wasn’t disclosing whether he’s engaged or not ;).

  5. The producers are making it look as though he’ll choose Lauren, but I think we’re in for a real shocker next episode. Remember – their job is to get viewers and keep them throughout the season! I’m hoping Ben will finally "fall" for Caila next week!! She’s the real deal.

  6. I agree Ben just wasn’t into Amanda, I actually thought that all along and was surprised he would meet her 2 little girls. Especially since he has such strong feelings for the 3 other girls. Lets just say, I was crying on all the home town meetings except for Jojo’s!

  7. You expressed doubts on being a mom, Ali, I had the same reservations. My only advice is, once you hold that baby, and know and see who they are… you’ll know the different cries and what they need. You’ll feel it in the bottom of your soul! You’ll be a great mom. 🙂

  8. Did you see Jojo’s mom take a swig of the wine – so funny. I understand why she needed to do that during the hometown visit!!!! I understand the brothers’ reaction too – Jojo has been hurt before and they do not want that to happen again. I think Lauren B is great – very confident, sweet, and real. The other girls are great, but the chemistry between Ben and Lauren B is undeniable. I’m so anxious to see the next episode since he said I love you to TWO women..!!!

  9. I love your recaps-and I totally agree about Lauren! I’ve wanted Ben to choose her ever since their first one-on-one 🙂 and did you see the clip where Lauren’s brothers ask Ben about the fantasy suite? Hilarious!

  10. Love you and love the blog! Thanks for all the fashion info. I was wondering where you find the clothes the whole episode. Lol!

  11. Any chance those are the exact jeans Lauren B wears? I’m dying to find the same ones she had on the Warsaw date. The back pocket size is key! Thanks so much!

  12. I totally believe in everything you said about each circumstance with each women. I picked Lauren from night one kinda like Kaitlyn and Shawn you could just see it. I know it sounds crazy but I guess love at first site really does exist in certain relationships!. Let’s cross our fingers it’s Ben and Laurend in the end they just seem perfect together!❤️?

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