Why Did Emily Meet His Parents?

I love that this episode was in Warsaw, Indiana – Kevin’s family lives there! In fact, when we met Ben he told us that he knows Kevin’s Aunt. Crazy small world right?

I feel like Ben sent us a very clear message right off the bat during this episode. What was that message? That at this point in the show, he is most into Lauren B. Ben brought Lauren on the most important date of the week (besides meeting his parents, but I’ll get into why that wasn’t the most important date this week in a little bit). The Youth Center, his local dive bar, a real look into what his life is like when he goes home to visit Warsaw.


Then there’s his undeniable chemistry with Jojo. Ben said he can be himself more with her than anyone. That’s a good sign for sure, but doesn’t necessarily mean that he is most into her. He is just more comfortable with her at this point. Sometimes the people you like the most make you feel a little uncomfortable – but in a good way. Also her 1-on-1 date was in Chicago. So Ben chose to take her somewhere fun, over somewhere personal in his hometown. That said, I know Wrigley Field is super important to Ben. Kevin and I talked to him about it recently and he was SO PSYCHED that he got to go hang at the field when it was closed to the public. But even though this experience means a lot to Ben, this date still isn’t as personal as his date with Lauren B.

The 3-on-1 date was super awkward. And when Ben gave Amanda the rose, I felt he didn’t know how to handle the other girls reactions and as a result he didn’t handle it the best. He should have offered them a little more sympathy. He has handled everything PERFECTLY up until now, and I absolutely don’t blame him for not doing everything perfect all the time. And maybe he did talk to the girls more after giving Amanda the rose and it didn’t make the final cut of the show. Who knows. But I think he gave Amanda the rose because it was really important he showed her that he wants to meet her kids.

Now onto Emily – she is such a sweetheart, right? When the group date card came and she found out she got the 1-on-1, Emily said through tears “I don’t want to take away from the group date”. I think that says a lot about what kind of friend she is to the other girls. Such a sweet thing to say in that moment. As nice as she is, it’s been pretty clear to me and I’m sure to all of you that she and Ben weren’t right for each other. At first I couldn’t understand why Ben would bring Emily to meet his parents. Why wouldn’t he take Lauren B or Jojo on that date? After a lot of thought, I think it’s because it would have made the other girls SO mad. The others girls (Caila even said this in an interview) knew Ben didn’t have a deep connection with Emily, so even if he didn’t send her home and brought her to meet his parents, it wouldn’t have upset the other girls that much. But if he had brought Jojo, Lauren B or Caila, they would have been so upset. So that’s what I assume his thought process was. Who knows if I’m right. I also think he thinks Emily is super sweet too, and he needed an excuse to let her go. He had to know that his parents would know she wasn’t the one for him.

In the end he sent Becca home. I was weirdly sad before the rose ceremony started because I really like all the remaining girls and I really like them all for Ben! Normally there are still a few obvious “send homes” when 5 girls are left, but I just didn’t think there was an obvious choice this time. If I had to guess, I would’ve guessed Becca and next week I feel like it will be Amanda. From there I think Caila will go, and Jojo and Lauren will be the final two. I feel like he is going to choose Lauren in the end but I wouldn’t be surprised if things get really hot and heavy with Jojo. So we shall see! Those are just my guesses and I think many of you agree me me. Do you? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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P.S. Since this is my fashion blog. I leave you with what I would to a rose ceremony 🙂 Ya know – cause pregnant women totally fit in at rose ceremonies 😉



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22 thoughts on “Why Did Emily Meet His Parents?

  1. I agree I think Ben will pick Lauren! That being said I prayyyy they pick JoJo for the next bachelorette! She is my absolute favorite and I would love to watch her find love!

  2. I agree with your picks for the most part. I think the final two will be Lauren and Amanda. I used to really love Caila for Ben but now I don’t see them meshing as well as some of the other girls.

    But for real, Becca for the next Bachelorette! She is so sweet and genuine! I really want to see her find love. Also Lauren Himle. She was adorable too!

  3. I totally agree with how you said the ending will probably go. He is so into Lauren B and he has been from the beginning. I feel like his relationship with JoJo was very gradual though. I feel like Caila (as she said she was adaptable and it seemed like she didn’t want to settle somewhere forever) I don’t think Ben really wants that as a wife.I feel like he wants to have a life how he had grown up, how his parents were. Amanda is the sweetest woman ever! But I don’t think Ben is quite ready to go from having no kids to having a two kids that are toddlers. I think it will be hard for him though, because his relationship with Amanda is so sweet and charming, it will be hard for him to make that decision. Love the way you wrote this post! Hope your pregnancy is going well. 🙂

  4. I felt like he knew Emily wasn’t the one, but wanted confirmation from his parents, whom he obviously respects greatly. Emily took it with class though, so good for her. And, sorry, but Becca just needs to move on! Chris was in love with her, but she didn’t love him. She just needs to move on and find love the natural way or, there’s always the chance she could be the next Bachelorette!

  5. I say it will be Lauren and Jojo too. But I saw a trailer where he was calling someone to come back because he felt he made a mistake so I don’t know if he sends Lauren home and then realizes that was not the right thing to do or what? I didn’t really understand why he brought Emily to his family except he needed them to say what he was thinking…. She is still too young and not ready. She has just separated from her sister for the first time in her life.

    I like how supportive the girls still seem to be of one another. Usually there is still a bitch in the house but Ben was smart and he weeded them out early.

  6. I agree 100% with your assessment Ali. I even said the same thing to my hubby after last night’s episode. I think the final two will be Lauren and JoJo. I actually think Lauren might be the final pick as I feel she has a lot of positives with her career that would help to make their life together more possible. Being a flight attendant she’s flexible on where she lives, she won’t have to give up her career where JoJo would have to start from stratch and I can’t see Ben relocating although I could be wrong. It will be interesting to see how it all ends up. Hopefully he will find happiness with this process.

    One a different note, I’m so happy for you and Kevin. You’ve carved out quite a nice life for yourself and for that I’m truly happy.

  7. Yes, I totally agree! I think that Becca even knew that they were lacking a connection, she just didn’t want to fully accept it. When Ben took Emily home I think all of the viewers knew what was going to happen. JoJo and Ben are HOT together, but JoJo still has reservations which I think scares Ben. LB is in love with Ben, and in the end that’s why I think she will be the winner. She is the first true front-runner this season to admit she is in love with him. Next week- Ben won’t be able to handle Amanda’s kids which makes me sad, so she will go. Caila will go soon after. I pick Caila to be bachelorette. Not sure how I feel about that, but I think that she brings the spunk and diversity that the show is looking for.

  8. You are spot on! I’m #TeamLauren…. I think she’s got it in the bag! I really like Caila too. I don’t know why, but he and Jojo don’t seem right to me. I felt really bad that he took Emily home, I think it led her on and got her hopes up… poor thing. As always, loved your post!

  9. Totally agree about Emily. Very sweet girl, but I think she isn’t a perfect match for him. I see him with Caila or Lauren B. The connection he has with the other women is just not the same as his was with Emily. Parents know best so it was probably good to get their input on her.
    Loved your post and you’re so the prettiest pregnant lady ever-just saying!

  10. I agree with you on the women. I feel it will come down to JoJo and Lauren. If it is Lauren, I feel JoJo will be devastated. She seems to be finally opening up to him.

  11. I really enjoyed your appearance on the 20th Anniversary special. Your commentary is always very entertaining! Any gossip you can tell us that we didn’t get to see? Any hot hook-ups??

  12. Ali, I completely agree with you, but I was SO sad for Becca. I was becoming more and more clear that Jojo and Lauren B will be the final two, but I was still rooting for Becca.

  13. Your thoughts make perfect sense! I believe they will be sent home in that exact order and that Lauren and Ben will end up together!!!

  14. I read bens blog and he said he thought it was only fair for Emily to meet his parents since he met her mom. Also he really wanted his parents opinion of her.

  15. I’m really rooting for Caila, she was my initial pick out of the limo. JoJo is my next favorite because I think she’s smokin hot! However, I agree with your order and reasoning.

  16. Any chance that’s the actual brand of Lauren B’s jeans? Although I’m highly doubtful I’d look anything like she does in those jeans, I’d love to try!! 🙂

  17. Hmmm. I love who he has left. I think Amanda Is next to go. Would love if Jojo becomes next Bachelorette. It’s between Caila And Lauren B. Think Lauren B has it in the bag!!

  18. Agree with your predictions; I’m hoping and I’m BETTING that JoJo will be The Next Bachelorette. The producers also look for a woman to have an engaging or dynamic personality when they select, Becca would be too bull and boring for the position of Bachelorette. I’m absolutely hope it will be JoJo!

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