Why We Should All Be More Like Jojo

Let’s start off by talking about the 1-on-1 date drama! It’s getting to the point in the season where Ben really can’t waste his 1-on-1 dates. I feel bad using the word “waste” but it’s the best way to put it. Ben has such limited time to get to really know the girls that he’s into, and he has to take advantage of every second. So I totally support Ben’s decision to give Caila a second 1-on-1 date before giving one to the girls who haven’t had one yet. Emily is the only girl left who hasn’t gotten a 1-on-1 date, so I’m pretty certain she be the next one to go home.

Leah felt like it was “wrong” of Ben to take Calila on the 1-on-1 date, but I totally don’t agree with her. He isn’t wrong because he is following his heart. And look, I know many of you might say that he should have sent Leah home by that point (and he obviously did send her home by the end of the episode), but there are “rules” he needs to follow and he can’t change all the Bachelor rules. Once in a while the producers allow you to switch things up, but this is still a TV show and he can’t just send home every girl he isn’t feeling any time he wants. Trust me, I would have sent home most of my guys by this point if that was an option. And don’t read what I’m saying the wrong way. I’m not saying the producers make you do certain things. I’m just saying that there is a “process” that is necessary for this to be a TV show and Ben has to somewhat follow it. Not all of the time. But some of the time. With the whole 1-on-1 date situation, he was just following it. And also, Leah turned out to be a big liar and backstabber, so I really didn’t feel bad for her after she threw Lauren B under the bus. Lauren B seems like the sweetest person ever, so I really don’t understand what Leah was even talking about. Ben’s feelings for Lauren B are obviously super strong and he sent Leah (and Lauren B) a message by giving her the boot. And that message was – don’t mess with my girl!

I was FLOORED by Caila telling Ben that she’s afraid she will hurt him, but also thinks she could love him? It was so confusing! I still don’t get what she was saying. It was almost like she was starting to lay the ground work now, that she might not want to stay in this to the end. I dunno. I love Caila, I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning, but that conversation really freaked me out for Ben. I really hope he doesn’t fall for her and then she decides she doesn’t share those feelings. Now that I know Ben personally, I feel even more invested in his journey and want him to find love and be happy. But let’s just hope Caila was confused by her feelings in this very strange dating situation. I still think there is a chance he will end up with her.


Today WAS NOT Olivia’s day. And it was certainly time for Olivia to go home. She was so invested in her relationship with Ben, and he just wasn’t on the same page. I’ve never really hated on Olivia because I don’t think she is a bad person. I just think she is young (23) and got swept up in the idea of this being her love story. Sadly for her, this isn’t her love story and she will eventually find the right guy for her. A guy who loves all the weird, neurotic little things about her. But nope – not today Olivia.

I also wanna say that Jojo’s reaction to Olivia’s bags being taken away made me love Jojo even more! She said “I can’t imagine what Olivia is going through right now” and I just really love that she was thinking about Olivia’s feelings, regardless of her feeling towards Olivia. It just says a lot about Jojo as a person. And I think we should all be more like Jojo and think about how Olivia must have been feeling on the island, alone and how she must be feeling right now having to read all the negative things being said about her. So that’s my two cents – I wanna be more like Jojo 😉 In every way really – that girl is cool AF.

Unitl next week…

xoxo Ali

P.S. You probably noticed the girls were all wearing the cutest beach clothes and I happen to know that most of them were from the cutest clothing brand on this planet – Show Me Your Mumu! I LOVE this company. They have the cutest stuff. Becca is especially a huge fan of them and has been wearing their stuff all season. This white dress is the dress she wore to the wedding date with Ben. I think the girls got a gift bag at the beginning of the season and that’s why they all have it. Below are a few of my favorite pieces we saw the girls wearing (some in different prints).

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7 thoughts on “Why We Should All Be More Like Jojo

  1. Love Jojo! I think she will be there until the end with Lauren B. And I agree with you. I think she’s very mature. The way she handeled Olivia’s leaving spoke volumes of her character, and she is always so sweet with Ben; understanding where is coming from in this whole process. To me, it seems she connects with him on a much deeper level than many of the other girls, and she always seems to be able to put him more at ease. I hope I am right about the top two.. it’s hard though! I think he is doing a great job at narrowing them down. The girls that are left are all really wonderful!

  2. Ali,

    Love you, love your blog and style! Question – do the girls on the show usually get a wardrobe, hair and make up? They all always look flawless!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! You will be a great mama!!

    1. Caitlin!

      I always wonder this too! I don’t think they could fit that many ball gown dresses in their suitcases. I’m wondering if they have a rack to pick from every rose ceremony? If that’s the case, I’m jealous – I wish I had someone to dress me!

  3. I so love this too! JoJo took the time to place herself in Olivia’s shoes and have empathy for what Olivia is going through-falling in love and not being loved back. JoJo seems very real and relatable plus she is GORGEOUS!! Can’t wait to see how this ends for Ben and one of the girls. Thanks for all your posts, Ali. LOVE your blog.

  4. Hey ali i was just wondering why you havent said anything about becca you thing she will not be the one ???
    I also agree about olivia but leah i think ben should off taken her cuz i mean it isnt unfair that he hasnt had any time with her but i also glad that he didnt cuz she result being a bad person.
    So what you think about becca cuz i actually think she is awesome and could be gr8 for ben dont you think?

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