All White Everything – My Cozy Oasis

I am in love with my bedroom! Really. When I come home from a long day I can’t wait to snuggle up under my sheets in my all white room! Some people tell me I’m crazy to go all white, especially with a baby on the way, but I couldn’t disagree with them more. We have a dog and still manage to keep our bedroom nice and white! The key is to 1) not eat in bed (unless you have a serving try – I use this super sleek one from Living Spaces) and 2) clean at least once a week. We wash our sheet and take a lint roller to our bedspread at least once a week and it totally stays white!

And I wouldn’t talk about my bedroom without sharing details on where I got everything – duh! My headboard might be my favorite thing about the room. It took about 8 weeks to get made and be delivered but I think it was totally worth the wait! If you don’t want bright white twill, you can get other colors and fabrics. My comforter is so comfy and affordable! My soon-to-be mother-in-law loved it’s so much when she came to visit that she bought one for herself!

My rug is so fluffy. When my feet step into it in the morning it feels like I’m walking on clouds! I absolutely love the feeling of my toes in the rug when I first get up in the morning. Owen loves it too! He used to only sleep on the bed, but now he loves to sleep on the rug! It’s from Living Spaces and you guys know I love them (like all my living room furniture is from there – see my living room HERE). It looks whiter than it actually is in this pic because of the sun shining into the room. It’s a snow color and gorgeous!

The heart pillow (perfect for Valentines day), silver clock, lighted heart marquee (in the way back), side tables, and table lamps really pull together the room!

And make sure to check out my living areas HERE. I love how the spaces turned out and almost all the furniture is from Living Spaces so it’s affordable AND stylish! And we didn’t have room in our bedroom for this bed from Living Spaces, but it is my DREAM BED! Maybe when we move in a house with a bigger master 😉




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7 thoughts on “All White Everything – My Cozy Oasis

  1. I’m seriously obsessed! This makes me so excited to buy a house! It’s a shame Omaha doesn’t have a Living Spaces! Keep posting home decor – I love it! 🙂

  2. We have 3 dogs who used to even sleep in bed with us every night and everything stayed clean until we had our 1st baby lol.. between night feeds, spit ups, blow outs (you won’t be walking to a different room every hour to feed/change diapers during the night, esp post partum) and then when they walk the things they manage to get in to in 0.2 seconds is amazing.. good luck though, it looks gorgeous!❤

  3. Ali- LOVE that carpet- does it shed at all? I have had a few carpets in the past like this and looking to get another since they make the room so comfy- but I constantly had to vacuum up fuzz.

  4. Ali – love your blog and have never heard of Living Spaces before! Some of the products don’t have reviews so as someone who buys from the site – how do you speak to the quality? We’re looking at beds for our kids rooms. Thanks! Congrats on your pregnancy by the way!

  5. Where did you find all of your mirrors, I’m obsessed with your mirror collage and am finding it difficult to find enough to go together nicely!

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