Will Ben Take Back His Rose?

Amanda is such a sweetheart. I’ve really liked her since night 1. In fact, I put her as one of Ben’s top girls that night. But I’ve gotta say that I just don’t think he’s that into her anymore. I think he likes her a lot as a person, but I didn’t sense any passion between the two of them. But then again, I guess it could be pretty hard to be passionate after hearing such a terrible story about her past. After hearing the story about her ex, I kind of hate him. Ok hate is a strong word. I despise him. Ok maybe that word is worse. It’s weird to feel so strongly about someone and not even know who they are. I could definitely relate to Amanda’s situation. I, like many of you out there, have been cheated on and it hurts. But I can’t even imagine how much harder it is when kiddos are involved. So I guess all I want to say is that I feel for you, Amanda! And I’m a big fan! You’re a class act.

The group date was a little strange to me. I get that they were learning Spanish and having fun, but I feel like it’s odd that they said I love you to each other and VERY weird that Ben had to ask each girl if they would marry him. Yeah, yeah, it was just pretend, but to me there is something so special about saying those words to someone. On my season I sent my #2 guy, Chris, home before the final rose ceremony because I knew I wasn’t going to end up with. I didn’t want to take those words away from him, I didn’t want to take the “once in a lifetime” (theoretically) moment from him. I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. I probably am. Ha! But I just found it all very odd.

On the second part of the group date is was SO obvious to me that Ben is not into Olivia. When she first tried to team up with him, he said “I’ll be on any team” which was basically his way of saying he didn’t really want to be on Olivia’s team. If Caila, Becca or Lauren B had asked him, he would have said YES right away. Olivia is just around for our entertainment at this point.

Saying goodbye to Jubilee was a tough moment, but it definitely needed to happen. This process was really hard on her and it showed. I like Jubilee, but I just feel she didn’t show us her best self. But it was so obvious to me that Jubilee was letting us all know she wants to be the Bachelorette. Which I’m actually all for! But I just don’t like how she did it. During her exit interview she said, “I feel like the most unlovable person in the world right now.” Wait, what? Didn’t we JUST hear Ben saying that last season? All the girls were talking about how he is so lovable at the beginning of the season, and you know Jubilee knows Ben said that and then got labeled the absolutely “lovable” Bachelor. Using the word “unlovable” just made me feel like she was putting in her application to be the Bachelorette right then and there, and I just don’t thin it’s ok if she was ALREADY thinking about that. I could be wrong. But that’s just the impression I got. In the end, regardless of her intentions in saying that, I actually think she would make a great Bachelorette. She’s feisty, hot, and the type of girl who would put the guys in their place if need be. But I think people either love her or hate her at this point so I’m not sure if ABC would choose her. What do you guys think of Jubilee?

Ok, let’s talk about Olivia. I, along with may of you, was pretty surprised when Ben gave her the group date rose. I honestly thought there was a good chance that she was going to get sent home last night. Well I guess she still could get sent home at the rose ceremony since this episode was “to be continued…” Do you guys think he will take away her rose? We are left to believe he wont because it seems like she’ll cause drama in the next episode. But the tease could be edited to make us think she sticks around. The audio we hear of girls talking about Olivia could be from before he takes her rose away. Just saying… it could happen! And I think we can all agree that it is time for Olivia to go home.

Well that’s all for now. Until next week…


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15 thoughts on “Will Ben Take Back His Rose?

  1. If Jubilee couldn’t handle being a contestant on The Bachelor why would you think she could handle being the Bachelorette? I know she says she is a strong woman but she did not show it in her behavior in this show.

    1. People can be strong but that does not mean they are comfortable in all situations. MAYBE she didn’t like being the token black girl since she had feelings for Ben and knew she did not have a chance.

  2. I do not feel like Jubilee was trying to be the Bachlorette. In fact, I think she is one of the realist girls who has ever been on the show. She clearly wasn’t putting on an act throughout the entire show, which is what many girls on the show seem to do. I feel like she was genuine and really hurting at the end too.

  3. I do not think Jubilee would be a good bachelorette, She is an emotional wreck. I think it would be a big mistake.

    1. She was an emotional wreck on this show. Who knows why or what was going on in her life? Maybe worried about someone in Afghanistan, or someone recovering, or maybe being token black got to her.

  4. I agree with you Ali. I feel Ben really likes Amanda but doesn’t feel the passion with her yet but that some times takes a bit of time with others. He also could be holding back a bit with hesitation still trying to figure out the whole position of being a step dad because he knows that is all apart of having her. As for jubilee,I agree she has a lot of great qualities but this type of dating is just not what she needs. She has a lot of insecurities to work on and unfortunately as great as she was,she needed to go home and I respect that he asked her to leave the way he did. Now onto Olivia,I posted about her on Facebook under your sharing of this link buy definitely feel she has to go too. She is a vindictive manipulative insensitive person and unfortunately has put on a good show for Ben because he hasn’t seen that yet. Do I feel he will take her rose away? Yes! As for the way she was with Amanda,that was just ridiculous. Her comment to Amanda when she says " I feel like I’m watching an episode of teen mom" was so rude. The fake tears after acting like she didn’t realize she was out of line was priceless too. Lol She has to go! Hopefully Ben see’s through her narcissistic personality soon.

  5. I feel like at the beginning of this season I saw a clip of Ben on the beach with Olivia, so my vote is that Bed did not take the rose away. Did anyone else remember that clip awhile back?

  6. Ali, I was wondering what you thought of the fashions presented on this weeks’s show?. They were so colorful . I loved what Lauren and Ben wore on their runway walk. They made a beautiful couple.

  7. I personally would not want Jubilee to be the Bachelorette. I do not think she has the personality everybody LOVES or could catch 25 guys attention. That’s just my opinion! I feel bad she went home and I wish her the best but please do not cast her ABC!! That could be the first season since Deanna I do not tune in.

    Congrats on your baby!!!! 🙂 You’ve always been one of my favorites! Thanks for blogging!

  8. The super tease in the first episode did show which girls head to a tropical location pretty clearly, which is too bad.

    I think Jubilee is a bit too insecure and emotional to be the Bachelorette. (Or at least editors sure made it seem that way.) I don’t think 25 men are going to find those personality traits appealing.

    Thanks for the incredible blogs Ali! I love all the insider scoop!

  9. Hi Ali,

    Do you think the producers made Olivia seem more manipulative/evil/selfish with the art of editing? I mean, she even grinds my gears when I watch her. But I can’t help to think if the editing makes her appear that way than she probably is.


  10. I would love to see Jubilee as the next Bachelorette. We need diversity. It would be nice to see her as the bachelorette and a group of white or mixed guys vying for her love.

  11. No to Jubilee even though she’s very pretty! I don’t think she has what it takes to be the bachelorette! I wouldn’t watch!

    I don’t see Ben taking Olivia’s rose!

    1. What does she not have specifically? Really curious. ALSO, why wouldn’t you watch? If she doesn’t have what it takes, wouldn’t it be more dramatic or maybe what you think she does not have, would make the show dull???? REALLY interested in what you are saying.

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