I Actually Feel Bad for Olivia

I’m going to have to ask you guys to forgive me this week for a “incomplete” blog of sorts. I have been sick with a cold for the past few days and today I am just SO run down. Plus, since I’m pregnant I can’t really take any medication to help me feel better. So it’s not fun. But I’m hanging in there.

Here are some brief thoughts on last nights show.

Ben and Jojo have some intense physical chemistry! He is so into her! Right? But physical chemistry doesn’t always turn into emotional chemistry, so I’m not certain she is the girl for him. But he definitely thinks she’s hot. Ha! Who wouldn’t though? She is hot!

Something I’ve been picking up on each episode is Ben wanted to make Lauren B feel special. A couple episodes ago he gave her a photo of them to show that he cares, and last night on the group date he pulled her aside and said something like “what can I do to reassure you on where I stand?” I used to ALWAYS say this to the top 2 guys on my season. I couldn’t flat out say, “I like you the most” so instead I would say, “what can I do so you realize how special you are to me?” or “what can I do to make you feel better about this crazy weird situation we are in?” In short, Ben’s feelings for Lauren B are SUPER strong. Maybe even stronger than any of his other relationships. I’m sure of it at this point.

I honestly felt bad for Olivia after the group date. Yes, she tried to use her sexuality (once again) to win him over, and it back fired terribly. But even though she did that, I still felt sorry for her. She was obviously really embarrassed and I hate seeing anyone cry. Something about her tears felt so sad to me. I also don’t think she is a mean or evil person. I just think she is immature and insecure – but aren’t we all in our early twenties? She’s only 23. I think she is a good person underneath all her silly faces, questionable actions, and “teen mom” comments.

My last thought to share with you all today is that I’m certain that Emily, Leah, Jennifer, Lauren H, and Ovlia will be the next 5 girls to go home (in no particular order). Why? Because none of them have gotten a 1-on-1 date yet. If you haven’t gotten a 1-no-1 date at this point in the season, then there is no way Ben is interested. If he isn’t interested now, it’s very unlikely that he will suddenly fall for one of these girls.

Well that’s all I’ve got today. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comment section below.

Oh and I finally got the chance to meet Ben recently and he is such a sweetheart! I was a fan before, but now I’m a bigger fan than ever! I’ll write more about meeting him later this week 🙂

Until then…

xoxo Ali

12 Thoughts

12 thoughts on “I Actually Feel Bad for Olivia

  1. Though I generally agree with your comment about the 1-on-1 dates and I agree with your assessment of who Ben’s favourite ladies are – one glaring outlier comes to mind: Catherine from Sean’s season. She didn’t get a 1-on-1 date until Week 6 and he still chose her in the end and they even got married. So, sometimes a dark horse can take the lead by surprise. Although with Ben, I don’t see that happening.

    Feel better Ali. xo

  2. Of course you got to meet Ben – at Tanner and Jade’s wedding! Are you close with or have you even met Tanner and Jade prior to their wedding? 🙂 I do think Olivia is also immature and was embarrassed for her too with the dance and then realizing how awful it will likely be portrayed – not just in front of the audience in the arena but also the viewing audience. The producers are really playing her up though with the music and she’s getting a lot of camera and interview time!

  3. First of all, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had no idea, way off on my gossip news lol. Second, I do agree what you said about Olivia, I think she wants to have this happen to her, the love connection and wants to win, (I sometimes want to tell her in love there’s no competition, you have to feel it) so I feel bad as well but can’t help cringing when she says comments or is saying about this whole "telepathy connection." Feel better, Ali! Drink enough liquids and rest!!

    ❤ Perla

  4. Being pregnant and sick SUCKS!! I had the flu twice my last pregnancy and it was a nightmare!!
    Totally agree with your bachelor assessments… Olivia was just awkward, but who wouldn’t be in the situation. I think she’s more insecure than she leads on and that leads to her saying things she might not otherwise.
    <a ref="http://www.confessionsofafrumpymommy.com">Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy</a>

  5. I think it was very clear the Olivia has no clue how Ben is really not ‘her man’. Like you said, she is young. At 23 you are more into puppy love than husband/wife love. Also, when she was chosen last at the Rose Ceremony (Ok Benjamin, save the best for last), she mentioned that she knows all about love because she reads a lot of romance novels, so she knows that in the end it will all work out. Really?! So, she thinks this is going to go down as Danielle Steel’s next bestseller??

    Also, I agree with you about who will be heading home in the next couple of weeks. You can tell he has strong feelings for all the women he has had a one-on-one date with. I’m thinking Calia, Lauren B, & either JoJo or Becca as the top 3.

  6. I feel like producers have cast Olivia into as a villain this season (as they do with someone every season) and someone had been manipulating her behind the scenes into some unfortunate decisions. I could almost hear an opportunistic producer whispering in her ear…"Go talk to him again, get the reassurance that you need! Do not worry about what the other girls will think. You are here for Ben!" I am also suspect that that same producer had suggested an unfortunate idea with cake. They probably got that cake there just with the intention to humiliate her! There were other silly looking clowns or chickens but they were not given as much time or a train wreck music on the background to signal to viewers thats what is happening right now is cringe worthy. I feel bad that Olivia was cast as a target for mean spirited women to hate on and pick apart, down to her toes! Maybe its young age and the lack of maturity showing, but this season women seem unusually mean-spirited…

  7. Really? You think Lauren H. will go home? I like her! I feel like she may be a Catherine- quiet & in the back, but not for long… My final 4 prediction is Lauren B., Lauren H., Becca, and Jojo. We’ll see!! I LOVE The Bachelor & The Bachelorette ❤️?

  8. I got sick at 17 weeks pregnant and it was awful! I hope you feel better soon! I think Olivia needs to slow her roll and stop being so aggressive. Also that teen mom comment was so rude, I can’t wait to see how that plays out next week. #teamamanda cause she’s my friend and fellow mommy!

  9. I think his chemistry with Lauren B is intense!!! I love everything about them together.
    Olivia is immature, very immature. It’s hard to watch someone say "he’s mine" on a show like The Bachelor. You go into it knowing that the guy you’re dating is also dating many other women. It’s definitely an insecurity & it’s kind of difficult to watch. Yes, the show is portraying her in an awful way, but that’s all viewers really know of her. I’m not a fan of her either way. :/
    I feel like using your sexuality to get attention and then being upset about it when it backfires is noones fault but your own. Put on some clothes and come up with a classy talent! 🙂

    1. I don’t see why it’s necessary to say you don’t like Olivia. It’s not really nice. You don’t even know her. You’ve seen her in such an isolated incident. You’re super harsh on her. It’s also kinder to realize that she is 23 years old and growing up. Being super judgmental on her isn’t really mature. And, it’s the people you dislike most that are the most similar to who you actually are..

  10. I felt bad for Olivia, too, but then it passed. I think she is really young but looks older, so you forget how inexperienced she is. Also, Ali, my best friend is pregnant with her second baby and has a list of cold meds you’re allowed to take when you’re pregnant. Ask your doc. She keeps getting sick, so I finally convinced her to get a Neti pot to irrigate her sinuses, but her doc did OK her to take real cold meds. Hope you don’t get sick again, but it’s bound to happen with El Nino!

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