Lace is Guacward! BACHELOR RECAP

Can I just start this weeks blog by talking about how awkward (gaucward!) Lace is. I cringe for Ben every time she interrupts one of his conversations with the other girls. And how hard was it to watch her conversation with him on the balcony about her elementary school pictures? There is NO WAY Ben is into her in the slightest. But she does make great TV…don’t ya think? Lace and Olivia will be our entertainment for the season! That said, Lace is a human being and I want to give her a little love in case she reads this (although I’ll totally poke fun when she does things that warrant poking fun at). But let me say that I’m sure she isn’t as bad as what we see on TV. And even if she is, it probably stems from insecurity. So hang in there girl! You’re awkward as can be but still human. (BTW guys – I think pregnancy has made me a softy)


I love that they switched up the first week of dates this season. Normally, there are two 1-on-1 dates and one group date the first week, but last night there were 2 groups dates and one 1-on-1 date. I like that they switched it up because it allowed the group dates to be 8 girls at the most. I had TWEVLE guys on my first group date! It was so overwhelming and I didn’t have a chance to really get to know any of them. I think it was in Ben’s best interest for the producers to switch it up this season. Good work, Bachelor producers!!!

Speaking of the group date, I was a little surprised to see him go in for the kiss with Jennifer. I’m sure we didn’t see their whole conversation because the kiss seemed so forward. I don’t know how else to say it. She was flying under the radar for me the first episode, but based on him going in for that first kiss, we’ll have to keep an eye on her.

Jojo getting taken to the rooftop on the group date was definitely a sign that he liked her more than the other girls on that date. And yes, she got the group date rose, but I don’t think the group date rose means as much as getting taken to a special location. I mean, there are group date roses on every group date! They have to go to someone and it usually never goes to the same person twice, so I don’t read too much into who gets those. I remember on my season, I would switch up the group date rose and give it to a guy who opened up a lot or a guy who I thought could use a confidence boost (but I wasn’t necessarily into him), and then I’d save my “special” more intimate spots for the guys I really liked. So for the rest of the season, keep an eye out for who Ben takes to these little secluded spots on group dates.

The Kevin Hart and Ice Cube ride along had me dying laughing! I haven’t met Ice Cube but I’ve met Kevin Hart a few times and he is one of the funniest people ever! Oh, and did you catch that Caila’s favorite color is yellow? That’s my girl! We’re totally already BFF’s. I don’t have a ton to say about her date with Ben other than he is obviously super into her. She’ll be around for a while, maybe even until the very end.

The final group date made me want to go to that science center to find out what score my fiancé and I would get! Ha! But man, I felt SO bad for Sam. Not only did she smell “sour” to Ben, but she got the lowest score! And then she got sent home! Poor thing!

Other thoughts – Olivia’s faces scare me and Lace just scares me in general. 

And being on Bachelor Live with all my girlfriends was so fun! Thanks to all of you who sent me tweets and posted to my instagram! Love you guys!


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15 thoughts on “Lace is Guacward! BACHELOR RECAP

  1. Very awkward indeed. I also cringed. I thought for sure he would send her home. Do the producers tell him to keep girls he doesn’t click with for drama?

  2. Love getting your view on the bachelor.. Especially cuz you were the bachelorette? Great insight!.. U crack me up with the mouth thing.. I thought the same thing! Haha

  3. Hey Ali!
    You used to do a little "segment" at the end of your bachelor blogs which had some fun behind the scenes info. Can you do that again this season? It’s always fun hearing how things work behind the scenes!!

  4. Do you still work for E News? Haven’t seen you on there is a while so I was just curious. p.s. Congrats on the wonderful baby news! ?

  5. Feeling like Caila is one of the front runners, except with Olivia around! Too bad Olivia has an ugly mean side she uses with the other girls….soon looks like Ben will see that too! Even her asking for a kiss during the love test, very distasteful of her, Ben was right to tell her not in front of the other girls. Too bad, as they have great chemistry! I thought Amber and Ben also had great chemistry, after she told him about her kids!! Not sure about Becca though, don;t feel he is really into her! Too bad, as they seem to have the same values and background.

  6. Those screenshots of Olivia are both hilarious and frightening. She just seems like she’s in it to win it — wouldn’t matter who the guy was. Hopefully, he will figure that out. Watching him interact with Lace is like watching Meet the Fockers for me — it’s almost unbearable because it makes me feel so uncomfortable. His date with Caila was sweet and his gestures to Amanda and Lauren B. — very thoughtful, even if interns did get that picture printed for him 🙂 still nice to let Lauren B. know he’s thinking of her in, what seems like, such a stressful and overwhelming situation. Your watch party looked like a blast – congrats on the pregnancy, too! Loved the Mom jeans announcement!

    Lindsey I

  7. I am so glad you included those screen shots of Olivia’s facial expressions! I didn’t catch them at first while watching, my husband did, and he could NOT stop laughing. We had to rewind and watch those scenes a few times to get all of the laughs out. They kept the camera on her for SO long– Haha! Always love your re-caps! Can’t wait to continue reading throughout the season!

  8. OK I will go ahead and sound catty. Someone please tell Lace to hide the tape holding on her dress. Maybe try body glue next time.
    Now I will be nice. Some really pretty girls and nice , too.

  9. Ali I have been a fan of your for YEARS! I just joined snap chat (and Twitter) – yep joining the 21st century- I watched your snap chat story and I have to say I LOVE THAT YOUR EYEBROWS Aren’t stuck… You know… No Botox… Or at least it’s done well. I think you’re such a natural beauty! You get prettier with each passing year. LUV u! Xoxo

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