We’re Going to be Parents!!!!

I can’t believe the news is out. That’s right, we’re pregnant! It feels surreal to let everyone know, since this has been our little secret for a while now. I honestly started getting so nervous last night knowing that we were going to share the news today. Normally I am SO excited to share news with all of you and don’t get me wrong, we are very happy to share it, but something about this news felt SO personal that we almost felt like we were giving away a piece of ourselves by sharing it with everyone. It’s kind of hard to explain. One of my girlfriends had a baby recently and she waited almost 6 months before she shared a photo of her little girl on social media. I asked her why she waited so long (she’s a public figure so I thought maybe it was to protect her child) and she told me that she and her finance waited because their little girl was “just theirs” for a short time. There was something so special to my friend about having her baby girl just for their eyes, and no one else. It wasn’t something I couldn’t fully understand until right now. This news has been OURS. Our little secret. Our little miracle.

Well I am over the nerves of last night and now SO excited that you all know! This is going to sound crazy, but I finally feel like I discovered where babies come from! Ha! No really, I’m not even kidding. Obviously I understand that sex leads to babies, but I never fully understood the absolute MIRACLE that happens inside of a woman’s body. At every ultrasound I am in awe at how much our little one has grown. It blows my mind that I can gently push on my belly and wake him/her up. How is that possible? How did we create this life? It’s all so overwhelming and beautiful. 

Kevin and I decided that we wanted to become parents on July 4th in 2015. We were hanging in our backyard talking about life and how grateful we are to live in this country and have this life. We were talking abut our future, our love for our little dog Owen (who I refer to as our first child in my pregnancy journal), and talked about our new home that we bought together and suddenly it clicked – we were ready to start a family. I’m going to share more about this story in a future blog because the rest of our summer was pretty comical, but that will have to wait for now. Stay tuned for that story…

You might be wondering about our pregnancy announcement photo. Ha! Well we came up with the idea over Christmas. We were at Kevin’s parents house in Indiana, playing an SNL trivia game that his parents bought us. One of the trivia cards asked what the slogan was for the “Mom Jeans” commercial on SNL. (If you haven’t seen it, watch it HERE) We both knew the answer was “Cause I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom” and we both had a laugh. Then it clicked! Mom jeans would make a GREAT pregnancy announcement. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously and wanted our announcement to be fun and light hearted (I knew I’d save the serious stuff for here on my blog and maybe some future Instagram posts). So we went to Good Will and bought a $3 pair of mom jeans and Kevin’s brother Ryan (Uncle Ryan!) took the photos! I have to admit that the mom jeans were REALLY comfortable. I told Kevin I might just have to start wearing them. Then he made the face you see the picture above. He isn’t nervous about the baby. He’s nervous about the Mom Jeans. Ha!

I want to end by saying thank you to all of you who have supported us (and me for so many years!). We love you guys and are so grateful to share this experience with you. I plan on blogging a lot through my pregnancy – sharing the ups and the downs (So far it’s been ROUGH! Get ready for blogs in great detail about my trips to the bathroom. Oh yay!). We plan to share every emotion and every milestone. So please come on this journey with us. Baby Manno is so loved already!

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90 thoughts on “We’re Going to be Parents!!!!

  1. Congrats, being a mom has been the greatest blessing in my life, I wish you all the best! Pregnancy is so much fun… I didn’t find out what I was having and it was fun to wait and wonder what my little pea would be! I am now blessed with a every growing little boy! Enjoy this time! ❤️

  2. SO soooo happy for you and Kevin!!! My gosh, having a baby – start to finish:) – has been one of the happiest/joyful experiences of my life!!:) Yay for following your hearts:)

  3. Congrats! I’m due July 6 and I feel the same exact way during my ultrasounds. I keep telling my husband isn’t this so crazy how all this is happening. He doesn’t seem to be as amazed as me but it’s pretty cool what your body can do.

  4. This is SO exciting. Maybe it’s because I’m an obsessed follower, but I felt like crying while reading this! I’m so happy for you both! I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait to read about your journey!
    -Your #1 fan (but really)

  5. This just made me so happy! As a MA girl, I’ve been a fan of yours since you first appeared on the Bachelor. I’m so glad that you have found your happiness and will now share that life and joy with your future husband and child! So exciting!!

  6. Congratulations to you both!! So excited for you and I hope all goes well! You’ll be great parents.

  7. omg! congrats!! im so happy for you! ive been your fan since Bachelorette times, its so great to see you happy and creating a strong family! sending you and Kevin all the blessings and good vibes!

  8. This makes my heart smile!! So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see this miracle and watch you grow as a mom!

  9. Congrats Ali and Kevin! Ali I have always been a huge fan. You are my favorite bachelorettte. So real and relate-able. I have followed you since and am so glad that you found happiness. My husband and I just bought our first home last year as well. We closed on July 1st and there really is something about putting down roots, that makes a couple really ready to take that next step…at least that’s how it felt for my husband and I. We aren’t trying yet, but something about moving in to our first home has made us talk more about starting a family. I hope that you enjoy every moment of it!

  10. Congratulations! Pregnancy is an experience like none other! I’m expecting my first baby in April, time flies!

  11. Congratulations and so excited for all 3 of you! Owen will be the best big brother out there, and your baby is being blessed with an amazing Mommy & Daddy! Wishing you all the best…

  12. This makes my heart happy! Becoming a Mama was the best thing in the world! You will love every moment, every milestone, and the wonderful feeling of life growing inside you. I never felt alone, I loved knowing I was carrying this beautiful life with me all the time….so happy for you both!!xoxo Love, Kristin

  13. Congratulations! We are due on the same day 🙂 isn’t 2nd trimester blissful? Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

  14. Congratulations! I’m due June 11th with my first and know exactly how you feel! So happy for you and your exciting news!

  15. So excited for you guys! I love you Ali and you deserve happiness! I am glad you found a great guy 🙂 You 2 always look so happy! 🙂

  16. Congratulations, I’ve been following your journey since the Bachelor and I am so excited for you and Kevin (and Owen too!)! Can’t wait to read about your experience! Do you scrapbook? If not, now might be a great time to start 🙂 Creative Memories just came out with a great new product called A Year to Remember. Check it out if you you’d like (look in What’s New) http://www.creativememories.com/user/denisebusam

  17. Congratulations to all 3 of you. If you enjoyed keeping the baby news so private, why are you going to share every little detail along the way? Make sure you both still have your privacy and your private moments.

  18. Congrats Ali 🙂 Can’t wait to see how Owen does with his new bother/sister!! lol On a serious note it’s very exciting news so happy for both you & Kevin !!

  19. Congratulations you two are going to be amazing parents…my daughter Kayla still wears the necklace you gave her from the bachelorette. We still travel to Ohio for her medical issues …you made her do happy that day she received it in the mail. Your gonna be a wonderful mommy <3 from Texas

  20. Congrats on the baby!! Will you wait to get married until after baby comes?? Happy for you and Kevin and Owen, and families!

  21. I am so unbelievably excited! I have followed you since you were on Jake’s Bachelor season and I have adored you ever since! Everytime I talk about ‘celebrities’ with people you’re the first person that comes to mind! You are pretty much my bff without even knowing it, HA! Goodluck I can’t wait to read all about you and the babe! So happy!!

  22. Congratulations Ali and Kevin ( and Owen too)! I started following you on your first trip on the bachelor and I look forward to following you through the pregnancy and wedding. Do you have a date for your wedding yet?

  23. I know exactly what you mean about this miracle of life. I recently had a baby (3 months old now) and I STILL can’t believe she came from me!! It is so crazy and overwhelming but truly is THE BEST experience ever! Congratulations!

  24. Let’s talk about a miracle! Look at it this way–Your parents had to "bond" at exactly the right nanosecond in order for YOU to be born. Now go back 8 generations. There are now 250 people who had to "bond" at just the right nanosecond in order for YOU to be born. Go back even further–say, back to Columbus’s day. Over 16,000 people from that generation forward, had to "bond" within nanoseconds in order for you to be born. You are that special. So is Kevin. And so will be your little Sweet Pea! God Bless You!

  25. Congratulations! I’m a new mom, and let me tell you, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. There’s nothing that can prepare you for this kind of love! Blessings on you, your fiancé, and your precious blessing!

  26. Congrats Ali! I’ve been rooting for you since I first saw you on The Bachelor, so I’m so happy that you’ve found that in Kevin and that you’re going to become parents! He seems like an amazing guy!

  27. Yay, I am so happy for you!! Now I see why you have been so into the ginormous, gorgeous scarves this fall and winter!!

  28. Congrats Ali and Kevin, could not be happier for both of you. Have watched you since batchlor, you deserve all the happinessvcoming n your way….

  29. Congrats Kevin and Ali.. Nothing, I mean nothing is more rewarding than having a child. Enjoy every single second of parenthood and the experiences leading up to baby Manno being born. My son is 31 and truly, we are best friends. I’m so happy you found the love that you wanted. Own is going to be a big brother.. YAYYYYYY Can’t wait to read about your journey! xo

  30. I am so happy for you and Kevin! I have been a fan of you since Jake’s season. My sister knows how much I love you and sent me the picture of your pregnant announcement. I was so excited! You deserve so much happiness! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  31. So happy to read this news!!! You’re going to be a great mom. I am actually pregnant with my first child due June 27th, so I am estatic to read about your journey!!! First trimester was ROUGH on me too, but it’s been uphill for me this week. Can’t wait to read all about it. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  32. Congrats! So happy for the two of you! When is the baby due to arrive? Is it a boy or girl? Do you have any names picked out? Are you going to share pics of the baby nursery? I want to know everything!! 🙂

  33. Congrats….so so happy for you both…Ioved you on the Bachelorette…can’t wait to read about your baby blogs…..??

  34. Congratulations Ali! Can’t wait to read all about the pregnancy!!!!!! You are glowing ???? so gorgeous!

  35. Congrats!!! Parenting is equally the most exciting and most terrifying time in your life! I completely agree with your friend about not sharing any pictures of her little one. People may not always agree or appreciate it but once a picture of your little one is out there she’s (we have girls) no longer just ours to dote over. We own a business in our town focused around children (The Little Gym) and I just wanted something not to be public knowledge for a bit. In fact, most people outside of friends and family didn’t even know we delivered just to avoid that awkward talk about not wanting anyone (else) in the hospital.

  36. Omg so happy for both you and Kevin. Remember during this wonderful chapter in your relationship to continue to make time for each other. I’ve found if you surprise your SO with a massage, flowers & card, romantic dinner or an unprovoked blow job it can Keep the spark in the relationship.

  37. Omg!! Yay!! Congrats for your new little family?

    When I had my baby I went vegan to ensure a healthy term pregnancy.
    Is there any concern that you won’t be able to quit smoking?


  38. Hi Ali

    Did you determine if your dad will be holding the shotgun in the wedding photos or just leave it resting against his leg?

  39. Love love love this!!! So happy for y’all!

    I agree with Maria S. You at absolutely glowing and look fab! Any concerns of a massive weight gain?

  40. Absolutely gorgeous mama!!! I wish you and Kevin all the best through such a wonderful blessing. I hope Kevin has been successful at praying the gay away. You guys will be wonderful parents!!! Love love love

  41. Uh Anine – Owen is a dog. Being brothers is biologically inconceivable….

    Congrats you gays!!!

  42. Congratulations Ali & Kevin (and Owen)!
    You have always been one of my fave’s! Very excited for you. Enjoy every moment. I adore my baby girl and she is truly a miracle. It is "just love".

  43. Prepare for a whole new meaning of being ‘in love’! Good luck Manno family…this next chapter is going to leave the most sacred memories of all time. Cherish every moment. It FLIES by! Document life!!

  44. Congratulations! I am so ecstatic to see you happy! You were by far my favorite Bachelorette and I have been following you ever since! Enjoy every minute of this pregnancy! You are going to be a rock star mom!!

  45. congrats ali & kevin!! so exciting!! have loved watching your journey since you were on the bachelor, and i have never seen you so happy!! its so great!! enjoy every moment!! xoxo

  46. Have enjoyed following and loving you for years!
    Now every excited for you and Kevin?
    Looking forward to makny more yours?
    Love you Ali?

  47. Am I missing something or did you not say when you are due? Congrats! Being a newer mom myself I will tell you to capture all the good moments and look at them when you’re having the bad moments to help get you through!

  48. Congrats on the wonderful news for you & Kevin! ??? I have been following you forever & I’m so happy you are happy! Best of luck, Momma!

  49. Hi Ali- I’ve been following your story from the UK since you were on the Bachelor. Lovely to read this news, how lovely for you. Being a mum is so amazing, you have some magical times ahead. best wishes to you both, Katie xx

  50. Congrats! I listen to Valntine in the morning and absolutely love Kevin and his stories about the two of you! Ha,Kevin I guess we will be hearing all your baby stories soon and seeing a xmas photocard in your future. This will be Big year for the two of you slow down and enjoy it!

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