Bachelor 2016!

Is it just me or does it feel like FOREVER since the Bachelor was on? I feel like a New Year doesn’t quite start until the Bachelor starts! Ha! Here we go again Bachelor 2016…

I want to start off by saying that after watching last night’s premiere, I am so impressed with Ben. He really seems to care about the girls and was extremely present in each and every conversation he had. And despite how nuts Lace is coming off so far, I really respected that he pulled her aside after their “kiss” conversation so she wouldn’t freak out or feel awkward. So much is going on the first night that it is hard to figure out your OWN feelings, never mind be so acutely aware of others’ feelings. I really respect him and look forward to this season.

His parents also left an impression on me. Ben’s mother said something that really resonated with me. She said something about how good it feels to be with someone for 30 plus years and to look at that person and say “I’m really glad you’re here.” It’s such a simple phrase at first glance, but I loved what she said because that is how I feel when I look at Kevin and when I think about our life together. I don’t need him to carry me through life, I am my own person. And in the end, the only person that will ALWAYS be there is you. But how wonderful is it to look at the person you are spending your life with and just be happy that they are sharing life with you. I could cry thinking about how lucky I am to be able to say – “I’m really glad you’re here.” In fact, I am tearing up now so I’ll move on…

I also love the girls this season. Maybe I’m becoming a softy, but I just really like a lot of the girls and am routing for them to find love (I guess this is what being engaged does to me! Ha!). These girls are the front-runners (in no particular order) in my mind so far…

Amanda – Amanda is the divorced mom of two girls from Orange County. She reminds me SO much of Emily Maynard mostly because of her voice and the fact that she is so wholesome and sweet. Out of the limo, Ben looked at her in a way that felt electric. I feel like she will be around for a while.

Lauren – Lauren is a flight attendant and was the first girl out of the limo. Bachelor producers love to lead with a super beautiful girl and Lauren is just that. I also thought there was a really sweet moment between her and Ben at the cocktail party. Plus, I had to choose at least one Lauren for my top 5 because odds are like 1 in 7 that Ben will get engaged to a Lauren on this season. There are FOUR Lauren’s and a Laura! So confusing! So far, I see the best connection with this Lauren, so she’s a front-runner in my mind. Ha. I have to play the odds 😉

Becca – When I first saw that Becca and Amber came back to the show I was kind of annoyed. I think I’m just over people getting a 2nd shot on the show. But then when I really thought about it, this shouldn’t be about a TV show an how viewers feel – it’s about Ben finding a wife. And honestly, Ben and Becca seem like a really good match to me. So I’m glad she’s back. Plus, I like Becca and Amber, so I don’t mind seeing more of them 🙂

Caila – This girl stole my heart! She is the Catherine Lowe look-a-like. In fact, she has a similar personally to Catherine too – sweet, bubbly, and funny! I think I’m picking her as a front-runner solely because I like her so much. Plus in the super tease for the season, we see a lot of her and see her tell Ben she loves him and she just doesn’t seem like the type of girl to throw that word around early in the season. We shall see! If she doesn’t win, she has my vote for the next Bachelorette (that’s right, I already went there).

I was going choose Olivia as a front-runner but I changed my mind after seeing the super tease. Ben obviously confronts her at some point and it seems like she is going to cause some drama. So because of this, I am going to to go with..

Jojo – I don’t feel super strongly about her connection with Ben yet, but I feel like we were shown enough of her during the show and after show that producers want us to take note of her. Maybe they want us to notice her early on because they are setting her up to be the next Bachelorette. It’s possible. So by default (because Olivia is out), Jojo gets my last slot.

There you have it. My top 5! I can’t wait to see how this seasons unfolds!

I’ll be blogging my thoughts throughout the season and posting about the girl’s fashion. If I got to do my season over again I would wear a hot jumpsuit like THIS ONE on night one. 

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Snapchat at @AliFedotowsky. I live tweet and live snapchat every episode! Although I totally forgot to snapchat last night but I won’t forget next week!

Until next week my friends…


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15 Thoughts

15 thoughts on “Bachelor 2016!

  1. Totally agree with all those choices…..but because I looked for spoilers 🙂 hehe.
    And that’s exactly the girls that realitysteve thinks will be in the finale too!

  2. Please DO NOT post spoilers on my page. I SWEAR I do not read Reality Steve. It’s OBVIOUS that these girls are the front runners in my mind. And I KNOW how the show is edited because I’ve been through it. Love you guys but please don’t post spoilers.

  3. I like Amanda but her voice is annoying. I know that sounds catty sorry. But more importantly I think he’s way to young to take on 2 kids. He should be able to enjoy some kid free years first. This is coming from a mom.

  4. Love your insight! Especially cuz u r my fav bachelorettes? Did u see on the after show how Ben reacted to Abigal’s comment about Olivia? When she said how much she liked her.. He smiled and said.. Cool, cool and Chris H. was like.. Ben.. Poker face! Haha… Side note.. It is crazy how much your fiancé looks like Frank!? (Frank is so funny from his IG posts?) (I was just watching your season recently) congrats again on your engagement and happiness!! Who would of known!?

  5. Ahhh… I meant to say KEVIN’S post are so funny on IG! Haha.. I was just taking off on a flight when I sent my last message. Either way.. U r a very cool, level headed girl and I’m glad you found the one?

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that he kept Shushanna? They have no ability to communicate at this point. I just found it odd that he chose to keep her and lose out on the opportunity to get to know another lady better. Any thoughts on this Ali?

  7. They are all my favorites as well with the exception of Caila… Something about her annoys me and just seems off, maybe we’ll see it or maybe I’m being too harsh. Love Jojo, Lauren and Amanda.

  8. These are the ones that I could see as frontrunners. I am sad to say this about Olivia, because I really did love her this episode, but the spoilers kinda ruined it for me. I find from past seasons the women that say "I’m not here to make friends" are the ones that rub me the wrong way. But onto the positive; I am so glad that Becca is back! Loved her from the beginning of Chris’ season, but I think Ben would be an amazing match for her. I also really like Amanda. I think she is definitely here for the right reasons, and I see her going very far.
    btw I am so happy for you and Kevin! Loved your season back in 2010, and I am so happy that you have now found your true love. RANT DONE

  9. I think Amanda and you look a lot alike. That was my first thought as soon as she got out of limo. Congratulations on pregnancy!! Y’all will be amazing parents.

  10. I really should not have read the comments on this post! So disappointed to read those spoilers :(. Isn’t there a way you can delete those comments so others don’t see?

  11. I want Becca to be the next Bachelorette if she is not chosen this time around! Love her she is just so pretty and caring

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