Slouchy Tee = My Favorite Shirt EVER!

You guys know how much I love this t-shirt. I have it in grey (as you can see me wearing it HERE and HERE) and I have it in navy, marroon, and black! Hey, I believe that when you find something that works, you buy it in EVERY color! Ha!

I love my necklace because it looks and feels expensive but it’s not! And it goes with basically every casual and street chic outfit. I added a little bling to my right hand to balance out the bling on my left hand 😉 (I still can’t stop staring at my engagement ring!!!)

Keeping with my budget friendly blog favs – my sunnies are only $12 and my shoes are 35% OFF right now! I kid you not, I wear these shoes EVERY single day! Even just to slap on the walk Owen. I think they are SUPER cute and very fashioanble. I’ve worn them with a jumpsuit before in the place of heels and thought they looked awesome (See the jumpsuit look HERE)

What clothing item can you just not live without? Tell me in the comments below! And leave links on wear to buy so I can check it out if you have a link! Maybe I’ll feature it here on ALI LUVS 🙂

Also I’m sharing all my room decor details below…


ROOM DECOR (click the image to shop the item)…


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13 thoughts on “Slouchy Tee = My Favorite Shirt EVER!

    1. Only my formal living room and bedroom are white. The rest of my house has color! But I LOVE white on white! 🙂

  1. I love your bedroom:) I have an off white Anthropologie bed set but I’ve been wanting to buy white. I think I may buy what you have 🙂

  2. Okay, so you’re leggings look awesome! I am in the hunt for some quality leggings that don’t seem transparent (I’m pear shaped with a big butt so most of the time leggings are stretched and seem sheer). I have one pair that is thick and good quality, but for some reason don’t have a bigger "butt" area? This makes them slide down so I’m constantly pulling them up. I saw your leggings are at a great price but was wondering if you had any issues with them being transparent? Thank you!

    P.s. I LOVE the white bedroom! It makes such a clean look! And I LOOOOVE how you wear Stella and Dot! I’m a stylist and used your instagram to get my mom interested. 🙂

    1. Nikki – I buy all of my leggings from INC at Macys – they are an awesome Ponte material and are not transparent at all!….and they hold up wash after wash with zero fading! I’ve had them over a year and wear all the time.|dc_77771361181%7C-%7CfSoCOGqf

    2. I bought these leggings and they are very sheer! guess that’s what you get for cheap price! they are comfy though

  3. Can you share what color paint is used on the walls? 🙂 I still haven’t mastered the perfect "greige" color yet! Thank you!! <3

  4. What size are you wearing in that slouchy t? Is it a junior cut? I love it but wondering how it runs! ? your style Ali…keep em coming! Beautiful white rooms are classy! ?

  5. I was looking at buying the comforter you have, but the reviews on amazon are mixed! How do you find the quality? Is it a nice / comfortable material?

    Thank you!!! 🙂

  6. Hi Ali –

    I bought these shirts but they are dry clean only so I took to the dry cleaner but….I was just wondering, do you dry clean yours or hand wash? If I could get away with hand washing and hanging up I would much rather do that!

    Thanks so much and I love your blog!

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