5 Fashion Pieces Every Girl Should Have

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I love clothes – that’s no secret – but I can’t buy every single outfit I see on Instagram. WAH! So today I am sharing a few pieces that I think every girl should have on her closet.

1) A Chambray Shirt – I wear a chambray shirt at least once a week.  It’s SO versatile, you can wear as a cover up in the summer, dress it up with a glittery mini skirt, add a statement necklace like a did, or dress it down pants and a tank. I really love the one I’m wearing in this pic. It has enough detail so that it’s not boring, but not too much detail that I can’t wear a funky statement necklace with it. Which brings me to my next must have…

2) A Statement Necklace –  What I love about a good statement necklaces is it’s ability to take an outfit to a whole other level. Imagine if I had worn the outfit in the picture below without the necklace. It would have been just ok. Kind of plain. In fact, I have worn this outfit without the necklace and no one says anything about liking it or not. Once I add the necklace, I get so many compliments on the entire look. It’s a fun experiment, you should try it. Ha! Ok, I actually think every girl should have a few statement necklaces. I am a big fan of the following ones: Check out my post HERE and HERE. Get the necklace I’m wearing in the photo below HERE.

3) White Jeans – I know I know. I can feel the dirty looks I’m virtually getting from a lot of you right now. White jeans are what fashion nightmares are made of. It took me years, that’s right you heard me YEARS, to find a pair of white jeans that looked good on me. THESE JEANS are my absolute favorite. You can see me wearing them in THIS Ali Luvs post as well. They hide all the lumps and bumps on my thighs – that’s right I have cellulite. Damn you cellulite! Ever put on a pair of white jeans and you can see every bump underneath? It’s the worst! These jeans hide all of that and are super flattering! Plus I love the ripped jeans look. Makes white jeans feel not so “proper”. I really encourage you guys to give them a try. The best part about Nordstrom is free returns if you don’t like them. (They even include a return label when they send it to you – so no hassle)

4) A Versatile but Still A Statement Ring – Rings so often get overlooked. I know it’s the LAST thing I think of when putting together an outfit, but it really shouldn’t be. A cool ring that stands out but is also versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits is essential. Again, look at my outfit below. If I didn’t have two cool statement rings it just wouldn’t feel like a complete look. Sometimes it’s the smallest little detail that can take a look from sloppy to put together! I wore one silver ring and one gold one. And just so you know, it’s TOTALLY ok to mix metals.

5) A Casual Clutch – When we think of carrying a clutch it’s usually for a formal outfit right? A little back clutch to hold your phone, lipstick, and credit card when you’re going to a fancy event. Well, clutches are SO much more than that! First ditch the “little” clutch and get one that can actually fit what would go in your normal purse. I love the clutch I’m carrying in my pic below because it’s interesting enough that it’s FAB but neutral enough that it goes with SO many things. I feel like when I’m carrying my purse it screams “functional” but when I carry this cute clutch is screams FASHIONISTA! Love!

What items are your must haves? Tell me in the comments below!


6 Thoughts

6 thoughts on “5 Fashion Pieces Every Girl Should Have

  1. I’m obsessed with this outfit! I need to find simple jewelry like this. Also, absolutely adore you for sending me and my new husband (that’s weird), that ADORABLE video sending us well wishes! You’re seriously awesome!

  2. Hmm, I don’t know. I am not too sold on the chambray shirt. Especially with the necklace in the picture. If I made a list, it would be skinny jeans (any colour – blue, green, pink, grey, etc), a black dress (any girl needs one black dress in a wardrobe), classic black stilettos (especially for someone who never wears heels! It works with everything from shorts to dresses :)), a summer print dress, ballerinas shoes. I am not a fashion person but these things just popped into my head.

  3. Ali, I’ve been such a fan of yours since you were on the Bachelorette! You were my favorite and it’s great to see how happy you are. Love following you on Instagram and your blog, it’s like hearing from a good friend! Also, I love the fashion that you blog about – I’ve purchased many of your recommendations and loved them all! Can you do a post about what to wear to a holiday party? Maybe a dressy and a casual outfit? Would love any tips you have.

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