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Would you believe me if I told you can get EVERYTHING I am wearing in this pic for under $50?! Well it’s true! Even these incredible over the knee boots! In fact, they are under $40! What I love about over the knee boots that flare out at the top is they make your thighs appear smaller. Gotta love that right?

You guys know how much I love this flannel, you can see me wearing it in red HERE styled with a fringe bag and in white HERE. The leggings, that I wear with almost everything, are under $15.

My necklace it a little more than $50, so found one that looks EXACTLY the same for $28! LUV! Get it HERE.

Are you guys as excited about these bargains finds as I am?!?! What other bargains finds do you wanna see on my blog? Tell me in the comments below!


3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Everything Under $50

  1. Ali you rock. Thank you for showcasing fashion for the everyday woman! Affordable fashion doesn’t get enough blog attention so I think you’re really on to something. Keep doing what you’re doing. I always love to hear about any sales that may be going on with affordable retailers, ie….the stuff you wear. Honestly, just keep posting your cute outfits and how you snagged a deal on them and I’ll be happy. Also, closet staples. The must haves for layering with winter approaching. How about cute and comfortable holiday outfits (how can you still look cute and be comfortable while eating too much on thanksgiving and Christmas? Then a section on what to wear to that holiday work party or dinner? How about kitchen must haves since you recently moved. You can also get some good ideas from readers on what to register for 🙂 Just a few thoughts. Thanks for your style inspiration!

  2. I love that you post affordable things! I noticed you’ve posted a couple different boots from the Prima donna website – do you feel like that website is pretty good? Do you find the sizing is pretty accurate?


  3. First of all, you are gorgeous! Loved watching you on The Bachelor/Bachelorette! I’m a mom of two and can’t wear heels all the time. I usually wear skinny jeans & comfy tees or flannels/ casual button-downs. When it’s too warm for boots & too cold for sandals, what flats would be cute with that?

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