Our Home – Before and After

I posted a picture of me in one of my living areas a couple weeks ago and got so many questions about my rug, oversized chair, couch, everything! So naturally I felt compelled to share my good furniture finds with all of you! To really understand how great these pieces are I have to show you a before picture of the space. This is how the front room in our house looked for months when we first moved in! Depressing right?

It stayed empty for a while because we had just bought our first home and basically drained our bank accounts on the down payment. So we really didn’t feel like we could drop a bunch of money on furniture. It’s expensive! And the last thing we wanted to do was find cheap, clumsy furniture that wouldn’t last over the years. Lucky for us, we found the perfect place for reasonably priced, quality, stylish furniture… LIVING SPACES.



How AMAZING does the space look? The oversized chair on the left was the very first piece Kevin and I picked out. We just fell in love with it immediately. The rug is so great that we bought two in the exact same color. Ha! One is in this front, more formal living room and the other is in our more casual living area (which you can see below). 


Now for our casual living area. I REALLY feel that the after picture doesn’t do it justice because it’s GORGEOUS! It my absolute favorite room in our house. Here is the before pic…




How cozy is this space!? Kevin and I just love spending time in here and so does Owen! That chair in the upper left corner is Owen’s favorite spot to sit 🙂 As you can see, the gray couch is in both the before and after and that is because we loved it, so we kept it! We actually bought that couch at Living Spaces a while back and it still looks brand new! The ottoman coffee table is to die for! Everyone who comes over to visit always asks us where we got it.

And I have to point out our entertainment center (better seen in the picture below). I’m obsessed with the color of it and love it because it’s really one of a kind. It’s from the Elements collection and every piece is unique in some way. If you were to order the same piece as mine it might be a slightly different color or have different brush strokes. I love that about it 🙂 Totally unique!

And yes, this room has the same rug as the formal living area but it looks different in this light. In the other room it looks like it has stripes (and in the website pic), but in more direct light it just looks white. I love it!

Well, I hope you guys liked my little home tour! Check out www.livingspaces.com if you are looking to spruce up your home!

xoxo Ali

What is your favorite piece in my home? Where do you love to shop for home decor? Tell me in the comments below!

22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “Our Home – Before and After

  1. Seriously love this! For someone that is obsessed with HGTV like I am, I loved following your Periscope/Snapchat during your remodeling journey! So fun! We’re looking to buy a home next fall! Keep posting home decor ideas!

    1. P.S. I want to say THANK YOU for the sweet video you sent to my new hubby, Jordan and I. I guess my sister reached out to you during the summer and you sent her a video wishing us well. I appreciate you and all that you share with your fans! You’re awesome <3

  2. Where are those white frames from? I have a sectional as well and the wall space behind is perfect for those 3 frames!

  3. I LOVE the rugs!! I’ve been shopping for rugs for weeks now and haven’t found anything I love yet. If only Living Spaces was a little closer to Mississippi lol

  4. I love the furniture you picked! I’ve been looking for a chair like the white one in the top photo. The rugs really pull it all together too! Love that you were able to get two of the same 🙂

  5. I am absolutely obsessed with your furniture! it’s perfection. I’ve worried about having the same color scheme as you because I have a dog but you seem to make it work! I live in Beverly Hills, so i think we share the same living spaces! if so i’m hoping to find some similar pieces.
    do you know what the name of your entertainment center!? Thanks so much!! -Emma

  6. Hi. I’m having trouble finding the entertainment center on the website you list. Can you post a link to it please?

  7. Ali ,I absolutely love your decor and how everything fits an looks perfect together! Loved watching you chose between all the different shades of white. My favourite piece is the clock you have on the wall. What an extraordinary piece! Great work you both have done! And congrats on your engagement! So exciting!! When’s the big day?

  8. Ali-

    Thank you for sharing this website, it is incredible, and I’m hooked!

    Also, the way you have decorated your place is amazing. Love all of the details.

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