Plaid and Lace

The air is starting to get crisp, pumpkin spiced lattes are everywhere, and the leaves are changing. It’s FALL! Yeah yeah, I live in SoCal, so it isn’t quite as chilly here yet, but it’s brisk enough to wear a sweater and scarf at night so I’m taking advantage of every minute! Plus I’m going to NYC in a month so I want to make sure I have cute outfits to bring with me!

I love plaid in all it’s forms but I really adore the feminine touch that this plaid scarf has. Plus it’s only $20! It’s pretty, stylish and affordable! You’ll wear this scarf again and again this Fall. I wrote about it once before on my SUPER budget friendly post HERE!

I also LUV the layered look of sweaters but it’s so hard for me to do because I always feel like I end up looking HUGE! I’m not a petite little thing that can take advantage of all layering looks. So what I dig about this sweater is the lace is sewn in at the bottom to give you the layered look without the bulk! Plus it takes a normal cream sweater and makes it something special! I LUV it!

Sticking with my affordable fashion trend I am wearing my fab $20 watch that you can see me wearing HERE as well. Layered it with a two in one cuff that’s great for budget shoppers because it’s two bracelets in one and does part of the layering for you! I added a gold chevron ring and hobo leather bag to finish off my look. 


3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Plaid and Lace

  1. How do you find all of these websites to buy clothes off of? Are these stores in LA, or do you follow other blogs to get ideas? Nordstrom’s doesn’t worry me, but I always read about "fashion fails" where the item purchased online comes 10 times smaller than the size that was ordered and then it becomes a hassle to return it through the mail. I wear between a 4-6(27-28) in pants and a usually a medium sized shirt but I like things a little baggier and not skin tight. Do you ever run into this problem with anyone of the websites you blog about? I really like how this website gives dimensions of the people who purchased and reviewed the item. Thats awesome! Keep the blog posts coming! It’s nice to get fashion ideas on a budget! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for these blog posts! I am always looking for great cheap outfits and I have ordered a bunch of the things you post! I know you live in California and don’t have to worry about this yet, but over here in NYC its getting pretty cold. I would LOVE a blog post about some cute fall jackets that wont break the bank 🙂

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