Feeling Grateful This Morning.

I woke up this morning to one very crappy thing and one really great thing. Let me explain…

First, the crappy thing. I heard a knock on my door and it was a nice passerby who wanted to let me know that my car had been broken into. I was so bummed. Is it a huge deal? Well no. No one is hurt, only a few things were stolen that I was planning on bringing to Good Will anyway, and in the end it’s just money to fix the window and that certainly isn’t the most important thing. But still, it really bummed me out. After calling my insurance company and contacting the police department, I came inside feeling pretty down.

Now comes the really goodl part! I sat down and powered up my computer to find the most special email from a woman named Nicole Z. I hope you don’t mind Nicole but I am going to share some of your email here:

“I’m not one to follow blogs or fashion sites, BUT yours im obsessed with. Most blogs have these amazing outfits that are always way out of my budget. Yours shocks me sometimes when I click and see its all under $50. Love that. I’m a first time mom and my daughter just turned a year old, so I decided its time to get back to my old self and out of these sweats I have been living in haha. After being pregnant for a year and wearing sweats covered in baby spit up, I was lost when it came to what was in fashion. I cant afford much and just recently felt like I deserved to get a few new items in my wardrobe. In the past month I literally ordered almost 3 outfits you posted. Thank you so much for helping me get my post mama style back. I feel amazing in my new outfits. And when a girl looks good she feels good. Thank you for helping me find that. Also congrats on the engagement. So excited to follow you through this amazing journey.”

Thank you so very much Nicole! This email made my day! I could care less about the car and all I can think about it how happy I am that I’ve had a positive impact in your life. Yes, sometime I post higher priced items but I really try my best to post about things that the everyday woman can afford and look fabulous in!

So in honor of Nicole, today I am posting about one of my favorite Fall looks for less! This ones for you Nicole!

This dress is under $50! Yay! It might look familiar because I own it in a few different colors. I posted about one of them HERE and I got so much positive feedback on it from you guys! I’m so glad you guys LOVE this dress as much as I do! I own it in army green too and I’ll post about that look soon. But I love this maroon color. It is so great for fall! And can you believe that these boots are under $55!?!?! It is so hard to find good boots under $100 these days! I was absolutely psyched when I found these boots. I love the rich brown color. They work great with this dress but I also love to wear them with leggings and THIS big cozy sweater. They will be a perfect staple boot for you this fall! And don’t forget to wear warm boot socks underneath. I love the look of the socks peeking out over the top of the boots.

I finished off the look with this cute tassel necklace and my favorite $20 watch! Oh and I’m sitting this AMAZING blanket scarf. I post a picture of my wearing it soon. But it’s THE BEST and only $30. I love blanket scarfs because you can wear them different ways and use it as a blanket to sit on if you have a fall picnic! So fun!

Everything in this post is under $55 except for the gold personalized necklace. Hope you guys LUV this look! And Nicole, I REALLY hope you LUV it! xoxo


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5 thoughts on “Feeling Grateful This Morning.

  1. I agree with Nicole– great posts/outfits and FINALLY in my price range! Thank you Ali! My only request is can I please get a spell check before you post?! ?

  2. I agree with Nicole as well! Love your style choices and you always look super fantastic in them!! Love that the clothes are not too expensive as well.
    Hey, this brings me to a challenge…While watching The Voice last night, I love, love, love the dress that Amy Vachal wore. Do you know how we can find out where she got that dress?Maybe Kohls? as I know they usually dress the contestants. Thanks!
    Congrats on your engagement. Wishing you well.

  3. Ali,
    I have watched & loved you since your time on The Bachelorette! I am a Mom & Grandma but love to dress "fun & up to date in style" but can’t afford to spend a ton on my wardrobe! I have followed everything you have ever done or posted & Thank you so much for these outfit ideas & staying within a persons budget! You are classy & fun loving all at the same time! Even I can get some good ideas from these posts!
    I admire you & your warm down to earth heart! Best of luck to you & Kevin! He is a very lucky man!

  4. I agree with Nicole too! I rarely follow blogs but I just kinda love you and you always look amazing!! I am a mummy of two little ones and I don’t have a ‘style’… I love yours and when I get time to go shopping I look for pieces similar to your posts! Thanks for remaining so ‘normal’ and down to earth! Much love to you ❤️ Asti

  5. Hi Ali,
    I have ADORED you since you were on the Bachelor/Bachelorette!!!!!! I live inland, near San Fran!!!
    I just found your blog and I LOVE all your outfits!!! I have a couple questions though. I have some cute little dresses but I just can NOT bring myself to wear them because…. what do you wear under them? I was at one of my daughter’s soccer games and another mom in a cute little dress jumped up to cheer and her dress flew up in the air and the whole world saw her undies. I mean, what do you do if a breeze blows everything up kinda Marilyn Monroe style??!! I have purchased slip-shorts and wear them with my maxi-skirts all the time. I’m thinking I should cut the legs of them shorter but they are still rather wide-legged and could still be revealing. I wondered if there is something else I’m missing. My girls (7, 10) wear little cotton bike-shorts-style under their dresses and I’m thinking maybe I should go that route, but then I’d be so hot!! I’m nearing 50 and a few layers get me to sweatin’! Even the flowy slip-shorts are hot because of how they don’t breathe that well. And you know, I’m not far from Sacramento, so it gets HOT here!!!! I work for the school district so my wardrobe MUST be kid friendly, kneeling, bending over, classroom, recess. 90% of the time you will find me in Docker style pants and a simple blouse. I can NOT spend any time while I’m working thinking about whether my booty is showing, how am I sitting, is everything covered, etc. What style advice can you throw my way?? I’d love to turn my style up a notch so I can REALLY celebrate the big 5-0!!! THANKS!!!

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