Street Chic on a Budget!

I am all about being comfortable when I go out. Especially if I’m running errands or going to a casual dinner with friends. But I want to look good too! So I’m constantly on the lookout for really cute street clothes. It’s what I like to call STREET CHIC! This outfit is a perfect example and the pieces are so affordable! I am in love with this flannel for a few reasons. Here they are…

  1. It’s long! Which is so hard to find! So it covers up my booty when I to cover up more
  2. It has such a great fit! The hardest part about finding a great flannel is finding a great fit.
  3. It’s under $50. Flannels are getting SO expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good Rails flannel. In fact, they are my favorite flannels but they cost upwards of $150! I like to invest in them every once in a while, but man does it feel good to find a flannel that LOOKS like a Rails flannel but costs less than half the price! One third of the price really! AMAZING!

I live in leggings during the fall and winter so I’m wearing my favorite leggings in this pic. The long length of the flannel is perfect for legging because it covers you butt. And these leggings are under $15.

But the pieces that really take this look from street clothes to street CHIC clothes are the fringe bag an the boots! The fringe bag is SUPER affordable! In the land of $200 plus bags, it is SO nice to find one that is so inexpensive. The boots will run you a little more (But still under $120). Mine are last season so they are a little different than the boots that came out this season, but they are SO similar. And surprisingly comfortable.

To finished off the look I added a bronze ring, a gold ring, and a gold cuff AND my favorite aviator sunnies that are only $8.99! How could I not love them at that price. Get yours HERE.

And I know, I know. I’m not wearing my engagement ring in these pics! I can’t even tell you how often I forget it. I always take it off to wash my hands or put on makeup or clean up and then I ALWAYS forget to put it back on. Then I feel SO bad about it. I need to get better about that.


3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Street Chic on a Budget!

  1. I wish I saw that purse before I bought mine from Asos….looks very similar, but the shoulder strap on mine is waaay too long (I’m only 5’2"). How low does your purse hang with the shoulder strap?

    This is the one I got:

    By the way, thanks for introducing me to Asos, I love it! I bought the metal belt you have, and I got the cute little pink elephant bracelet you posted for my friend’s birthday, she loved it 🙂

  2. You should just leave your ring on, Ali. Seriously. Much easier to lose it when you’re always taking it on and off.

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