Photoshop Booty Fail? Or Born that Way?

Victoria’s Secret is facing some backlash after posting this photo to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It appears that the model is missing her left buttcheek. What is up with that VS? I have always been a fan of the brand but what kind of message is this sending? And her butt looks perfectly nice to me on the right, why make it nonexistent on the left? I personally would love to see them place an ad with a plus sized woman wearing these cheeky bottoms! I think we should celebrate all figures! Every shape and size! If you have to photoshop a woman with a body like this, what does that say to the rest of us?

Let’s give VS the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s just the way the model is standing. Many people are arguing that it isn’t photoshpped. Or is it a case of terrible photoshopping? You be the judge. Sound off in the comments below…

24 Thoughts

24 thoughts on “Photoshop Booty Fail? Or Born that Way?

  1. Forget about the butt! What about those arms? The entire upper body looks very masculine..I say it’s a male….

  2. Her legs are awkwardly placed. Is she laying down or up against the wall? It’s an odd photo for sure.

  3. It’s an awful photo. At least if you’re going to Photoshop, do it so it looks nice. It’s not just the butt that looks weird in the photo. If I were the model here, I would demand they make me look "human" not like a gumby photo-shopped alien.

  4. Seriously? I would have NEVER caught that. People have way too much time on their hands to take the time to bash this pic.

  5. With my VERY limited experience with photoshop I could have done a much better job! The editor needs to be fired….making too much money

  6. In reference to your comment of wanting to see a plus size model in one of their ads…we never will, unfortunately. I was told by a Victoria Secret employee while shopping for size XLarge in underwear that the company had decided to no longer carry that size. I was disappointed and have since then, Spring of 2014, stopped shopping at VS.

  7. It seems to me like her wrists were photoshopped and are now Barbie sized. For a thin female myself, I have wide hips, a tiny waist, large coconuts, and tiny wrists. But even still, those don’t look realistic either. 🙁

  8. It’s definitely photoshopped. You can tell by the shadows. The right side of her but has a hard shadow at the bottom whereas the left is soft and graduated. Pretty difficult to have this happen unless the photographer intentionally lit it that way which I sincerely doubt.

  9. Maybe the Photoshopping was on the right and her normal butt is the left. It could have been the opposite and they were adding to it.

  10. In the photo you can see in her underwear that the bum cheeks are the same, so I say bad photoshop….they shouldn’t have gotten rid of the crease, that’s what makes a bum sexy lol

  11. Obvious photoshop. It’s so sad. But all everyone is concerned with is fashion and looks. I feel bad for those girls who don’t have the looks or shape to feel good about themselves. I wish the Kardashians would disappear. They are sending the wrong message.

  12. such a horrible picture, not sexy or artistic at all. Women have to work more in built a good self stem and love more themselves. We have to create our own world and accept our bodies imperfections as something natural.

  13. I totally agree with you on this subject! And I loved u last night on your periscope.. U WERE DRUNK AND SO CUTE AND FUNNY? Kevin and Owen too of course? my bf and I were doing the same thing last night!! ?

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