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It’s really important to have a few good quality, fab basics in your closet. So many people underestimate the importance of basics. You guys already know I LOVE LOVE LOVE this basic white tank as you can see in THIS POST, THIS POST, and THIS POST. I love it so much that I wear it every other day and actually plan to buy a second one just in case something happens to the one I have. I am known to spill spaghetti sauce on my clothes. Ha!

Anyway, back to the basics! The Topshop white tank I am wearing in the pic below is another on of my favorite basics. I have a lot of statement necklaces that I like to switch out every week when I wear this shirt. This isn’t the last time you’ll see this tank in my blog so get one for yourself HERE and we can style it together throughout the Fall! YAY! I’ll pair it with slouchy sweaters like THIS ONE for under $17 for a warmer look when the days start getting cooler.

Today I paired the shirt with this FAB white necklace. I like it against a white top but it REALLY pops against a color. I just love white jewelry. Especially against darker skin tones (Which reminds me I need a spray tan!). You can see my favorite wrap bracelet here. I’m carrying my basic black hat that I wear with everything. Can you tell I copied the pic of the model below? Ha! I just LOVED the look when I bought it online.

As always, if you every wear on of the looks I post about, tag me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM! I wanna see!


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One thought on “Back to the BASICS

  1. Ali – thanks for turning me on to Nordstrom, a store I never thought I could afford. I’ve found several items I just LUV and the perfect Homecoming dress for my granddaughter who just LUVED it. Homecoming dresses under $100 – what a great idea in these financial trying times for families!

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