Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

So I’m TOTALLY in wedding planning mode. So far it’s fun, but I can’t believe how much work it is! I had no idea. So I am trying to break everything down into small manageable pieces. Starting with my rehearsal dinner dress! I need help!

The dress I’m wearing in this pic is super cute and could totally work. Plus I already own it! Ha! And it’s under $100. Score! But maybe I should get something new that I’ve never worn? Thoughts?

Oh an I paired the dress with this white cross body bag that can be used as a clutch – and GET THIS – A FANNY PACK! I’m not even kidding. I’m obsessed with it. I’ll post a pic soon of me wearing it as a fanny pack. It’s the best thing ever!

I really like the idea for being super comfortable in a long white maxi dress. THIS maxi remind me of something Amal Clooney would wear. Doesn’t it?! This maxi is just stunning!

Another Maxi option is THIS dress. Which I could totally wear barefoot which is kind of a goal of mine 😉

Or I could go with something white, simple, and classic – like THIS dress. I imagine my hair up in a large bun with a pretty necklace. I obviously wouldn’t wear booties like the model is in the picture. Look beyond the booties!!! Ha!

I also love the innocence of THIS dress with the lace detail on the sleeves. And I love the price tag, Under $100!!! Woo Hoo!

Or I could go more princess like and choose THIS dress. So many options! What do you guys think? What would you like to see me where? I love that I have this big community of online friends to help me decide! Love you guys!

Oh and don’t even get me stared on wedding dresses! Eeek!

All the options I talked about above are below…

19 Thoughts

19 thoughts on “Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

  1. I recommend wearing the same dress for ceremony and reception. If not, you’ll only wear your ceremony gown (which will surely be gorgeous!) for a really short time!

  2. Do you mean rehearsal dinner? I think you’ll want to wear your wedding dress all night! It’s the best feeling ever and you won’t want to change!

    1. I apologize….I just re-read this…..this blog was asking about our opinions on your REHEARSAL dinner dress…..I love the one you have on the pic! Wear that one!

  3. Oops! I meant my rehearsal dinner dress! Ha! I don’t even know the terminology yet! I am going to need some SERIOUS help! Ha!

  4. I vote either the BHLDN maxi dress (I have such a weakness for BHLDN, it’s all so beautiful) OR the Misguided Crochet skater dress! You look so great in skater dresses!

  5. I have to say you really look adorable in anything you wear. For me, the dress you have on and the two BHLDN are my faves, but my absolute fave is the maxi. Either choice.. You’ll look amazing! ????

  6. Bhldn Lili!

    I wore a different bhldn chiffon dress to my rehearsal and they had the best sale so I got a $250 dress for $40. The Lili is more than that but I love it! And maybe it’ll go on sale:)

  7. OMG the princess one. So perfect for a wedding rehearsal. This is one weekend you will not only feel like a princess, but get to dress like one too and no one can say anything!

  8. Any of the first four pictured. I would get a new dress, even though the one you’re wearing is very cute, I think you’ll want something new.

  9. I love the lace sleeve dress that you’re already wearing, or the one-shoulder corsage dress! Both are perfect for the occasion. I’m sure your head is spinning.
    I just got married on the 17th, so I feel for you!! Remember to take moments to stop and enjoy things along the way… I kept that in mind, and I think it helped me to not only have more fun with it, but also appreciate it all more!
    Good luck!!

  10. love the dress you already own BUT I’m also drooling over the maxi with lace. I’d pick that one only because it’s so so pretty and not something most people would wear to a rehearsal. Happy shopping

  11. Definitely go for a knee length dress for the rehearsal dinner. I feel like the wedding dress should be the "long gown". But it’s whatever you feel best in. I LOVE the 3 rd dress pictured!!!

  12. They’re all adorable, but take into account the likely temperature. The worst is a long-sleeved dress and then being too hot. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned comfort. Oh, and I do think you should get something new IF you love it at least as much as what you already have. It’ll be that much more exciting and new-feeling when you put it on 🙂

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