My Beauty Secrets

UPDATE on 9/9/15: Bumping this post to the top of my blog since I am going to do a new beauty secret soon! So check out my 1st beauty secret!

I am always getting questions about my beauty routine. So I’ve decided to start a monthly blog post to highlight my favorite products. I wanted to start with my favorite skin product because let’s face it (no pun intended), our skin is the most important part of our beauty regime. And when I begin my makeup routine in the morning, I always start with Smashbox BB Water. This stuff is AMAZING. No really, it’s a miracle product. What I love about it is that it’s a primer (blurs imperfections), has sun protection (spf 30), hydrates (It’s made with water and is alcohol free!), and covers all in one! Why spend all that money on 4 different products to prime, protect, hydrate, and cover when this does it all! It’s really ALL you need!!!  But the best part, it’s so natural looking!

Something really cool about Smashbox right now is they are giving away BB Water EVERY DAY! To enter CLICK HERE and submit your BB Water photo for a chance to win! Enter every day! I hope all of you win!!!

Oh and my shade is Light/Neutral. Light/Medium when I’m tan 🙂

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