Congrats Jade and Tanner!!!

Big congratulations are in order for Jade and Tanner! I cried like a baby watching the two of them get engaged! It was so sweet! Ok, I have to admit that I must be a bit more emotional about engagements now that I’m engaged, but I just LOVE, LOVE! And their engagement got me thinking. These Bachelor in Paradise couples know each other WAY better at the end of the season than couples who meet on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. No really. They spend WAY more time together and that gives them a lot more opportunity to get to know each other. Plus, with Tanner and Jade, there were never any other dates with other people. So all their time was focused on each other. Based on this, the success rate of Bachelor in Paradise couples who get engaged will be way higher than the success rate of Bachelor/Bachelorette couples who get engaged. Well, currently the success rate for Bachelor in Paradise couples is %100 (because of Lacey and Marcus), but I think it will continue to be high as more season come and go.

Anyway, I’m SUPER happy for Jade and Tanner. I don’t know Jade personally, but I’ve become friends with Carly and Carly & Jade are besties. Well, I adore Carly, and any friend of hers is a friend of mine. So there you have it, that makes Jade and I friends! Ha! Kidding – but not really kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

On to the outfits!!!

Tenley killed it in the outfit department last night. Her light purple finale dress (which I couldn’t find ANYWHERE online is by Dance & Marvel. But I did find their stuff HERE and they have some super cute clothes. And most are between $20-$50!!! So thanks for introducing me to the brand Tenley!

I also loved Tenley’s black maxi by Flynn Skye. The exact dress is no longer available but it’s twin is! The only different in this dress is the tie back instead of the straight line across the back in Tenley’s version. They also have this floral version of her EXACT dress still available and it’s SO pretty!

And finally Tenley’s After Paradise dress by The JetSet Diaries! I LOOOOOVE it! Jacklyn frist introduced me to this brand when she wore their romper HERE during her first night in Paradise. You can get it in green like Tenley is wearing, but it also comes in black.


Carly’s blue dress above is so hot too! I found a NAVY version that I love and a similar version in the same color of royal blue.

Make sure to check my blog later today because I’ll have an exclusive interview with Carly about Kirk. I’m asking her if they talked after After Paradise, if she forgives him, if she’s dating now, and MORE!

I leave you guys with this because LOVE is always the answer. Hope you all have lots of love in your life! Congrats again to Janner!!!!!


And let’s discuss the finale in the comment below! Do you forgive Kirk? Who is excited for Jade and Tanner?  Should they get married in Bachelor in Paradise next year? Let’s discuss!

12 Thoughts

12 thoughts on “Congrats Jade and Tanner!!!

  1. I don’t think Kirk needs forgiving since breakups happen and I think he truly wanted to give the relationship a shot and see if it could work. And he found that they weren’t meant to be. I think it’s wrong to paint him as a bad person for breaking up with Carly. If anything Carly is coming off a little immature for the way she is reacting to this breakup and I’m sure it helps to solidify Kirk’s doubts he was having. Eitherway, breakups are rarely happy occasions and I’m sure they will both move on nicely.

    1. Agreed. When a girl has reacted that harshly to a breakup (and, it is possible that Kirk didn’t even want to "breakup" but just wanted to make sure that by giving a rose he wasn’t proposing to get married/have kids), it has made me glad that I dodged a bullet.

      Sure, a lot probably was never shown and edited up on the cutting room floor and Kirk should have been more cautious/discussed things earlier maybe but at the same time if Carly thought he was such a great guy why not give him a chance in case there was some misunderstanding in what he was trying to explain.

  2. People forget that Kirk has feelings too – while what he did wasn’t the best and he didn’t do it in a great way. However, Kirk is probably hurting too, not just Carly. Not saying I agree with Kirk, but give the guy a break…he didn’t cheat on her.

  3. I feel as though Kirk was trying to be as "honest" as he could, however I do feel like he led Carly on way more than he needed to. Carly is such a sweet heart and "down home" kinda girl, you HAVE to like her! I mean really… who doesn’t LOVE Carly?? I do think that Kirk got scared of the baby and marriage talk and just freaked, but unfortunately, he freaked on the wrong girl and just lost the best thing that had ever happened to him. They really were a great looking couple. I just hope the best for both of them in their future endeavors. {But especially Carly <3}
    I believe Janner will get married within the next 4-6 months and start as family asap. They are the sweetest looking couple with nothing but good intentions toward each other. Couldn’t have made a better match myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love Jade & Tanner and I’m so happy for them. I think Jade is one of my favorite people of the Bachelor franchise! I also love the friendships that were formed this season, the way they all supported each other.
    I love Carly! I also loved what she said about telling guys to stop telling women what they think we want to hear. I think Kirk is probably a great guy and I don’t think he meant to deceive Carly. He was just telling her what he thought she wanted to hear. I agree with Carly, the truth isn’t always what we want to hear but in the end I’m grateful to the men I have dated who were just honest.
    As a long time fan I also think that we should let the people who have made mistakes on the show move on instead of hating on them for life.
    Can we talk about Cassandra & Jonathon? They are one hot looking couple but they also seem like great people. I wanted Jonathon to stick around so I could look at him shirtless, but that aside I loved the way he looked at her.

  5. My husband and I have debated over the kirk and Carly situation last night and a little this morning. We both agree Kirk did not handle things right and we both agree, he is not a monster. We both disagree with how Carly handled things. He thinks Carly should have listened and let Kirk explain. I however, think Carly was justified in acting the way she did not wanting to be an "ashley i." mess and not talking and regaining composure later on to then talk ashley out it. Come on she was hit with a horrible surprise. I think Kirk was trying to spare Carly’s feelings and by doing that made the problem so much worse by telling her Way to late and letting her open up Way to much. (He was having some doubts on their first date even.) I do think Kirk is just scared of commitment which caused him to get cold feet. To bad for that because Carly was a good fit for him.
    As for "janner" I am so happy they found each other. Glad the whole Carly issue did not ruin it for Jade (the way she was talking was getting me SUPER nervous that she was getting into her head to much.) Another wedding in Mexico on BIP is just so clichรฉ.
    Please let’s talk about Sam and Nick. What the what! The entire time she looked REPULSED by him, dates and kissing. I think she stayed with him so she didn’t look like more of a villain. It won’t last.

  6. I was just soma day Kirk at first. That break up was horrid to watch. But I really heard what he was saying when he mentioned she said that if my red flags came up for her at all, she would run. With that in mind he didn’t want to send her any, so he kept his fears, doubts, and concerns to himself for fear she would run. At that point he wasn’t sure but he couldn’t pursue his feelings if she was gone. I agree he should have talked to her, but hind sight is 20/20. I don’t feel he should have basically stared planning a future by talking about getting to know her family, and mentioning he had. House w a yard, etc. I really like Carly. And I don’t think people should second guess her reaction. It was was her journey, and how she chose to handle it is the right way for her. I wish them both well. And more importantly… I wish them both love. It is a gift.

  7. Did anyone notice that Kirk didn’t come back to say "hey" at the end of After Paradise? All the other people were hugging each other, but he was no where to be found on stage unless I missed him. Did he cut and run?

  8. I think Kirk made the choice, in the long run, that is best for them both. However, being a girl who has been there, I am heart broken for Carly. I believe he did lead her on, and he should have been open and honest with her as soon as he started having feelings of doubt, talk about blindsiding! Carly will find someone, because she is simply awesome and if I could I would so hook her up with my brother! I love her!

    On a happier note! I loveeee Jade and Tanner and of course teared up watching their engagement. As Ali said though, being recently engaged myself may have made me a bit vulnerable, however I am elated for them and excited to what the future has in store for them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ali,

    Can you tell us where Jade got the cute floral top that she was wearing while she was comforting Carly after the breakup?

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