Carly and Kirk —> Didn’t See it Coming

Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise was hard to watch. Well, the end was at least. My heart broke for Carly when Kirk let her go.  You could tell by Kirk’s reaction that he had no idea how much him breaking it off would hurt Carly. Guys can be obliviousabout stuff like this sometimes. And his timing was TERRIBLE! I mean, worst timing possible! That said, I really don’t think Kirk is a bad guy and I don’t think Carly thinks that. In fact, she posted a picture of them together just hours before the episode aired yesterday.


As you can see in the caption, she is in good spirits and even made a joke about him. I feel like this was her way of letting the world know she isn’t mad a Kirk.

In fact, a couple weeks ago when we were texting I said this to her

“I love you and Kirk together. He’s such a good guy.”

She responded with

“Kirk is a good guy. I agree.”

When I sent my text, I didn’t even think TWICE that she might not be with him anymore (stupid of me). But as you can see from her response, I don’t think there is any bad blood between them. I’m sure they have talked since the show and all is forgiven. Which I have to commend Carly for. It would be really hard for me to forgive a guy if he broke my heart like that. But she has forgiven him showing us how strong and loving she is. And if she can forgive him, all of us should too.

Oh, and come back to my blog tomorrow because I’ll have an exclusive interview with Carly abut Kirk.

I also wanna talk about Ashley and Jared for a second. I was surprised to find that over the past few episodes, I started to root for them. They both seem to have huge hearts. Look, I get that Ashley may be a bit much sometimes. And she cries A LOT. But I think that is because she does love so much and care so much. She’s just young and still learning about relationships and what she is looking to get out of a relationship. She even said it herself when she was saying goodbye. She grew up a lot in Paradise and she’ll continue to grow moving forward. And it seemed like Jared really cared for her. He saw the good in her. But it just wasn’t enough to keep them together. I wish them both the best. I hope the both find love. And I have to say that BIP made me a huge fan of Jared’s. I have to admit I was skeptical of him all along. I don’t really know why, I just was (which totally isn’t fair to him, which is why I didn’t write about it). But he has won me over. Such a stand up guy. He’ll make a girl very happy one day.

Now on to my favorite outfits.

Tenley looked fab in a red strapless dress at the rose ceremony. I asked her about her earrings because I’m a huge fan of anything with a tassel and she told me they are from Forever 21 and under $8. Score. You can get them HERE


I also really loved Sam’s date outfit. I seem to really love her clothes in general. Girl knows how to dress! The white crop top and black skirt combo is great because you can switch out a statement necklace and basically make a new outfit. Also, if you want to hide your tummy, just wear a high-waist skirt and get the same look without showing skin 🙂 ( I LOVE THIS ONE)


And finally, my outfit while watching BIP. The top I’m wearing in this pic is a FAV of mine. It’s flattering and hides my tummy on days I’m feeling bloated (Like when I’m drinking wine out of this “Olivia Pope” wine glass). Plus I love the lace detail and the color and so does Kevin (he always compliments the color when I wear it) – but it also comes in white and dark yellow. For makeup I have on my favorite mascara and a light pinky nude lip.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Are you mad at Kirk? Surprised about Ashley and Jared? Who do you think will get engaged tonight? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

32 Thoughts

32 thoughts on “Carly and Kirk —> Didn’t See it Coming

  1. I was rooting for Ashley and Jared!!! Maybe one day you never know what could happen!;). Also, sad that Kirk did that to Carly. I think that Tanner will propose to Jade!

  2. I think Jade and Tanner end up engaged. Not too happy with Tenley and Josh together. Really surprised about Kirk and Carley!

  3. When your relationship is new and you start adding the kid thing…. I wonder if was moving too fast. Spooked him especially when they haven’t been in the real world. Loved them together and totally agree … Kirk is a good guy

  4. My heart broke for both Carly and Kirk. Kirk was being honest with his feelings. He could have told her sooner but I think he was figuring it out himself. Carly handled it lot better than I would have. I hope they have moved past this and still are friends or maybe have gotten back together.

  5. Never liked Samantha–very fake. I believe the only one she will ever love is herself. Too bad, looks fade but attitudes don’t change. Jared and Ashley never would be a match. He was a good guy through and through. Hope for the best for them both. Really wanted Carly and Kirk to make — too bad. Believe that Jade and Tanner will be engaged and are a match that will last a lifetime for sure. I am happy about Justin and Cassandra.

  6. Total shocker!! I adore Carly and Kirk.. They just seemed like they are the perfect match..
    And on a side note…. Dan would be a GREAT Bachelor!! 🙂

  7. I hate that Carly and Kirk ended who saw that coming?!?! Their connection was undeniable however he was a skeptic from day one. I LOVE Tanner and Jade and could see them being the ones who get engaged. Sam is cray cray! And needs a taste of her own medicine. She has been terrible from day one. Tenley and Josh won’t last she is to good for him!!!! Gonna miss Ashley I’s drama and Ashley S’s commentary.

  8. Carly and Kirk, that one had me yelling at the tv. The strongest relationships were definitely revealed, those amongst the ladies!!
    Jared will have an abundance of women seeking him out since he has shown what a stand up guy he is.
    For sure Tanner says to Jade, "I can’t give you this rose because I have a ring to give you instead!" Right?! And forget the blue nail polish, they’ve got to be faking us out with that or something.

  9. I have to say i was very surprised by Kirks decision but honestly i think he realized he had true feelings for Carly and it scared him , so he ran…..

    I think Tanner is going to propose to Jade tonight on the show. I like them as a couple !

    The whole Ashley and Jared thing… I knew it wouldnt last. Could just tell his heart wasnt in it …. Maybe he is still in love with Kaitlyn…either way not surprised that ended. Ashley is still very young and doesnt know what love is !

    How come they showed previews of Ashley crying saying she might be pregnant but that scene never happened ? False advertising?

  10. I have been rooting for Jade and Tanner alllllll season. I just know that he ‘can’t’ give her a rose because he has something much better to give her. They seem so happy and down to earth so I think they will last wayyyy beyond paradise. Love them ??

  11. Kirk should never ever be on these type shows ever again!! He is emotionally very me he is not even good looking at all so he better build that personality up a little!! I like Carly a lot. She will find Mr. Right in time and will wonder why she was so crazy over jerk Kirk in the first place ….

  12. Carly’s interaction with Jade & Tenley made me cry. It’s obvious they really care for each other. When Jade was talking about how she trusted Kirk with her best friend’s heart I could totally relate as I think most of us can. I don’t think Kirk is a bad guy he just didn’t go about ending things in the best way. I do think he should’ve left her alone though. I think that’s what I found the most fault with, he should have let Carly be & reach out later to make amends.

    I’d like to give Dan a shout out. He hasn’t been discussed very much and he was one of the most honest guys on the show. He ended things with Ashley S. & Amber as soon as he knew he didn’t feel it & before truly pursuing another woman. In the end he bowed out gracefully when he realized that there was no potential for a relationship with any of the women there. I hope he finds love.

    Looking forward to to tonight. I’m hoping the couple who gets engaged will be Jade & Tanner, I love them.

  13. I believe that Kirk is a very good guy. I know what it feels like to be scared about love and I think that’s what he’s going through. 5
    Weeks is very quick and can really freak a person out when married and babies are discussed. I get it. I don’t think he was trying to hurt her and that he genuinely wanted to be with her.
    People need to cut him a break.

  14. I hated seeing Carly hurt. I think Kirk had REAL feelings and it scared him. They didn’t have to break up, they could have just slowed down, he led her on. BIG time. Carly falls hard fast, itbwill be right when the time is right. It would be interesting if Tenley gets engaged. I always root for that girl and can’t wait until she finds love!!!

  15. It was 3 weeks guys.. We can’t seriouly say that Kirk is a jerk for not feeling the way that she wants him to feel. I think it was OVERLY dramatic. Remember 3 WEEKS GUYS.. Not that big of a deal.

    Jaclyn grow up!!! that knocked up comment was so unnecessary. Lay off on the botox and fillers for your own good.

  16. Did anyone notice when Carly was singing that Kirk kind of rolled his eyes? I think he wanted it to work and was hoping he could catch up to her on how he felt but after the week it just wasn’t there. Also, I’m wondering if he would have told her he wanted to still date but just just back off. I don’t think carly let Kirk finish she just automatically said I’m going home. I definitely think jade and tanner will end up engaged.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Kirk just wanting to slow things down but still date, except that he said in his interview before the breakup that nothing Carly could say would change his mind, so I think he knew it would be a breakup talk. He was probably surprised she didn’t beg for him back. Their conversation on After Paradise was good. She admitted he is a good guy but didn’t cut him any slack on leading her on and not slowing things down way earlier.

  17. I think the way kirk went about this was wrong and immature. It was the worst possible timing ever! I do however think that maybe given time in the real world and some normal time, talks and dates it is possible Kirk and Carly may end up together down the road because I really do think Kirk had real feelings for Carly it was just the timing and atmosphere. I think he was scared of how fast it was going and obviously Carly is so in love and ahead of him that maybe given distance and time he may just come back to Carly. They say u don’t really know what you had till its gone right? Who knows. I am still holding out hope for those two.

  18. Ashley I was annoying from start to finish. Nothing mature or interesting about this girl (I cannot believe she is 27, she acts about 11). She was a horror to watch – self-centred Kardashian wannabe, into Disney characters, giggling that she’s a virgin (even though I’d bet those lips have been to some pretty sexual places), and constant crying. Poor Jared. He was doomed the moment she laid eyes on him. Couldn’t even take a chance on someone else, she was like a piranha. Kudos to him though for being nice to her throughout. Some chicks just can’t take a hint.

  19. I think it’s unfair to decipher how she is feeling about Kirk from that one text. And an Instagram caption. Clearly she couldn’t post any spoiler alerts, so she had to watch what she was saying. She is going to be on the After Paradise tonight…I am curious to hear what she says now that everything is out there.

  20. "Guys can be obvious about stuff like this sometimes." I think you meant Oblivious instead of Obvious. Thanks for the great post!

      1. Original post must have said "Obvious" you can see there is no space after oblivious now. Dav probably commented on the orginal post and the error was corrected after.

  21. I was really happy for Carly wish it would have been better for her Kirk shouldn’t have waited till now to tell her it was so sad she was so heart broken hopefully she finds her Prince Charming soon she deserves it

  22. Carly and Kirk – bummer, thought they might last a while.
    Jade and Tanner – spoilers everywhere, no need to comment on this happy ending
    Samantha and Nick – two peas in a pod. Superficial but the heat may well simmer for a few months after the show.
    Tenley and Joshua – no chance – cute together but from completely different worlds.
    Cassandra and Justin – too new to tell, wish them well.

  23. I just want to talk about about something completely, the shows sexism. I thought it was weird that show blurred Veronica’s butt for her "revealing" bikini which wasn’t! Oh but the show had no problem showing guys asses in their diaper sumo outfits, wasn’t one guys ball hanging out. Ali I hope you’ll draw some attention to things like this. Everyone was mad rightfully about having two bachelorettes but this kinda stuff is just as offensive!!!

  24. Not really necessary to come here and post spoilers Denise. If someone wants to read spoilers there are plenty of sites for that. Unless, you are just posting it as you think that is what will happen then you could have picked a different choice of words.

    Re: Carley and Kirk. The way that Carley reacted to the situation would have turned me off. Kirk might have just been saying "hey, I like you but I am not ready to have your kids yet" and wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting the wrong idea about him. Her harsh reaction shows her true character.

    I had a girl behave like this with me, was all lovey dovey, was WAY too into me (considering she didn’t really know me, was putting me on a pedestal), and then because I didn’t show her enough attention she freaked out on me and broke up with me…

    Personally, I would run from a girl like Carley too. She shouldn’t be talking about kids/marriage/etc after a week weeks.

    1. Your situation isn’t quite the same, though. Kirk consistently validated all of Carly’s affection. We might see him waiver in his interviews, but whenever Carly shared how she felt, even when she told him that she could see kids and marriage -in essence a future- with him, he only gave her positive reinforcement. Never once did he say, "I’m not as confident about that. I’d like to try dating in the real world, first."

  25. First of all, many are bad mouthing Ashley I. and I think that is unfair. Truthfully she just has a big heart and I think, has a hard time holding in her emotions, but there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe she really can’t help it. I don’t think everyone should be so quick to put her down! If you have no faults, then you can cast the first stone. Otherwise shut up and grow a little compassion. Jared obviously saw something in her, or he would have left weeks before and wouldn’t have been accepting her dates!
    Secondly, what Kirk did was horrible…..similar to dirt bag Joe, as far as I’m concerned. He made it seem like he was totally in love, and never gave her the opportunity to meet someone else. When he came back from telling her, and acted so devastated that she wouldn’t continue to talk with him, saying he felt like he was punched in the stomach,…..well how do you think she felt when you totally blindsighted her? She had no idea he was feeling this way and he should have been a man about it weeks before!!! He’s a total ass, and I hope Carly never thinks about him again, and meets a guy way better than him. At least other women get to set what a jerk he is so they don’t make the same mistake too.

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