It’s All About After Paradise!!! Jenny Mollen For the WIN!

Can we please take a moment and thank the Bachelor Gods that Jenny Mollen is the co-host of Bachelor in Paradise. It was SO refreshing to see someone call Samantha out on her BS. I’m glad Samantha is scared of Jenny. She should be. Jenny is REAL and going to tell it like it is.

nd I will say I am pretty shocked that Jenny was asked to leave? I’m surprised she agreed to leave. Thankfully she came back and was able to call Samantha out on all her BS. And let’s not forget about Chris Harrison. He will put a gal in her place when she’s need it. Like when he brought out the book of texts. Did Joe REALLY send him that book? I really hope that was a joke because if Joe took the time to make that book then he really is crazy. No really. That’s NUTS! Let’s just hope Harrison was joking and Joe just emailed the text screen shots. Which is still a little weird.

One more thing about After Paradise. Sam kept saying “I was never told the extent of the situation or I would have never had a relationship with him” WHAT?!?! You do realize that Juelia tried to tell you and you didn’t want to listen. You can’t use that as an excuse Samantha! Do I hate Samantha? No, of course not. I’m sure she regrets her decisions on the show and I’m sure she’s a decent person. But what I would have really loved to have seen from her was complete ownership of all the things she did wrong and no excuses. I wish she just came out and said “Ya know what. I messed up. And I’m really sorry” But she didn’t. She kept trying to make excuses and explain herself when she has to know she was in the wrong. I wish her all the best regardless.

One of the things that bothered me when watching Bachelor in Paradise was Nick Peterson going on a date with Chelsie and saying that he wanted to be talking to Sam. So while I was doing a Periscope session, Nick actually joined and commented that I was reading him wrong (You can watch the whole thing HERE). So I reached out to him and this is what he said

“I didn’t feel any connection with Ashley, so I was open to meeting new girls! That’s what the show is for! Yes I came for Samantha, but she turned me down on my date, so I wanted to explore other options!”

He continued by saying…

“I was open to seeing other people so of course I accepted the date from Chelsie. We didn’t click at all and it was completely friendly. At that point, it was mutual. So I told her that I had gone to Paradise to meet Sam originally.”

Ok, so after talking to him I totally get it. But I was upset with him at first because he was on the date with Chelsie and audio was playing saying he wanted to be talking to Sam. I guess that just goes to show you the power of editing. So, I take back be upset with Nick 🙂

Now for some of my favorite outfits. I LOVE Ashley I’s blue maxi dress from Sunday night. It looked super hot on her so I emailed her and asked her where she got it. Guess what? It’s Forever 21 and under $25! Score. It doesn’t nearly look as cute on the model as it does on Ashley. Ashley must have use a belt to pull in her waist which was so smart and flattering. For less than $25 dollars, I had to get it.


I also asked Ashley I about her cute blue swimsuit. In true Ashley fashion it’s by an uber sexy brand called Beach Bunny. You can get it HERE


Jacklyn’s romper is the cutest thing ever. I love her style so I am really glad she is on the show – even for a short time (I can’t believe it’s over next week!). Her romper is by a brand called The Jetset Diaries and their stuff is so cute! It comes in the stripe version (the one Jacklyn’s wearing), but it also comes in a red version and a white version (Perfect for new brides to pack on their honeymoon!)

And I have to share my Paradise worthy dress from Modcloth. This dress is on sale for under $30 right now so I HAD to share it with you guys 🙂


Now we need to discuss After Paradise. What did you guys think? Do you think Sam owned up to her wrongs? Is Jenny Mollen your hero? Let’s hash all this out in the comments below!

28 Thoughts

28 thoughts on “It’s All About After Paradise!!! Jenny Mollen For the WIN!

  1. Ali, you disappoint me. Jenny is just an annoying bitch who pretends for the money that BIP is real. Don’t care for Sammi, but she didn’t do anything others including certain producers have not done often in the history of Fleiss’ productions. This ain’t PBS!!!!

  2. You hit it right on Ali!! Samantha was trying to be told what was going on and she didn’t want to hear it… that is all on her. At least Joe took responsibility for his part in all the "drama"…..but Samantha still wont take any responsibility!

  3. She is still lying and to once again lie about Juelia is beyond belief! She denies being good friends with Juelia, yet Juelia says they even took trips together. Sam can NOT be trusted at all!

  4. I take it from her comments last night that Samantha is just as insecure as Joe. I think that she was trying to say that she pre-chatted ( texted) with the guys so when she went into Paradise that she wasn’t going in cold and not knowing anyone. It would be less awkward. It all, unfortunately, blew up in her face. I didn’t think it was necessary to pull Jenny off stage. Who is Samantha to dictate what goes on with the show? I was disturbed by that. Now, the most shocking thing about Paradise show was Ashley I pulling out all the stops to get Jared into a overnight suite. Who proclaims to want to lose their virginity in a very public way like that? I wonder what happened? I’ll be curious to know. That’s really awkward.

  5. Oh, and by the way….I hope Jenni gives Chris a piece of her mind for making her step off the show, for Sam’s sake! Once again, Sam acts like a little diva and tries to control everyone. If I were Jenni, I would have stayed or said goodbye for good and told Chris to find another co-host.

  6. I truly appreciated Jenny coming back and calling Samantha out on her explanations…I was shouting at the TV for Jenny to bring up exactly what you did. When Jade and Juelia tried to talk to her she cut them off. Why? Because she knew full well what Joe had done. Exactly what she told him to, "Whatever it took for him to get a rose and stay until she got there!" In that moment Samantha knew SHE was the reason Juelia had been treated so poorly by Joe and figured she could stay out of it if she didn’t have to listen to it. Right then and there she should have said, "Juelia, I am so sorry. I think I am the reason this happened to you..I was texting with Joe before coming on and this is what I said." Juelia might have still been upset but that would have been the end of it. For Samantha to be using the ignorance excuse is pathetic. It only makes her look worse.

    The other thing that was ridiculous was the way she played the victim card…saying that she was getting death threats etc. She was clearly trying to drum up some "Kaitlin Bristowe style" sympathy. Someone needs to tell Samantha SHE is the drama and SHE is responsible for much of the negative chatter directed toward her. She just totally lacks the idea of accountability!

  7. I don’t think that is the same maxi dress. The one on the show had a cut out in back, the forever 21 dress doesn’t. I noticed cause I loved her dress too and am glad you addressed it!! But I don’t think it is the same one.

  8. The only magic Sam possesses is the ability to lead men on. It doesn’t take magic or stunning beauty to simply tell men exactly what they want to hear to gain their devotion. Men are simple creatures and single men looking to hook up…well enough said. I’m glad that she was finally called her out on it….

  9. I dislike Jenny. She gets worse every episode. Sam sucks too and really needs to just say I was wrong, but Jenny never lets people talk, EVER. She interrupts with ignorant comments and before and after the show tweets negative things. She just sucks so although I don’t like Sam, If it got Jenny off the stage, so be it.

  10. Man, every time Sam opens her mouth she is lying about something else which is a shame because true beauty comes within and radiates out. She lied to everyone about talking to Joe before the show, got caught then admitted. Lied about not saying,"do whatever it takes to stay," got caught made excuses. Lied to Chris during the interview about a "few text," Chris confronts her she dodges the question so Chris has to bring it back up AGAIN, brushes it off. Lied about not knowing the extent of the relationship between Joe and julia, got caught because EVERYONE tried to warn her but she was in to deep and didn’t know how to get out of what she had/has done so AGAIN, she LIED or MADE EXCUSES. I think Sam is use to playing the damsel in distress with good looks act and so she is ALWAYS the victim. Own up and take responsibility. She isn’t fooling anyone (except the guys who want to play the hero and are charmed by her little act.) Seriously, bachelor in paradise brought out the worst in her. I would have rather been unknown on Chris’ season than to be known the way she is now.

  11. I think the problem was communication amongst each each other. We saw people say things and not say things. It made me wonder how much this show was edited. There were moments of camera showing silence that caused me to think it didnt make sense. What was real?
    People hate Joe then they loved him. Samantha, Joe and Juelia all created drama by what they didnt say and what they did say. Then again was it edited to look that way. This has been the worst BIP yet. I preferred Bachelor Pad.

  12. I LOVED Jenny! I hated that she had to leave because that’s just not fair… But I get them wanting to get Sam in the seat first so they could bring Jenny back on. I also loved that Chris didn’t let her off the hook and said "she brought it on herself and clearly lied" at whatever the texts said. The excuses were getting a little old but overall I Loved the After Show.

  13. I personally don’t really care for Jenny as a co-host. It is always awkward when Chris asks her a question or for her opinion and she never really forms a sentence or a complete thought – it’s hard to watch!

  14. I can’t stand Jenny Mollen. She’s a horrible, hypocritical, disgusting person. She gets all uppity about how women treat each other, but she never even apologized for saying that Jillian has a penis. I hope that little troll disappears from this show forever.

  15. Nick is the ONLY attractive man I’ve seen on BIP. Even the men on Kaitlyn’s season were SAD! Out of the thousands of men who must apply, these are REALLY the 25 best??? Give me a break ABC!

  16. Yes, Jenny is the man. Haha. I would have called her out too. Samantha is delusional and needs to stop worrying about her 15 minutes of fame, and worry about being a good person.

  17. Jenny came off like the head of the 7th grade "mean girl’s club" last night. In general I find her to be very snarky & I don’t see where she adds value as a co-host. She also gets on her soap box for women violating girl code, then proceeds to talk major trash about women on twitter. I hope the bachelor producers do not bring Jenny back.

  18. Joe took soooo much heat I don’t think it’s all THAT crazy he put a book together to try and clear his name a bit. He was ruthless to Juelya, but he WAS honest and true to his intended goal…Sam. "No Drama" Sam was worse because she set this same arrangement up with multiple men, lied, feigned ignorance, deflected blame, espoused her high moral standards (right!), and let everyone else take the heat. She’s UNBELIEVABLE at it. Pretty girls sometimes get away with murder.

  19. Sam is a pathological liar. This girl sat on that couch and lied again about her texts with joe until harrison shut her up with the evidence. She lied about not liking joe and having him follow her like a puppy..ummm she constantly made him feel like she was interested..she was messing with his mind the whole time. She also downplayed her friendship with juelia and claimed a conversation happened about joe which juelia said never happened on twitter. Then she demanded jenny leave the stage for her. She is a borderline narcissist. She is the type that will be caught in bed with a friends husband and still deny it, and then claim that the guy hypnotized her. I would keep her at a distance.

  20. I think this is all getting blown out of proportion. Yeah Sam was wrong but people need to get over it. She apologized on this show and in true bachelor fashion people are now complaining that she didn’t apologize the way they wanted. She still apologized so people need to move on. Jenny Mullen is a bully and I understand why she was asked to leave. That wasn’t even honored though so I honestly felt bad for Sam in that situation. Samantha doesn’t need someone to be "real" with her; enough people have done that already. I’m pretty sure every single person on the show called her out, and she’s been receiving heat for it ever since. Jenny Mullen did nothing but yell at her for something she has already apologized for, and brought up points that by now have been exhausted.

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