Major Backstabbing in Paradises

This show is getting so confusing. I can barely remember everyone’s names (except for my fav coupes) and I can’t remember who dated who. So I’m going to focus on the things that stood out to me. Like Josh and Tenley’s date.

The reason their date stood out to me is because I was surprised that I’m starting to come around to Josh. To be honest, I didn’t love him at first. I know Tenley personally and know what a sweetheart she is so I guess I was just a little guarded about Joshua. But now that I am seeing them together more i actually think they are kind of cute. But based on things I’ve seen on social media, I really don’t think they are still together. But than again, this morning I saw the Joshua tagged Tenley in a post where he said they had a “perfect day.” So who knows! I could be wrong about them. If they are happy, I hope they are together! Oh and I also loved their date because I was crushing on Tenley’s romper that’s under $35! LOVE!

Now let’s talk about Joe and Samantha. Ugh. I almost don’t want to talk about this because I am so over it! Look, I honestly feel sorry for Joe. He came across as a total doormat that basically kept begging Samantha to stay with him. It was hard to watch. That said, even though I feel sorry for him, I still don’t think he’s a great guy. Or at least he didn’t act like one on this show. But all the said, Samantha TOTALLY played him! This whole time I sort of felt bad for her too. Just because Joe must have been SO hard to deal with! His possessiveness is out of control! But last nigh it really bothered me when Joe pulled Sam aside (during her convo with Dan) and she acted like everything was totally fine between her and Joe when clearly it wasn’t. She even told him he could come pull her aside to kiss him anytime. But then she sends him packing with no warning?!?! I guess that’s my biggest problem. She didn’t give him any sort of heads up. Who knows maybe she was scared to (I would have been – he’s a loose cannon!).

But even though I don’t love Samantha’s actions, I do LOVE her clothes. She rocks For Love & Lemons and I adore this brand ( I’m wearing it here and here). This orange For Love & Lemon crop top and skirt is sooo cute. I have a similar crop top in white from For Love and Lemons (Seen HERE). You can also get this outfit in yellow and blush (SO PRETTY!)

Anyway, I am glad Joe is gone so he can move on with his life and all the drama can end. Wait, who am I kidding. The drama in “Paradise” isn’t going anywhere. The producers are there to make sure of it. Heck, I welcome the drama (it’s a TV show after all!), but just not the weird, awkward, hard to watch, Joe and Samantha weirdness.

I was texting with Carly last night and she revealed to me that somebody – no TWO somebody’s – got into bed with her in Paradise. And neither were Kirk. WHAAAATTTT? Wait for it….wait for it. This is what she told me…

“One time I got into a bed before Kirk got in and I made company first with a roach … And then a crab. And then Kirk.”

Ha! Ewwwwwwww. Ok so maybe I lead you guys on a little there. Ha! But when she told me that story I thought. Ok this is TOTALLY not paradise. If I found a cockroach in my bed I would faint. No really I would. So what did she and Kirk do? Well Carly took care of the cockroach and crab while Kirk watched. Ha! Why? “Cause I’m a badass” Carly said. I love this girl! I’m sure Kirk could have gotten rid of them but you gotta love a girl who is “badass” and super funny at the same time. She needs to move to LA so we can be BFF’s. Like asap. Follow Carly on twitter BTW at @carlywaddell 🙂 And I took the above screenshot of Carly’s necklace last night because I’m obsessed with it and it’s so affordable. Get it HERE.

Well that’s all I’ve got. What to you guys think of the whole Joe and Samantha thing? Do you like Tenley and Joshua together? Let’s discuss in the comment below!

I leave you with my Bachelor in Paradise inspired dress 🙂 xoxo


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19 thoughts on “Major Backstabbing in Paradises

  1. Ali, I love your posts. You are funny and insightful. I too Love Carly, She is so funny. I hope she and Kirk last because I would love to see her with someone she enjoys and that enjoys her! I am very tired of the Joe and Sam thing. Joe has anger issues. He is always commenting that he will Beat someone up, F them up, whatever he says that is very aggressive. Bet Kaitlyn is thinking, Whew, Dodged the Bullet on that one!

    I think Sam is very manipulative but believe me I have found over the years , Time either Reveals you or Promotes you! Didn’t take much time with her or Him!!! I have always liked Tenley and I do like Josh. And I really like them together. They both seem to be nice people and certainly deserve to find love. I also like Jared and think he is too nice for this type of situation. He has manners and thinks of others and that probably makes it hard for him to dump someone , like Ashley I. Oh well, I certainly hope he finds someone that appreciates him. Ashley I is certainly an interesting but rather immature person. She needs to let it all go, relax and let whatever happens , Happen!

  2. you are right on about Samantha. I too am not a huge Joe fan but he is better than her! At least he thought he was being loyal to her!!! Josh and Tenley, not so much, he is great guy but they are very different. She isn’t moving to Idaho.

  3. You know, I feel bad for Joe, he has gotten really bad editing, and anyone who has watched the show long enough knows this. Most of the absolute villians turn out to be the sweetest people… Am I saying Joe is one of them, no, but maybe…. He does appear to have an anger issue that he really needs to address. I think he also has an insecurity that he will hopefully outgrow once he matures a little. Samantha, she is a piece of work.. How many guys did she talk to before the show and lead them to believe that maybe…? She is GORGE, no question, but I think she uses that to her advantage rather than being a "woman" who doesn’t have to use her looks to get her by. She too has an insecurity prob. Tanner was hilarious on his commentary last night, I love him and Jade, Booya, power couple right there. Kirk and Carly are cute, I don’t see forever.. I do see Dan Cox and Carly.. Don’t ask me why, but I do. Tenley is a sweet girl, but I am not at all convinced that she has come to terms with Kiptyn moving on and having a child so soon after their 2nd major break up. She is trying too hard and you can see it. She will find her forever after once she comes to terms with her past. No blame of hers, 5 years is a long time, and it hurts. Been there, done that..

    Until nexy blog, keep it up Ali, you are funnier than he**

  4. Hoping you’ll have some insight but do you think the back stabbing/villian story lines are staged?? I’ve always thought this show isn’t scripted, but this seems way too planned. Thoughts???

  5. I wondered if they edited too much of Dan and SAMs conversation out. It didn’t even give a hint that she would pick him. I love Carly and Kirk. I think Jared came on too soon after bachelorette. He hadn’t processed kaitlyn yet. I was angry to see Chris bukowski last night. Why do they waste time on him. He proves he’s a train wreck every time! He must know someone!

  6. I like Josh and Tenely together, and they would produce some cute babies! :0) Samantha should come with a huge Warning Label. Warning, I treat men like Pawns!

  7. I agree with everything you said Ali about all the couples. I don’t like the way Samantha handled it. She is one of those girls that likes all the men after her even if she is not interested. Then plays dumb about it. Maybe Samantha would have stayed with Joe if he was more confident and less insecure. What is up with Ben? Seems like a weird approach to go after Samantha. He spent his whole conversation just putting Joe down. Sounded that way. I think Ashley I is just as pretty as Samantha. She just lacks confidence. If she could get that figured out she would have the men chasing her too.

  8. I agree with everything you said…I wad super totally shocked when sam booted Joe off…but im glad she did and that needed to happen…hopefully there will be less drama but I think she is some kind of a back stabber in a way bc she wad bein all nice to Joe and then BAM! she picks Dan so idk what her problem is. On the other hand I LOVE all the other couples that are together…amber she’s cute but she needs to go Dan obviously isn’t into her anf she only picked justin because dan already dumped her. Im exicted for tonight and to see who else comes to paradise! ?

  9. I couldn’t take Joe telling Sam how beautiful she was all the time. Seriously, he was a stalker. I’m not sure Sam is as lily white as she seems but I can believe she didn’t know Joe was crazy in love with her before he even met her. It’ll be interesting to see if Sam latches onto Dan now. I’m not a big fan of his either. He sucks face with women and dotes on them only to turn around and tell them that they’re never going to be more than friends? WTH? Dude, friends don’t kiss like that. I hate the teasers of Carly crying. I really hope she’s still with Kirk. And, hope against hope, I would love to see Ashley I get her dream with Jared. She just needs to chill out…

  10. What about Dan and Samantha!! He only sees himself with her whhhhhat??? He’s way to handsome to be so dumb!

  11. Samantha is awesome. She didn’t do anything wrong imo. He contacted her in advance- she probably did want to meet him. The idea is to go on the show to meet a few and hopefully make a connection. I would have strung him out an extra day too so I could sleep w/o worrying about him doing something insane. He’s a CREEP. His last comment showed his true colors. Totally bashing a girl that didn’t like him and in the next sentence saying "I should have *#%€£} her brains out". Nice guy.

  12. I think Josh and Tenley looked great together on their date. I noticed when they were walking along holding hands they looked really natural and happy. She is portrayed as very sweet and kind, and she seems to bring out the best in him. He’s obviously smitten, so I hope she didn’t just use him to stay on the show. They apparently get paid per episode so that’s a huge incentive to stay on.

  13. I love Carly and Kirk together ? they are so cute together 🙂
    I still don’t really get the Tenley and Josh couple, but she seems happy so that is the most important thing.
    I didn’t like how Joe handled everything in the beginning, but I really feel bad for him now. Samantha was keeping him around until someone else showed interest that she was also into. She was telling Joe that she has such strong feelings for him, but then turns around as soon as someone says something bad about him…. That just is soooo wrong.
    And Dan is such an a** in this episode… I really liked him in the beginning, but he just sucked tonight! Badmouthing someone without any ground, because he only had the " feeling" that Joe was bad and he just wanted to break them up. But also Samantha didn’t have to believe him… This whole situation is just confusing.

  14. I think Samantha pretended to be interested in Joe so he wouldn’t expose her. She led him and everyone else to believe he was secure and getting her rose when she knew she had no intentions of giving it to him. That way she could blindside him and he’d be gone before he had a chance to expose her. On the after paradise show last night she did a lot of talking outside of both sides of her mouth. pretending it was just a few texts and she was shocked when Chris pulled out a book of their texts and she texted joe more than he texted her! Samantha is not a kind nor honest person and every time she speaks that gets confirmed more and more.

  15. No respect for Samantha, can’t believe a single word out of her mouth. You can see her thinking before she speaks, trying to keep her lies straight!!! she caused all the drama then tries to complain about it, please.

  16. I personally don’t care for Joe or Samantha. I’m disgusted by both of their actions. The way Joe treated Julia (and the comments he made off camera about her) and Samantha’s manipulation and lies. I can’t stand people who are caught in a lie and don’t own up. She was just as guilty of the deceit as Joe was. Glad he’s gone and hope she’s out of the limelight soon.
    I love Carly (and Kirk). Such a cute couple and appear to be good, down to earth, people.
    Hoping something good happens for Jared. But of course, excited for the drama!

  17. I love tenley…josh and her are cute…I was a little standoffish about it at first but really like where it’s going and I am sooo overly tired of Joe and Samantha so glad he’s gone and hope Samantha will be following him out the door next.

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