Sunday’s Best

Sunday mornings are the best. Maybe you are waking up early to go to church, maybe you are headed out for a morning run, or maybe you woke up, realized it’s still the weekend and went right back to sleep (I love mornings like that). This morning, I woke up to about 5 Facebook posts sharing that friends of mine have gotten engaged. So it got me thinking about dresses to wear to weddings. I don’t know why but when you are looking for a prefect non-white dress to wear to a wedding, it’s seems impossible to find. All I ever find when I’m on the hunt is white dresses! Ha. So I’ve decided to prepare early for all the upcoming weddings I’ll surely be attending. One of my favorite dresses for a wedding is the one I’m wearing below. It also comes in green and blue (and yes, even white if you’re a bride and looking for a rehearsal dress under $100). I love it because it’s really flattering, makes me feel pretty, and is very classy to wear to a nice event like a wedding. And I’m absolutely in love with the lace detailing on the top. Just thought I’s share this great find!


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3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best

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