Just Another Day in Paradise

Oh goodness. Joe has lost it completely. I ALMOST feel bad for him but he is just so nuts that it’s almost comical at this point. He basically threatened Samantha to stay with him OR ELSE. He said something like “We are either going to be lovey dovey and get engaged or she’ll crash and burn” WHAT!?!? Have you lost your mind? You surely can’t think that’s a healthy thing to say and think when starting a relationship right? Who knows with this guy. Samantha is no better herself. But as much as I think she is a manipulator, I also think she is doing a pretty good job of listening to Joe’s insanity. He keeps saying the SAME thing over and over to her AND he threatened her. Either stay with me or I’m showing the text messages! Good work Joe, that will TOTALLY make her love you. Oh man. If it were me and a guy threatened to share a private text message between us if I didn’t date him, I would kick him in the balls and walk away. Ok, if it were Joe, I would kick him in the balls and RUN away. He’s scary. How could she even keep a straight face? Ey ey ey! Hey Joe, here’s a fun fact. Samantha doesn’t care – about you or about anyone else for that matter.

I texted Tenley to ask her if Joe is really as crazy as him seems on TV and she said that she thought he was funny in Paradise and didn’t notice any weird behavior (BTW – check out Tenley’s bog  www.sweetandfreelife.com. I LOVE it). But Tenley is basically the sweetest person on the planet so I doubt she would say anything negative about him even if he was a psychopath at paradise. Speaking of Tenley, I LOVE her lavender bathing suit and the romper we see her in during the previews for next week. Her actual bikini top is out of stock, but I found one the is so similar HERE! And I have a feeling this romper is going to sell out FAST (Just like her dress did last night) because it’s super cute AND under $35!!! That’s why when I saw it in the previews for next week, I knew I had to write about it this week. Get it NOW if you love it as much as I do.

I am surprised how much I like Mikey and Juelia as a couple. But my main question is whether or not Mikey is ready to step up in a father figure role. Can he? Does he want to? I would like to see them have a conversation about it – hopefully soon. But Mikey’s growing on me. He seems sweet. Plus I want the best for Juelia just like everyone else does in Paradise. And I’m also a big fan of Juelia’s clothes. I LOVE her bikini top in this episode. And it’s $13!!!! I am so exited about these low prices! Ha! Way to go Bachelor in Paradise girls for showing us affordable fashion!

And can we talk for a second about how Samantha all of a sudden became the most desirable girl in paradise. Justin, Joe, AND Dan are all after her. Did I miss something? We really need to talk about all this. Let’s discuss in the comments below.

And if anyone find Juelia’s maxi skirt can you let me know? I LOVE it and have been searching for it. Since I can find it, I just thought I’d share some of my favorite maxi’s below…

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32 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. If Jeulia and Mikey were to get together, he WOULD be her daughter’s daddy – remember that her husband died tragically.

  2. Shes after Dan now too?!!!! Amber is putting herself in a LOVE triangle…..Dan now Justin?
    Oh Boy Paradise is sure heating up!

  3. I agree! I don’t understand the fascination. Though most of the other girls are latched onto other guys so they really only have a few to pick from and she’s hot. But we definitely haven’t seen anything to make her personality look anything close to cool or fun. Unless you’re looking for action in a hot tub…

  4. Samantha is showing a side of herself that is not attractive…and it makes her look ugly to me. Honesty is huge in my book and she’s told so many lies, she’s tripping over them. It wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up alone.

  5. As much of a tool that Joe is, I did feel the tiniest bit sorry for him when he took Ashley I’s suggestion to introduce himself to Sam in an attempt to start fresh. She didn’t humor him at all!

  6. I think Mikey and Jeulia are super cute together, I hope it works out for them.
    Sam is beautiful (on the outside) but so far, that’s all we’ve seen that she has to offer. I hated Joe’s actions towards Jeulia and the guys but I do feel like Sam is just as bad if not worse. She seems to not have any remorse. I am still wondering about Ashley S.? Is Nick the one? Doubtful! Loved her and Dan together.

  7. Since Samantha didn’t get much screen time on her season I think no one really knows who She is and the mystery of that along with being drop dead gorgeous has the guys flocking after her

  8. Seems to me that Samantha had her men all lined up before Paradise even began. That way she was assured of building a connection there which is an unfair advantage if you ask me.. She’s beautiful so that attracts the men. Like I said, she cast her web of allure ahead of time. She is a manipulator truly. The song " Witchy Woman" keeps on playing in my head every time she appears. One can either admire her actions or not.

  9. I agree with Barb. She was probably embarrassed at her lack of screen time last season and wanted to make sure that wouldn’t happen again. Also, she’s an entrepreneur and is probably trying to promote her business… either way, not a good look for her so far LOL

  10. Hi Ali! Did you see After Paradise with Joe and then Juliea came on too? What did you think of his apology and explanation of his actions (none)?!!! I feel he was not genuine with his apology and (basically no explanation for his actions), and really not much remorse. Why didn’t he apologize to Juliea in private after the show finished airing?? Why wait until last night, on the show? I think most do not think he is genuine at all either! Using "tunnel vision" is just an excuse!

  11. I love you Ali!!

    You crack me up so bad! I just wanted to comment on the Mike and Juelia relationship. They’re being cute, but I feel like she just had to pick someone so she could stay and she’s just willing to take anyone who is nice to her. And I feel bad saying that mainly because she’s so sweet.

  12. Hi Ali, Do you need a Proof Reader? I could def help out with the errors in your posts before you post? Not trying to be mean either, just helpful 🙂
    Love your posts!

  13. Thanks Adrienne, but I’m good. It takes me a while to write these and I want them to be ALL ME – typos, grammar mistakes and ALL.

  14. Umm everyone wants Samantha b/c she is stunning and no one knows her personality yet, none of the other girls come close to her look wise, bachelorettes included. Her and Britt are knockouts!!

  15. Hi Ali….Joe’s explanation and apology to Juelia were awful! I love how she just stared him down and waited for him to say something real. Super uncomfortable for him and way to take your power back Juelia without saying a word! The lesson here….when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

  16. Joes apology was so forced on After Paradise – Maybe in part he was nervous but I think more than that hes simply not genuine. He is not sorry for what he did and his true colors are screaming loud and clear. At the same time, loved the callers response about Juelia. Love the girl but at a certain point we all have to own decisions we made… she chose not to listen to everyone then wanted to be viewed as victim when things didnt go her way. >.> Sweetest girl ever though, just wish she had heeded others warnings!

  17. Joe did say he was sorry to her. I was hoping she would say that she forgives him. Whether it was sincere or not, that is up to God.

  18. I attribute the interest in Samantha to the producers working overtime. Reminds me of the scripted "Unreal" on Lifetime.

  19. Samantha IS stunning, however, she is a scary manipulator. First of all, how has Nick not told everyone … including his good friend Joe, about the texts, meets and convos with him and Sam prior to going to Paradise??? And Dan? Really? You like psycho, manipulative women with no conscience? Wow, I though more of you than that! Men are simple…put a little make-up on, wear a skimpy outfit and … shocking…they want to get to know her better..UGH!!

  20. I feel like Joe would have been slightly more sincere if he didn’t have his tail between his legs because so far we have seen it not work out in his favor with Samantha. After acting like a fool he was dismissed by Sam. How embaressing. I don’t feel bad for him one bit though. He was horrible to Juelia.

  21. See I think that Samantha is a pretty girl, but I don’t find her as stunning as everyone else. She had no screen time on her season so we have no way to know her other than the girls who were there with her saying this is a "different sammy". Since she has been on BIP she has only shown really negative sides to her personality. She has proven to be a manipulator, sketchy, a liar, and plotted with joe and even though she might not have known who the collateral damage in "doing whatever it takes to stay" would be, she was completely insensitive to the fact it was someone she supposedly was her friend.

  22. I honestly don’t get the Samantha appeal? I feel like she talked to every guy before the show and got them intrigued And/Or editing is playing a factor. Ali – if you did a tenley or Sammy poll for guys on Twitter id be super curious on results!

  23. Love your posts, Ali! On the Sam topic I agree that she is definitely a manipulator! She is self-centered, dishonest, and thoughtless to people’s feelings. She cares solely about herself and her image.

  24. Omg…this putz!!! He is totally blaming Samantha for being in his situation. Oh, I forgot you couldn’t think for yourself, psycho clinger. I’m sure the texts will clear his name since he was only following directions. At least he has that going for him, right? This really may be the most dramatic season ever. Ali, YOU should be co-hosting After Paradise!!!

  25. Hi Ali
    Love your blog. also love Juelia’s halter bikini top. Through both links, I was not able to get my hands on one of these cutsey tops d/t unavailability. Do you recc another similar top?

    Thanks muchos!!

  26. You have to remember, we attract what we exhume. So, Samantha & Joe are right for each other if you ask me. But, at the end of the day, it is there life. Way to go on promoting products. LOL

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